Police Taser Concern After 14 Year Old Girl And Pregnant Woman Tasered Down


Written by: Pencil


Concern is growing among human rights activists and campaigners, regarding the apparent violent and potentially lethal use of stun-guns by police officers. The issue was brought to attention, after a cop tased a 14 year old girl at Monterey fair, police were attempting to detain two girls for questioning about a fight, when they refused; the youngest of the pair was tased. Innocent people are too often being attacked by police in this manner, for mostly arbitrary, victimless crimes. taser-682_1423472a

Brooks, a pregnant woman, was stopped by the police, for allegedly driving 32mph in a school zone. She was issued a ticked and was asked to sign it, she refused as she insisted that it was the car in front of her that was in fact speeding.

Brooks’ refused to get out of her car, even after the police threatened to stun her.  Officer Juan Ornelas, Sgt. Steven Daman and Officer Donald Jones attempted a “pain compliance” hold to remove her from her vehicle, after this was unsuccessful, the policemen stunned her with a taser three times at her neck, thigh and shoulder region. They then forcefully removed her from her car.

It took ten years for the federal courts to determine if Brooks’ refusal to sign a speeding ticket justified the attack, in the end, the officers were let off and the City of Seattle has agreed to pay $45,000 as compensation to the victim.

As a result of Brooks’ case, the Seattle PD now disallows the use of Tasers on pregnant women, it is unfortunate that someone had to be hurt before this law was put in place. Too often are people involuntarily apart of the unjust violence of authority.






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      • Disagree with your reply . Ive never had a problem with cops until i caught one lieing to my parents so he could make more money . I made a dumb descion snuck out at night not knowing anything about curfew . He didnt give me a warning . He put me in his cop car . They do hurt innocent people and animals . Cops are the ones who dont understand how smart we are and if we think somethings wrong were going to fight against . Yes they have a badge . Doesnt make them 100% right .

    • I’m scared, a slutty 14yr old isn’t listening to me! Help! Help! Help! Wait? I’ll just use me tazer. That will she her who’s boss! Comeon side kick ride along. Tazer her too, or I’ll tell everyone how it’s your baby.

    • “How much do you have to be afraid to use a Taser on a 14 year old girl” About 15 years ago, my daughter & her sister got into a physical fight. The younger girl called the cops; she was scared. 5 (five) cops came, for a 5′ 100 pound girl!!(The oldest). Fortunately, no Taser was used; I don’t even know if they were used 15 years ago. But 5 cops?!

  1. And also, this is a clear sign that police and similar authorities are losing control, I hope their systems fall apart soon. It’s time for change.

  2. the tazer was supposed to be used in place of a gun .it was not supposed to be used liberally any time the cop so desired .now we are under siege by the people we are paying to protect us.

  3. I am so tired of seeing shit like this story here!! The situations with law enforcement is gruesome and telling!! But none of these officers are punished the way an average person would be!! Shooting unarmed people, beating elderly women, tazing children an pregnant women, and everyone stands back!! If they don’t have anyone to answer to for their crimes then how safe should we feel with them patrolling our streets and during traffic stops? I’m sickened anymore by all of this!! Take a stand and fight back or let law enforcement turn the U.S into its own war zone against its own people!!

  4. Cops need to quit harming innocent people , you act like your perfect you probably refused to do as you were told because you knew you didn’t do anything wrong to , you got a badge to do your job . Instead of lieing & trying to find ways to arrest people , tase & shoot for money. Use your comman sense, would you rather be known someone who harms innocents or someone who is a hero. Take your time

        • This is the conclusion I’ve also come to. Even the ones that aren’t doing the awefull things are allowing it to happen…code of silence and whatnot…biggest gang in america.

          • That is not always true. Some cops are good people doing the right thing. They protect either with “The Blue Wall of Silence” because their fellow police officers are like brothers to them. You’re protective of your siblings and family but those who truly walk the straight and narrow will rat out their fellow officers because it’s the right thing to do. You are wrong when you say all police are bullies.

        • I disagree I know a few cops that are on the force just to bust the bad cops they are very few the bad out weigh the good but there are some good cops out there that do the right thing

        • No.. all cops are NOT bad people. I know a lot of Law Enforcement folks who are wonderful, caring people who are just as FURIOUS as you and I are over the ones who ARE bullies and cruel… One priest abuses a child.. are you going to shun all priests? Everyone needs to take a breath and think about it. Would you really want law enforcement as an entire entity to just disappear? Can you imagine the lawlessness that would prevail? PRedators, murderers, car thieves, break-ins… minus the fear of being apprehended or detained… none of us would be safe.

