Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Accounts After ISIS Calls Them “Idiots”


Anonymous’ biggest operation ever is in full battle flight. #OpParis, the largest Anonymous campaign has so far successfully taken down 5500 social media accounts related to the terrorist group ISIS 24 hours after ISIS called Anonymous “idiots.”

The Anonymous vs ISIS showdown is only the beginning, with Anonymous vowing to wipe the Internet stage of all ISIS activity, rendering ISIS impotent of their recruiting network online.

It comes at a time when Anonymous calls for world unity against ISIS. “Our capability to take down ISIS is a direct result of our collective’s sophisticated hackers, data miners, and spies that we have all around the world. We have people very, very close to ISIS on the ground, which makes gathering intel about ISIS and related activities very easy for us,” Alex Poucher told RT.

The actions from the elite group of Anonymous members have also drawn attention from retired Army General, David Petraeus. In a Foreign Policy report, he commented that these actions and other intelligence recovered could have “considerable value” to counterterrorism operations.

“To date, hacktivists claim to have dismantled some 149 Islamic State-linked websites and flagged roughly 101,000 Twitter accounts and 5,900 propaganda videos. At the same time, this casual association of volunteers has morphed into a new sort of organization, postured to combat the Islamic State in both the Twitter “town square” and the bowels of the deep web.”

Anonymous have declared a “total war” on the terrorist group following the attacks on Paris, and invite the world to show their support.

“[ISIS] does not have hackers like we have hackers,” Poucher expressed, aware of the existence of hackers within the ISIS militant group. “They picked a fight with Anonymous when they attacked Paris, and now they should expect us,” he said, adding that the collective “will not sit by and watch these terror attacks unfold around the world.” The Paris attacks left some 129 people dead and over 300 injured, some still fighting for their lives.






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    • Anonymous, We need to go to the root of the problem! The people and countries funding ISIS. Freemasons and such. going back to Knights Tempters to the Egyptian Empire to the canaanites. Who keep trying to build world powers to enslave the people.

      • Here, check out some Barbara Spectre hot passionate speech about Jews helping us become multi-kulti –

        “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” are not a myth, and USA, well, they simply like Oil, and now we’re even happy that they destroy Syria, ’cause they’re fighting with ISIS, right …………………….

      • I hear ISIS make 2 million dollars a day from selling black market oil… why has this not been a target yet. Anon has in reality done very little to stop ISIS. If anything all Anon has done is annoy them… step it up and take real action

  1. Thank you for taking this on and for standing behind the peoples of the world. If I knew how to hack, I would be in the trenches with you!!!

    • Learn. You learned how to write, you learned how to read. Google and other search engines are your best friends. Make a “Twitter” account, browse through “friends lists” of obvious ISIS supporters, copy/paste what you find into Word, Wordpad, or even Notepad, then pass the info. along to Social Networks and security networks. That is the best way you can help until you “advance” into higher learning and you will be doing a great part in the efforts.

  2. I believe Anonymous is the best chance/best weapon to defeat isis and other terrorist organizations in the US and the world. Keep it up. I only wish I had the brainpower to join you!

  3. I want to thank you all for your courageous stands for justice in this world. I have tried many times to join but I can’t seem to make it through your entry process. I don’t know how to hack but I am deeply committed to the matters you address.

    • It doesn’t state only on western soil, Anon are calling on the world to unite against Isis and state : the collective will not sit by and watch these terror attacks unfold around the world.

  4. I fully support this move, its time stop sitting down and fight these sons of bitches. Anonymous I fully applaud you in your efforts, keep doing what your doing! we will not let the terrorists win!

  5. Any chance you disrupt their funding and funnel some to the to victims and victims family’s? I know stealing isn’t right, but it would be a two bird stone. Limiting their resources, and more holding them monetarily responsible for their actions then stealing. Just a thought, keep up the good work 🙂

  6. Hey, Anon guys I love your work and what you do and stand for. I had a *spark of genius/madness*. So since you are all fucking ISIS shit up, I thought you could maybe do something like change everything they write/ profile pics/ whatever to beanie babies, or something equally as childish. Because just shutting those bastards down is amazing and I love you all for the hard work and effort you guys have put in to make us safer. Maybe (if possible) just turn all the ISIS propaganda into the powderpuff girls or something?

