The Real American Sniper: Why Chris Kyle Wasn’t A Hero


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The following words are not meant to spit on the grave of Chris Kyle, but rather address a reality that may be unpleasant for many to hear. Chris Kyle was not a hero. He did not protect America or keep it safe. He killed a lot. He also, apparently, lied a lot as well. Sometimes truth lies beyond the lens of star-spangled glasses and once you have the courage to look beyond a constructed work of fiction, you may realize that the facts do not align with your belief system. It may not be easy, but sometimes the truth is harsh. If we, as a people are genuinely in pursuit of truth and the justice that follows, we must distance ourselves from the warm feelings that certain narratives provide and search objectively without the blinders that provide us comfort.

Left: Chris Kyle – Right: Bradley Cooper starring in American Sniper as ‘Chris Kyle’

Kyle’s story takes place in Iraq, his weapon and astute aim followed along with him. The former Navy SEAL and bronco rider was responsible for 160 confirmed deaths – 255 if you include unconfirmed kills – while he was stationed in the land that was once ancient Babylon. How can it be said that a single person he killed was on behalf of protecting the American way of life or its freedoms when Iraq nor its people were ever a threat to either? Kyle was a member of an invading force. To protect someone or something, an outside threat must first be made, otherwise what is labeled as protector is actually an aggressor.

No matter your thoughts surrounding the events on 9/11, one thing that is for certain is that Iraq was not involved. Saddam Hussein never attacked the United States, nor did it appear that he ever had plans to do so. Hussein’s regime, although not innocent of crimes in its own country, was not a threat to the United States or its citizens. And despite the Bush administration’s assertion that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction, they didn’t.

It may be brutal to hear, but the facts dictate that none of the people that Chris Kyle killed were a threat to America, its freedoms, or its way of life.

So who or what was the Texan protecting?

It can be said that Kyle was protecting lives by making the argument that he was providing cover for his fellow soldiers; soldiers that should have never been in harm’s way to begin with. The cover provided to US soldiers should have come in the form of not sending them into a country that posed zero threat to the United States. If the US government actually cared about protecting its citizens, instead of providing snipers to serve as their protectors, it should have shielded them by not sending them onto a battlefield constructed of lies. Thousands of Americans who were sent back to their families with a flag draped over their maimed and lifeless bodies would still be alive today if not for the actions and needless meddling of the US government. While it is very true that Chief Kyle was not to blame for the foreign policy of his employer, he was a cog in its wheel, and more importantly he took pleasure in his duty of senseless death.

American Sniper, the movie based on his words, makes Kyle appear as if he was conflicted by the scores who were killed by his marksmanship. Unfortunately for his legacy, his actual words tell a different story.

“I wondered, how would I feel about killing someone? Now I know. It’s no big deal”

Another quote from Kyle’s book describes his thoughts on the Iraqi people,

“Savage, despicable evil. That’s what we were fighting in Iraq. That’s why a lot of people, myself included, called the enemy ‘savages’…. I only wish I had killed more.”

The sniper also described his chosen profession of killing by saying,

“You do it until there’s no one left to kill. That’s what war is. I loved what I did… I’m not lying or exaggerating to say it was fun.”

Kyle also relays his lack of regret by saying,

“There’s another question people ask a lot: Did it bother you killing so many people in Iraq? I tell them ‘No.’ And I mean it.”

As far as the moral ambiguity that he dealt with, Kyle said

“I have a strong sense of justice. It’s pretty much black-and-white. I don’t see too much gray.”

The last passage from American Sniper that I will list truly demonstrates Kyle’s lack of heroism:

“A teenager, I’d guess about fifteen, sixteen, appeared on the street and squared up with an AK-47 to fire at them. I dropped him. A minute or two later, an Iraqi woman came running up, saw him on the ground, and tore off her clothes. She was obviously his mother. I’d see the families of the insurgents display their grief, tear off clothes, even rub the blood on themselves. If you loved them, I thought, you should have kept them away from the war. You should have kept them from joining the insurgency.”

The insurgency that the sniper is referring to is the local Iraqi insurgency that would have never existed if the United States hadn’t invaded Iraq to begin with. These “insurgents” weren’t making their way overseas to hurt Kyle’s family, so where does his malice towards the child he killed in cold blood come from?

Maybe you’ll choose not to trust that Kyle really believed the words he wrote in his own book, I couldn’t blame you, after all Kyle was caught in multiple lies while he was still alive.

Regardless of whether you approve of Jesse Ventura famously pursuing his lawsuit against Kyle after his death, Ventura did prove in court that Kyle lied about punching him at a Navy SEAL reunion in 2006. The former governor of Minnesota was awarded 1.8 million dollars for Kyle’s tall tale despite being told he would never prove in a court of law that the ghost of an American hero had lied. He did. HarperCollins, the publisher of American Sniper also had to remove the story from future printings of the book.

Another lie that Kyle was caught in was a story he told to D Magazine regarding a supposed run in with two car jackers in 2009. The incident supposedly took place at a gas station somewhere along Highway 67 just south of Dallas, Tx. Kyle claimed that he shot the two men each twice in the chest, killing them both. He never claimed that either man fired a shot at him. The former military man said that he waited on local law enforcement to arrive and once on the scene he gave them a phone number that directed the officers to the Department of Defense. The person on the other end vouched for him and he was sent on his way, according to Kyle. The problem with this story is that despite various publications having attempted to verify Kyle’s account multiple times, there is still not a single shred of evidence that it ever happened.

The real life American Sniper also told a tale about him and a comrade being ordered to New Orleans in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The story goes that the two were stationed atop the Superdome. Kyle then proceeded to pick off and kill 30 looters dead in the streets from atop the home of the New Orleans Saints. There is absolutely no evidence to corroborate this narrative either.

Either Chris Kyle was a cold-blooded killer who took it upon himself to be judge, jury, and executioner while killing Americans dead in its streets or he was a liar. Whichever story you choose to believe, one thing is for certain, the real American Sniper was no hero.

Hollywood is a business, and as with the goal of any business, their objective is to generate profit. The movie industry does so through visual story telling. A studio produces films to make you feel a certain way which in turn allows the studios to recoup their expenses and ideally generate a profit. The story of Chris Kyle is no different.

There is nothing wrong with enjoying a film, but don’t fool yourself into thinking that the heroic Chris Kyle portrayed on the silver screen is the same as the real life Chris Kyle. One of them was payed to sway your emotions while the real one was paid to kill those that never ever threatened the rights which allow these type of films to be made in the first place.


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    • Firstly, we call all our men and women in uniform, heroes. You can analyze why they did what they did based on the orders they were given yada yada yada.

      But if you don’t like the terminology, my only recommendation is to make sure you’re consistent across the board and anyone you know who serves (including those who died while serving) you should say they were not heroes.

      . . . And if you’re not ashamed of your views, then I would suggest telling them that to their faces.

      Secondly, I don’t know whether the guy lied or not. But no one is perfect. Our founding fathers were slave owners so I don’t know if we really want to go down this road.

      . . . Great way to generate hits on your blog, though. Bravo.

      • Way to over generalize and avoid reality. Did you know that the oklahoma city bomber, and the DC sniper, were in the military? Does that make them heros? or is that a road you don’t want to go down too? Why be so simple, and apply a label to someone who hasn’t earned it..

          • I have PTSD, yet I’ve never harmed anyone or used it to get lienecy on a crime I committed or lie I told. I will have the “balls” to say it. The US military is full of cowards and I don’t mind telling them to their face.

          • i suffer from PTSD also and never hurt any one or lied either or killed innocent Americans like he claimed to have did thats no reason to kill or blow up a building either it’s okay to kill thousand of American citizens if you have PTSD ?

          • You just keep telling yourself all of this. Either way our HEROES will still be doing what they do and going through hell so you can sleep peacefully at night. PTSD, by the way, can cause people to do fucked up shit. Just because a lot of people do not does not mean that it can’t happen. Unless you have been in any of these peoples shoes, you most certainly do not have the right to blog about what you think their “TRUTHS” are. You are the ones with some balls…… Some very tiny balls at that….

          • Brittany Tell me again how seizing other countries’ minerals and other resources, leads to your protection?
            If anything, your “heroes” aka. terrorists are making you less safe in the longrun by creating so many enemies due to greed, instead of more “valid” issues like political or even cultural differences.
            You people ought to know what your government is fighting for, especially after 9/11. They don’t care about you, they care about wealth and domination and will stop at nothing to get it – they’ll even sacrifice their own people, yet you deify them without a second thought. They call your disguised terrorist soldiers and send them off to die for a lie!
            This is your reality.. you don’t have to get into a big argument about this OR even care – as long as you aknowledge it.

        • The main issue here is what’s the definition of a hero? I know if I was deployed in Afghanistan, where members of al Qaeda were hiding, and one of my brothers in arms killed someone that was trying to kill me and saved my life, I would call him a hero. I wouldn’t care what his true intentions were of the kill because I would still be alive. If that was your son or brother or husband that he saved, you wouldn’t call him a hero? For saving their lives? Yes, he may have been a little messed up but you kinda have to be to go over there and comprehend what’s happening. That’s why many people who have a problem with this movie are military. And for the PTSD diagnosed person, not all people deal with it the same way. There are different levels of stress.

          • Yeah, I’m sure the Nazis of World War II used the same logic when they also invaded other countries, and engaged and killed whatever resistance they would encounter from the locals there. The fact that the REAL heroes and patriots were the people fighting back against them, defending their land and people, probably never registered in the minds of the Nazi supporters then, just like it doesn’t occur to people like you and Brittany now!

        • ^ this person. I’m going to guess has never served. You base your opinion off “that” movie and shit you have read. Opinions are like assholes everyone has one including you. If you wanna make a change raise that right hand and do it otherwise enjoy that blanket of freedom you wrap yourself in every night bc you “think” you have the right to mouth some ignorant shit. Have a pleasant evening.

        • Go to war. Go to war and suffer the way the soldier suffers. lose your best friend in front of you. watch countless people you call friend and brother die beside you from an enemy that would behead you for the god you worship. get shot at and wonder if the next round is for you. only then will you ever understand the hate.

      • From personal experience, I would suggest NOT engaging military personnel, in the flesh, in this type of discussion unless you are in a pubic space with witnesses. A calm discussion can turn physical and ugly in a split second. Not saying that all people are like that, but hey, we can’t predict how people will react over a passionate subject such as this one.
        Concerning terminology; this can get tricky and its something that should DEFINITELY be defined in debates like this one before any involved parties delve into the discussion, and it should remain consistent through out the debate.

      • So by your logic, Anyone who has done anything wrong in the history of time is a bad guy. Except if they were American because you are American? Does that mean that the members of SS are not guilty of slaughtering jews in the name of Adolf Hitler? Or that the bosnian forces did not slaughter women and children, because the bosnian goverment?

        The invasion of Iraq was NOT justified. The Incompetence and wrong reasons aside, If you are part of an invading force, slaughtering INNOCENTS , even if you are American, you ARE A BAD GUY. Kyle took pleasure in killing Iraqi people.

        al qaeda attacked the US. The U.S invades Afghanistan, kills innocent women and children with the rest of NATO. Then Uses their momentum of fear to invade Iraq and rape their country.

        Face it.

        You are the new Empire from star wars.
        You are the new Nazi Germany.

        You are the bad guys now. What do you do?

          • No, 9/11 and the towers falling is NOT justification for the invasion of Iraq. Iraq had precisely NOTHING to do with 9/11. When we invaded Iraq it was to satisfy the ego of George W. Bush and bring profit to Dick Cheney’s company, Haliburton, NOTHING else. It was a war of aggression for which the perpetrators should be prosecuted for war crimes, and nobody who fought there should be classed as a hero.

          • iraq had nothing to do without 9/11…Saudi hijackers, afghani leader, let’s go to Iraq. Yeah, because that makes sense

          • 9/11 in now way justified invading iraq. it justified going after bin laden. it justified, in my mind, going after those that would shelter bin laden and his group. iraq in no way aided bin laden.

          • We are the land of the free home of the brave. Let’s discuss this. Iraq was testing chemical weapons on their own people, the Kurds. Are you so selfish to say we shouldn’t intervene. What I get from you is its not us so Who cares. People cry that we are not the world police then who will be. Everyone wants a happy, peaceful life. Well I served in both Iraq and Afghanistan and what we are trying to do is to give other people the freedom we have here. Think of a bully messing with a kid. Your the one who sits and watch and I’m the one who stops the bully and teach him a lesson. you’re selfish. Grow a pair and stand up for what right even if it doesn’t involve you

          • @David

            90-95% of all casualties of war are civilians.

            So lets go export some freedom and democracy by killing more people then we save.

            you have no right to interfere with another country or its people, all it does is perpetuate more hatred and revenge.

            Fix your own country before you try to fix another.

          • Yeah and then you beat the shit out of the kid worse than the bully ever did. And you blow his house up. That’s a proper analogy to the war in Iraq now.

          • Hey, Asian, got any time boots on the ground in Iraq? I’m going to say, by your ignorant comments, no you don’t…Since you don’t, let me tell you that the people there were being brutalized by their leader….So, cool, we didn’t belong in Iraq? I’ll go with that. We don’t belong in Africa, South America, Asia, Cuba….

          • David, The CIA helped overthrow a democratically elected government in Iraq and placed Sadam Hussein in power. The United States suppled the chemical weapons and helicoptors used by Sadam to gas the Kurds. Donald Rumsfeld even hand carried Sadam Hussein a chocolate birthday cake. Saudi Arabia finances Wahabbi Islam which is the particularly extreme version of Islam followed by (Saudi) Osama Bin Laden and Al Quida. The Bin Ladens are the architects to the Saudi Royal family. 9/11 was perpetrated by primarily Saudi men. Iraq nor Afghanistan attacked us, our “friends” the Saudi’s did. People who do not bother to know history are the very sheep who will run watch this fairy dust sprinkled over a steaming pile of BS and cheer like your team just won the superbowl.

          • That wasn’t Iraq fool. That was al Qaeda. Oh bin laden was also trained by the CIA and his family was heavily invested in the American market. Isn’t it a little odd that after 9/11 the only plane allowed to fly had bin laden family members on board. Also Sadam was receiving aid the American government for years. People need to READ.

          • Stop watching so much hollywood and for one time in your pathethic life have your own criteria,…, since when the violence and killing innocents became the answer… fuck you patriot, and chris kyle is burning in hell now, where he belongs.

        • We Bosnians who got shelled and shot at daily were the bad guys in that war? The invasions that the US has done weren’t justified and I agree with you but please educate yourself about what happened in Bosnia you ignoramus.

        • So it’s not ok to shoot a teenager if he’s trying to kill them? They aim to kill and you call them innocent, but when the Americans kill them first, you call them bad? Maybe you should leave America

          • The teenager is DEFENDING HIS COUNTRY against an invading force! The teenager is the hero… Kyle is a MURDERER! It’s simple when you use logic and can actually comprehend what the author was trying to say, moron!

        • “Killed innocent women and children” If a 6 year old was shooting something at me, I’d kill him too. Shooting at someone does not make you innocent it makes you guilty. America has Rules of Engagement for a reason.

          • Ok, rules of engagement, who fired the first bullets when America invaded Iraq or Afghanistan after 9/11?? Those two countries were of no threat to America. The Taliban were turned into enemies overnight because they objected to an oil pipeline being put in by the US, go figure. Prior to the invasion of Iraq, the US claimed there were WMD’s in Iraq, UN inspectors never found a trace, and before they could finish their job and probably confirm there were no such weapons anywhere, they were pulled out of the country and America invaded. One last thing to consider, the attacks on 9/11, was an inside job, why did building 7 collapse after suffering very light fire damage? And why, when the twin towers are collapsing, do they appear to be collapsing from the bottom up, when the damage was on the upper floors. All those attacks were to justify and convince the American public to go to war. Yes it was a war on terror, but the US government wanted to get some foreign oil as the first objective, under the guise of war. The US government were/are responsible for 9/11.