          • Yes I will shun all priests, and their kind. They all have something to hide. They like the police can not and do not follow the rules/code that they preach. A priest can abuse a boy yet chastised his site for being gay, getting her parents to remove her from their lives. I call BULL SHIT on ALL religious garbage. It’s books written by men to scare you into following their way of thinking. Use your own mind not theirs.

  5. My friends dad was a cop in Oakland, CA. In his 30 year career in what was one of the highest homicide rates in the entire US, he maybe felt the need to draw his gun 4 or 5 times, trusting instead in the ability to talk someone. Sad to say but I think those days of true community policing have long gone.

    • now what good would that do?
      I mean this what police is doing is absolutely wrong, but also they are needed to really get rid of some of the people who would otherwise threaten our lives.

  6. You really have no idea what you are asking for. If you shut down the police and courts websites you lose total control. If you think it is bad now with police instated. You will probably be crying to have it put back in place. Think about it even back in the Roman Empire and beyond they new that citizen that were not governed by a power 1. Fall apart and destruct or they completely become out of control and lose all self control and the city crumbles. Look at ISIL and that is what you get when all power is removed.

    Am I saying that what the cops have turned into is right. HELL NO! But to say that every cop is like this or that the whole system is corrupt is not only an ignorant statement but a statement that shows just how dumb people really are.

    • Fair enough policing is needed, but when ur own police force can’t be trusted, then there is something wrong with ur society. Hence we r looking to improve everything around but we won’t improve ourselves. It’s the way this selfish capitalistic system has made us…

    • I disagree. Police really aren’t all that necessary. We have a whole separate department for homicides and whatnot. Sure, there are some cops whose jurisdiction include arresting murderers and rapists and whatnot, but the vast majority of your average policemen end up ticketing people and pulling shit like this. We should get rid of the average cops and legalize (and tax) drugs so that the swat teams and fbi peoples and whatnot can focus on keeping the murderers and rapists at bay but your average pot smoker doesn’t have to be beaten to a pulp for resisting arrest, and 14 year old pregnant chicks don’t get tased.

    • Your a fucking nerd o_0… [email protected]@@##$$ fucking sick fucks. As a matter of fact let’s be proper and prosecute them unabiasedly like any civilian would be. Take the situation out of context. Because since when does it matter why u commuted a felony? So. Take the charges out of context and try them all to the fullest extent of the law! That’s child abuse. Attempt murder / w ded. Wep- with the child enhancements. Um the fellow officers at the scene should all get association w/ intent and its all enhanced because the cops had time to plan it out before shooting her in her chest a child of eight!!!! Hello wake the fuck up people . your children are getting battered by people and you stand by scared??? Get a gun and kill these mother fuckers! I’d be damned if any motherfucker be it god himself would lay a finger on my daughter without losing his life!!! Where your honor and dignity and moral values? These cops are sick. They aren’t right. Who goes to work in the morning knowing that during there work day they will kidnap. Beat and disrupt regular everyday american citizens lives ..tax payers.. I’m not talking about career criminals most of them are not out on the streets getting busted everyday trust me . the major victim of this masacistic outlet of a career is everyday people that’s right the ones who forget to signal or go five over the speed limit then forget to pay the outrageous fine for something as trivial as a attempt to jay walk. ( real charge las Vegas nv..) Kk these cops are animals that are now getting played to enact there twisted fantasies without any recourse. And yes there all bad if you’ve been in the system you would know. If it was camp snoopy and police where kind I don’t think people commuting crimes would blow smoke up sure ass and tell u otherwise. Think about it fuck nuts…..

  7. Fun fact.:
    UK police does not carry firearms, they get educated in psykology, and how to solve conflicts without violence.
    People in the UK actually have big respect for the police, because they are treated with respect.
    Funny how different countries can be, and what in the end shows to be more effective.

  8. What kind of Pussy Cop tasers a little girl or a Pregnant Women? The act alone says loads about the kind of person it takes to be a Cop. Shameful!!

  9. most police are dirty,and their names and addresses should be posted ,so we the people can enforce our own mob justice ,they know where we live ,they harass us into fearing them ,I bet they wouldn’t be so cocky ,if there families were harassed on a regular basis ,lets put a little fear into their lives.we are the 99% ,we are legion.together we stand,alone we fall .lets make them feel alone for once!