    Just a thought,

  7. soon i will join the ranks the paris attacks has opened my eyes it is now time for cerberus15155 to join the ranks. i will do all i can to help

  8. I think I’m loving Anonymous more and more; I was told once by somebody that Isis plan on taking over the entire world by (202? 2050? I forget, but it was some insanely close year) And at the rate they’re going, they’re well over target. This was about a year or so back, and with all this utter lunacy going on, it’s so nice to know that at least SOMEONE/THING out there is actually doing something that makes a difference. Anonymous, if you ever read this, you have my eternal gratitude!

  9. Thank you Anonymous for declaring war on these Bastards. You will do as much damage as the fighter jets and bombs without firing a single bullet.

  10. Learn. You learned how to write, you learned how to read. Google and other search engines are your best friends. Make a “Twitter” account, browse through “friends lists” of obvious ISIS supporters, copy/paste what you find into Word, Wordpad, or even Notepad, then pass the info. along to Social Networks and security networks. That is the best way you can help until you “advance” into higher learni

  11. I hope is true! well done Anonymous! Amazing to be able to use your rare skills and fight with ISIS without leaving your home! keep up the great work!

  12. Great! I like, I like. Destroy them. People like the journalist Davd Chase Taylor of Truternews who told the truth of this sick world, must walk this earth free and not be threatened by underhanded people!!!!!!

  13. Team Elite
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Team Elite (‘][‘€AM€LiT€) – founded in 2002 by Meka][Meka, international group of computer hackers and programmers, who develop all kind of software and their primary focus is security. They are famous for finding security holes in websites belonging to MI5, WHO, Kaspersky Lab, Avira, Symantec, McAfee, AVG, Eset, F-Secure, ESA, Trend Micro, Intel, eBay UK, PayPal, the U.S. Bank, Bank of America, RBS WorldPay, Visa, The New York Times, The Telegraph, Daily Express, MPAA, RIAA, Ministry of Defence of the United Kingdom, Estonia and Armenia, IFPI, Bhuvan, Deutsche Bundesbank. They also discovered two serious security flaws in Direct Connect that allow DDoS attacks. The first one was discovered in 2006, the second one in 2015.[1] Team Elite are also the developers of two NMDC hub servers – HeXHub and Verlihub. In 2007, the group was falsely blamed by F-Secure for DDoS-ing the Finnish Broadcasting Company and the largest newswire in Finland.[2]
    Team Elite Members



    RoLex (2015). “Second largest exploit in NMDC history”. TE website.

    Sean (2007). “DDoS Attacks on Finnish Sites”. F-Secure Blog.

    External links

    Official website
    MI5 website breached by a hacker
    Team Elite Retaliate Against Newspapers Denigrating Them
    MI5 and WHO Websites Compromised
    The Website of the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry XSSed
    Multiple Visa Websites XSSed
    Multiple MPAA and RIAA Websites XSSed
    MoD website outflanked by XSS flaws

    • This is my concern also. You can imagine that the Paris attack will have inspired more attacks in Europe. Surely those investigating to intercept potential attacks need this information more than ever. Hypothetically speakin, what is to say that the Anon hacks that resulted in the removal of social media accounts following the Charlie Hebdo massacre did not destroy information that may have been useful in preventing the Paris attacks? Knee-jerk impulsive reactions have replace forethought and wisdom.

  14. Beautiful…simply, beautiful! LOVE the mask….LOVE the abilities…Almost every great poem is signed Anonymous…now I know why. CRUSH ISIS!

  15. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Taliban, Osama bin Laden, Shabab, and most suicidal bombers are Wahhabi. They learn hatred and violence in Wahhabi Schools. Saudi Arabia spend USD 115 billion to 90 countries to spread Wahhabism (Salafism). It’s a deviant sect that appear on Najd in 18th century.

