Oxford Scientist Confirms Starting Work, School before 10 AM is Torture



  1. Oh great – he didn’t also happen to cause the gluten debacle did he? How about coffee, was he part of that one? How many parents have I seen purposely keeping (allowing) their kids to stay up late so they’ll sleep in and the parents can sleep in too. If a kid gets in the habit of staying up late, THAT changes his clock and now when school starts, sure, getting up early is torture. My four were never allowed to stay up late so they all woke up early and still do. They LIKE to be to work early, then come home and have some day left. ‘Course mornings are about the only time of day when the world is generally quiet and the birds are singing. Watching the sun come up is not appreciated nor amazing when you’re never there. The air is clearer and thoughts seem sharper and more intuitive when brought to light with the morning sun.

  2. Is this practice appropriate in countries located at the equitor where the sun is heating up beginning 7 a.m.?


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