Pedophilia: A Line in the Sand (50 Shades of Black) [VIDEO]


The documentary, Pedophilia: A Line in the Sand (50 Shades of Black), by Pinecone Eutopia asks the question: “What will you do when pedophilia is legalized?”

The central question – one which none of us wants to answer – is explored through a history of the law of consent, social conditioning that shapes how we view children, and how highly influential social engineers are working to legalize pedophilia.

At first, the premise of the documentary may sound outlandish, but given the shocking number of high-profile, powerful individuals who have been found guilty of being involved in organized pedophile rings and cover-ups, perhaps the idea behind this documentary isn’t so far fetched?

It’s a confronting topic to think about, especially if you have kids, but awareness is the first step towards preventing society from going down dark roads, and the sexualization of children is one of the darkest.

What do you think?

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  1. The age of consent needs to be lowered to thirteen. It’s ridiculous to waste resources on chat room stings and calling men who date fifteen-year-olds perverts. For most of human evolution thirteen was the norm for marriage. would you send Poe or Dante to prison for their young paramours? Would you call them perverts? Jealously is the real problem. Jealousy of the old for the young. Jealously of people who enjoy their sex lives. In the U.S. if a girl the day before her eighteenth birthday has sex with an older man, he could go to prison and have his reputation destroyed.

    • Um the frontal lobe of a CHILD is not developed before 18, they cannot make decisions that deep that leave them vulnerable to pedophiles. You should seek professional help.

    • Child sex trafficking / kidnapping children for prostitution is a severe problem and is getting worse. Legalizing the age to 13 will only make sex trafficking children harder to combat. I bet you are one of the perverts who want their perversion legalized. Of course if sex with children is legal then so will be the child porn.

  2. Legalize prostitution! Never forget that the Columbine mass murderers died virgins. There would be many less deranged gunman if they could simply get laid! Gun culture is largely a substitute for fucking. No more Eliot Rodgers. This society creates a culture of involuntary celebates that will have their revenge. Let’s see brothels like in Germany open on U.S. college campuses! Then we’d see real progress in creating a valuable society.

  3. wtf are you retards talking about? ever read a history book? pedo was common and accepted in EVERY empire before the middle ages, incluing greece rome assyrian egyptian babylonian india china JUDEA/SUMERIA/ISRAPISS yeah all religions have a FUNDAMENTAL history of banging kids, and it was and is accepted today in some extreme sects, including judaism (extensive pedo in some orth cults in israel and america), islam (well duh!) and well we all know about hrustianity (lol). they did just fine until they disintegrated just like the american empire will soon do. cheers


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