Places to Visit Before They Disappear

Due to climate change and other devastations at play, some of the more beautiful locations are disappearing, or their beauty is undeniably altered. Here is a top 6 list of locations you may want to see before they disappear or dramatically change forever.


1.   Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Since the first survey of Kilimanjaro’s summit in 1912, a massive 82 percent decline in the glacial ice has occurred. Of that 82 percent, 33 percent occurred from 1989 until the present day.

Reports suggest that within the next decade or two, Mount Kilimanjaro will be ice free, losing an average of a half meter of ice each year. It is still uncertain if climate change is to blame or if something else is at work.

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2.   Venice, Italy.

It goes without saying that this Italian location is one of the more breathtaking ones for its canals, romance and tradition. But for years, the rising waters show no signs of halting, and regular flooding is now an issue.

Worrying reports from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have warned of a rise in sea levels by 30 cm in the 20th century, threatening the medieval city’s very survival.

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3.   Macchu Picchu, Peru.

An Incan Empire sits atop a mountain ridge some 2,430 metres above sea level. The World Heritage site listed by UNESCO still holds clues to the mysteries of the Andes, but due to landslides and erosion, the ruins are collapsing. It has also been argued that regimented regulations need to be implemented, to determine just how many tourists are permitted to visit on an annual basis.

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4.   The European Alps.

By 2050, a visit to the Alps may be in vain if you want a memorable ski trip. The Alps glacial ice is now melting every year, declining 3 percent annually. Because of the lower altitudes, these stunning mountains are suffering from climate change at a faster pace than others.  It is foreseeable in our lifetimes that the Alps will be without snow.

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5.   The Great Barrier Reef, Australia.

Still one of the greatest places to experience and explore, the Barrier Reef covers over 130,000 sq. miles. Unfortunately, the well documented challenges from rising ocean temperatures are fast destroying this wonder, with scientists estimating its utter destruction within the next century.

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6.   The Amazon, Brazil.

Few people get the opportunity to ever experience the grandeur of the world’s largest rainforest. Diverse species of trees and animals leave an impressionable memory. But even at 2.1 million sq. miles, the aggressive expansion of agriculture is destroying what is considered the most precious gift of Mother Nature on Earth. Land clearance , which is going unhindered, is utterly devastating this part of the world.

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