Putin Exposes 40 Countries That Finance ISIS


Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that the ISIS terrorists are receiving funding from at least 40 countries, including G-20 members. After the just-concluded G-20 meet in Turkey, Putin told reporters that he shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G-20 colleagues:

I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them. This topic (the war on the terror) was crucial. Especially after the Paris tragedy, we all understand that the means of financing terrorism should be severed. “

Putin also spoke of the illegal trade in oil that helps the Islamic State earn huge amounts of revenue:

“I’ve shown our colleagues photos taken from space and from aircraft which clearly demonstrate the scale of the illegal trade in oil and petroleum products. The motorcade of refueling vehicles stretched for dozens of kilometers, so that from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon.”

Claiming that the United States had changed its stance on cooperating with Russia after the Paris terror attacks, Putin said:

“We need to organize work specifically concentrated on the prevention of terrorist attacks and tackling terrorism on a global scale. We offered to cooperate (with the US) in anti-IS efforts. Unfortunately, our American partners refused. They just sent a written note and it says: ‘we reject your offer’. But life is always evolving and at a very fast pace, often teaching us lessons. And I think that now the realization that an effective fight [against terror] can only be staged together is coming to everybody.”

He also blasted the Western criticism of Russia’s actions in Syria:

“They’re afraid to inform us on the territories which we shouldn’t strike, fearing that it is precisely where we’ll strike; that we are going to cheat everybody. Apparently, their opinion of us is based on their own concept of human decency.”

ISIS is your fault: Putin tells America

In 2014, when American President Barack Obama named ISIS, Russia and Ebola the three major threats to US national security, Putin took much offence to being placed in this list – next to a terror organization and a disease. Reacting strongly to the statement, he told a US journalist:

“Well who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians who were fighting with Assad? Who created the necessary political climate that facilitated this situation? Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the region? Do you really not understand who is fighting in Syria? They are mercenaries, mostly. Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more. So you support them, arm them and tomorrow they join ISIS… Do you think the USA doesn’t know who is buying the oil? Is it not their allies that are buying oil from ISIS? “

Though the video was filmed at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014 and went viral earlier this month, it is again making the rounds in the aftermath of the Paris attacks and after the United States had a change of heart and sent its warplanes to attack hundreds of trucks – for the first time – that ISIS has been using to smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria. FYI, the Islamic State makes an estimated $50 million a month from selling crude from captured oilfields in Iraq and Syria.


UPDATE: Putin started to destroy the main income of ISIS by destroying 500 Oil Trucks with Russian Airforce Read Here: http://anonhq.com/putin-pounds-jrucks-in-syria/

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      • Um no. No it wasn’t. ISIS and Assad are not allies. In fact they are the biggest of enemies of each other. ISIS (with backing from their western counterparts) are trying to remove Assad. That is what all of this is about. That’s what it has always been about. I don’t know where you got that info but it couldn’t be any further from the truth.

        • This kind of helping, backing the oppositions to fight their government are not new. The westerners have been practicing this method for many decades. Example 1: War in Vietnam; USA separated the Vietnam to North and South and brainwashed the South to take over the North. They failed on this war and Vietnam combined back. Many South Vietnam fled to USA. Example 2: War in Korea; USA helped the south to take over the North and brainwash the south. They have successfully declared independence in South Korea. This is the reason why we have North Korea and South Korea. They don’t fight with each other if not coz by USA. Example 3: War in Philipine. USA brainwash many people in Philipine to take over the government, killed many muslim people and spread Christianity. They have successfully declared independence in Philipine replace the government to work with them. Example 4: War in Afghanistan, Ukraine, Iraq, Palestine, the list goes on… and they all have support from USA. People still don’t get it?

          • You are so wrong 1 Vietnam stared cause france was pulling out and the North wanted to unify Vietnam as one communist country and this was during the height of the cold war (Communism vs Democracy. as for the other wrong examples of US interference I am to tired to go over them. But you are right the US backs them just not in the way you are saying.

        • not to accuse any of the 2 parties of anything BUT :
          ISIS is capable of very serious terrorism actions- world wide ,
          isn’t it -for the least- CURIOUS – ISIS has hardly ever acted IN ASSAD’S controlled areas in Syria ?

          • You answered your won question. ISIS doesn’t act in Assad controlled areas because well Assad control these area’s.

        • You’re wrong. They don’t need to be allies to do a business transaction that would be beneficial for both. Assad is getting the oil extremely cheaper.