    • No a 14 year old wasn’t driving. You are confusing multiple stories which is understandable as people on here aren’t being to clear about it. A 14 year old girl was tasered in Pennsylvania (I think) and a pregnant woman in Washington. The pregnant woman was quite awhile ago though. Also an 8 year old girl in South Dakota very recently.

  10. Laws are laws. If you people weren’t so inconsiderate. You’d understand the laws. Most of the people commenting on here are around 14-16. Time to grow up, when you don’t obey the police it is considered resist. As of that they have the right to stun you. Grow up and obey the fucking law you wannabe rebel losers.

    • Why do I suddenly have the feeling that you are biased?

      While I do say that woman could of handled it better, I say that not just the woman is at fault. Simple resisting doesn’t need to end up as a person being tazed MULTIPLE times in the neck, thigh, and shoulder regions. This also goes to the fact that the blow to her neck could of KILLED her, and that means another case is police using their powers to do acts way to serious for a simple thing as wanting the police to hear her out on her side of the story. While I would say that she should of been calmer and tried to get the cops to listen to her side of the story before they decided if they should give her the ticket or not, then this situation would of been avoided all together.

      While allot of police men are totally corrupt, a few are simply under-trained or are actually good people who actually do their job correctly, but that is the small minority unfortunately. I think this guy was simply under-trained and didn’t think for the right way to go at this. That is all.

      While I say he should pay charges for potentially harming the unborn baby, the woman should also pay charges for disobeying the cops. They would most likely be small charges since it was a misunderstanding mixed with lack of training.

      Also, the stereotype of people of the ages 14-16 are all inconsiderate,don’t understand laws, and need to “Grow up” are just completely wrong. I am 15 years of age, understand laws quite well, and I consider myself considerate. You should not judge someone by their age, and more on who they are as a person.

      • She could have done what most people would do.. Take the ticket and show up for court and fight it there.. You dont argue with the cop.. Refusing to sign it was, IMO, no different than just tearing it up in front of them. As for them knowing if she was prego or not.. Hard to say.. Doesnt say how far along she was.. Could very well have not been able to tell if she was only weeks or a couple months… Seeing she didnt get out of the car..

        • That’s a sensible response, Dunno. It is unwise to refuse an order to exit a car… just obey the law. Don’t set yourself up for a situation like this. Of course we don’t know all the facts… Perhaps the officer DID step over the line, but to attack the entire profession of Law Enforcement (like so many are doing) is disturbing.

    • when cops don’t obey the laws they are supposed to enforce ,why would anyone ? your statement is foolish at best , so keep preaching ,suckhole cop sympathiser ,when they wrong you,and they will ,you’ll only have yourself to blame for being a sheep .these people are unarmed and the police are not required or justified to use weapons against unarmed kids any more than you are .try reading the law before you write such nonsense ,even a child can see the lack of logic your preaching ,and like god your wrong ,unjust and immoral,.

    • I do agree lately people are resisting officers more, however, refusing to sign a ticket is your right, and not resisting arrest! They don’t have to get out of the car, and they had no right to ask them to just for not signing a ticket. I have refused myself and the officer just told me how I can fight it and went on his way.

  11. To be fair though, anybody that deliberately defies a cop that’s specifically told her to “Do this, or I’m going to tase you,” has no real leg to stand on when she ends up getting tased.

    It’s not hard. If they tell you to stand back, then stand back. If they say to turn off your car, then TURN OFF YOUR STUPID CAR. The time to take them to task isn’t in the middle of your traffic stop – you take it up with the department, and if need be, with your mayor.

  12. We need a Domestic civilain defense ..well funded and legal by the people for the people .. humanitarian aid
    Not the police.. we dont need them. we recruit our own civilians train them of course there will be rules they must follow.IQ test ,backgroundcheck ,will know the constitution., also they will be taken care of  benefits therapy, dental etc veterans welcomed ,pet assistantce , how to deal with animals ,people with special needs etc this is an idea lets make it happen IRON CoRE . we police the police lol

  13. A girl in florida was recently left brain dead aftter being tazerd by cops in florida! They might be less then lethal but some of these seem like a fate worse then death

    • Yeah, a 20 year old who was arrested for hit and runs and driving w/o a license.. And while being moved from one station to another.. She made a run for it.. So.. Lets see.. She already is in trouble.. And decides to flee from a guy who is a lot bigger than her, and do the the tasing, she hit her head on the pavement.. Lets see.. She was running, handcuffed, what if she woulda tripped.. Woulda been the same outcome, seeing they blame her issue on the fact that she hit her head on the pavement, due to her hands being cuffed and not being able to catch her fall.. So.. Being left brain dead (and now dead) was of her own doing.. If she didnt flee. The tasing wouldnt have happened.. But also, if the tasing didnt happen, she very well coulda ended up this way too..

