Racist White Woman Goes Crazy After Hearing Somebody Speak Spanish In America [VIDEO]


An unidentified white woman has been caught on video berating and ridiculing a customer for speaking Spanish at IHOP restaurant in downtown Los Angeles, Southern California.

The incident, which has been described as a racist rant, was captured on camera on July 31, 2015. The racist woman was also said to be waiting for a table at the restaurant when she heard Carlos Vasquez’s mother speaking Spanish.

Carlos Vasquez, who recorded the video and first posted it on Facebook, told  NBC Los Angeles that the woman started to go off on his mother, Norma Vasquez, after her mother spoke Spanish with her family while waiting to be served.

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According to Vasquez, the incident attracted attention and caused a confrontational situation in the restaurant. He said the clash began when the racist woman interrupted his mother without any provocation for speaking Spanish.

Carlos Vasquez and his mother are said to have migrated to the United States from El Salvador some 30 years ago and live in Highland Park.

In the video, the racist woman can be heard saying, “We speak English in America, go back to Spain. Spanish is from Spain. I’ve been to Spain, so I know.”

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And Vasquez’s mother responded, “I speak English. Not good, but I speak English.”

After dealing rudely with Norma, the woman then turned her full attention to Vasquez, asking him angrily, “Do you want the Russians over here telling you what to do? Do you want the Nazis telling you what to do?”

But Vasquez responded, “That’s what you’re doing to my mom. You’re telling her what to do. She speaks English. She’s not perfect, but she speaks English.”

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Vasquez and his mother later told NBC Los Angeles that they were very shocked at the behavior of the woman in 21st Century America, where civilization is at its peak.

“This is Los Angeles. Even the name of the city is in Spanish. She shouldn’t be mad or interrupting families for whatever language they’re speaking.”

“Inside, I wasn’t upset. I got more upset when my mom started to cry. It wasn’t fair for my mom to cry to a stranger just because my mom was speaking Spanish,” Vasquez said.

His mother said the woman completely dehumanized her. She was quoted as saying, “I felt awful, as though I was worthless.”

Since Vasquez shared the video on his Facebook page, it has gone viral and many have re posted it on other social media platforms.

According to the Daily Dot, despite the fact that English is the official language in some states in the US, the country does not have an official language at the Federal level.

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  1. Racism is never cute. Also, what is currently Los Angeles (and California) has only been a land associated with English as the primary language for 1.5 centuries. It belonged to Mexico a lot longer than that, so chill out random racist lady.

  2. spanish is from spain, she knows that, cause she have been to spain…
    did that bitch spoke spanish in spain?
    cause in spain they speak spanish 😉
    otherwise she´s a russian nazi bitch, lol

  3. She probably went to Tijuana and thought it was Spain. She probably thinks that Baja California is somewhere in Central or South America. She’s so ignorant of Spanish that a private conversation offended her. She’s probably planning a vacation to Brazil because she’s heard that Puerto Rico has beautiful beaches. It’s easy to hate this woman until we realize that she probably can’t pass a fourth grade geography class. Her stupidity is the source of her paranoia and racist behavior.

  4. It’s funny to see these bitches telling that you speak english in América, And then these fucking old whores, telling to people that eather you speak american or go back to you’re country. BITCH YOU WERE SEND TO AMERICA FROM ENGLAND, IF YOU DONT LIKE IT GO BACK TO BRITAIN, FUCKING BITCHES.

  5. Wow. This is not how we should treat people. Rudeness and ignorance rarely convinces anyone, other than other rude and ignorant people. When Europeans came to this country, they didn’t learn the languages of the indigenous peoples who lived here. It is good to learn the language of country when you move to a country, but meanness is not an incentive. When I meet Hispanic people, I show them respect by trying to use what little Spanish I remember, because people need to feel valued. This woman was venting, probably in response to the fear mongering of Faux News and their hateful rhetoric. Sad that this is what has become of our nation.

  6. I’m a white guy with a black wife and that lady pissed me off. If I was that guy I would have dared her to pull me out of the vehicle..Then as she proceeded to hit me I would have beat the living daylights out of her in self defense. With a boot to the face repeatedly while her kids watched. Then when I was done I would have said to the kids….This is what you get for running your white racist mouth….. My wife, family and best friends are black…I don’t tollerate that crap…

  7. 21st Century America, where civilization is at its peak.
    Ha don’t make me laugh , america and civilization doesn’t go together.


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