Why Does Oregon’s ‘Lost Lake’ Keep On Disappearing?


‘The Lost lake’ in central Oregon’s Willamette National Forest has been draining out through a huge hole in the ground for many years now, some people would even say it has been draining away “forever”. Where all the water goes has been an unsolved mystery up until now.

It is around this time each year when the water drains out. The lake fills up during the Winter then goes dry again as the Spring changes to Summer, what use to be a lake becomes a meadow whilst drained away. Jude McHugh, a spokeswoman for the Willamette National Forest said that plugging the hole would cause flooding and she hopes that no one will try to do so.

McHugh recently came up with an explanation for the hole and where the water is going, apparently, according to McHugh, the hole is an old collapsed lava tube. The water simply flows down the tube and refills the underground water supply that the surrounding forestation feeds of of. Below you can see an image of how lava tubes are formed.


You can find a video of the water draining down the lava tube also below.

McHugh also said “It takes seven to ten years for water to travel through the porous rock out into the valley floor. It’s a pretty amazing process,” “This is one place where you can dramatically see that water is going into the Earth.”

Oregon definitely has one of the most unique lakes in America and I definitely suggest you go see it if you get the chance, especially at this time of the year.

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