      • I like how despite the respect given to the men and women in uniform in this article, the fact that even one of them is criticized at all for being a liar somehow devalues the entire critique. The fact that its called into question the idea that he enjoyed killing people who, as we found out after the fact, weren’t even the real enemy until an invading force showed up to violate their way of life.

        Yeah, the men and women in uniform do something very brave. It IS still a shame though that their oath to protect their homeland was used against them by sending them in as an invading force where they died, not protecting their loved ones, but in ruining the lives of thousands of others for what amounted to political chess moves that haven’t accomplished anything.

        I would think that the people who SHOULD be mad are the people sent in to fight those battles in the first place, but it almost seems like it’s unconscionable to even question the political assholes’ decision to waste the lives of brave soldiers and the frightened, enraged civilians who were outclassed by them.

        Is it appropriate to question the fighting at all? Where is the line where we can define who was a noble, brave soldier, and who was someone doing a job and then getting a paycheque by writing a book filled with bullshit that trivialized the lives of people who should never have been targeted in the first place?

          • When I enlisted in the U.S Army, I was a small town backwoods boy who had no real knowledge of the outside world. To this day I still remember clearly watching 9/11 on the TV and I was only 8 years old. I was a little boy sitting in a room filled with weeping mothers and their children staring at the incredible scene. Ten years later I enlisted right after high school. There is a deep tradition to serve in the armed forces in my family. My great grandfather served in WW1, my grandpa is WW2, my dad married early and never enlisted, and then I felt compelled to serve also.
            I deployed to Afghanistan as an Airborne Infantryman in 2012. While deployed i began to educate myself in the truth of what had really been going on in the world. At one point I had serious doubts of why I was there. I could only justify it in my head when women, children, and village elders would come to our tiny base in the Tangi Valley requesting our assistance. We would supply them, give them pens and paper to teach their kids to write. We would provide 24 hour overwatch to their school adjacent to us which the taliban in the area wanted to destroy. I personally requested family and friends to send me candy and pens for the children. When we were on the patrol and not getting shot at or blown up I would be handing out whatever I could give to the poor kids. I and my company were protecting them from this hellish gang called the “taliban”. The same group who would bust into the villager’s homes to steal the women and children for sex slaves, demand money or resources or hang the man of the house on a tree.
            The subject is Chris Kyle is full of holes and uncertainties. You are speaking about a man who has killed hundreds. Those people more than likely deserved each one of their demises. Reading “American Sniper” is reading the mind of this soldier who has seen a numerous amount of death and pain. Instead of condemning him to hell how about you wish and pray for peace in his soul. He had his problems just like all of us have.
            I have no regrets for anything I did overseas. It was hell on earth over there. This demonization of U.S. soldiers need to stop, especially if you are the ones who preach peace and equality. Share your love for all or love none.
            It seems those who have the strongest opinions about the war on Iraq and Afghanistan have never stepped foot there or seen it with their own eyes. If you really want to know what had happened, ask a veteran, a lot of them, and you will get your answer.

        • Why don’t we let the politics sort out their own problems then, I mean, if they wanna fight with another country then maybe we should make them sit a game of chess. That would be safer AND smarter. And show us which country has the smarter politician.

      • I was in the militrary and I’ve never been so disgusted by what I saw on a daily basis. the disrespect and lack of morals towards fellow human beings, guys talking about killing people for fun, raping women, stealing from other soldiers, selling drugs, sex with under age girls, the list goes on. But that’s the caliber of people you get when the military recruiter is trying to fill that quota, or when the courts tell a criminal that he can choose prison or enlistment as their punishment. Not all soldiers are heros.

        • Erm, what? People who have just committed a crime being offered up alongside ACTUAL heroes?

          Please tell me you’re just kidding and don’t have any sources of this information.


          • I am a Former Army soldier myself and I can vouch for what he says I had 3 guys in my unit with the go to war or go to jail card pulled on them it’s sad that it is allowed to happen but it is the truth.

          • I can vouch for that, my ex husband was offered the choice of go to jail for assault or join the military. It happens all of the time here, because our jail is overflowing. Also, my friend joined the Army and went to Iraq. She’s 5’2, about 95lbs, and was raped by 4 guys when she was over there. She was in the hospital for a week. Those are the kind of pigs that are in the military.

          • hey dumb fuck, any thing from duffelblog is fake…. And Chris Kyle was a hero, he was doing his job. If you don’t like it move to another country….

        • You know I was in the US military and I didn’t see any of this. So I guess I should as what military were you in, because it wasn’t mine. IF your claiming to be in the IS military then your full of it and just making things up to cater to the anti military mind-set that seems to think were all animals. Now some asshat will quote you, claiming they know the truth.

          • I am confused by Richman’s comment as well. I served in the military and am a veteran of Operation Dessert Storm. I was deployed to the middle east to conduct our operations. I NEVER saw, witnessed, or heard of killing for fun, raping, selling drugs, or sex with underage women, or sex at all for that point. Service men & women aren’t animals they serve our country with honor and it is sad to see people trying to portray them in a negative light.

          • You know Arthur, it’s like this;

            You know I was in the US military and I didn’t see any of this. So I guess I should as what military were you in, because it wasn’t mine. IF YOU’RE claiming to be in the US military then YOU’RE full of it and just making things up to cater to the anti military mind-set that seems to think WE’RE all animals. Now some asshat will quote you, claiming they know the truth.

            Go back to school mate and get a proper education.

            Nothing in the article stated that anyone thinks that everyone in the military are all animals. Nor do all people with a so called ‘anti-military’ mindset think that all people in the military are animals.

        • Your are a liar and an idiot, by what you have said I have no faith in one word you have to say again. 40,000 soliders maybe a small few are that immoral. I know many and I’ve never heard it as you describe.

          • My father was 17 when he stole his parent’s car, and upon his trial was given the ultimatum of jail or going to Vietnam. He picked the former. All I ever heard about war was the murdering of innocent people in villages, and the awful things he and his team were ordered to do. I have old pictures of body parts with melting flesh stuck in barbed wire, and of his friends in body bags.

            I know about the government using the cadavers of soldiers to transport drugs back to the US. I know about how the use of agent orange left both Vietnamese civilians and US soldiers deformed and my dad died from the cancer years later.

            I don’t think you really know the intentions of your government when they send soldiers to war, and even though my dad came back with medals, he never considered himself a hero.

            Because war is a shitty, awful thing and does not by any means excuse the murder of innocent people.

        • Yeah Richman sounds like college or the taliban. I know you took that from a movie. Not even a nice try lol. You’re a pathetic poster.

      • really? So as long as it was an order, you are not responsible for lives you take? This country has not been threatened, none of the last 40 years of war was for OUR freedom. This “patriot” BS that you been brainwashed with is nuts, how about being patriotic to the human race..

        • No every soldier has the option that if he feels an order is morally wrong or is something that goes against the SOFA agreement I in place with the country we are in or Against the US Constitution they don’t have to obide by it and will not suffer any undue consequences

        • That’s the most incorrect and ignorant statement I’ve ever heard. This country is threatened every day by terrorists. The moment we let our guard down, the twin towers came tumbling down with thousands of innocent Americans. The Taliban continues to train soldiers to attack us and other countries around the world. Again, we did nothing in Syria, and what was birthed there, but the disgusting demonic group ISIS, who beheads innocents (including Americans) when their attempts at extortion aren’t meant? Did we already forget about the Chechans that bombed us in Boston? North Korea has issued many threats towards the U.S. in the last few years. The world is teeming with hatred against Americans. The moment we sit on our heels instead of being proactive in fighting terrorism is the moment we find terrorism at our door step. I don’t understand why people act as if war avoidable. Wars have been fought since the beginning of time. You just need to crack open a history book to see its history in the story of man kind. As long as our power is semi-respected in the world, only then can we keep the lions at bay. If you don’t agree, leave. Maybe you will feel safer in another country.

        • Patriotic to the human race? What are you? Soft in the head??

          If you ever wonder why we get attacked by terrorists, etc. All you have to do is look in the mirror. It is idiots like you that want to embrace all and that is what allows the ones that want to do us harm, in the wire. NOTHING ELSE. Please wrap your head in a plastic bag.

      • your comment makes no sense. We’re not talking about our founding fathers or all men and women to have ever served this country.

        we are talking about one guy. Specifically. and if he admits to be a killer, so be it. At least he was honest about it. he appears to be in the right country. America celebrates killers.

        • Amen to that. Lazy fucks sitting on their couch being armchair generals. As to the bullshit comments about killing for fun and rape etc… What utter garbage. I know a few guys that sold drugs. They did years in military prison. You fuck up in the military they crucify your ass. I have a feeling the people making up crazy shit are just anonamous liberals hiding behind a keyboard spreading dissent about the troops. That’s just what they do. Cowards, the whole lot of them.

      • Way to make an over-sensational point generalizing a point of view and blanketing it with hate so you can attempt to generate hits on your blog while criticizing someone for attempting to get hits on their own. Why did you have to place an ad in your name? Hipocrite.

        War is Racket – Smedley Butler, look at it.

        Do some research and be objective, like your stupid blog ad says.

      • You can’t simply say that everyone in any group is either good or bad. Of course there are heroes in the military who serve with honor and bravery. There are also sociopaths who take pleasure in killing other people. Reducing them to all being heroes or not takes away from the former and alleviate the latter of any accountability. Kyle may well have suffered from PTSD, but by his own account he was not racked with guilt over the things he had seen and done. He was not only comfortable with it, he seemed to relish to have enjoy it.

      • “Great way to generate hits on your blog, though. Bravo.”

        Says the guy who has his URL in his name and makes controversial replies

      • Why are murderer’s considered heros? End of story. If you believe murder is wrong yet you think that playing dress up with a gun and murdering people for their beliefs is right then you are a hypocrite.

      • You do realize that in the original declaration of independence they were planning on freeing the slaves but they realized that they needed the southern colonies help to fight Britain why the south cause the south was were plantains were and you can’t really grow anything up north well at lest not back then so the northerners really didn’t need slaves but they did need all the colonies to band togather and fight and anonymous has spoken out against othere matters much bigger then this and even at the get go they say this isn’t about disrespect or hits it’s about the truth but then again we are only human no one can really know the truth

      • All of the founding fathers were NOT slave owners. You might not want to talk crap to others when you are incorrect. You really dont want to go down this road, but a great way to get people to look at your post.

      • “. . . And if you’re not ashamed of your views, then I would suggest telling them that to their faces.” So people should blindly agree with everything their military does in their name because soldiers can physically assault them? You display the logic and reasoning of a brainwashed child and you’re an embarrassment to your country and the human race. Give yourself a big pat on the back fascist puppet.

      • “. . . And if you’re not ashamed of your views, then I would suggest telling them that to their faces.” So everyone should blindly agree with everything their military does in their names or be physically assaulted? Like say in a Fascist Dictatorship? You display the logic and reasoning of a brainwashed 5 year old child. Give yourself a big pat on the back fascist puppet. Who needs to think for themselves when it’s so easy get swept up in mindless patriotism, stories of goodies vs. baddies. You had better not disagree with unless you can beat me in a street fight remember genius?

        • Well I am going to put it to you gently Mohammed was a just a regular guy who was possessed by a demon in the cave that he was in on his journey through the desert. Angel’s or God doesn’t posses people only one thing possess someone according to what is written in the old testament which is the same for Christians or Muslim. Something to think about don’t take my word for it do your own research and form your own opinion

          • I love how you refer to the fact that he was “Posesed” and that Only demons posses things…
            Then Pleas tell me why “God” apparently “possesed” a Bush making it burn and Talking?

      • I hope you’re a troll.

        Personally? I don’t like faith at all. I don’t like the idea of being told how to live my life based on what MIGHT be true about some supernatural force that may or may not even be involved with reality. I don’t like faith itself.


        Despite the ridiculousness of the faiths, Muslim, Judaism, Christianity, and others, the reality of who the faithful are, is defined by the faithful themselves. Faith is just an idea, and the people behind that faith are a completely different story. You can not like an idea while still not having to hate the person behind it, just because you might not understand why that person follows that particular brand of faith. That would be irrational.

        There are Muslim extremists, yes. There are also just plain regular Muslims. The Muslims that decide that it would be a BAD THING to kill people for their faith? Those are good people with enough sense to know wrong from right. The Christians that decide NOT TO STONE PEOPLE TO DEATH for the many rules in the bible? Also good people, who have more morality than the book that calls them to do just that. See the difference? The idea over the people that follow it? How it is each person themselves that decides how to interpret the faith that they follow?

        Extremists though? People making the conscious decision to kill and end the lives of other people for their religious reasons? They’re just plain murderers. Yeah, they use faith as an excuse, but only murderers WANT to murder. If you asked any normal, sane person to kill another person you’d be looked at like an insane person. It WOULD be insane.

        As far as people wanting to gather, pray, and follow their own cultural teachings among their fellows, in their Mosques, Churches, or Synagogues, it’s really no ones business and does no harm in itself, and the expression of an idea IS actually one of those things that America was supposed to stand for and all that. Or is that only when it’s the kind of idea YOU want and agree with?

        If you hate all Muslims because of a few extremists using faith as an excuse to kill people, then you pretty much have to hate all faiths that call for such a thing, because apparently you don’t seem to see the difference.

        But that would be crazy, wouldn’t it?

        • Very, very well stated. Bottomline, evil hath no color, no religion and no one face. People are either good or bad, no Grey space at all.

          • There’s definitely a gray space on good and bad. Someone who does one bad thing isn’t a bad person. Well, depends on the level of “bad” that the action had, I suppose. God could be considered a bad person, because “He” plans to cause mass genocide on anyone who doesn’t believe in him. Yeah. But there’s always gray space. No possible way for someone to be completely good or completely bad.

        • Well said James. I read 2 of your comments and they both explain what goes on to all these fucked in the head morons. Stupidity can be corrected but ignorance cannot. It’s a waste of energy to try and convince “the sheep” here in the U.S. that our government did anything wrong. There still are people here that think terrorists hijacked planes with box cutters and flew the planes into buildings, that were built to withstand anything like that, and destroyed them.This article pisses the sheep off because they’re programmed not to think independently. For this guy to brag and feel good about killing a 15 year old kid, who probably wanted to defend his family or his neighborhood against an invading force, should tell anyone with any kind of intelligence that he’s nothing but a murderer. He enjoyed killing. An animal who called his victims savages to justify killing them. I wonder if any of these dumb fucktards that defend this guy would trust him to babysit their children. I wouldn’t trust him to live anywhere near me. Here in the U.S. our rights are being taken away right in front of us and the dumb sheep are bitching about a stupid movie that was made to make them feel good and this article goes against everything they are programmed to believe. When all of our rights are taken away and they’re being hauled off to FEMA camps, reality might then sink in to all these brainless brainwashed fucktarded monkeys that are on here complaining. This took about 5 minutes of my time and the sheep are not really worth it but……..i’m a nice guy. Do research sheep! You’re the first to go!

    • Listen anonymous, if you truly believe that Sadams control in Iraq was not a threat to not just the US, but our allies, and the innocent civilians in Iraq, then you are clearly blind my friend. We removed a dictator who kills his own people because they disagree with him. If he was still in power, do you honestly think he wouldn’t give sanctuary to those terrorists that mean to cause us harm? For countries such as Iraq, Iran, North Korea, that potentially cause an imminent threat to not the US in regards to attacking the homeland but to causing a fear and panic that makes us change the very foundations our country is based on. Let me ask you this, are you willing to give up your freedom of speech, your freedom to move unmolested, your right to remain silent, or your right to bear arms instead of us using military force against a threat to our very existence? I didn’t think so. So get off your high horse, Chris Kyle is a warrior who joined his countries military after we were attacked and at war with an unknown and secretive enemy that kills innocent people to make a statement. To troops and veterans he is a hero, and honestly we do not care what the world thinks, we did what we were told to do. Don’t like it, take it up with the president you elected.