  14. > Seriously we need a civiliandefense

    … like Zimmerman ?

    No, Police just has to weed out all the “bad apples” in their ranks that give their (tough) job a bad name … instead of letting them off easy and the cities paying the fine …

    • Zimmernam? What the fuck are you talking about .how naive you are thinking the police will get rid of the bad apples .they wont .understand they dont serve us anymore .. il be back i have a plan … anonnymous. …………..

  15. Stupid fucking cops. They’re not a symbol of trust anymore. They might as well remove the damn sirens on their cars. Call a wrestler if you want to arrest someone. At least they aren’t cowardly enough to use a fucking taser!

  16. America is fucked up !even if all the people who has been tased did wrong things that doesnt justify the right to almost kill them, it happened on someone who had heart conditions and he die so im sorry tsince when you want no freedom ? So we gonna back at the time if someone robbed we cut his hand ? You are just doomed if you support these cops ! Come in europe at least the weapons are not legal and the police dont think they re god

  17. I don’t understand maybe its a state thing, Here you don’t have to sign the ticket if you don’t wish. You still get the ticket. We have more problems if the patrol man miss types in your driver license number. This happened to my sister in law.Out of the blue she got a notice that her license was suspended for drunk driving. What happened was officer miss type the Driver license of someone that got pulled over. Problem becomes the attitude of the Justice system of oh sure we believe you, your just trying to get out of it. So it took about three weeks to fix. There is no reason three policemen need to Taser 14 year old and they paid the price but only because either lawyer did it for a % of fees or the family had money. Remember it took 10 years for the case to get settled. Now if that had been a man of color with little money we most likely would have never heard about it.

  18. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! My daughter was taken from me 2 1/2 years ago by my ex-wife by lying to the courts and getting a protective order. WAIT… PLEASE JUST go to Casey Mingham’s Dad on YouTube and watch a man on a mission and see what i’m talking about. I spent every penny i had on a lawyer to represent me last wednesday at a hearing and he went to the wrong courthouse and my ex was granted a permanent protective order for my little girl Casey. Casey is the most important thing in the world to me and Kate S. Blake of 147 Capt. Pierce Rd. Scituate Ma. 02066 who is my ex told me that she would make sure i never spoke or saw Casey again after we had an argument over the phone. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I have NEVER

  19. been given an opportunity to speak to a judge and there was no due process involved. Convicted murders have more rights than a father in the state of Massachusetts. I can’t live without Casey my e-mail is [email protected] I live in Oceanside Ca. and my daughter lives in Scituate Ma. I don’t know where else to turn> Please Help.

  20. I a white lady married a Black man when My children were 12 and 9. My children both had babies from 2 white unions. I live in an area that is .94% black. (probably 4 or 5 in the county.) When the babies were little they were afraid of My husband because they had not seen blacks. When they were babies, we worked to introduce them to My husband. Now he is their Grandpa as much as their 3 white grand parents.

    I went to a 5 star hotel and My grand kids were playing with a mixed race black girl, their white mother asked My granddaughter If she was having fun with the black girl. My granddaughter gave the women a blank stare, like what are You talking about? I then asked My grand daughter if she was having fun playing with the girl with the curly,black hair. She smiled and beamed saying Yes. I said to the mother of the dark child My grand children do not know what black is. smiling!

    So, from My experience babies might be afraid of black people especially IF they are not exposed to them. Where as Children who are exposed to them and NOT trained on even what black is, do not pay attention or know the difference! We all should be training our children this way. I know MY Granddaughters do not know what black is even though their own grandpa is black. We just don’t talk like that in our house! No one says Your grandpa is black. He is Your grandpa. period.

    Whites need to wake-up in America. looking at statistics by the year 2050 whites are going to be a minority. How are Your kids and grandkids going to react when this happens? Are they going to have the belief system that whites are superior? If So then YOU are NOT raising YOUR children to survive in the future America.

    I do see the difference today even in My prejudice community. I was shunned in MY job in Manufacturing by the old white boys. later as some of their girls married Black men and had children of mixed race, they started talking to me more. especially asking me things about how to take care of black hair! See when grand parents of Mixed race really have to chose between NOT seeing the mixed grand children then they to will rethink their prejudice… after all everyone loves their own children and their children”s children. We all need to wake-up now. We need to teach peace and not hate. Hate the sin love the sinner… isn’t this what America was founded on?


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