    You cannot defeat ISIS unless you eliminate the root / the hate operating system: Wahhabi. If you focus on ISIS only and neglecting the Wahhabi, the new Wahhabi terrorist will show up in a different names. Different brands.

  16. Thank you so much. You are truly angels all of you. You are heroes. You will go down in history as the savior’s of humanity. You will never be forgotten. I love you all! May the powers that be protect each and everyone of you like your protecting us. ??

    • Thank God there is someone with a brain out there. Anonymous has no true discernment, I wouldn’t be surprised if they aren’t working for the CIA.

  17. LOL they say you’re stupid? Omg they don’t even have a fucking brain ! By the way I’m glad You don’t let yourself treat like That and That You take Revenge for all the victims in the world because of all these idiots who can’t even read a book That says That God doesn’t want anyone killed.If I was a genius like You I would certainly join You, so the only thing I can say is to continue what you’re doing. Because even if it’s only virtual it shows them That they can’t do whatever they want. And You could find every piece of shit who’s doing That to finally stop them.

    People say That PC and internet and all these stuff can’t do anything great, but that’s completely wrong. That’s why I support You. And I also support You because You want humanity to be free and not treated like shit.

    Thanks to You Anonymous!

  18. That was a great thing you did. My respect you but the attacks where planned by the west who sponsor ISIS as well your French president knows that. It’s all to cause chaos plain and simple. I don’t support Isis and never will but who we fooling here. The French up to this day are getting paid by the countries they colonized in Africa and won’t allow them to stop why can you also help the Africans or you happy with the free money you get from Africa if you want to change something change everything not something to just suit you and you alone.

  19. In theory I think you guys are awesome. Take down those who endanger this world. Please, just don’t let power go to your heads. It is easy to do at times. Keep fighting for justice.

  20. Can you also hack and find out who supports them with money and post this news. I think this is something that would open the eyes of many people who are blind to what is truly happening here….Please use those amazing computer skills you have and help expose the true money behind ISIS…

  21. Hi I need to get in contact with Anonymous regarding ISIS in Scandinavia and europe. I work for a non govermental organisation hwo does covert operations, we would like to cooperate with you and we need intelligence info egarding ISIS supporter in Europe Especialy in Scandinavia.

  22. Thank you for fighting this terror in a non violent way. Your work is noted by the world, you are the change and we thank you for standing up for the unprotected whilst setting a mature non-violent example. Namaste

  23. What about their money and oil trade? Who is sponsoring them and who buys their oil? Social media attacks are a good small step but will never be enough as long as daesh has MONEY.

  24. Hurrah Anonymous! Well done! Keep up the good work. Are you checking the deep web and dark web also,if it’s possible? would be a good place to check ,when it’s the dark side of the web. wouldn’t be suprised if you find a info forum and ISIS recruiting site there .

  25. It was 900 accounts not 5,000 and they didn’t take them down annon just published a list of accounts and twitter removed them. It’s a good story no need to glam it up with obvious lies

  26. We’ll not give up, freedom is the most important thing to keep, for this moment. I really tank You for that, greeting’s from Poland!!

  27. My daughter in college told me about this group about 3 years ago. I love what they do, and wish them saft passage. Job well done.

  28. To the posters who seem to think Anonymous is an organization, you are incorrect, and this is a good thing. You cannot ‘join’ Anonymous, you can however ‘be’ Anonymous. ‘Anonymous’ is an ideology. It is the collective conscience of people who wish the world a better place. And not just for themselves, but for all of humanity. ‘Anonymous’ is that little voice in your head that cries out “Why are they hitting that man?” or “Why doesn’t anyone stop these crooks?”. All actions are not done for one’s self(Sabu Cunt), but for others, and are done in complete Anonymity. You do not need to be a hacker to be ‘Anonymous’. Your skills as a HUMAN BEING are what is needed to be ‘Anonymous’. So go, seek others who think like you out. We are here, we are there, we are Anonymous.