      • Kyle was sent into Iraq by a lie by a President I voted against, twice. Bush LIED, Cheney LIED, Rumsfeld LIED. Iraq is not, and never was a threat to us. The threat of them “harboring terrorists” is minor. The crimes against their own people, none of our business, we are not the planets police. Bush and his staff, AND THUGS LIKE KYLE should have been prosecuted for the war crimes they committed against another nation.

        • Why prosecution at the “thug” level? As mentioned earlier in another post; CPO Kyle was merely providing over-watch for service members performing critical intelligence missions and-the-like. If the threat levels was certain that service members may be injured or killed then CPO Kyle’s mission was to eliminate the threats. The “grey area” is CPO Kyle’s thought process after each elimination.

        • And yet all their lies compiled pale in comparison to Obama’s innate inability to tell the truth. Luckily for you good men stand ready to defend you and your family while you spit in their faces.

      • Are you really this naive ? Saudi Arabia is a dictattorship and supplier of terrorism. And oddly enough an ally of the US. And so are dozens of countries and the US supports them all. And don’t get me started on cold war etc. The US staged and disrupted more than 20 democracies and installed brutal dictatorshiips.

        SAdam was a secular leader and use to kill AQ etc. These groups hated him. In facts OBL voluntered to fight Sadamm but was denied that oppurtunnity so your claim that he would harbout these guys is silly. The mattero of facts is that biggest threat to freedeom is the US.

        Also Iraq, Iran enc NK are in now way a greater threat to the US than the US tiwards these countries. They tend to operate in a small area and keep themselves there, unlike the US that keeps involving itself all over the world.

      • interesting, I think this is just the way US goverment would like that US ppl are thingking or believing. The thing is that Hussain wasn’t that bad as medai made him look. I know person that lives not so far from he who was born in Iraq and lived there for almost 40 years. Maybe we should learn more of Libia and Gadaffi also. We would see that there is always some other issue that the one on TV. Claiming that USA went to help ppl in Iraq by removing Sadam Husaine is story for kids. Kids who don’t care as they don’t understand to read more. Us goverment doesn’t care for ppl they care for business only.

      • Al Qaeda, the group responsible for the September 11th attacks, are natural enemies with Saddam. Saddam was the kind of oppressive secular ruler that Al Qaeda despised. While there are one or two instances of indirect contact between Saddam’s regime and Al Qaeda, it is widely accepted that these groups in no way worked together.

        • I totally agree. In taking out Saddam the US (and UK) took out the wrong guy just as Chris Kyle probably did at times. The invasion of Iraq, whether it was a calculated move to increase war and it’s financial benefits (for some) or a total cock-up by the Washington Marx Bros (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld) has changed the world for the worse.

      • Your comment is absurd. A country is not considered terrorists; yet you’re calling Iran, Iraq and North Korea potential threats to the US. If you didn’t know yet, any country which the US has invaded has large stocks of oil. After that the government lies to the people saying “oh Iran has access to nuclear weaponry.” Who says Iran doesn’t want it for a clean energy source; after all it’s a country in development. Then to the point of North Korea. Obviously the leader Kim Jeong Un is smart enough to not attack countries. He just needs weapons seeing he barely has an army with brute force. Freedom of speech is an American thing and it should stay an American thing. Don’t try to change the world while you have streets filled with blood in your own country. Back in the day in Rwanda western countries left because there was no interest for them there. It shows that they only help as soon as there’s something of interest for them. Same goes for the Vietnam war. It was strategic positioning. As you may have noticed I’m not an American; don’t have any problems with the people either, it’s just the government which stick their hands in everything that could potentially benefit them.

        P.S. You don’t see the US doing anything against Boka Harram.

    • it always amazes me how brave people are to speak out on certain issues, yet won’t sign their name. They sign it anonymous. Real brave

      • Its so annoying how anonymous think they’re making the world a better place but really they’re just trying to get attention, but the internet is just a bunch of people complaining about things. If the military became perfect people would just go and complain about another thing like the police. I guess we just ave to put up with them (people complaining) and follow our own morals huh?

          • I’m ashamed of this first off this man is dead and that’s the only reason he’s talking shit also anon is not real the us government would have shut them down by now if they weren’t just trolls secondly I’m ashamed to put my opinion next to some of these but I will because it’s my right well until anon deletes it or some shit

            He would only say this as anon.. because there are people who wish us to dislike anon I’m positive this is not the real.anon because it’s this simple yes you ignorant piece of shit we know for a fact that we invaded Iraq and many other countries if they weren’t trash we might care second of all he’s not a hero for fighting for our freedom because he did not he f aught because he wanted to serve his nation and protect his brothers who were in combat anyways if you were half the man he was u would not post as anon you are dispicable piece of shit he is dead now by a fellow American who does not deserve a trial he needs to be put down like yourself he more then likely fid some fucked up phycho shit but he was following orders from a demented government so before you run your mouth sir I would love to do the same I feel exactly the same as he does about the insurgents as do many people I know if you really thought he was protecting your freedom over there you to ignorant to even be making decisions on your own he was there protecting his brothers in arms who would have been there with or without him you should be ashamed of yourself for writing this story and remember Chris Kyle and people like him are the reason you are free it is him and men like him that strike fear into the hearts of the world so as to advertise only death if you fuck with the USA so in turn you have not been invaded since pearl harbor these men keep the fear on them so you don’t have to you little piece of shit if it we up to me I’d drop you in a war zone dressed as an insurgent with your hands fused to and no function AK or.rpg just know your right they didn’t invade us because our military makes we went there for.oil money and the fact that people there are treated unjust hated on and murdered for their beliefs you wanna dog anybody trash on the us government he protected many Americans and Iraqis during his stay there which makes him a fucking hero sp hopefully you choked on the next the thing our us military ensures the freedom you have to eat you srry low down piece of shit

          • There is a difference between personal attention. Ie, knowing your name. And then there is this forum, where the blogs creators and contributors get a swelled ego off watching the number of hits which appear on the screen. I think you’re confusing attention with recognition.

          • There is a difference between personal attention. Ie, knowing your name. And then there is this forum, where the blogs creators and contributors get a swelled ego off watching the number of hits which appear on the screen. I think you’re confusing attention with recognition.

    • I’ve heard enough of this bullshit coming from someone who sits in a fucking office all day! How dare you even begin to discredit everything that man went through! You have no idea what its like! That man saved hundreds of my brothers! And your american soldiers! And you can sit there and say that those people were no threat to Americans but you weren’t the one getting fuckin shot at! and putting your life on the line for what you believed in! your a stupid mother fucker for even writing this article! Thank you Chris kyle for being one of the most bad ass people to walk this earth. I and this country are forever greatful. And fuck this bitch and anyone else that thinks any different!! Thank you. Semper fi.

      • Chase, it seems like you read the title of the article and then decided to comment. Fuck this bitch and anyone else who thinks different shows how extremely ignorant and brainwashed you are by our government and its military training. Good for you that you enjoy killing people, but the fact remains that the writer of this article is 100% accurate in saying that by going to Iraq or Afghanistan for that matter was not to protect anything, especially American freedom, but to enforce foreign policy. If you can’t see that then they have been truly successful in making you a dog of the state. Congrats.

    • Chris Kyle did his job, justified or unjustified. I dont know any perskn who wouldn’t fight to protect those that they love, and in combat, your fellow soliders are your family. It those go both ways, if your home gets invaded, you will protect it and then want revenge. That is human nature. It does not matter what country you are from or your religion. It is human to want to defend what you believe in. Kyle said he enjoyed killing, honestly, who knows if he refera to just running around and killing anyone or if he meant killing those who where a threat to him and his family(actual and inhereted). And we dont have any stories from Iraqis or Afgahns that tell their side of it because people dont care about the other side of a story, they o ly see what they want to see and it is very possible that they also say they like to kill Americans. This whole topic needs to be set aside becauae there is no way to satisfy eveeyone and therw will always be radicals who do not care to see the other side view. I myself plan to join thw military when i am of age, and will gladly kill another who thrreatens my family, just as i know that the other on the person on the other end of my barrel will be willing to do to me. Justified or not, we are all individuala who do what we do to protect what we believe, regardless of what country we are from or our religion.

    • Well, I firmly disagree with this. Those kills was protecting our soldiers from dying and it wasn’t just Kyle it was all snipers. Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and made treats what do you think Isis is using today. We couldn’t find them bc they were hid. I think you should get all you facts straight before righting articles like this. If there was any moral value in irap a child would never be used to kill anyone at the risk of being killed. Those that wanna talk about cowards. Look at history and wars. Wars were fought by men and for a cause, we honor our troops who serve for our country. Want to talk about someone talk about our leaders.

    • My question to all the patriots here, did seal team 6 get Osama bin laden? The person responsible for the so called attacks on the on 9/11, yes they did! Then why are our soldiers still there, its because the US government wants to control the opium trade, so they can control the amount it costs China, this paying off the debt to China, since the united states government has had a war on drugs, they target any country that produces any kind of drug on a mass level. Afganistan is the leader in producing heroin, China is the leader in people that use those opiates, he who controls the opium controls China, wake up America, your being lied to by the very people who you vote to put in office, they are suppose to protect our rights, not violate them, and I don’t care what any of you think, Chris kyle was in fact a coward, along with anybody who kills another human being for any kind of reason

    • Ok So my computer will probably get hacked here because I am going to disagree with the idea of the people who wrote this story (Anonymous).
      Chris Kyle was a hero and I will say why I believe so and I have some personal experience in this so please just consider this point of view. You are part of a two man team and you have to go behind enemy lines as part of your duties. You do this because it is your job to kill the enemy and yes it is the job that you signed up for because this was the elite (the very best bad ass man you can become). This is the job that all the infantry men wish that they can become as I said this is the best of the best. So you sneak out days before to scope out the very best vantage point that you can find knowing in advance where a squad or platoon of men are going to be performing a search. Because in this area there is someone who has been planting road side bombs or beheading your brother Marines. It is your job to identify targets and where they generally are these are men that you can see have weapons or appear to be out of place. And if you’re lucky you have a picture of someone who command has intelligence on and they know this is the man that is a very bad guy for whatever reason. Now that Platoon of men come in and they start going from door to door looking for and you see someone coming around the corner of a building and they have an AK 47 or an RPG and they are pointing it at your men………Bang that bastard is Pink Mist you put a bullet selectively into that mans temple and his brains splattered against the wall of the adjacent building, Bang another and another but you hear a series of rapid fire shots and you know that sound it is from an AK 47 automatic fire weapon and it is coming from an area that you were not paying attention to. You adjust your position and field of vision and take that bastard out too and when you go back you see two of the guys you were supposed to protect and they are the ones that the other side are going to celebrate killing. See you will start to call the people you kill animals because you have no other way but to justify the faces you see in your mind because you have to protect the young Marine that is out there or his death is on you. Now because that Sniper mostly a nameless man that you never see is risking his life each and every time to save the life of your SON YOUR BROTHER or your HUSBAND OR DAD. He is alive because that man who is hiding out there risking his life to save him. So that he does not have that face of the young man he was supposed to save.
      Folks in the end war is hell and no one wins, we have spent trillions of dollars and killed too many innocent people. But the young men we have sent out there to (defend) our country and way of like are brain washed. They don’t know that the MATRIX is real. They don’t know the Federal Reserve and other bankers really run the country and world. It is our job to wake all those people up out there and turn the tide. Take our world, country and lives back. Now these men and woman are heroes and we need them on our side. Because when it all falls I would hate to have them defend the other side. Record amounts of our people are waking up, the police and military are the most awake. And you would not be here on this web site if you did not have some knowledge of whats going on in the world. But what have you done to wake one more up? My Morpheus is a black muslim man who is as gentle as can be yet he is a 320lb monster who could eat most men if he wanted to, I am a Marine who knows about all of this and chooses to spread the word I am a fighter I fight for what I believe in always have and will. Yet my knowledge and views have changed as I have aged I wish someone would have sat me down and told me how the world really was 20 years ago. So before you point a finger and say he is a coward or not a hero understand who you are talking about. I did not know Mr. Kyle but I understand what he had to do in order to get where he was. He was a hero he took 200+ lives and he saved countless of our families when he meets the supreme creator I hope he is forgiven

    • Just because you’re a liberal fucktard who doesn’t support our troops doesn’t mean you get to destroy a legacy. This man as well as all of our brave soldiers are heroes.

      • Just because someone states their opinion and it does not agree with yours does not make them a “liberal fucktard”. Just because someone does not advocate murdering innocent people does not make them a “liberal fucktard” it makes them human. Far more human that you. Also, FUCK Cris Kyle and what a laugh… “destroying a legacy”. Freedom of speech, asshole. If you don’t like it I suggest you get the fuck out.

    • As a member of the US Navy, I am a corpsman. For those of you who know we work close with the Marines and special forces. Right now I work with a superior who is a complete racist in my clinic. Everyone the news come on he mentions how much he hates Muslims and how they all deserve to die. I have family members who are Muslim.I have friends in the military who are Muslim fighting Muslim extremists. I didn’t like his one comment one bit and there is nothing in this world I would like more than to headbutt his face,but I have morals and a conscious. The truth hurts and this sniper enjoyed something that we are trying to prevent and that’s killing of the innocence. I wish I could join anonymous to help spread the truth but America itself is corrupted and blind. I do believe in helping the weak,but how is it helping if we’re killing women,children and men who just wants to live a normal life. I’m proud to be an American but our history doesn’t lie. We area country ruled by bullies as well. If you don’t believe me read a history book.I mean really read one and tell me we’re not fucked up.

    • Well written and so very true. I am not anti American at all. But the reality of it is that they should mind their own damn business. Look at the problems that plague their own country before looking to “liberate” another. The American government causes more trouble than good. Shake up the bee hive then leave, and let the rest of the world clean the mess left over up.

    • whoever wrote this article is a completely ignorant dumbass. Why don’t you go serve the military and see how you enjoy it and do what he went throught you dumbass. Him and many others are heroes for fighting for our country and our freedom.

    • First if you had some fuckin balls you would not be anonymous. Second if you would have served your country in peace or would not be talking this shit.he was doing a job he was trained to do, to protect his keep your stupid comments too yourself.Proud veteran. Chris fuckin Parrish that’s my name asshole!!!!!!!!!!

    • i will never understand how someone can be so misguided. He is the definition of a hero! It makes me sick to my stomach to know that their are people out there who hasn’t the respect or inclination to see what people like him do for us every single day. Maybe one day that author will wake up and realize this, I’m sad for you that you feel that way about our heros. It can’t be easy to be so misguided or apathetic.

    • I’d like to see every single fucker that wrote this fucking story in the middle of Iraq. A lot of good men and women were lost over there and quite frankly I believe in what they did. I bet you’re one of those god damn assholes that protests my brothers and sisters funerals

    • I served in with Chris and the best part about the military is the sex. We would get naked and play grab ass all day. There is a reason for, “Never leave a man’s behind”. It’s not gay sex if you are serving. Like prison sex. and don’t get me started on all that young, tight brown boy bum over there. Chris was a shooter in more ways than one. HELLO!

    • I wish terrorist really did exist. Other than Amerrorists, of course. Someone needs to wipe out the united states. The stupidity!!! Freedumb!

    • Telling the truth always takes balls…if you can’t take the truth, don’t read the story. The fact is that the US has, by definition, become National Socialist [government by corporation(s)]—or Nazi, as it was called in Germany. Look up the definition of the economic term National Socialism, then compare it to the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” decision.

      …if you “have the balls” to look it up. that is…

    • “The real life American Sniper also told a tale about him and a comrade being ordered to New Orleans in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. The story goes that the two were stationed atop the Superdome. Kyle then proceeded to pick off and kill 30 looters dead in the streets from atop the home of the New Orleans Saints. There is absolutely no evidence to corroborate this narrative either.”

      There is also NO evidence corroborating that Chris Kyle EVER made this claim. I have this assertion made over and over, seen it recycled and recycled, with citations to articles which offer no proof. At best they point to one New Yorker article which relies on anonymous hearsay.

