Prof. Stephen Hawking Says Alien Life is Real, Warns Humans Not to Make Contact


Extraterrestrial life, commonly referred to as alien life, is the life that does not originate from the Earth. Some cosmologists believe alien life ranges from simple bacteria-like organisms to civilizations that are far more advanced than that of human beings.

Some exobiologists also suspect that alien life exists, although there is no empirical evidence to prove it. Exobiology is the knowledge and study of alien life.

Since the mid-20th century, there has been a significant surge in the search for signs of alien intelligence by researchers. Radios have been deployed to detect possible extraterrestrial signals; telescopes have also been mounted to search for potentially habitable extra solar planets.

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Many science fiction movies on alien life have also been released to the public. This has increased the public interest in the search for alien life, especially among the Western public. Some researchers encourage aggressive methods to try and contact alien life.

However, some also believe that contacting aliens will be dangerous for humanity. There are other researchers who are completely skeptical about alien life.

For the famous British Theoretical Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking, alien life is real. According to the Sunday Times, Professor Hawking has warned that human contact with aliens would bring doom to the human race living on Earth. Professor Hawking is paralyzed by motor neurone disease. Due to his sickness, he has been restricted to a wheelchair, and has a computer robot that aids him to talk.

Hawking reportedly made the statement on how aliens could destroy the human race in a television documentary series, which was first aired on Discovery Channel in 2010.

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According to Hawking, in a universe with 100 billion galaxies, with each containing hundreds of millions of stars, it is unlikely that Earth is the only place where life has evolved. He said his brain has rationalized that there is life somewhere apart from what exists on Earth.

The Sunday Times quoted Hawking as saying: “To my mathematical brain, the numbers alone make thinking about aliens perfectly rational. The real challenge is working out what aliens might actually be like.”

Professor Hawking revealed that the aliens he is imagining could be microbes — basic animals such as worms, which have been on Earth for millions of years — predicting that their life could have developed much further, transforming them from one stage to the other, just like the evolution stages of human beings. He believes that humanity will be shocked, once they set their eyes on aliens. According to Hawking, it is possible that the aliens might have used all their resources, and are looking for other places to rule, thus, making human contact with them very dangerous. He also suggested that alien life exists in many parts of the universe: Not just in planets, but perhaps in the centre of stars or even floating in interplanetary space.

“We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet. I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonize whatever planets they can reach,” Professor Hawking said.

Professor Hawking concluded with a statement most Europeans would not like to hear. He compared alien contact with human beings to the contact made by Europeans with the people of the New World (The Americas).

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Hawking said “If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn’t turn out very well for the American Indians.”

Professor Stephen Hawking is well respected worldwide for his intellectual abilities. Currently, he serves as the Director of Research at the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology within the University of Cambridge. His scientific works include collaboration with Roger Penrose on gravitational singularity theorems in the framework of general relativity, and the theoretical prediction that black holes emit radiation, commonly referred to as Hawking radiation.

Hawking was the first to set forth a theory of cosmology explained by a union of the general theory of relativity and quantum mechanics. He is a vigorous supporter of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

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  1. Something europeans don’t want to hear?

    Last time I checked most are proud about what we did.

    Trade, stock exchange, taking people places.. Good times!

    • They prepare us. When my child watching tv and love they’re heroes like…little doctor…or princess Sophia have a big head and big eyes I’m so afraid about this. what are preparing our kids for and what the future bring to us.!!!

      • I mean, the atrocities that took place in the past are exactly that, atrocious. But, turning the pages forwards a few chapters, if the U.S. hadn’t been colonized, hadn’t claimed its independence, and hadn’t developed into the country it is today, WWII might have been lost to the Nazis and Japan…

        I don’t make excuses or try to justify what happened. I just want to point out that everything, good and bad, happens for a reason; be it “Divine Reasoning” or just “sheer coincidence.”

    • It is true, Europeans did make many advances in economics but its also true that they brought disease to the Americas and killed millions of natives like the Maya, Aztec, Incas, Beothunks, Karankawa, Mandans, Chiscas are all extinct or near it.

  2. And if aliens are that advanced to travel to other planets for resources, why should they ONLY want the earth. If there are 100 bilion galaxies in the universe, they can also conquer other planets that have more resources than the earth. If I was an alien, I wouldn’t especially want to take over the earth, because it’s colonized by an intelligent race(and we know intelligent life forms may be rare in the universe). Also, if aliens are that advanced, they should also have manners, like a civilized race would do. I don’t really agree with Stephen Hawkings

    • I understand where you are coming from, however if you take a look at history, every time an “advanced” group of people have come across another group less advanced manners were quickly forgotten for the sake of capital gains.