  29. Anonymous. You are my heores. Keep up the amazing work you are doing around the world to make it a safer place for all of us. A call to arms. A call to everyone. Recruit Anonymous. I want to join the ranks. I want to wear the mask. I want to make a difference. I want to be expected. They should expect me. Much love.

  30. Anonymous, if this is a war, then the entire youth of all countries who aren’t ISIS pro stands with you… Hand in Hand… I can not hack… but my support will be offered in any means possible… Honored by the presence of you guys…

  31. Maybe I won’t be as helpful as the hackers, crackers and so on but I will spread this video, this idea, the idea of Anonimuous, everywhere I could.
    WE are anonymous.

  32. thank you 4 the fight so we may keep thinking what we think; stay human live and love
    this sect off death needs to be removed . kill them virtual and physical . they say there just 50000 of them . let’s start with these . reveal who is supportive of these criminals . we dont have to tolerate this cancer !!they belong in prison or a grave

  33. pourquoi vous ne prenez pas controle de leur ordinateur à la base et regarder leur plan ? ou simplement exploser leur ordi on leur envoyer tout plein dvirus ?

  34. So glad you’re all on the side of justice. So happy you’re skills can change the world is such a positive way. You’re smarter, better and more skilled on the web. They should be afraid. Gj guys.

  35. Keep going Anon. we would like to see ISIS exposed but one thing, did it really require an attack on the western soil to make you all do this..? so many other countries were affected by this virus as well. :3 but never mind that, we hope you become, the antivirus.

  36. Dear Anonymous, please be careful, that vulture General Petraeus is not one to be trusted, especially if he sees “value” in your actions.

    He and his ilk are as evil as ISIS. Please watch your backs.

  37. Please feel free to use my prose in part or in whole when taking them down. Here’s my latest essay on the issue with great gratitude: We will never be free of terrorism because there will always be mass murderers who love their hatred more than they love their Creator. Whether it’s at a school like Columbine or in a crowded movie theatre in Aurora. Whether it’s in The City Of Lights or The City That Never Sleeps,we will always be vulnerable to the mentally and spiritually defective monsters that masquerade as our fellow human beings. It is especially atrocious when they vainly try to smear our Maker by blaming their crimes on him. It is obvious to everyone who does not share their disease that they are serving only lords of destruction and drug trafficking and greed and oppression and rape and sadism and slavery. These miscreants even manage to convince their deranged disciples to worship a small god that fits only into their evil version of their “faith”. They deny a true God who is greater than all religions. A Maker who is surely infuriated by their insulting and vain attempts to confine Him to their arrogant and oppressive perversion of their “faith”. Many of these bloodthirsty animals are depraved enough to joyfully believe that they will be rewarded with eternal sexual gratification for their foul sins. Even as they leave behind legions of victims who will pray daily for them to experience the endless torture in the foulest dungeons of hell that they so richly deserve. There is no difference between Baruch Goldstein, Osama Bin Laden, Timothy McVeigh, and Mohammed Emwazi. All were contaminated and corrupt fountains of blood thirsty hatred. All are dead and leave behind a world that will only remember them as filthy murderous trash if it remembers them at all. It is our duty to defend ourselves and our world against their self righteous violent tyranny and to condemn them as the bloodthirsty inhuman trash they are. We will never let them force their false beliefs down our throats. We will never worship their hateful shameful little gods. We aspire instead to spend our lives praising and thanking a creative and kind God Who is greater than all religions and who blesses America with all those who protect our divine right to worship him or not as He calls us. How dare they strive to deprive us of this right and try to impose their oppressive checkpoints on the highway to heaven?

    • a terrorist organisation intends to kill humans?

      the consequences of anon actions could also cost human lives, but that is unintended, “collateral” damage.

      I notice that some questions in this forum remain unanswered, as if anon is more in one-way communication.

  38. Well done and all that but don’t worry you aren’t needed any more:

    “I’ve got a ten year old son and he’s got computers and he’s so good with them, with that cyber stuff”.

    It seemed a strange disembodied utterance. But young Barron is the new great hope.


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