When Inmates Talk About Killing People, You Can’t Hate Them [VIDEO]


Dan Slepian, an investigative producer who has helped solve cold cases, assisted in exonerating wrongfully convicted inmates, uncovered corruption, sparked changes in laws, and led to the shutting down of illicit businesses, put inmates of New York’s Sing Sing Correctional Facility in a room with nothing but a camera and asked them to talk about their crimes.

He showed the findings at a TEDx event to share his “Voices From Within” project, a video and education initiative that addresses the epidemic of gun violence directly through the voices of inmates living with the consequences of their deadly choices. It’s hard to watch, but it’s an attempt to confront gun violence and reach the teens before they ruin their and others’ lives and end up in prison.

After watching the video, you will be prompted to enquire. The inmates will never see the outside of their prison again, but does that mean they can’t make an impact? They can’t change their past, but does that mean they can’t change their future? Should we listen to them or should we continue to simply condemn these inmates?

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  1. I found this very moving and whilst as a UK citizen we dont have the level of gun violence that the USA does, I still found it resonated. I think this is an excellent idea that could be used around the world. Genuine, heartfelt remorse is visible when it is real and I could see that the men involved were being very real indeed. Maybe for the first time they had confronted what exactly they had done and the consequences of it. This film should be shown in areas where gun crime is high especially amongst the very young, before they become involved at any level of criminality. Very moving and very well made.

  2. Thats sad and all…but no one ruined their lifes… They did it to them selfs…
    Theyre there cause of theyre mistakes…
    Being sad with the nessage yes… Forgive or think thats ok every one can make a mistake? Hell no… Every one can make a mistake but not everyone does one punisheble with prison. Some of us hv a civic conscience…

    Dont try to wype their wrongs…
    Theyre payien for their mistakes as it should be… If they we re correctely convicted and real criminals

    • Hearthless piece of shit…They are human beings! Murder or not, lots of people have gotten away with killing scores of people (Soldiers) And they walk free just like anyone else just because they had (Orders) To kill. Killing ain’t right in any form or shape…No, but it sure ain’t right to torment the lives of men for making one really bad mistake in their young days either.

  3. This is a really great video however I’m not quite sold on the agenda to stop gun violence. I don’t think any sort of ban on guns will stop crime like this. Criminals know how to get guns illegally anyways. Imo banning more guns will only hurt the law abiding citizens gun rights. I do think the topic of violence in our society is a lot more complex of an issue to deal with, and thinking that more gun control will fix that is imo naive and short sighted.

    • Maybe you should look at the statistics of what happened in australia when we enforced gun control, you dont have to guess what will happen because a civilived western country has alredy done it.

  4. Cool… but what about the cops who are dropping people left and right? Are they sorry? Will world ever see cops giving testemony like that?

  5. Gun violence is at record lows in the United States and has been so for many years.If the anti-gun lobbyists were in the right they would not be lying about the fact that violent murders and crime has gone down 40+% from the already low numbers in the 11 years that gun ownership has increased. Cities with gun bans are deadly compared to cities with freedom to own guns.When someone is knifed no one says ban knives,cars aren’t banned for car accidents,alcohol kills it is still on the market.Ask yourself if those who break the law and murder are told they are breaking the law to have a gun,will that stop them? No,who will it stop?The person who could’ve protected their family during the break in but the government took their only defense away.Why do you think England Social Services can just walk in and take children away because they think there is a “possibility of abuse in future” and no one can stop them?They have the weapons,the people don’t.Even parents wrongly accused lose as the children are adopted out faster than one can take the case to court.That is just 1 of the many attrocities other nations get away with because their citizens are not armed.Look it up,investigate don’t just swallow the anti-gun lobby propaganda and while you are at it,look into who is behind the movement and think about why.


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