Pizza Hut App Rescues Florida Mother From Hostage Crisis


Cheryl Treadway, 25, was held hostage at knifepoint along with her three children by her meth-addled boyfriend Ethan Nickerson, 26, in Avon Park, Florida. She was helpless but her quick thinking saved her from the dangerous situation. She came up with a creative way to reach and seek help from 911.

Treadway somehow persuaded high-on-narcotics Nickerson to let her use her mobile phone and order a pizza online. While she was placing the order on the Pizza Hut app, she included the message “Please help. Get 911 to me.” in the delivery instructions.

While the message scared Chef Alonia Hawk, Pizza Hut manager Candy Hamilton recognized the address as a frequent customer and immediately called 911.

Lt. Curtis Ludden, Sgt Dave Stewart, Deputy Robert Livesay and Deputy Chad Douberley from the Highlands County Sheriff’s Office arrived on the scene. After she was escorted to safety, Ludden coaxed Nickerson from outside the home for about 20 minutes, after which Nickerson came out peacefully. The children were rescued unharmed.

Nickerson was arrested and charged with aggravated assault with a weapon without intent to kill, battery, false imprisonment and obstructing justice by depriving communication to law enforcement.

Records show he has been arrested on multiple occasions since 2007 on charges including battery, battery on law enforcement, damage to property, public intoxication, vehicle theft, DUI and forgery.

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  1. There are so many lights we can watch this in. But the cynical part of me is screaming “Why reveal this to EVERYONE?” Now criminals have the chance of finding out the trick aswell, so they know to not allow the hostage to place the order.


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