Thyroid Cancer 50 Times Higher Among Fukushima Kids




I wish I could stop covering Fukushima. I really wish things just didn’t keep getting more and more Fuked up there. But it is, so I must.

After articles where I’ve written about how Tepco, the apparently incompetent company in charge of the plant and the ensuing cleanup, has used the wrong measuring device in order to “accidentally” reduce the measurement of radioactivity by a factor of 18, and has “accidentally” sent radioactive water to a nearby bay that was 70 times the average readings before, and is now purposely sending radioactive water that has been “cleaned” (no doubt to the same extent as the last last two examples) into the ocean…

It seems evidence has come up finally proving that smiling is no cure for radiation poisoning.

According to an AP report, 370,000 kids from Fukashima were given checkups, and 137 of them of them have suspected/confirmed thyroid cancer.

“This is more than expected and emerging faster than expected,” according to the lead author of the study, and raises doubts about the government’s less fearful view.

Right after the disaster, the lead doctor brought in to Fukushima, Shunichi Yamashita, repeatedly ruled out the possibility of radiation-induced illnesses.

Apparently, that was another abject lie to keep the People from rising up until they’d been silently killed off by the cancer. The rate of thyroid cancer alone in these kids is some 20 to 50 times the rate of kids living elsewhere!  The Japanese government, predictably, then blames this higher rate on the stringent monitoring!

Most of the 370,000 children in Fukushima prefecture (state) have been given ultrasound checkups since the March 2011 meltdownsat the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima Dai-ichi nuclear plant. The most recent statistics, released in August, show thatthyroid cancer is suspected or confirmed in 137 of those children, a number that rose by 25 from a year earlier. Elsewhere, the disease occurs in only about one or two of every million children per year by some estimates.

“This is more than expected and emerging faster than expected,”lead author Toshihide Tsuda told The Associated Press during a visit to Tokyo.“This is 20 times to 50 times what would be normally expected.”

But Tsuda, a professor at Okayama University, said the latest results from the ultrasound checkups, which continue to be conducted, raise doubts about the government’s view.

Thyroid cancer among children is one sickness the medical world has definitively linked to radiation after the 1986 Chernobyl catastrophe.If treated, it is rarely fatal, and early detection is a plus, but patients are on medication for the rest of their lives.

Worse, EcoWatch reported last year that up to 48% of these kids, 200,000 of them, had been diagnosed with pre-cancerous tumors at the time (citing Evacuate Fkashima, a source that was apparently founded by concerned Japanese and other nationalities- the accuracy of this source might be questionable), which could throw the current study’s findings into question; did the Japanese scientists look out for pre-cancerous tumors too? Was even THIS study understating the impact? I hope they don’t claim to have used the “wrong measuring instruments” when studying these kids next year.

When will the Japanese People wake up to the lies that their government is telling them? For that matter, when will the world take issue with the wanton dumping of radioactive waste into our oceans, causing all sorts of health problems to all of us down the line.

Sources: Zero Hedge, AP, Ecowatch

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