President Obama Defies DOJ to Send $400 Million Cash to Iran in Exchange for Four American Hostages [Video]


The United States government, led by Barrack Obama, appears to have paid a huge ransom to the Islamic Republic of Iran for the release of four American spies who were held in the country, according to intelligence we have gathered on the ground.

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) reportedly objected to the payment. President Obama had claimed that the money was meant to settle Iran, as part of failed arms deal between the two countries dating back to 1979.

According to The Wall Street Journal, the DOJ’s objection was overruled by the State Department, with direct backing from President Obama. The $400 million in physical cash was then packed into a private jet and flown to Iran.

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The Republic Presidential candidate, Donald Trump had earlier lied that he had seen a secret video showing a plane carrying the $400 million to Iran. However, Trump later apologized in a Tweet that the plane he saw in the video was not carrying any money.

After Trump’s apology, a new video was aired on CNN, this time, showing the money arriving in Iran. CNN sourced the video from an Iranian State television network.


This Iranian State television network confirmed that the money was paid by the United States, in exchange for four spies held in the country. In a documentary aired by the Iranian network, it showed the $400 million on pallets in a warehouse, surrounded by Iranian security officials.

The United States claims to have a policy of not paying ransom for the release of hostages. Some unnamed senior officials at the DOJ reportedly told officials at the State Department, that the timing and manner of the payment of the $400 million in physical cash to Iran will raise alarm. The DOJ officials said they have concrete evidence that the Iranian government considers the payment as ransom for the release of the four hostages. However, head of the administration, Obama, vetoed these concerns by the DOJ officials, ordering the many to be sent to Iran.

It was in January 2016, that the Obama administration announced four hostages have been freed by Iran. However, the freed hostages were not allowed to leave Iran until this August, when the American plane carrying the $400 million cash was airborne to the Islamic Republic.

To even prove that the $400 million cash was meant for the release of the hostages, one of the freed hostages, named Pastor Saeed Abedini gave a chilling account in an interview with the Fox Business Network of what happened to them [hostages] before they left the land of Iran.

According to Pastor Abedini, even the very day they left Iran, he and his fellow prisoners had to wait for hours at the airport. He said he decided to question one police official at the airport as to why he and his fellow hostages cannot board their plane, which was ready at the airport to take them home.

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Abedini told the interviewer, Trish Regan what the police official told him: “He told me we are waiting for another plane. And if that plane takes off then we are going to let you go.”

Although Abedini could not confirm whether the ‘another plane’ the Iranians were waiting to take off from the United States, before they too could leave from Iran, was the one carrying the $400 million cash; all indications point to the fact that the Iranians were waiting for the plane with the money to leave, before they allowed the prisoners to go.

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When Obama first said the United States will compensate Iran for the failed arms deal, he disclosed the United States will pay $1.7 billion to Iran. He never mentioned that the money will be paid in physical cash and in installments.

Now that many observers suspect the money was a ransom payment for the hostages, the surrogates of the administration are saying that Iran had sued the United States over the failed arms deal at the International Tribunal in The Hague. These surrogates claim the administration had reliable information that if the trial is held, Iran will win, and the United States would have to pay between $4-6 billion to Iran. Therefore, according to them, the prudent way to go is to settle the issue with Iran outside of the court.

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However, if you present the defense that the Obama administration has put up concerning the payment, and what we know so far side-by-side, it appears the hostages were released in exchange for $400 million physical cash sent to Iran.

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