Passengers Applaud as Boy Suffering From Allergic Reaction Is Removed From a Plane [Video]


A seven-year-old boy from Arizona was reportedly deplaned together with his family after he suffered an allergic reaction to a dog on board Allegiant Flight number 171.

Flight 171 was travelling from Bellingham, Washington to Phoenix, Arizona when the incident occurred. The family was on a holiday visit in Bellingham, and was returning when the incident happened. The boy, Giovanni Alvarado, was traveling with his father, George Alvarado, who had stage four throat cancer, and his mother, Christiana Alvarado.

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According to Daily Mail, Giovanni started scratching his body after boarding the plane, and seeing the dog in the plane. The allergy was so strong that Giovanni reportedly broke out in hives. The flight was delayed for almost 90 minutes due to Giovanni’s condition. The family tried to beg the crew so that the dog could be taken away from the plane, but they were told that it was not possible. The cabin crew reportedly told the family that there are dogs on all Allegiant flights to Arizona.

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Passengers then became frustrated and started murmuring to each other while the flight attendants were still contemplating on what to do. Finally, it was decided by the crew that the family could not fly due to the severe allergic reaction Giovanni suffered.

When the family began to exit the aircraft, passengers at the back of the plane started clapping; upsetting the young boy. According to the family, Giovanni became very disturbed by the actions of the passengers. The family eventually made it home later after catching the next available flight with the same airline.

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Giovanni himself later told KING5 that the incident devastated him, especially when the trip was a special one for him and his sick dad. He said “I am sad that this had to be a memory with my dad. People who don’t have sadness, they don’t understand.”

In a reported Facebook post made by Giovanni’s mother, she said her husband felt completely “hopeless” when the passengers began clapping during their exit from the plane. Christian described the behavior of the passengers as “disgusting,” explaining how badly the incident affected Giovanni and the family as a whole. She said “We are not angry that we were deplaned. In fact, my husband and I appreciate that our son is safe. What crushed us was that our seven-year-old boy looked at us with tear-filled eyes and said, “I’m sorry that I put you through this. This is all my fault. Then he proceeded to say “I can’t believe people clapped.”

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Christiana advised the passengers never to repeat that behavior again since it could impact hard on those people who are already heartbroken.

“They shouldn’t do that because they never know who already has sadness in their hearts. He was making memories with his father. Memories that you have now become part of. He will never forget that you clapped as he deboarded that plane. Thank you for your insulting, ignorant, insinuating comments that minimized my son’s experience and make a horrible memory at the end of my husband’s life. Shame on you for being so cruel. What would you have done if he had stayed silent and died on that flight?” Christiana wrote.

According to Christiana, as a result of the incident, the family was forced to spend hundreds of dollars on unforeseen expenses, and now need to reschedule the chemotherapy treatments for her husband.

It was later revealed that Christiana posted her Facebook post while waiting for another flight at the airport after the family was deplaned. The Facebook post went viral.

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George Alvarado also urged people never to repeat what the passengers did to them. He said people do not know how much time another person has left to live, or whether they are hurting internally, saying “Just be nice. Be kind.”

An Allegiant spokeswoman also later confirmed to Daily Mail that the airline has been in contact with the Alvarado family, and has apologized to them for their negative experience after reading about their story on social media. She said “We are truly sorry for the unfortunate circumstances surrounding their planned itinerary and for the inconvenience they have experienced as a result.”

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  1. Now that i rememember who we kicked out of europe to form the US i am not surprised by this disgusting behaviour takes place on that continent. The EU should form a supercountry and bomb the rest of the world to smithereens including themselves. Then nature can rest easy.

  2. Maybe they were applauding the fact that the boys safety was finally taken care of?

    Removing the dog would not remove the allergen (particles that cause the reaction) So the boy had to be taken off for his safety, this should have happened MUCH faster.

    maybe some here have the wrong POV on this…..

  3. Dogs should NOT be in the Cabin with people… its fucking ridiculous… Many people have animal allergies and PEOPLE should take priority over fucking dogs…

    • Relax Matt: PEOPLE do take priority over dogs.
      Its a safe bet that neither the boy nor the dog had any real choice other than to accompany their guardians on this flight.
      Dogs as a species have been commandeered by mankind, bred into novel shapes and mind-sets solely for the gratification and amusement of their human masters. On the other hand, young children are being systematically contaminated by multiple vaccines that are known to have detrimental effects upon their nervous and immune systems.
      Other than those Matt-type passengers who chose see this as an Animal Versus Human incident, most reasonable people would sympathetically recognise it as unfortunate and completely accidental; no winners only losers.

  4. First off: The dog was a service animal

    Second: One with severe allergies, knowingly boarding a passenger aircraft that allows animals, is the one at fault. You can book on a flight with no animals listed. Also, even if the animal and it’s owner removed the dander still circulates.

    Third: The passengers were applauding for 1. The child being able to deboard and receive help and 2. Being able to finally the off

    Third: To any of you who don’t respect animals, service animals play a very important role in many people’s lives. Including preventing suicide. So screw you, all of you who read this article and immediately jumped to conclusions.

    ****I work for an airline. Ticket agents can rebook you and waive rebook in fees due to medical anomilies. The parents need to take responsibility and quit playing the woe is me role when they knowingly boarded their child on a passenger aircraft without checking for possible risks.

    Hell, mushrooms can kill me due to allergic reaction so I always check beforehand what I’m ordering or putting myself at risk with.


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