      The Europeans were much more technologically advanced than the people of the new world, however they had no manners and proceeded to wipe out entire cultures.

    • Are you retarded?! Manners are something that we created, it doesn’t come with intelligence. Now, if you meant to say that since they are so intelligent that they see that there is non use in fighting, then you may have a point. But, if they know that they are smarter and have more advanced technology, that also means that they could just wipe us out and not have to deal with negotiations. Also, they might no see humans as intelligent. If they are evolved, then they might look at us like we look at apes.

    • Manners are a product of the evolution of human emotion and social circles. At some point it provided an advantage to have manner, perhaps due to sharing of limited resources. It’s silly to expect an alien species who evolved in different environmental and social conditions to have the same social and emotional backgrounds.

    • Tottaly agree with you I’m sure other worlds have same resources as earth ,and these other planets would not give these aliens a fight !! Also there will be more worlds with life on them than there are worlds with intelligent life on them!!!! I think s.hawking is a genius but has not thought this through!!

      • Do y’all think that if there were aliens in a ship looking for a planet to take over would pass up earth simply because they’d have to fight for it? The amount of time it would take to find a habitable planet would be so so so so long that yes, they’d immediately come here if they found it and try to take it over. They aren’t gonna be like oh there’s some people here lets go spend another 100 million years finding another spot.

    • We are humans more civilised race..what are we doing ? Some powerful people are dominating and dictating this world warming, wars, terrorism,corruption, ruining this whole world…well if its civilisation then we were good before like animals…

    • Manners? Are you shitting me? Look, all humanity has done is destroy since it’s inception, we kill ourselves for imaginary beings every single day, if I came down from an advanced civilisation I’d be like fuck all y’all, mass extinction and take the planet

    • If they’d find earth,why not. Food ,water,,…earth to grow food on. Why would a starving alien care to be civilized if their population would most likely be starving and in need of another place to live.
      It’s history,whoever is more powerful will fight for his own nation

    • When a new building is going to be built, do the builders worry about the ants they are building on? No. They call the exterminator to get rid of the pest. Aliens could do the exact same thing if they view us as an inferior, unintelligent species.

    • Its very doubtful that ET would be out to in slave the earth, I would think it would be more or less to study the human race and sometimes poke the bear to see what reaction they get. Look at this from outside the box it is decreasing but still Religion seems to have a tight grasp on the human race if I was an ET I would not interact for that reason as we are like cave man to them. With in 200 to 2000years if we are still around we as in humans the juvenile ideas that cause all the wars we have had should fade away. The bible is what caused the retardation that stunted human growth, Fear and greed is the problem that humans are dealing with and not enough outside thinking. I feel embarrassed about the way life is on this planet people are too young to understand. I know there are allot of other life out there watching what we do all the time, I have to admit kinda why I work in security watching the wild life at play but its more like baby sitting so its not quite the same.

  3. Europeans also nearly wiped out an entire race of people with disease, so imagine what alien disease could do to us. Would the payoff outweigh the cost?

  4. Pure hopelessness propagated here. Humanity should not let fear stifle their far-seeing and reaching impulses. It should be our collective dream to coexist with alien life, however alien the idea may seem to our ape minds. If we aren’t alone in the universe, then we might as well get lost blackberrying. Aliens are a chance to not be utterly negligible.

  5. ET life definitely exsist, now with social media you tube the direct evidence!
    ET’s have been monitoring us since man existed. As always the U.S government will deteriorate any evidence of proof for their needs.(alien technology)
    I think we are defendants of E.T’s of some sort. And we shouldn’t be afraid? We can and have been communicating with them through consciousness. I think they have it intervene because we are fucking up our humanit.

    • I want to believe in alien life but I have a lot of skepticism. First I don’t think I would travel a billion miles to another planet and turn my lights on so all can see me. It makes no sense that we launch many satellites with no fear of alien harm while in orbit..military satellites would b vulnerable. Mabe we have a deal with them?

    • White people will protect the world against the aliens. The Whites are always there to protect humanity. So, don’t be worried. The heaven and the Earth belong to the Whites because they are the only good people on earth. They bring only peace, love, happiness and civilization to everyone. They have never done anything bad.

      May the Whites be blessed and may they continue to rule the world forever and ever!

