Political Party Claiming to be Anonymous Wants to Ban Guns, Ban States’ Sovereignty, Incorporate Spy Agencies with Police


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One particular party, The Humanity Party, if voted into power, has vowed to end all citizen rights to own a gun. An amendment of the U.S. constitution would reflect this sweeping change; the citizen would be governed by an all-encompassing police and militia, ruled only by the president.

The “legally registered U.S. political party,” which is trademarked, also stands for an eventual one world government. Here, all nations are welcomed to submit their application (Section 9i – Powers of Congress) to join the new United People of the Republic of America.”

Why, you ask? Why America? Because, according to their FAQ sheet, America is the only nation that “has the power to establish laws that mandate price controls” and moderate human rights laws of other nations from which they consume goods and services.

Ideology is considered dangerous. Science is considered problematic, systemic to our greed and selfishness. In the proposed constitution, under Section 9e – Powers of Congress, copyright law would only be extended to “useful Arts” not specified; but that is the smallest detail of a much larger plan.

American states, according to the proposed constitution changes under Section 1a – The Legislature, would see state sovereignty abolished in favor of Federal governing. Instead, 50 “Divisions” would replace states – with similar boundaries and state names remaining the same unless citizens decided otherwise. In essence, the name ‘State’ would change to ‘Division’, and all state laws and rights would disappear.

There is also the troubling “consensus of unanimity,” where Congress would struggle to pass any law; encouraging further back-door deals. A unanimous ruling is great in theory, but is a majority rule so bad? However, on the bright side, according to Section 2e – Powers of the President; of Foreign Policy, if six months were to pass without Congressional agreement on temporary laws introduced by the president, the policy in question becomes automatic law.

On the plus side, the president would never receive a pension for their public service, and their wage is capped at twice the amount of Congress members. The president must also provide transparent reports to the people, too. However, the right is reserved for secrecy if the material is deemed to be of a sensitive nature.

But is it all Bad?

In return for the above, those who are members of the new Republic will be looked after by their new and powerful government. They will have the right to receive the Five Basic Necessities of Life (FBNL). These are:

“1) Nutritious food. 2) Basic and secure housing and utilities. 3) Basic clothing applicable to the climate. 4) Comprehensive health and mental care. 5) Basic public education, including four years at an accredited university or college.”

Sounds fair? Maybe.

Does it matter that a president can continually run for presidency after his 4-year term? (Section 1 – The President)

Does it matter that immigrants, although welcome in the new Republic, must carry a “Republic-issued visa, which shall include genetic identification registration, as established by Congress”? (Section 3b – Right to Citizenship and Immigration)

Does it matter that a “Armed Militia” – essentially the Army, Navy and Air Force combined – will be under the same commander as the citizen’s police? (Section 9g – Powers of Congress, Section 2a Powers of the President, Section 4e to f – Right to Protection by Law Enforcement Agencies and the Armed Forces)

Does it matter that the police will be incorporated with the surveillance agencies that plague our privacy; the NSA, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, establishing One Federal Law Enforcement Agency? (Sections 9h – Powers of Congress, Section 4b – Right to Protection by Law Enforcement Agencies and the Armed Forces)

Screenshot (48)
Section 4 – Right to Protection by Law Enforcement Agencies and the Armed Forces – The Humanity Party’s Proposed Constitution

Does it matter that ALL citizens who aren’t Militia, police or Congress approved will lose their rights to bear arms?

What about state sovereignty? We don’t need that either, or do we?

The sell isn’t so bad; they promise in Section 2b – Right to the Basic (Physical and Emotional) Necessities of Life, to wipe out all previously incurred debt from “obtaining basic necessities.”

You Said “No Rights to Bear Arms…”

You can see the enlightened approach to this. If citizens’ don’t have firearms, then there would be less violence, right? This is the argument for the amendment – the same argument we’re having today. There is no simple answer.

According to the proposed constitution (Section 5 – Right to Bear Arms) “No person shall have the right to bear arms.” It is “strictly prohibited,” except for the Militia and law enforcement.

The manufacturing and distribution of weapons is “strictly prohibited.” Importation of weapons will be considered “an act of war or treason.”

You can also read their blog article on the matter, here, where they state that “People must learn to obey a command from a police officer and do EXACTLY as they are commanded to do.  The people must learn not to argue with police officers and resist arrest or their commands.”

Screenshot (50)
Section 5 – Right to Bear Arms -The Humanity Party’s Proposed Constitution

Who is this Political Party?


The board of directors of this so-called “leaderless” party holds their spokesman in high regard. Historically, Christopher Nemelka started on his path in 1987. “Nemelka was working as a Security Officer for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon Church)” when he was asked to join a group who were exploring society in a historical and cultural context – wanting to “change the social injustices of the world.”

By 1992, Nemelka left the group, attempting social change on his own. However, in 2004, the group contacted Nemelka again, asking for his help with “Phase One.”

According to the blog, “This first attempt was aimed at creating cognitive dissonance in the religious mind, to such an extent that the free will of the person would voluntarily leave religion and emotionally change into a person more conducive to humane behavior.  This first phase became known as the Marvelous Work and a Wonder® (MWAW). The MWAW was and is successful at liberating many, many people from religion.”

In 2005, they evolved into Widow’s Mite Foundation, then into the Worldwide United Foundation, and eventually the Humanity Party®.

Donning a Masonic like uniform with a Masonic type emblem on their latest YouTube clip, they also go under the banner Anonymous.


You Say What? Anonymous? Get Out of Here!