      Either show me EVIDENCE that he actually said this, or stop peddling this lie.

    • Yes, but did you notice we invaded the Baghdad museum first ? And the weapon we recovered there (originally given by us no ignorance to that) is still classified I can assure you of that. Also not ignorant to the fact us staying so long didn’t help anything.

    • I just watched the movie and have to honestly say it was an excellent story that said I read Google stories about the real sniper and his comments and he is right they are savages. Like America we have a big mix of nationalities and prior to the Muslims and black Somalian’s coming into Australia we had no real issues, everyone got along Greeks, Italians, Turkish, Irish, Vietnamese, English, you name it we have it. The Muslims and Somalian’s have changed everything, they are hated and feared in this country everyone I talk to don’t want them here, they walk around in their countries clothing and the women wear clothing covering their whole body. It is not the western way it does not fit into our countries life style. To accommodate them we have made major changes to the way we live. Things like they have their own schools where the Australian Government has donated closed schools so they can have their Muslim only school. Here in Australia we don’t have school buses like America we just take out kids to school ourselves, the Muslims have private buses that collect and drop off their children. The children are not allowed to play with our kids. They are taught Muslim schooling only and don’t follow the states curriculum. At the local pool we are forced to endure their rights, the pool is closed for Muslim men only sessions where no women are allowed. Then it is closed for Muslin women only sessions where special curtains are put up blocking all of the windows, it is Muslin women only and there has to be women lifeguards. I spoke to one of the girls and she said they are disgusting, they are dirty; if they have pads on they throw them on the side of the pool and lave them there for other people to pick up. Both the Muslim men and women are aggressive and get really angry if their way is not followed. They have taken over most of the local council positions here as well, when there is public meetings there is no ham served anymore with the cold cuts because it offends Muslims even the local Kentucky Fried Chicken has stopped serving ham on their menu and has halal meat on the menu to get more Muslim people to go to their store. The Australian Government has given them so much help financially they all drive brand new cars and live in Government funded homes even though true Australians who have been on waiting lists for government housing for over 10 years are still waiting. They get priority housing, how fair is that? I was working night shift and was outside a train station when I saw a small 6 year old walk past us with a plastic back full of milk and bread, I asked him where he was going and he said home, that his mum sent him to the local supermarket to buy her some things. We drove him home which was 2 km away, when we got there is was a government funded home and she was a recent Muslim/Somalis woman who came over as a refugee a few weeks ago. I was shocked at what I saw. All brand new furniture including a big screen TV new, washing machine and dryer heaps of toys for her 6 kids, when I asked her where she got it all from she said the government gave it to her. When my Greek parents came over in the 60’s to help build Australia they got nothing, they had to work for everything they owned; they were called wogs and treated like dirt. They are given everything by the government, we have been sold out by our own government. I believe that Muslims have left their own country and come to live in countries like America and Australia with the people they hate and want to see killed in the name of their holy war because they can’t beat us with bullets and guns, they can’t organise a proper army or infrastructure. What they can and are doing is breeding us out of our own countries, they are going to use or own freedoms and way of life to win the holy war. These people are patient and have a long game plan way beyond our generation and even our children’s, children. There will come a time when they out number us in our own country. That is why they have 6 to 8 kids while we only have 2 to 3 kids on average. When they have enough numbers they will vote in a Muslim President or Prime Minister and then say now it is a Muslim country, they will control the army and police, all women will wear a ha jib all people must follow Muslim rules if not you will be considered an enemy of the state and killed. America and Australia will be a Muslim state one day wait and see.

    • You obviously have never been deployed or put in any situation that was life threatening – btw – ur welcome for the freedom of speech that u are able to have.. And yes- that place back then was absolutely horrible- not the civilians but all the bad guys who killed our men and women – the people who we were supposedly help- that laid IUDs to blow us up later.. Iraq was a different war that maybe should have been fought differently – but once we were in it-people such as him had to sacrifice everything – his normalcy to live like a normal American- such as yourself for instance – and until u have seen what other humans can do first hand – and really believe and see what people like ” the butcher” actually did- then maybe someone can give credit to the ignorant gibberish u are casting out.. It must sadden people like ur great grandpa that maybe perhaps fought for this country to be as” free” as it is, to hear the ungratefullness coming out of your mouth- do your elders a favor- and think before u whimsically speak.. And think of the dishonor that u are trying to bring someone ( something they can’t teach in books these days)..

    • Every person lies so does that not make me a good man? A hard worker? A good husband? A patriot? Wow everyone if you lie according to this idiot! You cant be a hero or good person lol

      This list tells it all. These statistics could change many hearts. Pass this on.
      We, the U.S. have lost over 158,000 American lives to the Vietnam war and that count is still rising.
      Approx 58,000 in Vietnam. 100,000 or more to suicide and most of those occurred after the men came home.
      This accurate accounting gives us persepective on the cost of current and future wars.
      Fallen Leaves, Broken Lives
      By Edward Tick
      Utne magazine
      January-February 2005 Issue

    • Hey, so i figured id throw my 2 cents in. I was reading all of the information both in the article and in the comments. Most of everything that i read was half truths and heresay. Im a college student, and as a college student i decided to check the sources for this article and to my surprize, they are figmented. That means all the bullshit that your saying about iraq and Kuwait is what people “think”. Please dont slander a good mans name with your conspiracy theory garbage. If your going to post anything online relating to a legitimate source of information, give some better works cited.

    • It’s the American military they all have PTSD before they even go to war they were exposed to America in the first place .. The country is fucked … And this so called heroic sniper fucking shit cover version of the military saying we do arm psychos we are proud that we are breeding them it allows us to fly our American swatsika sorry meant flag … And enables us to tell the world how wiping out people is actually heroic sorry not the world I mean those dumb Arse Americans who think they are the eorld

    • problem is with how we think of and regard the “hero” a war fighter may be heroic and but we are not hero’s and any will tell you the same. We are hunter killers, we love our brothers, we all want to come home, we don’t choose to invade a country we choose to stand up for something we believe in. We choose to stand in front of you and the beast and that means for a normal human being, we must evolve into something else. Must cultivate spontaneous violence, must become more terrifying then what hunts us out there in the dark, far from home. He didn’t make any of the choices regarding the invasion of anyplace. What he did was evolve into what was needed to get it done. We are each others hero’s, not yours.

    • No one except the spin of the left said Iraq or anyone in Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. we went in because he was not complying with the agreement we had from the first Iraq war. I lived it and I remember the truth not some bs from some dumb ass kids or spin masters.

    • Yes, Footballs, baseballs, lots of balls. Kyle was a sadist and a murderer. He simply found a legal outlet for what otherwise would have been really criminal instincts.

  1. Do not get me wrong I am sure that the film has been made in a way that it viewers will find it interesting and enjoyable but I am sorry I can not abide with what you are saying in this article. The way this article has been written I can clearly tell that you have never served in any armed services a day in your life.

    If you had you would clearly understand that it was not Kyle’s fault that he was in that situation. He joined the military to serve his country. He was sent to Iraq by politicians. He was simply doing his job by protecting his brothers.

    If you haven’t been in that situation then I am sorry but you are not qualified to judge him. You can call the war unjust and that we should have never been there in the first place, but that doesn’t give you the right to call a soldier doing his job a cold blooded killer.

    Also before you accuse me of being blinded by patriotism, i am not an American, I am a British Veteran.

    I may not agree with your opinion, however I respect that you have a right to express that opinion, and would be willing to give my own life to defend your right to express that opinion. This is the simple fact that those who haven’t served can not seem to grasp. We do not do this for our own personal gain or gratification. We do it to protect those who cant or wont protect themselves.

    • Beautifully said my British friend. I personally did not serve, but I would never question the acts of men that protect my rights. We owe all of our service men and women a debt of gratitude and respect.

    • I agree with you whole heartedly.Although we had no right, nor business being in Iraq, the men and women who fought and DIED there are heroes. I, for one, do not need or want someone explaining shit to me. Regardless of Gibson’s assertion that his opinion is not meant to spit on Chris Kyle’s grave, he did. Not only that, he spit on the graves of every man and woman who have fought and died for this country. Your argument is on a slippery slope sir.

      • No, The US government spit on their graves. They put them there in the first place. They fabricated a war for money, and took them from their families forever. Exposing the truth is not spitting on graves. It is honorable for a person to give their life to serve others, and I have respect for any person that is willing to do that. It is fucked up however, to start an illegitimate war built on lies that they use to manipulate people into willingly giving their lives to further their own agendas. That’s the real crime. And that is what exposing this film is trying to prevent from happening again. More lies to manipulate more people. This is a vicious cycle. And regardless of your emotions, if there is no proof to back up what Chris Kyle claimed, then we cannot assert that he was telling the truth. Especially when it comes to things that can so easily be refuted such as shooting two guys in the chest, unaccosted, and then letting him go because they learned who he was? And I’m the queen of France.

    • Thank you for your service, but being in the Armed Forces doesn’t necessarily mean you are forced to believe killing is fun, and it certainly doesn’t give one the right to shoot civilians on the street, or to proudly make up stories about doing so for that matter.

    • You idiot…army serves to protect your country not to invade countries that decided sell oil in euros…that’s it…

    • 5 star comment right here. Soldiers follow orders. The politicians that waste the lifetime commitment these soldiers make are the real criminals and “cold-blooded killers.”

      • So the soldiers who blindly follow these politicians orders are totally innocent? You aren’t just given a free pass for doing horrible things just cause someone else told you to do it. Everyone is responsible for there own actions being a soldier does get you off that.

        • If you never serve…. shut the fuck up. Soldiers sign a contract that basically states follow orders or military prison. Getting lied to by recruiters to join. Sometimes its not a choice. The little guys are just trying to make it through the bullshit. Not saying I think what we as soldiers did do or will do was right but in those times do what you have to brother cuz its them or me and it isn’t going to be me.

          • If it’s an illegal order according to International Law, then, by definition, following that law makes you a terrorist. Again, look it up. I was around so many soldiers growing up that I believed that when I was 18, I would be inducted into the military…and would be allowed to choose which branch to serve in ( I’m in the US). I was devastated when I found out I was wrong (and when, after trying 7 times, was told I wasn’t considered “psychologically fit” to serve.)

            I grew up around military people. I consider any one of them as a part of my family. It’s how I was raised. I was also raised with a strong sense of justice, and of discerning right from wrong.

            If you are prosecuted for failure to follow an order that is against US or UN law, your defense council should publicise it. The US is a signator of the United Nations. and, as such, is legally compelled to follow its constitution.

            “What?” you say? “That’s not right…the US is a sovereign country!”

            No it isn’t. Look it up.

      • When the soldier in the field says I am a person not a robot killer and refuses to carry out illegal and immoral deeds then the species has a chance to survive. Isis are soldiers following orders.As were the American soldiers at My Lai.

    • Esta bien el no era culpable de estar alli(quien sabe) pero de lo que no podemos quitarle culpa es de su falta de arrepentimiento y bueno su actitud psicotica de matar por matar

    • There’s a difference between doing your job & saying you liked killing people. Either way, it would appear (with evidence & lack there of) that Chris Kyle WAS a LIAR & NOT a HERO. We all know that the Iraq war was fought bc of lies; lies we were all told by the douche bags in charge.

    • Sorry but I just don’t agree with what you have to say here! First, the author of the article DID state that it wasn’t Kyle’s fault but the US governments. Second, how is the author unqualified to judge him? Just because he/she hasn’t served makes them in unqualified? That is preposterous! I believe they are completely justified in saying he is a cold blooded killer! They point out multiple quotes and definitely brought forth evidence. He enjoyed what he did, which was basically mindless killing. You may see differently because you probably weren’t the same kind of man as kyle. He was in it for the fun of killing, where as you seem to have a different view, the one that has to do with actually protecting your country.

      • Excellent observation. Just because a lot of us haven’t decided to join the armed forces doesn’t mean we aren’t “qualified” or “allowed” to comment on the actions of men fighting on “our behalf”. With this logic in play, how do you justify the ignorant people out there who have something to say about gay marriage? Have you ever been gay, or gay married? NO? Then shut your damn mouth, you aren’t qualified to have a say in that. Give me a break! And start getting some better arguments people.

    • I think he does understand that it wasn´t his fault.
      “While it is very true that Chief Kyle was not to blame for the foreign policy of his employer, he was a cog in its wheel”
      And calling him a cold blooded killer may seem harsh but did you read the article? The excerpts from his own account of the war suggests clear signs of being a sociopath, no remorse, no regret. And watching interviews of him after the war you can tell it didn´t afflict him very much, killing people that is. I´m sorry but I can´t really buy this whole hero status, never did. Also the movie is a real-life Hollywood, patriotic, “America is better than everyone”, hero-jerker.
      But i´m not taking anything away from these brave women and men serving it´s country and doing what they believe is right, it´s a sacrifice not many would take.

    • I have never served in th military, I do not know the struggle of military personnel. However I do know the point of this article was not to bash military personnel. I think being a veteran, you are biased to believing that people saying things of this nature are bashing the military. Now I have read the book, I found it mildly gut wrenching to say the least. His attitude and tone he conveys through his words do indeed make him sound very cold blooded. From what I can tell, he didn’t just kill people for his country, he enjoyed it. He relished in his kills, took pride in them. Then when it came down to it, he published a book detailing his most effective or gruesome ones. This man is not a hero by any stretch of the imagination. Not because he was a sniper, or in the military. It’s because he was a serial killer. He just got paid for it.

    • “Either Chris Kyle was a cold-blooded killer who took it upon himself to be judge, jury, and executioner while killing Americans dead in its streets or he was a liar.”
      This quoted text contains the part where he mentions cold-blooded killer. He means that for killing US citizens on US soil (at least according to Kyle)
      He doesn’t much question his actions while deployed in a war zone, he only expresses his opinion about what Kyle thought of those times and events happening while there, or how Kyle described them.
      The times he called them savages, or how an easy-to-do thing it was to kill them.
      I don’t seem to find the author mention the war being Kyle’s fault, or the deaths being his fault. His word expressing his thoughts is what he had remarks of.
      Read here please:
      “It can be said that Kyle was protecting lives by making the argument that he was providing cover for his fellow soldiers; soldiers that should have never been in harm’s way to begin with.” Later he points out that the US deployed its troops, not Kyle. So please read the article again, and try to pay attention.

      • Have you read the book? That quote about “savages” references Al Qaeda. He says it after they used human shields. He calls them savages for killing civilians with ied’s. Furthermore, Katrina looters would murder anyone that came in their way. He was protecting the civilians from violence. To the point of not being to be in Iraq… Do you remember the war crimes committed against the kurds by saddam? Or that we actually DID find a chemical weapons storage facility?

        • LOL the warcrimes againsts the kurd were commited while the US was allied with Sadamm hence why he was never prosecuted for that shit (the crimes against the kurds). You see that would involve the US and the role in that shit (the chemcial weapons used in Halabja supplied by the US).

    • “Either Chris Kyle was a cold-blooded killer who took it upon himself to be judge, jury, and executioner while killing Americans dead in its streets or he was a liar.”
      This quoted text contains the part where he mentions cold-blooded killer. He means that for killing US citizens on US soil (at least according to Kyle)
      He doesn’t much question his actions while deployed in a war zone, he only expresses his opinion about what Kyle thought of those times and events happening while there, or how Kyle described them.
      The times he called them savages, or how an easy-to-do thing it was to kill them.
      I don’t seem to find the author mention the war being Kyle’s fault, or the deaths being his fault. His word expressing his thoughts is what he had remarks of.
      Read here please:
      “It can be said that Kyle was protecting lives by making the argument that he was providing cover for his fellow soldiers; soldiers that should have never been in harm’s way to begin with.” Later he points out that the US deployed its troops, not Kyle. So please read the article again, and try to pay attention.

    • You’ve totally reiterated most of the factz thats he’s already stated. I completely respect soldiers and what they do for their countries regardless of where that may be. But my father is a veteran as well and he regrets all of the lives that he has taken every single day. So for Chris Kyle to say that IT WAS FUN and HE ENJOYED IT is quite insane and shows something entirely wrong with his mental capacity.

