Police Helicopter Accidentally Discovered A Swastika at the Bottom of a Pool


Brazil Police helicopter accidentally discovered a large swastika at the bottom of a swimming pool, when they were assististing in a kidnapping investigation this week.

Officers noticed the Nazi symbol while hovering over a home in Pomerode, Brazil, according to CNN.


Brazil Police stated that here are no plans to press charges, as the symbol is on private land where it has been for the past 13 years.

Police added that the homeowner is not promoting Nazism, the outlet reported.

23C6F8DB00000578-2862475-image-a-1_1417798525521Pomerode is said to house many German andEuropean immigrants, though it is unclear why the symbol was placed at the bottom of the pool or whether the move was made by the current homeowner. The city of Blumenau hosts a Oktoberfest every year that ‘preserves the customs of their ancestors from Germany to form colonies in the South.

Source: theblaze.com


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    • It’s actually most likely the representation of the Nazi symbol. Many ex officers went to Brazil to escapre post WW2 Europe, especially after what they did. Ratlines were a system of escape routes for Nazis and other fascists fleeing from Europe to havens in South America, particularly Argentina, Paraguay, Brazil, Uruguay, Chile and more.

      • Yes. And most of them were put in key positions of the USA government, within Operation Paperclip. That’s why they were able to build the rocket for Apollo (Wernhwrr von Braun) and Lockheed Martin Jet-Engines. And that’s also why they have economic fascism there today. You cant put Nazis into kex positions of a government. So in a sense the Nazis won the war.

  1. You’re really funny… Why?? Do some better research on history because this is the swastika of the nazi’s and not the budhism swastika, already recognizing it ? or still blind…

    • it’s a very old hindu peace symbol originally, then the nazis inverted the sign,,,make yer own mind up. peace n health. xxx

  2. It could have been a Natzi officer named Josef Mengele. When US tropps were winning against Germany and when Hitler died,there were some officers and scientists of Aldolf Hitler who actually ecaped to South America, Josef Megele was one of the ofiiciers, he decided to make a house in Brazi that houce in the picture could be his house

  3. I personally think its a German, and the symbol at the angle represent the Nazi

    plus many Germans fled after the lost and built mostly in South America and Africa

  4. So what its a swastika. Would you be as offended by a hammer and sickle that promoted a regime that murdered far more than the Nazis could dream of. Did you know the Bolsheviks used the swastika on their early uniforms (decided by Jews) We’re still waiting for hard evidence of the alleged Nazi extermination policy 70 years on. Remember eye witnesses don’t meet the threshold. Especially ones that know they get free money if they make certain claims.

  5. Some people are not making sense… if u raised your arm in the air like the nazis did even today u could be arrested. Its a sign of hitler. Symbols like this are banned for a reason…

  6. I don’t think they fled to South America just to recreate the swastika and the nazi regime. I’d flee for one reason, not to get caught, and i believe thats rather some individual that thought its cool to have that in his pool and for people to see it from above or maybe some person with sometype of belief. And the swastika itself is a symbol appart from the nazi one, the nazi incorporated the swastika but if you check the flag or the Parteiadler you can see its not only that. Just because i want a hammer as a tattoo on my arm doesn’t mean i’m commie, i just like red faction and blacksmithing…. I read those officers had IQ’s above 130, i doubt they would be so stupid…..


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