The Humanity Party (THumP) considers themselves the “hackers” of people’s brains. Aggressive spokesman Christopher Nemelka, in one interview on the Party’s blog, proudly criticizes those against his agenda – saying that “those who fight against us are the less-intelligent Anons who gain their personal self-worth and value from being involved.”

According to Nemelka, Anons who have said otherwise on the Internet now face lawsuits for expressing their opinion slander. “Exposed what? Lies? Misinformation? Gossip and conspiracy? Nothing they have exposed is truth. We are preparing a Federal Law suit to legally counter their defamation and slander,” he states.

One wonders if he believes the Humanity Party’s proposed constitution has been enacted. Section 6 – Right to Personal Information Privacy dictates that the media and others cannot publish any personal information anywhere, without the express permission of the subject in question.

I’ll leave you with their closing statement on their blog:

“What is needed is for the ninety-nine to appoint one to represent them, who becomes the “Anointed One” and possesses the power and knowledge to represent all equally.  This chosen one must possess the gentle nature of a lamb to assure equality and fairness to all, even to the 1%, but brandish a sword from which none are immune from the strength of its blow.

This “Anointed One” is truth and justice for all equally.

This “Anointed One” is the Humanity Party®.

THumP® has the solutions.  No one else does.”

Doesn’t sound very Anonymous to me. But what would I know? I’m just another dumb Anon…are you?

All sources come from the Humanity Party (Anonymous) blog, webpage, Proposed Constitution, FAQS, etc.

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  1. You are not the “humanity” party. What you seek is dangerous for humanity. Humanity does not need to be controlled. The true powers that be, need to go away. Along with all corruption. And control of humanity.

  2. The more PC and idealistically diverse Anonymous becomes the easier it will be to divide and conquer. It is already headed down this path as the different segments within it strive to push their preferred interests to the core. This is not to say or imply that many PC movements are not valid or moral. Most PC movements are morally correct and should be examined and or adopted after the primary power struggles have concluded. But, until the main powers behind the top 1% have been economically dispersed and effectively disarmed over expanding the primary goal of Anonymous will be counterproductive. The social media based mafias that amounted to roughly 3% of the population were able to implement many legal and social reforms through media and PC trends but this will not be possible in the main economic based power struggle. The reason is that the economic powers carefully choose their battles and social issues and laws, or non-monetary issues, are not enough of a concern to force them to engage in a battle. Large shifts in money and national power are big enough stakes to force their attention and responses.

  3. Federal spy agencies are unconstitutional and illegal. The Patriot Act itself is in violation of the constitution and must be abolished. Any crime any hacker has ever been arrested for the NSA does every single day, but legally. The FBI even operated a child porn server to entrap people and set up fake cell phone towers called stingrays to illegally collect your calls and texts – federal judges ruled in court it was unconstitutional! The NSA is a disgrace the American legal system and they must be abolished or at least arrested by the police and the Patriot Act must be repealed. The thought that federal spying agencies need to be re-enforced and made more powerful is simply madness!

    You can not govern rural Wyoming like suburban New York City, it is ignorant to think otherwise. We need to empower state sovereignty, reduce the size of the federal government and in doing so increase the power of state governments. Allow each state to make their own laws, with their own policies and they will compete with one another. As any economist can attest, the more competition which exists in any market place only benefits customers aka the the citizens.

    Forget the fact repealing the 2nd amendment will never happen, some states/cities (with individual sovereignty imagine that) have made their own laws banning guns. Want to ban guns, go to chicago, which now has the highest gun violence rate in the country as a result. Meanwhile states with constitutional carry laws have the lowest gun violence rates in the country. But don’t let facts and logic get in the way of your emotional feelings, i know no matter what anyone says liberals and foreigners will cry all day to take guns away.

    The Humanity Party offers the most ignorant political platform I have ever heard in my life. Their policies directly call for taking power away from the citizens in favor of a stronger, more expansive federal government. Humanity Party need to be destroyed. I can not believe what I am reading here

  4. The humanity party can suck my dick. You’re nothing more than copsucking treasonous fuckwits that have less value than dogshit.

  5. Well, there are some who would join… There are some people who are so afraid, they would welcome the idea of a completely disarmed public and a nanny state that would take care of them. Do you know what this sounds like to me? A prison.

    A prison, looks after it’s population with much the same structure and rules.. The person in charge with ultimate authority is the Warden.

    Would you willingly enter this prison, if in exchange for (_basic_) comfort and protection, you gave up 90% of your rights?

    While the idea, of being completely debt free AND under the protection of the nanny state from any who would seek to arrest or imprison me, does have it’s appeal…. I’d rather die alone in the woods of starvation than have to choose between one prison or another.

    Certain questions do of course arise… What if one of their “protected” citizens is wanted for a crime not committed in their jurisdiction? Will they shield, harbor, and protect their citizen or simply hand them over?

    What if a “protected” citizen wants to leave and return to the real world?

    This seems either a prison, or a feudal system with a king..

    I do see it though, as an interesting experiment because they are forgetting one thing. The human spirit. They are also forgetting things like averes…. The want for MORE or BETTER. Sure you can give a man an apartment, but sooner or later, that man is going to want a house. Sure you can give someone chicken or ham, but sooner or later they’ll want steak….

    Especially if the Elite, law enforcement, or ruling classes are enjoying anything more than what a Citizen has… If there is a disparity, if someone is treated better than anyone else, the lesser isn’t going to be happy.. And that disparity will spread like an infection until the lessers outnumber and overpower those in charge…

    Any society based on these rules, is doomed to fail.. Simply because the have-nots, will rise up and have them.


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