Power Plant Will Spend $3 Billion Tax-Dollars To Bury Nuclear Waste Under The Shoreline


Written by John Vibes at trueactivist.com


Southern California Edison, a power company operating near San Diego, is now planning to bury its toxic waste under the shoreline. The plant was recently forced to shut down when a radiation leak was discovered in 2012. It was said that the leak was caused by poorly made tubes that were attached to steam generators.

Instead of taking on the costs themselves, the $3 billion needed to close the plant down is going to be coming from the county’s tax fund.

Although the plant was closed due to environmental concerns, they will now be creating a new environmental disaster by burying 3,600,000 pounds of nuclear waste along the coastline, under the ground, and will be using the taxpayers money to do it.

It was also reported by NBC that the company announced that they will be destroying emails and “black boxes” from 2011, which may implicate deep corruption at the power plant.

“What most people don’t understand is that when San Onofre went down in January of 2012, that started a chain reaction and we’re now living it,” attorney Mike Aguirre said, speaking out against the deal this week.

He went on to compare the situation to Fukushima, saying that, “The people who have all the equipment on that have to go in and clean up the mess, just like with Fukushima, that’s what’s going on at San Onofre.”

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  1. This is also happening in Canada by the blue water bridge. there is a protest in port Huron Michigan to stop the waste burying sunday 8/16/15 plz come and show you support for a better world


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