    • So when an Iraqi defends his home And brothers he’s a savage? Even if he’s only following orders and defending people who can’t defend themselves?
      Themis truly is blind.

    • Go Fuck yourself. Chris Kyle is a hero! And he protected my rights to say that by killing so many sand niggers over there in Iraq. 4 tours of duty. How many have you done? None I suspect. So sit in you’re fucking office chair, and desecrate the people who fight, and die for your right to say all your bullshit! And btw I’m a Texan so, Go Fuck yourself yet again sir.

      • Wow. The amount of ignorance in your comment is a bit much. Please, do yourself and everyone else a favor, open up your mind and educate yourself.

      • Goddamn your one ignorant son of a fucking bitch, get the fuck out of here what the hell do you mean “sand niggers” what the fuck is wrong with you heroes dont kill for fun, heroes dont lie, heroes dont brag about killing, heroes know the difference between right and wrong, Chris kyle lied, he said killing is fun, he is the complete opposite of a hero.

    • Perhaps you did not read the article. The writer does actually state that he/she is aware that Kyle was an instrument of the government and was doing his job. For that he can not be held accountable. However, Kyle does clearly state that he enjoyed killing the people in Iraq and also claimed to pick off looters in New Orleans which, despite the looters’ illegal actions, it is not be legal to kill them for this crime. Theft is not punishable by death in America and he did not have the authority to be their jury and executioner. For those things he can and should be held accountable. Hero is very subjective. There are many who saw Hitler as a hero. There are many who see terrorists as heroes. If you find someone like Chris Kyle to be your hero that is your right as a human being. But it is also my right to believe Chris Kyle was a very sad and sick man. The only thing I can take from this story is that we should never have placed him, or any of our soldiers, in Iraq. If war is necessary then we need to take better care of our soldiers mental health.

    • The statement that the writer has not been in Kyle’s position and cannot judge him is ridiculous. Does a judge have to have murdered to pass judgement on the murdering defendant? Of course not. Morally reprehensible is morally reprehensible, regardless. Just because you have not participated in depravity does not mean you cannot recognize it and be disgusted by it.
      The fact that we hold soldiers up as heroes without question is wrong. Most of our military brothers and sisters may deserve that title, however there are those who discredit themselves and the service through their own actions, and should be stripped of the respect and title of hero. Those soldiers who take sadistic pleasure in killing, who rape and torture etc. These soldiers take advantage of the authority of their job and use it as a justification to fulfill their own sociopathic tendencies. If not for their job title, they’d just be another part of the scourge of society, and hopfully being locked up for their crimes.

    • Silly arguement. People serve for a multitude of reasons. And you know it. This whol silly romantisez notion that soldiers serve to protect this and that is BS. Some do, some don’t. SEcond of all the soldiers who were convicted of rape in Iraq of 14 year old. Were those solders not responsible for the actions or should we blame the politicans ?

      Second of all since when do u have to be in a situation to judge it ? I guess you don’t belive in our justice system since most judges sure as hell haven’t been in the situation they are judging. Third o fall the man ENJOYS killing people. He says it himself he loves to kill arabs and muslims. And he sees this war through a religious lens. The soldiers of ISIS are they not to blame for their actions ?

  2. First off orders are orders. U follow them no matter how much u may not agree with them.the fact of the matter is he was a soldier following orders.secondly the stories he told might just be lies but like u said there’s no evidence to probe then right…. Or wrong so that is just ur opinion of them being lies. Saying there a lie is not a factual statement if u can’t produce anything to back up what u say. If u can provide proof my opinion will change but as of now that’s not fact

    • Well the Jesse Ventura story was proven false in court.
      The other stories involve dead bodies that weren’t there. They could not be true. Whether he’s a hero or not is up to you, but he definitely was a liar.

    • The reason he was called a liar was because there was no evidence that made his stories true. If something cannot be proven to be true, then ultimately, it is probably a lie.

    • Great article!! Ignorance has no room for the truth, one way or the highway. A Sophisticated and intelligent written article to say the least.

    • If there is no factual evidence to go along with outlandish tales then by you calling it a false claim/lie isn’t subjective, it is objective due to there being no evidence of said claims.

    • So let’s remove all responsibility because he was just following orders? Oh wait, there is this thing called conduct unbecoming, where even if you follow orders, it is assumed that you should still know right from and wrong and you should do what’s right regardless of your orders. I understand that having to make decisions on your own based on morality is harder than just doing what your told, but, you can trust that the right choice is almost always the hard choice, otherwise, if the right thing to do was easy, then we would all do it. In other words, he was a weak willed man, led astray and brainwashed by the government to do their bidding and believe he was right in doing so when in all actuality, everyone just following orders is just a culpable as the person giving them. There is a reason we have free will, use it.

    • Wow, you are a complete idiot. Anyone who blindly follows orders is a moron a deserves to work a McDonalds for the rest of their life.

    • First off the Nazis were “just doing their jobs” killing isn’t right and like the article said we had no reason to be in Iraq other then lies. Second if his stories are a lie he’s a fake if they are true he’s a fucking murderer. There is no hes good on one side or the other he either lied about bunches of shit or killed Americans. Also its really irritating to see all these brainwashed soldiers thinking they know so much better than everyone or think they are actually doing anything for our freedoms.. News flash that’s what the military does makes you a brainless grunts to follow orders and not question anything… then when we question your actions we are ignorant cause we haven’t been there and don’t know lol fuck off I know killing is wrong and I know I haven’t became anymore free just oppressed.

      • @the fuckface that called Troops and Soldiers brainless grunts, how about you find a fucking dictionary and go back to fucking fourth grade so you can learn how to write dipshit

  3. I do not agree at all with this and for you to say such things about an American soldier is heartbreaking. He was under orders and followed them to a T. These men and women sacrifice so much for our country and are willing to lay down there life for ours. how can u say that they are not heros. If it was not for people like them we wouldn’t have a country. I give them the up most respect as you should they fought and died for you too…anyone willing to sacrifice that is a hero in my book!!!!

  4. There are better men to label “hero”, no doubt…but you’re a moron if you think he’s not a legitimate hero in the eyes of the men he protected and their families. He protected Americans, saved many many lives. Regardless of your politics, that’s the definition of a hero. Respect the actions under the circumstances.

    • Actually the definition of a hero is “he protected____ and saved many many ____lives” the blanks are filled in differently depending on where you are.

  5. This is an extremely biased approach at a write up. I’m don’t lean left or right on the movie being propaganda. However, saying someone is not a “hero” or “doing the right thing” because of killing is more or less biased. I don’t agree with the war, but the points you “tried” to make are invalid in so many ways, a few are more or less correct, but ultimately makes you entire post flawed. There is no doubt the man loved killing, but saying every part of what he did is wrong, is really not for anyone to say. He wasn’t just blind firing at anyone that was of a different nationality than himself, he was targeting “potential threats”. When you are put in a position that he was put in you train of thought is completely flipped and you do what you have to do to get by and keep you and yours alive.

    Defending a boy that was shot because he was part of a militia that was only put into place was because we invaded. Whether or not that is true, the fact of the matter is that the kid would have shot at him and his men because that is what he was trained to do. He did take a “potential threat” and the boy should have never been in that insurgency either way. The fact that people are giving this situation so much publicity is ridiculous and taking your attention away from more pressing matters. Leave the family alone, leave the story alone, and stop trying to make all these points, because let’s face it…. No one will know what the facts are or will be.

  6. Well, this is all just perfect…

    I’m sure Chris Kyle was no saint, but he did serve his country, following orders, and doing his job. That’s more than most of the western world are capable of these days.

    And criticizing a person, just because he was made a hero in a motion picture, when he in real life was a thug with a gun in a war he didn’t start. Well.. that’s some peoples free choice and they a free to think so, what ever happens. But pointing fingers and calling someone out like this is not cool. I don’t like war, and living in some kind of fear every day because I never know when or where the next “blow” will take place.

    But I can’t stand by while some people call others out like this and defiles their name for no good reason.

    He did not make this movie himself, so he is not to blame. And even if he did do some horrible stuff during the war, his not alone. There are many other characters in motion pictures portraying famous villains through the time. Scarface (every drug lord in newer times 70s to 00s), Hannibal (Alfredo Balli Trevino), Dexter (every serial killer in history), Sons of Anarchy (based on the most dangerous people on motorcycles this world have ever seen).. and the list goes on and on. We love these characters, even tho the real thing is horrible and wrong. But you’re not pointing fingers at them. Most of them will be remembered in Hollywood long after we all are gone. That’s how movies/tv-shows work. They allow us to take part of certain taboos, without any consequences. So just climb down of your high horse. This website is also supporting something a lot of people in this world would define as wrong and dangerous. I love what Anonymous are standing for, and that they are using their powers to do good in this world. But pointing fingers and calling someone out like this is just lame dude!

    Anyways.. take care!

    Peace! (Y)

  7. I just read the biggest load of horse sh*t I have ever had the displeasure of placing my eyes upon. You CANNOT claim LIES have been told when you yourself have not dug deep enough to disprove what was said. Did YOU personally go to Texas and seek out the truth, or are you taking secondary information and placing it in your storyline? Sure it SEEMS that because Jessie V. Won a post mortem case that there were lies told at some point. BUT to then just call most of the rest of the dialogue of the deceased a lie, is blatant chicken sh*t. After you sir have spent time front-lining with bullets flying around, then perhaps you can tell a different story. Until then may God keep you safe, because apparently you don’t want those who give their lives to keep you safe, to do so.

    • If they arent lies then he is a murderer. Pretty sure killing the citizens you are supposedly paid to protect is…not…protecting them.

  8. This is disgusting and if I ever meet the author I’d personally break his neck. The man saved brothers, sons, fathers, cousins, nephews all in danger. Whether we agree why or what business America had there in the first place is one thing, but we were there none the less and without 250 somewhat kills that may have lead to more deaths on our side. That sounds like a hero to me.

    • I don’t think your idea of who is a hero is really relevant following you threatening the life of someone expressing their views. Which, by the way, is a freedom that all Americans have. What you’ve just done is “terroristic threatening.” Congratulations.

  9. This site is starting to feeling more and more like a pro terrorist group and anti american site then the ideas Anonymous was founded on.

    Look at the current articles, all prapraganda that is negative against the US government, and trying to explain that groups like ISIS, isn’t that bad.

    I believe in educating the people, whistleblowing, ect. But these articles are becoming really biased

    • We are not a “pro terrorist group” and we are not “anti american”, everyone has the freedom to comment on whats written, including you, as long as you don’t threaten anyone else’s freedom.

    • The truth hurts. And its not easy to cope with the facts that ones country has been acting contrary to what one believes. There is not negative propagand against the US goverment. I advise that you venture out of your bubble. The US goverment has done horrible things thorught the decades.That’s not propaganda since they themselves admit to these actions. Here is small excerpt of US actions…the list is way bigger than this. Google Muhammad Mossadeq of Iran and ask yourself is the US really a always a force of good ?

      Italy, 1947-48:

      Using every trick in the book, the U.S. interfered in the elections to prevent the Communist Party from coming to power legally and fairly. This perversion of democracy was done in the name of “saving democracy” in Italy. The Communists lost. For the next few decades, the CIA, along with American corporations, continued to intervene in Italian elections, pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars and much psychological warfare to block the specter that was haunting Europe.

      Greece, 1947-49:

      Intervened in a civil war, taking the side of the neo-fascists against the Greek left which had fought the Nazis courageously. The neo-fascists won and instituted a highly brutal regime, for which the CIA created a new internal security agency, KYP. Before long, KYP was carrying out all the endearing practices of secret police everywhere, including systematic torture.

      Philippines, 1945-53:

      U.S. military fought against leftist forces (Huks) even while the Huks were still fighting against the Japanese invaders. After the war, the U. S. continued its fight against the Huks, defeating them, and then installing a series of puppets as president, culminating in the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos.

      South Korea, 1945-53:

      After World War II, the United States suppressed the popular progressive forces in favor of the conservatives who had collaborated with the Japanese. This led to a long era of corrupt, reactionary, and brutal governments.

      Albania, 1949-53:

      The U.S. and Britain tried unsuccessfully to overthrow the communist government and install a new one that would have been pro-Western and composed largely of monarchists and collaborators with Italian fascists and Nazis.

      Germany, 1950s:

      The CIA orchestrated a wide-ranging campaign of sabotage, terrorism, dirty tricks, and psychological warfare against East Germany. This was one of the factors which led to the building of the Berlin Wall in 1961.

      Iran, 1953:

      Prime Minister Mossadegh was overthrown in a joint U.S./British operation. Mossadegh had been elected to his position by a large majority of parliament, but he had made the fateful mistake of spearheading the movement to nationalize a British-owned oil company, the sole oil company operating in Iran. The coup restored the Shah to absolute power and began a period of 25 years of repression and torture, with the oil industry being restored to foreign ownership, as follows: Britain and the U.S., each 40 percent, other nations 20 percent.

      Guatemala, 1953-1990s:

      A CIA-organized coup overthrew the democratically-elected and progressive government of Jacobo Arbenz, initiating 40 years of death-squads, torture, disappearances, mass executions, and unimaginable cruelty, totaling well over 100,000 victims -indisputably one of the most inhuman chapters of the 20th century. Arbenz had nationalized the U.S. firm, United Fruit Company, which had extremely close ties to the American power elite. As justification for the coup, Washington declared that Guatemala had been on the verge of a Soviet takeover, when in fact the Russians had so little interest in the country that it didn’t even maintain diplomatic relations. The real problem in the eyes of Washington, in addition to United Fruit, was the danger of Guatemala’s social democracy spreading to other countries in Latin America.

      Middle East, 1956-58:

      The Eisenhower Doctrine stated that the United States “is prepared to use armed forces to assist” any Middle East country “requesting assistance against armed aggression from any country controlled by international communism.” The English translation of this was that no one would be allowed to dominate, or have excessive influence over, the middle east and its oil fields except the United States, and that anyone who tried would be, by definition, “Communist.” In keeping with this policy, the United States twice attempted to overthrow the Syrian government, staged several shows-of-force in the Mediterranean to intimidate movements opposed to U.S.-supported governments in Jordan and Lebanon, landed 14,000 troops in Lebanon, and conspired to overthrow or assassinate Nasser of Egypt and his troublesome middle-east nationalism.

      Indonesia, 1957-58:

      Sukarno, like Nasser, was the kind of Third World leader the United States could not abide. He took neutralism in the cold war seriously, making trips to the Soviet Union and China (though to the White House as well). He nationalized many private holdings of the Dutch, the former colonial power. He refused to crack down on the Indonesian Communist Party, which was walking the legal, peaceful road and making impressive gains electorally. Such policies could easily give other Third World leaders “wrong ideas.” The CIA began throwing money into the elections, plotted Sukarno’s assassination, tried to blackmail him with a phony sex film, and joined forces with dissident military officers to wage a full-scale war against the government. Sukarno survived it all.

      British Guiana/Guyana, 1953-64:

      For 11 years, two of the oldest democracies in the world, Great Britain and the United States, went to great lengths to prevent a democratically elected leader from occupying his office. Cheddi Jagan was another Third World leader who tried to remain neutral and independent. He was elected three times. Although a leftist-more so than Sukarno or Arbenz-his policies in office were not revolutionary. But he was still a marked man, for he represented Washington’s greatest fear: building a society that might be a successful example of an alternative to the capitalist model. Using a wide variety of tactics-from general strikes and disinformation to terrorism and British legalisms, the U. S. and Britain finally forced Jagan out in 1964. John F. Kennedy had given a direct order for his ouster, as, presumably, had Eisenhower.

      One of the better-off countries in the region under Jagan, Guyana, by the 1980s, was one of the poorest. Its principal export became people.