    • Production and sales of gas, oil and electricity is going on between IS and Assad all the time, Mr. Putin. Between your friend and your enemy, Mr. Putin.

      On of many obscure facts in this ordeal with so many parties from so many nations.

      If the west laid the foundation for the whole mess in the region by making war and bombings and destruction and killings, then how can Russians bombs make another or better result, Mr. Putin….?

    • We could have gotten the US debt down from all that. But it is obama strategy to bring America down. And I see Putin is trying to help the American people from that. We The People needs to hold on with him and do it together. Everyone has an agenda, but I feel safer with Putin doing the job of ISIS then obama any day. Pres Putin, I’m with you. Watch out America Obama will try to do a 3rd term and say we’re at war with ISIS. Stand up and let’s get him out of here.

    • I think everyone is retarded the oil sold by ISIS is bought by turkey, turkey then sell off the oil to western country’s to hide the fact that the western country’s are buying the oil from ISIS. But because of Russian air strikes it more or less fucked the Turkish governments plan up to earn money and profit to there own economy because ISIS is slowly being killed off by intense attacks not from another country other then Russia themselves. ISIS get there oil from stealing it from the Syrian government but the Syrian government sell the oil to Russian government which is why they’ve gotten involved. And to stop people asking well what the fuck has America been doing in the middle east for the passed 4 – 6 years… well they funded n built ISIS, remember the Syrian chemical attack was actually originally set off by the Syrian rebels who are ISIS and for this whole time have been funded trained and equipped by the American government. so what’s really happened here is Russia once more is scaring the bankers and the bankers are trying to cut Russia off from the rest of the world.

      That’s it the richest cunt in the world is scared of the Russian government and are attempting in everyway to destroy the Russian society so they fold to a new world order basically yeah the conspiracy theorists have been right all along like a pack of cards. The government is scared of someone like me

    • scary when you see that Putin is the good guy here doing the right thing and the USA has become the bad guy w/ president Obungler …

  1. With the events in Ukraine still fresh in my mind I am not sure I trust Putin. I would rather hear a confirmation on the validity of the information.

      • How about the shooting down of a civilian airliner by Russian troops or their paramilitary cohorts? The invasion of a sovereign nation with the primary intent of seizing total control of the base/warm water port Russia needed to project naval power into the Middle East?

        • Your media said Putin responsible for the attack. But their media confirmed, Ukraine is responsible for the attack. Read both sides opinion, don’t tell people your opinion. Tell both.

          • Their media is owned by the government. Russia Today is the mouthpiece of the russian government. Media in the western world is the free media which is very important in democracy, albeit the west is more a corporatocracy and the media moguls do filter information and generate bias. The endless search for truth continues.. draw your own conclusions and everyone is free to comment.

        • Russia didn’t shoot it down Ukraine did….now I know you are going to tell me that the missile was a BUK System missile which is Russian made and you are right. But lets remember up until 20 years ago the Ukraine was part of the Soviet Union USSR. As a result all of Ukraine military weapons are Russian made. This is the main reason the US wouldn’t give them weapons to fight the US cause if one of the US weapons was used to shoot down that plane then we couldn’t blame the Russian can we.

          • Sorry to have to break it to the dumb asses out there who actually believes the bullshit western media propaganda actualy
            tells you the truth, but you should wake up and Get Informed better! 97% of our Western media is owned and controlled by Zionist Jews! What is happening around the world with all of these so called terrist attacks “False Flaggs” “State Sponsored Terrorism” “Propaganda media influence” is all part of Israel/USA/Saudi/UK and there axis-Allies efforts in what is called the Zionist Movement/Illuminaty/NWO Agenda to create a One World Government!!!

      • Events in Ukraine unfolded because the President sided with Russia and not the EU. It’s another proxy war fought by the west vs Russia and western media slaughter the Russians. If America are allowed bases in foreign countries to “look after their national interests” then why shouldn’t Russia? The people of Crimea for the majority see themselves as Russians anyway. Not like America, they poke their noses in every place they’re not wanted

    • I was born in the ukraine, my wife is in the ukraine and so is her and my family, and i would much rather Putin take over the whole country and for that mass of land to become as Russia or w/e else he choses to name it. Putin has been the leader of Russia ever since i was born and that was in 93, and he is still to this day a leader. while some of his actions may be questionable in the majority he has my respect and support, the Ukraine is falling apart from the inside and Putin is simply protecting what he belives belongs to him and to Russia. The Ukraine is tearing it self apart for no reason at all. I believe that if Putin took over, life in the Ukraine would improve dramatically, currently the Ukraine isnt even run by anyone competent enough to run a kindergarten.

