Police Crush Dying Man’s Head On The Pavement After Shooting Him [VIDEO]


In April of this year, Eric Harris — an African-American man — was shot and killed by a white police officer in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  The police alleged that he attempted to sell an illegal pistol to an undercover police officer.

The officer who fired the shot then claimed he accidentally pulled the trigger, confusing it with his taser.

He was later supported by the Tulsa Sheriffs who released a statement two days after the incident, claiming Harris had struggled when the deputy tried to restrain him.

“During the rapidly evolving altercation, the reserve deputy had what he believed was his taser from his tactical carrier and attempted to render aid in subduing the suspect. Initial reports have determined that the reserve deputy was attempting to use less lethal force, believing he was utilizing a taser, when he inadvertently discharged his service weapon, firing one round which struck Harris,” the statement said.

But raw footage of the incident, first posted by the New York Daily News and later republished by The Mirror, revealed that the deputy, Robert Bates, deliberately shot and killed Harris, exposing the officer for taking an innocent life.

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In the video, Eric was seen trying to get away from the police and posed no threat to them. He was then given a hot chase, caught and shot. After shooting him, the officers then crushed his head on the hard concrete of the pavement, pinning him tight to the ground.

Harris can be heard shouting, “He shot me! He shot me, man. Oh, my god. I’m losing my breath!” One of the officers then replied, “F*ck your breath!”

Filming Cops, commenting on the incident said, “The footage is worse than anybody could have possibly imagined as it revealed a horrifying glimpse into the psyche of police officers in the US.”

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It is said that the video was obtained after Harris’ family pressed the Tulsa Police Department to release the footage for the public to know the truth about the gory incident. Since the release of the video, it has reignited outrage over police brutality towards minorities across the US.

Robert Bates is said to be an insurance executive but was working as a Violent Crimes reserve deputy in Oklahoma. It is said there are doubts over his training in handling weapons.

Tulsa Sheriff Stanley Glanz, who had received a $2,500 donation from Bates during his 2012 reelection campaign for the sheriff office, commenting on Bates’ knowledge in the use of the revolver used in the killing said, “That is something we’re still looking at and it will be part of the administrative review.”

Already, the FBI has cleared Bates of violating Harris’ civil rights and it is believed there are no plans to further investigate the incident.

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  1. I am so pleased I do not live in America with my 2 mixed race extremely clever children! One of them a high pass degree nurse and the other is a whizz with computers, at 18 trying to find a good job or apprenticeship. I know that not all police will be this type, just as all people have their good and bad sides, but it seems to me that they get away with an awful lot of brutality over there. At some point pepes are going to fight back and civil war will ensue if they keep on continuously letting police off with hardly any reprimand or letting them off altogether!

    • Don’t believe everything you see in the media. There is plenty of black on white crime that doesn’t get reported here! Reverse racism is rampant within the black community.Internally here in America we are at war with race mongers playing race cards right and left to pit minorities against one another. It’s the Art of War: Divide and conquer. and unfortunately, the masses fall for it every time! Our current president has an agenda in this direction and has only chosen to exacerbate race differences when he could have created the “change” as he promised. The truth is, our law enforcement officers are the best in the world. The rotten apples (small minority) get the microscope treatment!

    • It isn’t a racial thing! They are killing everybody here! Don’t believe the biased media! They are trying to incite a race war here in America. Bastards!

  2. An outrage is not enough you need to throw eggs at that officers house send the raw footage to his home countless of times and put the label shame across the dvd cover, send it to his family, relatives, friends, until he finally admits his wrong doings… Do this to every cop brutalities in the US and the justice system, the police officers will improve. You need to feel his remorse to its nearest breaking point. That people is true justice.

  3. Foxana, make no mistake; reverse racism is rampant here, it just doesn’t get reported because our president has an agenda working with the other race mongers playing race cards. It’s the Art of War: divide and conquer. Unfortunately, the masses fall for it every time! Our brave and honorable law enforcement officers are being slandered and libeled ruthlessly by the liberal press. The minority rotten apple cops get magnification while the majority go unthanked, unappreciated and unrecognized. No worries though, we’ll have robotic enforcement soon! See how you like that!


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