      Vietnam, 1950-73:

      The slippery slope began with siding with ~ French, the former colonizers and collaborators with the Japanese, against Ho Chi Minh and his followers who had worked closely with the Allied war effort and admired all things American. Ho Chi Minh was, after all, some kind of Communist. He had written numerous letters to President Truman and the State Department asking for America’s help in winning Vietnamese independence from the French and finding a peaceful solution for his country. All his entreaties were ignored.

      Twenty-three years and more than a million dead, later, the United States withdrew its military forces from Vietnam. Most people say that the U.S. lost the war. But by destroying Vietnam to its core, and poisoning the earth and the gene pool for generations, Washington had achieved its main purpose: preventing what might have been the rise of a good development option for Asia. Ho Chi Minh was, after all, some kind of communist.

      Cambodia, 1955-73:

      Prince Sihanouk was yet another leader who did not fancy being an American client. After many years of hostility towards his regime, including assassination plots and the infamous Nixon/Kissinger secret “carpet bombings” of 1969-70, Washington finally overthrew Sihanouk in a coup in 1970. This was all that was needed to impel Pol Pot and his Khmer Rouge forces to enter the fray. Five years later, they took power. But five years of American bombing had caused Cambodia’s traditional economy to vanish. The old Cambodia had been destroyed forever.

      Incredibly, the Khmer Rouge were to inflict even greater misery on this unhappy land. To add to the irony, the United States supported Pol Pot, militarily and diplomatically, after their subsequent defeat by the Vietnamese.

      The Congo/Zaire, 1960-65:

      In June 1960, Patrice Lumumba became the Congo’s first prime minister after independence from Belgium. But Belgium retained its vast mineral wealth in Katanga province, prominent Eisenhower administration officials had financial ties to the same wealth, and Lumumba, at Independence Day ceremonies before a host of foreign dignitaries, called for the nation’s economic as well as its political liberation, and recounted a list of injustices against the natives by the white owners of the country. The man was obviously a “Communist.” The poor man was obviously doomed.

      Eleven days later, Katanga province seceded, in September, Lumumba was dismissed by the president at the instigation of the United States, and in January 1961 he was assassinated at the express request of Dwight Eisenhower. There followed several years of civil conflict and chaos and the rise to power of Mobutu Sese Seko, a man not a stranger to the CIA. Mobutu went on to rule the country for more than 30 years, with a level of corruption and cruelty that shocked even his CIA handlers. The Zairian people lived in abject poverty despite the plentiful natural wealth, while Mobutu became a multibillionaire.

  10. The writer acknowledged that it wasn’t his fault that he was there. Even with that said, it doesn’t change that his mind made a conscience decision to snipe people for a living. And I don’t even care, I’d love to be able to put a bullet between an ISIS members eyes. But the honor provided by the patriotic heroism should be, as the article says, trumped by the fact that they never should have been put in harms way in the first place. If we as a people really want to support the troops, the best way is to hold our governments responsible for meddling war and reestablishing with competent members with actual leadership qualities who we actually WANT to vote for. Not these spoon fed, easily bribed incompetent group of people currently in Washington. Good men can’t get into office because they can’t get corporate funding, hence why you don’t hear about them on the news during election season either. I’ll always shake a veterans hand and thank him. Fools criticize the pawns. Intelligence criticizes the kings. It’s hard for the critics of this article to see that because if what this writer is saying is true then it hurts your ego. The trick to seeing the truth is letting that go of that ego. Try it, it’s a good thing.

  11. I do not believe we had any right nor business being in Iraq, but that does mean that the men and women who fought and DIED there were not heroes. You state that your article is not meant to spit on Chris Kyle’s grave, but that’s exactly what you did. Not only his grave, but the graves of all the heroes who gave their lives for their countries, regardless of the popularity/unpopularity of the conflict. You and your poorly formed, poorly informed argument are standing at the precipice of a slippery slope.

  12. I ask once again to USA people, where are the mass destruction weapons and chemical weapons that Iraqi and Sadsam were accused of? No were? So USA committed a crime against humanity again…who’s the responsible?

  13. Thank you for making sense. While Mr. Kyle was incredibly generous with his time when it came to war veterans while he was home, what he did while on tour was not “heroic.” I had the same debate with many people. One cannot simply invade a country and expect its people to not fight back. If the tables were turned, you can bet that any American with a sense of duty would fight the invading army with whatever they had. Would the invading army’s sniper, picking off Americans in the street, be considered a hero? Probably not. I have no opinion on his other claims as I haven’t read his novel, but I support your article because, as I stated earlier, it makes sense.

  14. Interesting article….Let me tell you kids about the real world. At this point, I would have sock puppets so you can easily digest what I’m trying to convey.
    Think of Chris Kyle as a Honey Badger. The Honey Badger goes around as nature’s fearless being.
    And you guys are the faggoty kids watching National Geographic 10,000 miles away in the illusion of safety.
    …And Terrorists are represented as Muslims.
    So the Honey Badger is walking around killing Terrorists, and doing whatever is necessary to protect his family and friends, and inadvertently, you as well unfortunately.
    And you are sitting 10,000 miles away watching National Geographic, watching snippets of the Honey Badger Fighting Muslims…I mean Terrorists. And as you watch these snippets, you aren’t getting the full picture. You sit masterbating in your parent’s basement. And you see a few things you don’t agree with. So you hate the Honey Badger.
    But if the Honey Badger didn’t exist, the Terrorist wouldn’t be 10,000 miles away, he’she would be in your house raping your mother right in front of you as you masterbate with your own tears. And then the Terrorist beheads you. And then rapes your lifeless corps.
    ….So you see kids, without the Honey Badger, there is no protection between you and Muslims.

    And if you don’t believe me. I dare you to go to a country that is completely controlled by Muslims. There is no Honey Badger there….

  15. worst article of the day award goes too….SM Gibson!
    Obviously a spectator w/zero experience in combat or having ever stepped foot on Iraqi soil. Ton of bogus lines full of ignorance & staking claim that they are fact makes you an even bigger liar than you claim Kyle was. You are just one of the sad people who can’t stand for someone to have 15 min of fame w/o becoming a hater & having to drum up false accusations to rip their legacy apart. Did you serve your country? Did you take this journey w/Kyle? Cause I don’t see evidence that those are true & w/out that truth you are a complete dbag who hates the very site of someone else’s spotlight.

  16. Chris was good at what he did, he was in the military, he was doing what he was told and did it well.the military breaks down your mind and makes you believe your enemy is evil, in his mind he was killing evil, and thats what makes him a hero. You’re right about most things but don’t downplay what he has done. Yes we never should have been in Iraq but the fact is we are and they HAVE became our enemy now. He killed the enemy, not innocent people.

  17. No sorry you are completely wrong, orders are not orders when nazi war criminals where tried they could not use they where only following orders as a defence. This man enjoyed killing people, and had no place in a professional armed forces. So orders or not the atrocities that where committed out there need to see there day In court. Unfortunately that won’t be the case.

  18. I read about half of this and got tired of the total load of crap! Got bless Kyle along with his wife and kids. This country owes him a great deal for serving bravely! It’s hard for me to believe that anyone could stomp on a soldiers grave the way some people have on kyles!

  19. How does this not display heroism? Did you expect him to just lay down his arms and let the terrorists kill his men and him? War is brutal. Things men do in war sometimes have to be brutal. The terrorists he killed were from AQI (Which is the original name for the modern ISIS) which is clearly a very brutal organization. Chris protected his men, and saved countless of them. They labeled him “Legend” and “The Devil of Ramadi”.

    And when you get into his “lies”, it’s hard to tell whether he lied or not. I agree with the fact that Jessie Ventura may have not been hit by Chris. But you can’t just claim something to be false just because there is no proof of it happening. There is no proof that I went outside for a walk today. Did I? You’ll never know.

    • Who ever you are…Thank you. It was not proved that Kyle lied, there just was not any evidence from either side to go on in the Ventura case. It was JV word against Kyle, Kyle could not defend himself. The other stories are just that, People told stories they said Kyle told them…hearsay. The movie is based on truth, the movie is Hollywood’s version of the book…how mwany here even read it?

  20. There are several problems with your article and some have been exposed by previous writers. First, Iraq was supporting terrorests of the world. Second, they were trying to take over Kuwait, which is our allie that we promised to protect in peace treaties. Third, Iraq did posses high explosive weapons and bio chemicals. We never did find nuclear weapons. And like the previous Brittish soldier stated, we served to protect all right of all people. So, you can have your opinion even if I, a US Navy Vet, do not agree with you.

    • Somewhere along the line, The United States turned into The Fourth Reich. We brought over thousands of Nazi scientists, physicists, intel experts, and integrated them into Naval Intelligence, Army, Marines, Nasa, all in an effort to exploit advanced Nazi technology. This resulted in U.S. being successful in our development of the Atomic bomb, which we promptly used on Japan. In the words of cartoonist Walt Kelly(Pogo), “We have met the enemy, and he is US.” So you, sir, are a liar, but I’m pretty sure you already know that. Go sell your propaganda elsewhere, and fuck you and your New World Order. Aren’t you tired of sucking Zionist dick, facsist?

  21. So, are we forgetting that Al Qaeda is present all over the middle east? Or are we forgetting that large gangs (like cartels and terrorist organizations) like to pay people on the out side of their organization to do thing for them. Like, for instance, a ranking member of Al Qaeda not wanting to get his hands dirty so he pays a civilian in a poverty stricken country to place an I.E.D. on a road known road that we (Americans) commonly travel. I’m going to very slowly spell this next part out for you so you can understand.

    By accepting the I.E.D. and agreeing to plant is with intent of hurting American soldiers or civilians MAKES YOU THE ENEMY. In other words, this makes you apart of the terrorist body that is Al Qaeda.

    Lets put this in a scenario. One day, you and four of your closest buddies decide to go check on your mother ten miles away. But, because people keep laying bombs in the middle of the road, you need to have a metal detector mounted on the front of your armored truck and it takes you a week to get there and on the way you loose two of your best friends because a guy didn’t shoot that guy with an artillery shell three days ago.

    I’m willing to bet that you’re just some anti gun person that has nothing better to do than to bash soldiers about not being heroes for paying with their lives to keep people like you safe. I say you join the army and I say you fight. Lets see who throws the hero card around when someone directly saves your life on a weekly basis.

    • No one needs to save my life on a day to day basis. The illusion of fighting for freedom is a fucking lie. There hasent been an attack on US soil since WWII and dont give me the 9/11 bs. Fighting for freedom is a fucking lie. The American Military is a well funded and oiled machine that enforces the US governments foreign policy. Thats it. If you think that the US military fights for freedom, then youre a good little brainwashed dog ready to follow any order. Congrats for you.

    • Q: Who started alQaeda?

      A: During the attempted Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, the CIA trained, supplied weapons to, and actively supported those fighting for their country {Afghanistan}. The CIA established a base [alQaeda= “The Base”]in Afghanistan so the defenders would have a place to train & arm their soldiers.

      Q.: How did Saddam Hussein come to power in Afghanistan?

      A: The US Government overthrew the Shah of Iran after the Shah announced his intention to nationalise the oil fields, which would have been a direct threat to the profits of the US oil companies. After his overthrow, the US Government installed Saddam Hussein, a CIA asset, to protect US oil interests.

      In 1974, Saddam did what the Shah did…he nationalised Iraq’s oil fields, directly betraying the CIA.

      Q: If Saddam betrayed the CIA, why didn’t they kill him?

      A: They did.

      The first Gulf War was fought on the pretext of defending Kuwait from invasion by Iraqi forces. In reality, Kuwati forces had been dancing back & forth across the Iraqi border, threatening Iraqi oil fields. Before he acted, he contacted the US Ambassador to ask what would happen if he retaliated. After a brief time, the answer came back: “Nothing. We don’t care about Kuwait.”

      This was a lie.

      At the time, Kuwait was the richest country in the world. Many multinational corporations did business with the country. When Saddam invaded, it was the opportunity the US had been waiting for since 1974. America invaded Iraq under the pretext of defending Kuwait, as did an international coalition. What was not known at the time was that the Kuwaiti actions were a joint CIA/MI6 operation designed to cause Iraq’s retaliation, thus giving a pretext to invade—and subsequently weaken—Iraq.

      It worked.

      When the US departed Iraq, the country and its economy were decimated. Unlike the past wars with other countries, the US did not offer Iraq any financial assistance, since the entire operation was used to weaken Saddam.

      2001: A joint CIA/MI6/Mossad operation destroyed the Towers. A missile (not a plane) hit the first building. The Towers were NOT hit by a plane; explosives (and computer-created animation ) were involved. The truth of this can be uncovered by examining three indisputable facts:

      1) At the time the first Tower was hit, a NY TV station was covering an “event” taking place near the Towers, thus placing them in the exact spots needed for a clear view of the real “event”. As the first plane hit, a reporter was standing near a man, who looked up and pointed. As the cameraman raised his camera, the man can clearly by heard to say:

      “That’s not a plane—it’s a missile. I served in Iraq, and know the difference. I saw plenty of those things over there.”

      As in all operations of this nature, there is always a “one-off” event that occurs, clearly betraying the true nature of the staged event taking place. This man’s comments were that one-off event. Immediately after asking the man about the “plane” and hearing his live comments (unexpected, of course; who knew he was a vet?), the reporter continued with the script, saying, “Well, we’ve just seen a plane hit one of the Towers.”

      2) A “weather helicopter” was approaching the Towers at a distance of five miles. As they zoomed in, a plane could be seen hitting the second tower. The question is: where did the plane come from? As they zoomed in, a plane could clearly be seen coming out of nowhere, since the first shot by the “weather helicopter” was taken from five miles out. In the first shot, if a plane was on its way to hit the 2nd Tower, it would have been CLEARLY VISIBLE approaching the 2nd Tower by the helicopter providing the initial footage.

      3) After the second plane was seen to hit the Tower, ALL NEWS MEDIA FOOTAGE WENT BLANK AT THE SAME TIME FOR 15 SECONDS. This was done because the computer-animated image was poorly done, and would have shown the nose of the plane emerging INTACT from the building’s opposite side. When the glitch was found, all media feed was cut for the period of time necessary to cover up that glitch. As memory is extremely malleable, people will insist that they were there and actually saw the plane. This is why, during this kind of “attack”, the media played the Towers being hit over and over again. However, a person living in an apartment building close to the Towers saw NO PLANE (which would have been visible from her vantage point), but DID SEE two simultaneous explosions take place inside the 2nd Tower. As she lived near the Towers, she was watching the actual event, NOT the TV images being shown ad nauseam, so she was not exposed to the psyop taking place on national television. She also has footage of these explosions, which is now available to view on YouTube.

      The actions of then-President Bush have been noted many times, so it is unnecessary to delve into them here.

      The resulting accusations and their consequences have also been widely noted, as has Saddam’s death. Al-Qaeda, supposedly developed to defend Afghanistan, now was deemed responsible—another example of the CIA turning on its operatives.

      I have more to tell, but family responsibilities which I must now perform prevent me from taking the time to do so.

  22. While I believe conspiracy from the US..I respectfully disagree with your words of idiotic judgement. American soldiers sign rheir life away to protect the very freedom you and I have now. Followin orders is a must. Chris Kyle is a Hero..despite your lack of respect. You are not worthy of your judgement. You and mr moore must be buddies!

  23. I would like to suggest that you rethink your website. I would be more than willing to read it if it was written in black against dark grey background and didn’t have to work hard to read it just because the words blend in with the background.

  24. You can’t call him a liar because you can’t prove his stories are true. How many other instances have you seen or heard about where politicians essentially lie to keep a secret. Such as the JFK shooting. Its a conspiracy to say it was our own government who had him killed. We won’t ever know. In the end it happened and its over now. My point is if he was given orders to respond to Hurricane Katrina, do you really think american politicians would allow that story to become public? No they wouldn’t. Because Americans don’t want to come to the realization of its own government killing its own people. So do not call my brother in arms a liar or a cold blooded killer. I may not have been to Iraq but I have seen the evil that lays in the mountains of Afghanistan. I would have done the same thing if it were my job. We all have certain jobs to accomplish. His was to kill people. As many more men before and after him. And maybe you should learn a thing or 2 about the insurgency within Iraq before making arguments against it.