      • What are you guys talking about here? Better go to Ukraine at least once and see yourself what Putin had done. You sound as paid trolling machine here, seriously. There are Russian military forces in Ukraine till today and their quantity is increasing. Do you even check statistics from reliable media? Or better just go there, seriously, and feel it yourself. Then you will probably understand how Russia starts wars and for what… for being able to control supplies and resources. And Ukraine is not only country where Russia came with a war or is supporting a war. Open your eyes and don’t speak out that bullshit.

        • Are you blind or really a stupid???You got what you want. Now u know what costed you in becoming a european country?Have you ever listened to ukrainian leaders? They are bloody jokers, reading the text written by USA.

        • Reliable media… hahahahahaha…… There is zero reliable media anywhere in the world. Indeed, the most reliable media I have experienced in the last decade is actually in Russia itself…

        • I think you mean Ukrainian born rebel fighters exactly the same as US is supporting terrorists in Syria which is illegal somehow and no one cares, but Russia is providing support to people who want to democratically vote who they want to lead them.
          There are pro EU-US Ukranians, and then there are like the comment from Danny above, who know Ukranians and Russians are one people. Lots of russian provinces are self governed, but just fall under national defense and policy of Russia. Get off the tit of propaganda media and make your own decision by hearing both sides of an arguement, those for and those against only then can you make an informed decision.
          Democracy doesnt exist anymore in US its a form of communism masquerading as democracy which is actually a dictatorship by lobbyists and corporations.

        • You are a moron what resources does Ukraine have that Russia wants…name one you idiot Ukraine gets it’s gas and Oil form Russia so what resource Gold…Um Russia has the second largest untapped natural gold recourse second only to the whole southern African continent. So what Fucking resource does Russia want stop watching CNN it’s rotting your brain if you ever had one at all.

        • dude this guy was born in the Ukraine and is a citizen and he is one of the people who are Ukrainian Russian whatever but he has said it would be better to be under Russia…. the people have spoken your just an absolute raging retard, alex you cunt

        • You must be A paid Israeli Troll buddy! Putin and Mother Russia are pretty much the only thing standing in the way of the Zionist Movement and the NWO agenda! Putin is Humanity’s last and only hope now!!! You sound just like a Zionist Israeli Troll!

      • The Third Party Law states that “for any situation to come to blows, a hidden third Party must exist who is promoting it”. Look for the Third Party

      • Just wanted to say I like this post. I also see a different Putin from what I have been led to believe in. I find him likable and he appears to be genuine. He would be a good friend to us.

    • actually I am impressed you put Ukraine and Syria together. Less impressed that you actually missed the reason. ISIS is trained and supplied by the CIA. Now Im going to tell how this connects. since 2007 the US has been trying to get the pipeline in Saudi Arabia to go through Syria. In order to join it with their pipeline in turkey to get it to the Eastern European block. Which of course is currently being supplied by Gasprom a Russian state run gas company in which the Syrain government has invested in, getting the picture now.

  2. This is common knowledge among the Muslim community and is one of the reasons Muslims that are not fundamentalist, have a difficult time trusting the US ! Saudi Arabia funds ISIS and we are so far up Saudis ass we can’t or refuse to see the truth !

    • Saudi funds Isis! That’s got to be the weirdest statement I ever heard.
      Do you remember back in the day when Al-Qaeda and Taliban were doing their shits and the entire European region said yeah those barbaric ass wipes killing innocent people everywhere..

      The blame was also surprisingly on Saudi Arabia and Arabian people, later it turns out that the United_Snakes_Of_America is the driving force then people dismissed that!!

      Until Herillary Clinton cam out and said, Yes we funded Taliban and Al-Qaeda!! Then conspiracies in the U.S. By honest people started to reject the regime.

      That’s why we as Muslims do not trust the U.S it’s because if you do t learn from the history then you don’t have reason to live.

      You want to take Isis down you have to make sure the United snakes does have presence in any part of the Middle East.

      Muslims do not hate or kill for no reason! Americans do, for whatever agenda they are trying to achieve…

      • What world do you live in? YES! Saudis support all terror network and so does the USA till it’s not convenient anymore. Saudis and the USA have been in bed together since the time of Ganpi Bush.