      • Racist b*****d..!
        Whites were the reason for the fall of humanity from a very long time…believe in humanity u b****y racist… not in racial discrimination… fuckin lame white shit head… -_-

      • hahaha.. You will be the first to die when the intelligent race arrives, the ignorant and simple minded. We are the human race consisting of all skin colors. But this is a troll post so don’t feed into its idiocy.

    • Nasa. has always known that Alians exist.
      they were hiding the truth from the people for their Illuminati bakers.
      They are not Alians they are Jinns.Hence evil Demons.A war has been going on between us and these jinns from the beginning of creation.

  6. Be careful the propaganda. For those of us who’ve been keeping up, there’s an agenda, a planned series of false enemies to keep the war-machine going: 1 communism 2 terrorism 3 third-world-countries 4 meteors 5 ET.

  7. White America will not let us know that. Because if they did religion will go down. That’s one of their Cash cows. Gasoline is another Cash cow. Your face really other ways of alternative energy the powers would be Kyle. If there were other ways of alternative energy they would hide it from us. They don’t want us to get in the round getting knowledge Learning self.

  8. Aliens are well aware of us they just dont care about us nor do they have any interest in us, TO THEM we are dumb creatures who eat one another,,to survive, yes they know we are alive just like we know bacteria is alive but there is nothing suggesting we are intelligent creatures or they may somehow benefit by knowing us…..

  9. Give me a break. If aliens were out there we would’ve found them by now or them us most certainly by now! Our advancement as a human race has been most significant in the last 100 years and we have searched the galaxies to no avail. There is nothing else out there but the Lord God Almighty. He created just the heavens and the earth and one sustainable life form which is humans created in His image alone. The world is headed to the climax of his word and Jesus teachings and if you haven’t already take heed as we don’t have much longer left on earth. He will not stand by as we continue to destroy his Earth and each other for much longer.

    • Francesca, Hang on to your hat. There are extraterrestrials out there. For the latest information which NASA has released Tune into the Gaio channel and watch Cosmic Disclosure with David Wilcock. There are twelve programs developed the last year just completed. David has already presented a comprehensive study which the public is receiving dribbles. An interesting aside: In the KJV of the Bible, First Corinthians, Chapter 15, Verse 39 and 40.
      In my Concordance the words celestial and terrestrial are only mentioned in those verses.

    • Right we’re all crazy for thinking that there’s other life forms out there, but you’re not. For believing in a man in heaven who no one has ever seen or heard, but gave humanity a dusty old book full of old rules and prophecies, which for told of a zombie man coming back to life to save our sorry asses.
      Which every now and then some other “perfectly sane” human being with a low IQ goes around saying the end is near and it’s still yet to come…

    • We don’t need to learn anything more about anything because the answer to everything is God…yep, can’t wait till religion dies out.

  10. I think if they are out there they would have contacted us a long time ago. They government I dont care hoe big could not hid that. Just saying.

  11. What if we found ET? Would they be friendly and helpful or would they seek conquest? With our technology today, it highly unlikely that we would stand a chance against a species that has the ability to travel ming boggling distances in a short period of time. What we should focus on is finding ways to bridge the differences that are causing so much hatred and violence. Who knows, ET may be waiting for Humanity to grow up and learn to function together instaid of the bullshittery going on now.

  12. If someone really is thinking we are alone is this endless cosmos, then I’m wondering if there are any brains. I think there are many life forms all over this galaxy alone. Millions of diversety. Lifeforms much more advanced then we are. We will learn from them. they can help us with many thinks because some are far more ahead then we are. We are by far the most stupid dombo’s a God was creating. Destroying ourselves with polution and materialism and $$$$$

  13. At one point in time; I was thinking what a leap for mankind. Medicine; resource management; political stability; etc. Then I heard or read something to the effect that to expend that kind of energy; resources; and technology; you are searching for three things…food; fuel; and a place to live. We come in peace…oh sure.

  14. I would be more worried about what we as a human race would do to them. We’re all here sitting theorizing how aliens would be from a human perspective. I don’t think they are anything like us. There are probably multiple different species of them as well like Hawking said, from microbes to worms to interplanetary types. It’s kinda like the religious sector trying to describe the face of their Gods. But there’s no mistake that there is more life out there. How could we in our limited understanding say there is nothing out there, when we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg as they say. The aliens could already be among us and observing us. We are making very good advancements in technology and science, if only we could stop fighting petty wars and look to the future.