  25. This is dumb. There are legitimate reasons why the movie is deceptive, but you took it in a stupid direction. I lost brain cells reading this.

  26. This article is just another web warrior blogging about situations and events he or she only read about will never truly understand because he or she has never stepped outside of their cyber cave to experience how the world truly is. Let clowns like that talk all they want, because in a real life situation where their life is on the line I can guarantee you he or she would choose to have a guy like Chris Kyle on their side protecting any day.

  27. Can not say anything that hasn’t been said already I like anonymous I like what they do. But I’m tired and done with this joke. I’m unfollowing I suggest anyone else do the same.

  28. as a daughter of a man who served in the army this sickness me. You don’t understand what it is like for people in our military. By saying he was not a hero you are saying all men in the U.S. Military are not Heros. Well here’s something for you, if it wasn’t for Chris Kyle and others like him you sir wouldn’t even have the right to write this article. Never should you disrespect a veteran like you have here

  29. I consider myself a Patriot however, Chris Kyles own words showing he actually enjoyed killing people IMO proves he is not a hero and was a blood thirsty killer. Yes its true he was doing his job and had no choice to do otherwise. However, I’ve spoken to numerous vets including members of various special forces none of who would say they enjoyed the act of killing even enemies, but that is exactly what Chris Kyle said which makes him sound more like a psychopath who had a license to kill than a hero.

  30. I am not,never have been, never will be part of any armed forces. I’ll just make that clear now. This film was great and I certainly enjoyed it; Clint Eastwood remains one of my favorite directors. HOWEVER, that’s all it is to me, a film. I think the author was trying to drive that point across, not judgement and scorn for Chris Kyle. Folks, we have to start taking these war films with a grain of salt, because as much as we want to get caught up in the “heroics” of of these men in the armed forces, we are forgetting to remain objective and see why they are there in the first place, and the mass of innocent people they kill in the process of “protecting” your freedom.( I use quotation marks because everyone’s definition of words is different.) And by the way, if you wan to use the whole “he was following orders argument” be prepared to defend that. Because the Nazis were just “following orders” too. And the Japanese army during the Rape of Nanking surely had orders to follow. Oh, and I’m sure Pol Pot’s soldiers had to “FOLLOW ORDERS” too. I suggest you drop this baseless and quite honestly, horrendous excuse for taking the lives of the innocent, the ones that had nothing to do with politicians wars.

  31. Should we have been in iraq? Perhaps not, but that is where were sent and while there you must be able do your job or risk the loss of your brothers and sisters in arms. The bottom line in a war is sadly not a matter of right and wrong, as a soldier or warrior in a war you have a job to do and that’s that. In war it is simple, them or you and it is in our baser primal nature to always choose their deaths, the death of some random unknown person who for all your knowledge intends you harm over the death of one’s self or the ones they care for in service.

    I am unsure as to whether or not you are an American but if you are then enjoy this freedom if speech yo so ungratefully use to slander our nation and those who serve in the armed forces because it is upon their lives and the lives of our patriotic ancestors who fought and died to give you that liberty that gives you the freedom to to squander this privilegeRather than being killed for words of treason as MIGHT have very well been the way of things had our great nation never existed.

    I will not deny our country is not the same glorious vision it once was and it does indeed sadden me to see what we have become. But I can not sit idly by and bare witness to the degradation Of my brothers and sisters in arms. What happened to being a PROUD American? Where is the patriotic sense of belonging we once all shared? It saddens me to realize that the last time our nation rallied as one behind the American Flag and all showed patriotism and pride in our country was at the loss of so many innocents during the cowardly attacks of 9/11. It should not take such great loss to unite our great nation.

  32. All I can say is this article has just wasted 5 minutes of my life that I will never be able to get back. I’m sorry but you are talking out of your arse. The man may have lied but to call him a cold blooded killer is just plain wrong. Is every person who has ever killed or be killed by serving their country a cold blooded killer no they are not. The are veterans and war hero’s. You should be ashamed of yourself to bring a man’s name into disrepute especially when the man himself can’t argue his points back. The hero was there protecting other American armed forces personnel. As for killing the “boy” with a ak 47 well I think if there was a “boy” in a war zone with a rifle then that to me turns him into a legitimate target, I don’t care if he is 5 years old or 50 if he has a rifle and is capable of pulling that trigger then he was right to take the shot. As for the war been illegitimate well that isn’t the guys/girls on the grounds fault. Take it up with the policy maker’s…you are entitled to your own opinion as am I and a lot of other people that is only because of the sacrifices of the men and women who I call hero’s other call them soldiers.

  33. Wow, there seems to be a lot of people with the attitude of “You can’t criticise soldiers, they go abroad and give their lives therefore they are heroes.” No doubt to do their job takes a lot of guts and for the vast majority a strong belief system and a lot of pride. But for me when you give people a lot of power, be it police, politicians, journalists or yes members of the armed services, they HAVE to be open to examination and questioning of their morals and their motivations. What they do does not exempt them from an examination of why they do it. In fact it makes it even more important. Whether or not you agree with the war is one thing but if you give people the power to take life and then absolve them of any immoral, illegal or cruel acts then you run the danger of the worst kinds of human rights abuses. The very thing that we say in the west we are trying to uphold.

    • does anybody have the right to blatantly disrespect a fallen hero, or even just a dead american like this? i dont think so. Kyle was subject to hours and hours of reveiw for damn near every shot, and every one came up clean.

  34. Wars don’t always have to be our war to fight, we have an obligation to protect our allies, and if we see somebody getting picked on that can’t defend themselves, we help them. That’s what this was mainly all about, we were there to help them out, and some of them didn’t agree with it and wanted us to leave, that happens. If you would rather a war be fought here and have your loves ones get killed, yeah, let’s sit around on our asses and wait for it to come to us. Until then, have some respect for the men and women who risk their lives, and sometimes pay with their lives to protect assholes like you.

    • Do you realize you just stated that the military isnt “protecting” anything but “helping” where “help” is needed. And then you go on to say they protect assholes like you. Good lord your logic is fucked in the butt sir. Brainwashed American, hooray for you!

  35. Controversy is a business in the 21st-century. The author of this article is just like every other blogger. It is very much like the small child who pulls at the pant leg of their parent. So eager to please and get that much-needed attention. Having no real answer to anything and complaining about the past, he pushes forward through the writing by stating what should’ve been done. Maybe instead of that we could all hear his 15 to 20 year plan on global economics and policies in various regions of the world. I will await that article

  36. I think it’s great everyone has an opinion. You posted this online without knowing what your talking about so it is in fact ignorance. Here’s an idea…move away from the computer, join the military and see for yourself what or why his presence was there. Every person that caught a bullet fired from Kyle’s rifle earned it. Believe that. they in some way was going to cause great harm or the death of other people…you can be anti gun, anti military, or any anti you wanna be…it’s fine until it hinders the lives of others and their pursuit of happiness. Kyle did his job, he enjoyed his job, if he didnt he wouldn’t be good at it. He saved lives in theater, he served his country, he provided for his family, he was an asset to the community, he was a great father and friend. What have you done? Whats your skill tree and your life contributed to the people? When it comes to this, your ignorant…your speaking on matters you seen in a movie. The movie is not Chris Kyle, he was grounded, just a regular guy from Texas and an exemplary warrior. If you had any shame in your heart or in your body, you would remove this post. From knowing your past and the superiority complex you present hiding behind being “anonymous” I dont think you will.

  37. youre right none of the people he killed posed any threat to America. Much like the Muslim immigrant hijackers on 9/11 didn’t pose a threat, until they crashed planes into the WTC. Kyle may not be a hero to you or other people in America. And you have that right to voice that opinion because of people like Chris. But the man was a hero to his brothers in arms whom didn’t decided on their own to occupy Iraq. But were ordered to do so. He was a hero to soldiers stuck between a rock and a hard place with bullets whizzing past their heads. And he was a hero to unsuspecting convoys about to be decimated by an RPG.

  38. Its about time someone reported on this war from the perspective of the single soldier, and called them out as having a role in a war that should not have been. History is full of the front line excuse of “I’m just following orders”.
    A true hero is one who will assess a situation and act according to their own moral code, and stop an immoral act before its perpetrated.

    Those that do not and blindly follow through on such orders, must absorb responsibility, just as those that gave the orders should. Unfortunately the people in charge of this war have shielded themselves from being prosecuted, and the soldiers have hidden behind the provided defense of hero worship and protecting the values of a nation, even though those values include military occupation and torture.
    Eggheads like most of those commenting here, hide behind the comforting shell of patriotism and blindly appose any thought or discussion of placing any responsibility on either the individual soldier … or the commander in chief.

    The wheels of propaganda are rolling along beautifully. Far in the future, historians will look back, and see both the war and the propaganda for what it was … an interesting study on sociological brainwashing of a countries peoples to further the political needs of the present governmental system.
    Bush, Cheney, all these soldiers and all of us, will be long dead and can consider ourselves absolved of responsibility, but historians will shake their head in wonder.

    Let it be known that there was dissension, and not all of us agreed with the war, its leaders, or the post war propaganda that absolved all from wrongdoing.

  39. Everyone go sucks a big fat dick… he did his job and he did it well. I hope you all die and go to hell for questioning a service man who did so much for our country and fellow service man. You all should just did a hole lay in it and die.

  40. Its about time someone reported on this war from the perspective of the single soldier, and called them out as having a role in a war that should not have been. History is full of the front line excuse of “I’m just following orders”.
    A true hero is one who will assess a situation and act according to their own moral code, and stop an immoral act before its perpetrated.

    Those that do not and blindly follow through on such orders, must absorb responsibility, just as those that gave the orders should. Unfortunately the people in charge of this war have shielded themselves from being prosecuted, and the soldiers have hidden behind the provided defense of hero worship and protecting the values of a nation, even though those values include military occupation and torture.
    Eggheads like most of those commenting here, hide behind the comforting shell of patriotism and blindly appose any thought or discussion of placing any responsibility on either the individual soldier … or the commander in chief.

    The wheels of propaganda are rolling along beautifully. Far in the future, historians will look back, and see both the war and the propaganda for what it was … an interesting study on sociological brainwashing of a countries peoples to further the political needs of the present governmental system.
    Bush, Cheney, all these soldiers and all of us, will be long dead and can consider ourselves absolved of responsibility, but historians will shake their head in wonder.

    Let it be known that there was dissension, and not all of us agreed with the war, its leaders, or the post war propaganda that absolved all from wrongdoing.

  41. This is the stupidest pile of crap ever written. Saddam Hussein was rewarding the families of suicide bombers with 25k. He was supporting terrorist groups with money he stole from the people of Iraq. What’s more, Kyle was a soldier. He had no control over where he was sent.

  42. All the shouting about this movie is more about political agenda (on both sides) but SHOULD BE about understanding the hideous trauma of the soul that war weighs on everyone involved…..I will definitely see this film….despite all the indignant shouting that Chris Kyle either omitted, fabricated or outright lied about certain things in his book deters me not. Most films focus in on a small bite sized portion of a story and in that the telling is poignant and purposeful….no matter the side of the aisle you are on.

    “It’s essentially a true life character study of a soldier within the context of an anti-war message. It shows an endless array of horrific violence, excruciating human conflict, and the extreme toll that they take on the psyche of the soldiers who fight in the Iraq theater. In this regard, it is in the same vein as great anti-war films of the past, including ‘All Quiet On the Western Front’, ‘Deer Hunter’, ‘Born on the Fourth of July’ and ‘Hurt Locker’. It shows in some detail how a soldier’s personality becomes fragmented and indelibly changed by post trauma stress; of the human spirit attempting to cope with the mental, emotional and physical toll of war, as his experiences lead to dysfunction in all of his interpersonal relationships and virtually all of his human interactions.”

  43. Personally, as a veteran, I can attest most of us have never wanted to be called heroes. Also, yes we never should have been in Iraq. No wmd’s. However, Iraq was harboring Al-Qaeda insurgents and allowing to perform traing operations in Iraq. He did his job. He did it the right way. What he did allowed a lot of our servicemen to return home. Show some gratitude especially if you never manned up and served. Anyone who enlists writes a check payable up to their life. That right there is heroic enough. That is why any veteran will tell you they are not heroes. We simply did our jobs.

  44. I have always loved what Anonymous has done, however to shame a fallen soldier is unfathomable. In Iraq Hussein nearly killed, along with his sons, and effected over 300,000 people with biochemical weapons. He was a tyrant. Chris Kyle was a hero. Hero: an individual who commits an act that could injure or possibly kill the individual in order to preserve the life another. Maybe not to us but to the people of Iraq, to the men n women he over watched. He fought al-Qaeda who are responsible for dozens of terrorist attacks. When your a soldier you don’t have an option. You do wat you are told n if it comes down to it I’d rather our guys n girls come home alive and not in a box. As soldiers you don’t fight cause your blindly following orders. You fight for the brothers next to you. If you were never a soldier ( obviously you weren’t ) then you would never be able comprehend this. Everyone makes a mistake n this was one of y’all’s. It’s ok we forgive you. We distance our selves from fiction and don’t let lies of others infringe on the real truth.

  45. …..I also thinking to villainize this film is to miss it’s point entirely. It is in no way a pro hawk pro war movie. It speaks to the personal hell that war creates.

  46. A soldier kills. Were is the problem?
    We cannot prove he did what he said. Does it mean he lied?

    He was an efficient sniper, he wrote a book, someone made a film… classical.

    I like your logo, looks very like an official governmental association… I would not be surprized if you actually were one!


  47. You sir are an asshole and know absolutely nothing about life…you don’t deserve the freedom you have brought to you by the soldiers and you should probably go live in one of those countries because you know absolutely nothing about a hero. Fuck you asshole you will never be on the level which Chris Kyle was and I hope he haunts your ass.

    • damn straight. wonder how he’d feel if this shit spilled over into U.S. soil. he’d be on his knees for some armed protection then. fucking pussy.

  48. He joined the military to protect his country, did he make the choice to go kill in the middle east? No, this article is very ignorant, military personnel do not chose where they’re stationed and who to kill, they are /ordered/ by corrupt politicians.

  49. the author of this “article” should be ashamed of themselves. As a daughter of a SEAL who died for this country I am disgusted that people think so low of those who risk their lives and leave their families to fight and make this country a safe place for all of those who inhabit it. You are awful for writing this. Awful.

    • You just compelled me to read the article, now I have to ask you, is he your dad?! I agree with you about the risk, perhaps the author should have said this “killing unarmed innocent savages with an x type gun must have been a huge lot of risk to this war hero” as mentionned previously “You do it until there’s no one left to kill.”, and that means everyone.

  50. Your opinions are subjective. Good an evil are points of view depending on your beliefs. The man survived war to be murdered at home. Irony or karma? Who cares, the world moves. The dead can’t talk so they should be left alone.

    • I agree with you on a personal level, but the story should be told, so that others learn something!
      Thanks for your comment.

  51. What this article and many comments fail to acknowledge is chrid’ mental health and the impcat this has. Many soldiers or people in general who have experienced trauma have to develop coping mechanisms eg. Telling themselves what their doing is okay or desensitising themselves because otherwise it is harder at the time manage. Im not saying that this makes everybodies actions ok. On the flip side people in these situations also have a high chance of developing post traumatic stress disorder and im not suggesting chris had this, however making commenta such as he enjoyed it is still a coping mechanism as opposed to admitting to yourself that you didn’t and then having to manage the significant issues/mental health that can cause. Im not american and im not a soldier im just shocked by the lack of insight this article demonstrates in regards to the potential mental health issues for soldiers (anyone whose experienced trauma) and also the basics of people developing coping mechanisms, which we all do for different aspects of our lives!

  52. You are an uneducated idiot. Shame on you. Kyle fought for our freedom and rights. I don’t see you out there putting your life on the line for our country.