        It IS the Saudi Wahabbi radical Islam that’s creating hell on earth.

        • That’s right!! The Saudis and Americans have the same love child!! The fucking Petrodollar!! If any country moves away from trading in $US, they attack the elected governments and put in their own regime for their own evil values.. It is happening even today as it has throughout history.

        • Since FD Roosevelt the US has funded and armed Saudi Arabia for oil.Saudis arm and fund jihadis to do jihad away from SA instead of in SA. See: Adam Curtis’ ‘The Bitter Lake.’

      • I agree I think America are the ones behind most of the trouble and funding these groups. Why because the $ multi-Billion arms industry is to large for any President to dismiss. Its the American disease MONEY.

        • When a 3rd of your economy is derived from the manufacturer or taxation of arms and ammunition and the trickle down from maintaining such a large military force you sorta need terrorists and global discord just so you can pay the piper. Gods the world is a depressing place.

  3. So WHO are these 40? I agree, Russia, being betwixt a terrorist and a disease is ugly. Where is the rest of this conversation? I am afraid EVERYONE cherry picks! I sincerely wished we WERE working together, where is that conversation? The U.S. is fully aware France is our #1 ally, but what of England, and why not you? I am appalled that the 1% of Americans that DID help create and fund ISIS, but don’t blame all! the other 99% believe there are other things that need our attention, but we can’t get past the 1%. WE ARE working on it, any suggestions?

    • Exactly how we feel when “YOU AMERICANS BLAME ALL MUSLIMS” enough of the wolf cry … its your country that is responsible for all the so called terror blood shed in the world … seriously an american should re-think before they comment anything

    • France is supposed to be one of our top allies but our glorious so-called leader refused to join forces to fight ISIS with France? This guy is trying to get us into WWIII and I agree he is our biggest enemy to creating world peace! They should have elected his wife into the office, I hear she has bigger cojones than he does anyway!!

      With trying to force states to take in these so-called ‘refugees’ and funding this when he says we have no money for social security increases and no funds to better care for veterans in the VA healthcare system, I wouldn’t trust this guy with the future of America for one more second!

    • I suggest maybe going to some sort of history/geography course and maybe learn more about the British people I.e Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Your comment that England is an ally, well sadly England is NOT an ally to the U.S, it’s the United Kingdom, many Scottish, Irish, Welsh and even died for their country, at least give them the respect they deserve by indentifying where they are from!! like all you American baboons 90% don’t know any culture or even countries outwith your gun loving country…

      • Im from northern ireland and i wouldnt class myself as an ally of the uk,a lot of people dont and not just in northrrn ireland,scotland and wales also.The uk is nothing but americas little bitch

    • I doubt people are actually blaming American people. When they blame America or Russia, they usually aim at the government. Having said that, both parties push their interests and at this point, but it is not the presidents that decide, At least I know in US, the president should really have a title change to PR spokesperson to whoever he is backed by. Both parties are doing some really shit activities. US fueled most of what is now a problem in the middle east including the long lasting Zionist movement, Russia is doing the same in East Europe. US is constantly trying to encroach on Russian Interests and Russia reacts by equally forceful measures. The people are not the problem. You and I will sit and have a drink when this is all over, but governments will judge us because of who we associate ourselves with. Sad.

      I think Russia is an economic threat to the US, and US can’t bully them openly because then it will break out into full on war. That is unlikely, because the stakes are too high, plus with huge powers like China and a stable EU, while King Kong and Godzilla duke it out, the others are going cherry pick all their businesses, and leave the two in economic ruin.

    • Exactly. This article is not matching with its title. I just came here from Facebook link to read the names of those countries…

    • they listed individuals, not countries. The individuals live in 40 different countries, some of which are part of the G-20. As such, the G-20 would have a responsibility to crack down on the ones in their territories. I think the list would be names, not countries. That’s how I read it anyhow.

  4. I’m absolutely ignorant when it comes to political history. Why have I always been told Russia was an enemy of the US? Again, I know little of politics but I am beginning to trust Put in more than the UN. Maybe Obama’s just making it easier with his bad attitude (Michelle seems even worse). Idk….Putin’s body language and the way he addresses everyone just seems more sincere. I doubt there will ever be equal mutual trust between our countries, but on this topic, I like his approach.

