Chinese Citizens Gather In Beijing Square To Watch U.S. National Debt Clock Strike $18 Trillion


Written by: ‘M’


Three weeks ago, the citizens in Beijing, China paraded Tiananmen Square, celebrating the milestone with hugs, jubilant cheers, and singing. Over 600,000 Chinese citizens assembled in Tiananmen Square to watch the U.S. debt clock mounted above the Forbidden City reach the landmark sum of $18 trillion dollars.

“You could stay home and watch it on TV, but it’s much more exciting to be here with people from all over the country to celebrate this momentous day,” said Beijing resident Xiao Bu, noting that he always arrives in the early morning to stake out a good location in the square every time America’s debt rises by another trillion.

“I remember my father taking me to see the $5 trillion mark so long ago, and now I’m bringing my own children here to take part in the festivities. It’s really a special part of our nation’s culture.”

While most revelers left shortly after the rollover, an estimated 100,000 reportedly decided to just wait around in the square until the clock struck $19 trillion.

At the moment, the U.S national debt had decreased by a small amount since the rollover, amounting to just under 18 trillion dollars in debt.

In 2008, the U.S standard debt clock that towered New York City had reached 10 trillion. A new debt-clock was constructed shortly, due to the fact that the clock had run out of digits! 6 years later, in 2014, the U.S debt clock is displaying nearly twice that amount.

At the rate at which the U.S national debt is amounting, predictions have been made that the national debt would amount to 22 trillion by 2018.

For more detailed information on the national debt clock, please visit here.



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  1. this article was cited from the onion, a satire website. I think it’s should be important to let people know this is satire. People know the onion is satire, but when you repost his through anonymous, people don’t realize this is fake. I think this could cause a scenario of confusion and distrust.

  2. Bit confused mates. I respect all of your posts, yet this one confuses me. Let give you a brief introduction to me first. I am according to society or or the powers that be at the bottom of the class system. I am a poor programmer mainly due to lack of education. However, that is also explained by the diagnoses that I have been given, or I would term the symptoms of the most representative diagnosis the NHS has given. These are firstly psychizoaffective disorder and possible autism-related (although this is yet to be confirmed). To put it simply whatever profound statements I make, it would be very easy for me to be discredited.
    However, my view upon the world human population is there is more potential than even humans give ourselves credit for. For All the hate, there is also love.
    The reason for this post however is I will always refuse blankly the notion that different people throughout the world are not ALL equal regardless of their differences. Your post:
    Chinese Citizens Gather In Beijing Square To Watch U.S. National Debt Clock Strike $18 Trillion
    … confuses me. I am not sure whether it implies you are critical of the Chinese population?
    A little help with the Maths would be great.

  3. Maybe I’m being dumb but why is this a good thing? To celebrate the U.S. going into even more debt should surely be worrying and not a time to cheer?

  4. This post was on The Onion. It’s bullshit. Why would something like this be posted? Even though we’re highly in debt, it’s an exact copy of an Onion article. Stupid…

  5. you guys need to hack the email accounts at the federal reserve and release them. We need to know what they are doing so we can fight this debt slavery the international banks that make it up is doing. Any damage done in the short term is worth it. They own the usa along with most of the west. We need a fighting chance for the good of the people of the world.

  6. Yes it’s 18 trillion or whatever amount in debt they said.
    However China isn’t celebrating this and doesn’t have a ticker of the US debt on a building.
    That is the joke of the fake The Onion article there’s no other resources even proving it real.
    Nothing Onion publishes is real it’s parody satire news simply photo edited with a story.

  7. I look to Anonymous for facts, data, and honest reporting, not satire. I’m hoping this was an editorial mistake that won’t be a trend.

  8. its only half-fake. The US public debt really is around $ 18 trillion, of which the Chinese own about 10%. I say we print $1.8 trillion dollar bills and just ship it to them and be done with this nonsense. I’m perfectly serious. Can anyone tell me the downside?

    • Yes, downsides being, China calls BS on printing out the money owed, as it is nothing more than theft, and replies in force.

      Then again, since the stimulus it is ok to print money for no damn reason, to help balance rich corporations bad investemts through further inflation on the middle to lower class. Sure, lets print more money to pay off our debts….

      Luckily this is souced from the Onion. So

      • And they would do what about it? In a one party system you box yourself in. They would cut trade? Right.. You owe the bank 1000 $$ it is your problem. You owe the bank $1,000,000 it’s the banks problem..

    • “I say we print $1.8 trillion dollar bills and just ship it to them ”

      You have no idea how money works do you?

  9. “Written by ‘M'”? With the exception of the first 10 words, the first 4 paragraphs are directly lifted from The Onion. If you’re gonna plagiarize, at least take it from something a little less known than The freaking Onion.

  10. The ultimate message is : The debt is owed to the banks and ultimately the world bank, at a rate of 5% a year any amount will be doubled in 15 years approximately. Its essentially money made from thin air it has no value whatsoever if not used. The real wealth is always a population that is disciplined, educated and inspired. We the people can decide if we want to exchange our wealth in an alternative way. The president of the United States has the right to print his own money instead of borrowing it from the federal reserve (see Ravi Batra’s interview : “stopping unemployment now”). President Lincoln and Kennedy died for trying to do that. Had they done it with support of the people they could have remained alive. We the people can do it in a small way which can expand and go viral, essentially putting big money out of business.


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