The Real Reason China Wants The Disputed Islands




The US is everywhere provoking everyone it seems. After bombing hospitals  while simultaneously accusing Russia of atrocities that it cannot prove, because attacking ISIS and Al Qaeda is now considered evil … now the US is deciding whether  to send some ships over to the disputed islands claimed by China.

China has replied by stating that it would not allow never allow any country to violate China’s territorial waters and airspace.

Why on Earth are two Super Powers squabbling over a few rocks in the sea though?

These islands would grant China/ whoever who owns them access to abundant natural resources- this seems to be the most obvious answer, and it is the one that the mainstream media most often cites. China is hungwy, China needs moar food, China needs moar oil. Forget about the fact that China is facing a steep population decline, thanks to the population crash that will occur thanks to its own One Child Policy; its population is already only growing at 0.5%, below the US’s 0.74% and India’s 1.21%, rendering this point almost moot.

From the perspective of the Chinese, this gain in territory holds more than just fish and oil, however; It also allows them a far larger buffer-zone through which the US Navy has to navigate before reaching headland; something which the US itself already has between itself and all of its major rivals- two oceans on either side.

The Canadians and the Mexicans are hardly of any threat to the US, but the Monroe doctrine explicitly solidifies US security within the landmass of the Americas, preventing foreign powers from interfering with any of its neighboring countries.

China is obviously pretty envious of the strategic position the US has gotten for itself; two oceans and neighbors who are free of foreign influence. China’s own neighbors are NOT free of American influence, on the other hand: India, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan are to varying degrees American “allies”. It must be pretty nerve-wrecking knowing that the US could float its entire arsenal right up to its doorstep. A similar response against America would be quite impossible…

Imagine if China decided to declare that all its neighbors should ALSO be free of “foreign” influence?

Well, that’s the disputed islands in a nutshell- the first stage of an attempt at preventing the US from sailing its naval ships or flying its planes through what is currently considered an international waterway- while allowing Chinese ships and submarines greater range to possibly suppress its neighbors, and reduce Western influence in Asia, much as the US has been doing already with its Monroe Doctrine. By preventing US support and interference, it hopes that its neighbors throughout Asia would suddenly see China as a more logical partner.

China will also be able protect its sea trade-route, a source for most of its prosperity, though it is actively reviving its  Silk Road land trade-route so that it has alternatives.

The US does not want to lose its influence in Asia, it does not want to be prevented from being able to quickly respond to any Chinese action and it does not want China to accrue more power than it already has. Thus, it has no incentive whatsoever to let the Chinese carry on. It will likely sail its ships through the disputed waters, as it sends its planes to Syria… where Russia too is trying desperately to secure one of its few-remaining allies, having already lost Ukraine, which it borders.

The US does have its own frictions on its borders; it has to worry about Scary Mexican gangsters and Canadian Maple Syrup competition. Don’t laugh; US-made high-fructose GMO corn-syrups would be a thing of the past if the Canadians figured out how to grow more Maple trees.

The theaters of war have already been set up. All that remains is for the actors to play the roles.

Sources: Reuters,

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  1. article is interesting and informative but please please either use spell check or get someone to proof read before posting.. i like to share your posts but when the spelling is this bad it looses its credibility .

    • makes u think the population of china is decreasing,,which it isnt. they even say its growing ….the rate of increase has decreased…but still increasing…
      this is so bent.i can only conclude the writer is deliberatly misleading people

  2. well, as I see it, we have a civilian population that outnumbers our military, if we can convince/train civilians to stop working for the U.S regime and defend themselves if they are confronted about it, we would win in a matter of months I realize that’s kind of what we are already doing but we have to find common ground with the people who don’t see eye to eye with the Anon idea, if we get those numbers, I predict we will win without the need for any kind of negative action. But where is that common ground? .-.

  3. I don’t like USA, but in this case I’m not with China, because they are some sort of an asian USA, because they tend to bully other nations around there, the most in Southeast Asia. Definitely they will become a pain in the ass to the world if they keep growing!.

  4. im a filipina, and that islands that your talking isnt islands. those are reefs and fish sanctuaries. they became island when the chinese grabbed them one by one. stoling phils natural resources. stoling soil from the phils shorelines. chinese must be stopped. they dont listen to international laws. they weaved history.

    • There is no country Philipines anymore,get a BigMac and do not wonder about the consequences, everything have it´s price, in your case, your country is gone, all what is left, is a military satelite base of the USA.

  5. This article is stupid. The writer doesn’t even know what chinese culture is. Go to singapore and ask them if they’re chinese and they’ll give you that killer look. Chinese are slave drivers. Go ahead and search what it means. Just because you’re a member of anonymous and read some teeny files in the underground internet, doesn’t give you the right to show how bad the US military decisions are. Philippines asked for help through an agreement between countries, that’s why the US is forced to help. Do you think your iPhone is expensive now? Think what will happen if the chinese get hold of those air and shipping routes. Where will all trades go? They’ll find alternative routes, which means your iPhone and all products around the world will soar three times the price! Think again before you post these kinds of silly articles because you look so stupid!


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