  5. Russia isn’t so terrible. It’s not the boogeyman it was back during the Cold War. Russia isn’t our enemy, and Obama can go to hell. Iran has been known to support terrorists in the past and while I can’t prove either way right now that they are one of the 40, I’m comfortable saying they’re a good country to look at. Pakistan is a maybe, they’ve openly denied supporting terrorist groups unless caught red handed. I’m sure we’ve all got a few guesses, and if you count individuals I’ll bet they’re getting funded by folks right here in the U.S. as well. Has President Putin released the list of countries publicly yet? We could all make some guesses, and if we pick 40 each we’re all bound to get a few right, but I’d like some FACTS!

    • Iran may have supported the terrorism when there were wrong people in power. But local iranians were always oppressed by terrorists. Recently, the head scholar of the muslims requested any able bodied man to step down and defend the land of Syria and the religious shrines that had been trampled on by terrorist and were ised as bases. I know a few people who went to fight against the terrorist forces. The fight against terrorism isn’t one of guns and explosives. It is a fight against corrupt ideology of the illeterate and the power hungry. The first group of terrorists were called the ‘neharwaanis’ around 1400 years ago. There was a war against them and out of those numbers only 4 survived. And these 4 people wrote books about what they believed in which they inscribed the common beloefs of terrorists today. These four books are best sellers in countries like Saudi Arabia. If children are going to be raised on such ideologies, there is no doubt they are going to go join terrorist forces. The right to education and lack of ignorance could really help, it doesnt take a well learned man ro reject such ideas but the people in those areas are deprived of even the most basic human rights that their brains are ready to comply to such ideas. It could really help if developed countries delivered the right education in these areas because even the children of the terrorists can be strong enogh to break their social norms and fight for what is right.

  6. If you can’t already hazard a guess or at least know of a few countries who are currently buying ISIS controlled oil, then I really suggest you do a bit of research yourself and find out, it’s not that secret.

  7. Please learn at least some basics of journalism before posting this shit. It’s important for Anonymous to have credibility, and articles like this really don’t help. Putin did not expose anything and most definitely not the 40 countries he CLAIMED are financing ISIS. You can’t just throw in a click-bait title and expect people to return to the site in the future if the title does not match the article…

  8. All I need to know is if my country Malta is among those 40 countries who financed ISIS. Many like me are very very annoyed at how the government of Malta is appeasing the Muslim community & giving on the bullying & demands of the EU with regards to Illegal Muslim immigration in a very passive way. If the Government is financing ISIS, against clear electoral promises, we, many like me WILL take action about it. We just need to know for sure before.

    • Lol..I guess you were first asked and confirmed if support to be given to ISIS by Russia or not, which is why you are so damn confirmed that Russia supports ISIS….it was a good joke by you bye the way.

  9. Dig around the internet and you will find various truths not mentioned in mainstream media. The attached video (link) from Feb. 2015 suggests that the financially contributing countries are: USA (of course), Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel, Turkey and Jordan. https://youtu.be/o6kdi1UXxhY

  10. What if I told you that everything is planned. That your trusted government are all unaware puppets along with everyone who is participating in this situation (except Putin by the look of it). The plan is perfectly orchestrated that it is self sustaining and the cycle will be impossible to break while the people scheming all this can just finely tune it to whatever outcome they wanted. NWO …it is inevitable

  11. It would seem that an unknown third party is pulling the string of events which has caused problems which we have today. You simply cannot trust any world leaders as they are merely actors pretending they are helping but in actuality profiting from theses atrocities.

  12. NATO and US are testing of Russian strength and courage that either Russia is striking back or not or that what Russia could do in response. The ‘stabon Russian back’ what Russian President has termed this action of the Turkey /NATO is much painstaking response. It means they are more than serious and they must strike back for the assurance that NATO might not dare to repeat such kind of act in future. This is the Putin not Gorbachev, what I am repeating again and again. If NATO / US are ready for it then may wait for strong action of Russia. However, no one knows yet when and where Russia will react. Besides if the Russian will not showing his muscles then Putin must go to home and sit in Moscow and forget to be superpower … the game will finished.

  13. I have read the post and alk the comments.Now visit http://www.philippekacou.org/midnight-Cry/. The Jewishfication of America is now complete under the leadership of Obama,while Putin has sent the Jews back home,America creates another Jewish state for them in the land of America.This is why America will be judged again.Puthn is like Cyrus and Nebuchadndzzar whom called my servants.


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