  15. There is a intelligent life out there for sure. We are on the fringe of the Milky Way galaxy, geographically ugly. Even if portals were used to travel the aliens would have to know exactly where to travel to. I would assume it is high risk to travel via portals so they just don’t pop up anywhere while exploring. I would assume materializing withing a solid object is instantaneous death? Our group of planets orbiting our star (the sun) are not unique or interesting. There are many galaxies to choose from so other intelligent life would have to find our tiny speck first. Not as easy as it sounds.

  16. If they are smart enough and developed enough to be such an awe inspiring race having allmost achieved the pinacle of evolution you can be sure they are selfsubstaining. With such technologie and evolution you arnt going to need to raid other planets because you can create it all yourself. I find it a flawed theorie, a race so evolved isnt going to waste its time doing that.

  17. What if they have already had a look at our planet and calculated when the human race would be extinct. They would have found. better places to thrive than earth, that’s why they never invaded it. Could be they would come back after the human extinction and those could be the demons mentioned in the Revelations.

  18. They are probably on pots bdw, so high that they dont care a bit.
    Life is pretty pointless thing, what is the purpose of living. Have sex, produce offspring to lead the same boring life… Development and advancement in life/science is nothjng but a way to keep yourself entertained ..just like me reading articles to pass away my time.
    Everything in this world we created is full of -Nothing. Just ask yourself why am I living? For happiness? Wealth ? Pleasure ? But for how long?
    Its not passion or calling of life…its nothing , its just shit.

  19. If u think aliens doesnt exit then u r wrong,coz we humans believe that we are the only life form in this world and thats wrong.coz there r things which we doesnt know,even there is footages of alien abduction which was shown in hbo .its called the 7th factor.something like that.

    • White people will protect humanity against the aliens. The Whites have always been there for humanity. They take care of everyone. They have power enough to fight the aliens. They are the only good people on earth, doing only good things to everyone. They are the light of the world. They are angels.

  20. Yeah..its true…Great Europeans invaded Americas..but the ugly truth is, today if you all other countries want to invade USA together you all one click away from nation extinction except americans.

  21. Strange How little Mr. Prof. Stephen Hawking Says Alien Life is Real, Warns Humans Not to Make Contact- strange when we have had them here in 400 years – I have meet them 40 times in Norway and world wide and Mr. Hawking don’t know so mutch about Aliens – I have meet 7 and the last came to Ural in Russia 2013 and was hide in Russia to 2014 – don’t You know nothing My good People ??
    They follow me and I meet them first in Hessedalen and I am the last man in Black !!
    And The Boy in USA that film his book ” Heaven is for Real” is Thrue like the Girl also USA Paint Jesus from she was 4 They are Thrue booth children I know the face as well I talk to him in 2002 also – but that is an other story !!

  22. I thought this was supposed to talk about aliens but people are just being raciest and depressing as shit, fuck man who cares what the point of life is i`m having a great time being alive. And, about the aliens space goes on forever it is not like you can be going through space all woopdedo and then hit a wall with a sign that says end of space! yall idiots is dumb as shit

  23. I think that there is a good chance that there are aliens out there, but everybody always talks about super-advanced aliens but for all we know we could be really advanced compared to other planets. I mean, look at us a few hundred years ago!

  24. If extraterrestrial life existed in the manner they were stuck on spacecraft stable enough to support life then surely they would be more intelligent than earth’s human race, intelligent enough to surely have technology that would be capable of scanning over planets and gas balls before even stepping foot or slimy tentacle like flagellum on planet earth due to concluding its residing life had evolved its home planet into a super disgusting disease ridden, toxic, decaying burning ball of feces. Knowing that kind of information would surely rid them a stray from fear of becoming sick or dying from the unknown bacteria. Maybe they aren’t afraid of the bacteria, instead can tell that it is a quick dying planet with life span to short for them to waste effort in overtaking since they’d be moving soon after getting comfortable. Maybe they do decide “hey this looks like a good place to nest”, surely they wouldn’t immediately spray human pesticides before initiating contact and sharing our knowledge in order to understand the prospects or do’s and don’ts of our culture and our planets dirt. Maybe we’ve established an understanding of certain mathematics they haven’t quite grasped a concept of. Personally I imagine that whatever life form that decided to stop by to explore earth probably doesn’t require oxygen to sustain life, in fact I believe that oxygen is actually a toxin that life on earth has evolved to live on. I also believe that oxygen causes aging more rapidly than the byproduct we know as carbon dioxide, think of trees or many of earth’s green carbon ingesting, o2 emitting plants. If we don’t become inhabitantly overruled by space voyagers, one of our next evolutions as humans could be developing the ability to sustain life from CO2 and potentially not creating byproduct. Theoretically of course ☺


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