    • You shoudl read the article. It explains the whole “freedom and rights” part that you conveniently missed, The WAR was NOT about FREEDOM or RIGHTS. It shouldn’t be that hard to get.

  53. You people are a bunch of retards . 1) ACCORDING TO YOUR LOGIC WE SHOULD JUST LET PEOPLE BLOW OUR SHIT UP and do nothing about it.2) weapon of mass destruction where in Irq and moved to Syria. And blasting the people who provide the freedom of speech sucks but this is why they do it so you can speak your minds. But show some respect. Why don’t you people get it these people want you dead quit listening to dumbass celebrities and read. Not all Mideast people are bad but they are standing up for themselves or other who are being persecuted in the own countries. And when it came here to our door step we throw it back. If you don’t like it here get out.

  54. You all are a bunch of morons. If you don’t like the men and women of the United States military and believe that somehow we should not have been in Iraq then go there. Walk in the villages. Talk to the People and ask them if they believe we shouldn’t have went there. ask to see the son’s and daughters of the villages that were gassed because they were different. Then if you hate America so bad then take your passport out ripe it up shove it up your ass and stay there. If your going to bad Mouth the country and military that protect your retarded ass leave. Enjoy you short life on earth in the dirt with the flys.

  55. First off, I highly suggest we all analyse ourselves before we begin to think that we have the right to judge other people – people in whose shoes we have not been in, and therefore cannot truthfully say that we would have done things differently.

    That obvious argument aside, in regards to the late Chris Kyle, he didn’t declare war on Iraq, the Bush (Junior) Administration did. The invasion in Iraq was for oil, and nothing more. The fall of Saddam and the pitiful claim that there were “Weapons of Mass Destruction” were just facades to justify the invasion. The chemical weapons Saddam was using on his own people were 1.) provided by our very own Bush (Senior) Administration and 2.) he had been using them for over a decade before the war on Iraq. These are facts, educate yourself if you disagree.
    Putting that aside, in regards to his comments, he was NOT referring to the “Iraqi people”, which is what anyone who blogs bullshit would love to believe. He was referring to Al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI), who are extremist Muslims who believe that anyone who isn’t a Sunni Muslim deserves death. And just so you know, if Al Qaeda had the means to come overseas and kill Americans, they would. And believe me, they’re still trying. Attacks are being prevented on a daily basis, you just don’t know it because they aren’t publicized for the safety of those involved. Special Forces units are deployed on a daily basis to take care of business. Special Forces from not only the U.S., but Australia, the U.K., Israel, France, Canada, Russia, and several other European countries.
    In regards to his comments about killing people, again, you were never in his shoes, therefore you have no right to judge his actions, feelings, or words. The man had a good heart. He believed in the better part of the U.S.A., the part that’s still pure. NO country has clean hands. NO country has a corrupt-free government. Chris Kyle believed in the good of this country. So when he went overseas, regardless of whether he still believed that the war was good or bad, it didn’t matter anymore. After seeing troops get decapitated, shot, and blown apart, you don’t think that shit is going to effect you mentally, emotionally, and physically?? You think you have it rough because you need to wake up at 4 in the morning to catch the metro to work? He killed the people who would kill his own. That was his job and that was his duty.

    Bottom line, target your judgement at the SOURCE. Go after WAR, don’t go after the soldier. Don’t go after a dead man who can’t defend himself, though he shouldn’t have to. Better yet, go after yourself, and the bullshit of your own life. Fix that and maybe you’ll be able to fix something else.

  56. The only thing I can say is that because of him and other brave people like him, you can sit back and say whatever disgusting and misguided point of view you have with impunity. So your very attack on his reputation is in fact affirmation of his character.

    One other point, while Saddam may not have been a threat against us yet he killed more of his own people than we have lost in WWI WWII Korea Vietnam and Iraq combined. 182,000 people.

    • No. We can say what we want because, The Constitution. This idiot had nothing to do with that and he was not protecting any rights other than his fellow soldiers right to live.

      “One other point”, so because Saddam killed many of his own people meant we should invade Iraq and kill even MORE of the Iraqi people including women and children? You truly are a simpleton.

    • He killed his own people but that wasn’t the motive. Nice thought tho. A million were killed in Rwanda and begged the U.S. for help and we as nation stood by and did nothing cause the U.S. had nothing to gain.

  57. thats typical american movie nowadays, “based on a true story” while it has no facts in it whatsoever, like pretty much any recent war movies, theyre always trying hard to make usa look like the heroes of this world, while the truth is, theyre the biggest terrorists of this world, sadly there are still too many ppl still no clue who the actual guy behind 9/11 is, or trying hard to pretend not to know, since theyre some too proud idiots…but supporting your crappy and greedy government doesnt make you a patriot, it only makes you an idiot and one of them…do some small research and you will find your facts about everything…
    just go and watch keenan o’keefe or what his name was, an american vet who told every single truth to the media and everything usa did and why they did it…
    once again, stop being so blind and too proud and accept the facts which shows the true evil side of your own government.

  58. A hero (masculine or gender-neutral) or heroine (feminine) (Ancient Greek: ἥρως, hḗrōs) is a person or character in literature who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage or self-sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good. By this definition, it doesn’t matter if he was a liar, enjoyed it, or was ignorant to his governments lies. What made him a hero was that he was willing to sacrifice his life for others in the face of danger. Period.

  59. A hero (masculine or gender-neutral) or heroine (feminine) (Ancient Greek: ἥρως, hḗrōs) is a person or character in literature who, in the face of danger and adversity or from a position of weakness, displays courage or self-sacrifice—that is, heroism—for some greater good. By this definition, it doesn’t matter if he was a liar, enjoyed it, or was ignorant to his governments lies. What made him a hero was that he was willing to sacrifice his life for others in the face of danger. Period.

  60. get a grip people! this shit is worthless to argue, start by helping those around you on a daily basis rather than stopping to rag on someone on the internet. if this is what america has become who fucking cares is we all die the world will be a better place without us.

  61. I saw the movie and i enjoyed it, not really the best movie ever but it was pretty entertaining. For what it was, simply a movie i liked it however i don’t care for all the politics/drama surrounding the movie. But after reading this and several other stories about Chris Kyle I’m guessing he kinda wasn’t a Hero, more of an Anti-Hero. All the patriotic people are fooled into thinking Chris Kyle was some sort of god, i don’t hate Chris Kyle nor like him, but one things for sure his story is interesting nonetheless. And he much like everyone else had many flaws. And another thing…..i respect people in the army! i do! same with everyone else who serves in navy, etc. BUT! BUT…. i really HATE! how we aren’t aloud to criticize or say something bad of them because then they bring up the “WELL you haven’t served, so you can’t say anything! They fight for your freedom” Like i said i RESPECT them but to a certain extent! YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT SPECIAL! you are not untouchable! just because YOU volunteered to fight for America doesn’t mean I’m supposed to kiss your ass! And that also mean you aren’t always RIGHT. Real tired of that untouchable crap to be honest.

  62. this entire article is bullshit. i just recently read Kyle’s Autobiography, i spent a good deal of time analyzing it. First, i want to address how the article blames the U.S. for the local insurgency. The Middle Easts fucked up culture is what creates the insurgencies. and have we forgotten about 9/11 and the fuckers that, unprovoked, flew planes into the trade center? seems to me that they started it. And now, if the Coalition force the U.S. organized left, the entire region would be a giant shitstorm with no stable governments to handle it.

    To address the personal attacks on Kyle, i would go so far as to say the Gibson is a disrespectful fuckstick. CHRIS KYLE WAS MURDERED, AND HE DOESNT HAVE THE DECENCY TO LEAVE HIM AND HIS WIDOWED WIFE AND FATHERLESS CHILDREN ALONE??? every shot chris kyle took was justified. and when he talks about not regretting killing all those people, thats because he knew he was preventing them from taking hundreds more INNOCENT lives. every man that fell to Kyle was not innocent, and had made the decision to give up his life to kill Americans.

    to finish up, Kyle never saw himself as a hero, or even a particularly talented sniper. he had no reason to lie. he simply had a job to do, and he was prepared to kill to do his job and protect his brother.

    SM Gibson and anyone who agrees with him, you disgust me, and you should be disgusted with yourselves.

    feel free to reply.

    • People like you should be ashamed. You believe whatever is out in front of you. Spend time reading and researching. His own publisher had to remove several stories from autobiography for being false. A flat out fucking lie. Not to mention like 60 percent of soilders coming back from Iraq believed their own government lied to them about the reason they invaded.

  63. How do you think you have the right to spew the vitriol out of you mouth now? You have it because Soldiers from the beginning of this country until now have died to protect your right to think as ignorantly as you see fit. Put your feet into their shoes for one day, I dare you. If you don’t have the guts to stand a post, then shut your friggin mouth and honor those who have died in your stead. Otherwise you are more useless than the tools who are trying to take your freedoms. I assure you this post is to all the maggots on this blog who were never there but nonetheless have an opinion. Keep it to yourself and be glad there are men like this to provide the freedom for you to do all the useless crap you think makes you a model of humanity.

  64. Whoever made this is just stupid if it wasn’t for this brave solider lots of other soliders wouldn’t be be here today I don’t know what your defenition of a hero is but this man is a hero no matter what you say.

  65. Didn’t 15 of the 9/11 conspirators have Saudi passports and funding?

    So what does America do…invade Iraq.

    Got their oil lines now though don’t ya’s

    America… biggest war criminals in history.

  66. Kyle might have lied, but that was part of the movie. The man was a fucking hero, period the end. If you’d like to discuss this personally pm me and let me know. The other side of the mans book and the movie was the effects of PTSD. His struggles, his personality, his lies whatever it was, but what’s not a question is what he did whole overseas. The fact that you are some piece of shit that gets paid for what Kyle did, is a testament to what a hero he was. You say the people he killed weren’t a threat. How the fuck do you know that. Did you sign up? Did you go overseas? Are you an intelligence agent? No!!! Your a fucking tree hugging pussy. The man could have said he was president of the world and I wouldn’t give a shit. There are people alive today because of people he killed. Some may not have been as dangerous as others. Maybe some would have never come to America to harm anyone. But if they were left alive they would have hurt Americans there, they would have given money to support terror in America and that could be the money that have some group enough money to accomplish there goal. God I fucking hate people like you. I hate that I even got sucked into a response, but God damn it I can’t take you disrespectful fucks anymore.

    • How we know Iraq wasn’t a threat. Our own fucking government admitted to making a mistake and having shitty Intel. This guy isn’t a fucking hero. The heros are the soilders who had the balls to question and come forward about what was really going on and speaking out against being lied to by their own government

  67. It’s seems the only argument here is that Chris Kyle was a bad man because he served in a war that shouldn’t have happened. You cannot blame a pawn in a chess game for the entire fight. He was a man doing his job. No body knows what the man experienced but himself.

  68. Choose what you want to believe, its the us government to blame whole heartedly. Propaganda is fed to all, unless your part of the powers that be, how can you know exactly what happened with 9/11, was more likely a ploy by the us itself to have a reason to invade iraq?
    The military is a job, fit for some, not for others. Guess who controls the military? The government, it is a simple matter of brainwashing your own kin to have them believe these innocents are savages. They take orders, thats what theyre disciplined to do.
    Sure you can argue morals of the soliders in terms of their ability to justify killing an innocent, but until you’ve been posted in a war, seen your fellow soldiers die at the hands of the enemy in which youve been brainwashed to believe are savages, how can you justify your emotion to act rationally. Kill or be killed, survival of the fittest. Its human nature. No i do not condone it, i do not condone making a hero of him either, but i certainly do not see any reason to dehumanise kyle for example when he is purely a slave to the system, following orders and acting of first hand emotion. Whilst you sit in your wealthy homes, enjoying a nice cup of tea, how dare you criticise someone, when the issue lies in the govevernment. Youve not been in war, put in the situation of life and death, and you csnnot say you would act rationally becaus3 you just dont know!!

  69. Its quite sad when you read the majority of these responses and the blind ignorance and allegiance of the Americans that have left messages. They cant understand that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or any terror attacks on American soil. That the Invasion that took place, (America invading Iraq), was completely oil based. 100%. The Rumalia Oilfield, 2nd largest in the world, just outside of Basra, just across the border from Kuwait, was why the Gulf war started. I know, I work there. No weapons of mass destruction, no threat to the USA, just a shitload of oil. And lots of work for Halliburton.

  70. see the problem is the far left wants to find the romantic in war hero’s. the simple fact is war isn’t romantic you kill and u like it or you don’t. the ones that stay in build this sociopathic persona to deal with it so to kill and like it only allows you to stay in if you don’t like it and get out then u get out but to volunteer during a time of war and fight and kill another human being for what is perceived as right to that person is pretty brave and heroic. and the far left needs to stop degredating that actions of veterans because the government got us in a war they don’t agree with. bottom line is vets put themselves under enemy fire when the people who complain have the right to sit behind a computer and complain. btw what war on the whole is justified if someone says www2 because of Hitler need to do a little more hw on the genocide caused by Saddam. get over your pretentious ideals pick up a gun and see how romantic being a fucking hero is shit ain’t Hollywood shit is real.
    people in their own lives do dumb shit and lie and cheat I hate navy seals they are a bunch of whiny divas but it does not negate the fact that when the machetes are out they put their Dickson on the table. most of American hero’s are douches not everyone can be jimmy Stewart. but they are there when others are not. and if the author would like to see how bad Iraq is he should join as well and see how the gov or terrorists can run in people’s homes drape and kill as they please. just because it has nothing to do with us does not mean we just sit and watch people die. like in Africa we should be complaining less about how we don’t like gov policies and soldiers Arndt hero’s and more about kicking the shit out of boKo haram from doing the same genocidal bullshit Saddam did. news flash just because we entered thecthecoutntry does not mean that we were the cause of the insurgency if u believe we had that much power then live in China because it sounds as if listening to propaganda is ok with u.

  71. Stupidity can be corrected but ignorance cannot. It’s a waste of energy to try and convince “the sheep” here in the U.S. that our government did anything wrong. There still are people here that think terrorists hijacked planes with box cutters and flew the planes into buildings, that were built to withstand anything like that, and destroyed them.This article pisses the sheep off because they’re programmed not to think independently. For this guy to brag and feel good about killing a 15 year old kid, who probably wanted to defend his family or his neighborhood against an invading force, should tell anyone with any kind of intelligence that he’s nothing but a murderer. He enjoyed killing. An animal who called his victims savages to justify killing them. I wonder if any of these dumb fucktards that defend this guy would trust him to babysit their children. I wouldn’t trust him to live anywhere near me. Here in the U.S. our rights are being taken away right in front of us and the dumb sheep are bitching about a stupid movie that was made to make them feel good and this article goes against everything they are programmed to believe. When all of our rights are taken away and they’re being hauled off to FEMA camps, reality might then sink in to all these brainless brainwashed fucktarded monkeys that are on here complaining. This took about 5 minutes of my time and the sheep are not really worth it but……..i’m a nice guy. Do research sheep! You’re the first to go!

    • Lol. Just lol. Get a fucking like you paranoid schizophrenic fuck. Take your meds and sit back in the relative comfort and safety I provide you.

      • This is such bullshit. The freedom you provide. The man is correct. This war was nothing but domiance and money. Im sure you didn’t even know that the Bush family during WW2 sold weapons to the fucking Nazis. Look it up. read beyond what is forced down your throat

  72. You are a coward. This is the most proposterous article I’ve ever read. You reap the benefits of the safety that these soldiers provide every day and you clearly know nothing about the government’s actions with going to war. If you think the attack on 9/11 was not preplanned my these countries in some way, shape, or form, you’re mistaken. If there had been no need for these soldiers to go to war in Iraq, they wouldn’t have, and you as an American should be ashamed of the words you have shared about someone who is in fact a hero. He protected the soldiers that he was told to and if he hadn’t shot and killed those that were enemies, than there would have been even more military men coming home in caskets draped with american flags than actually did die. I cannot say enough how ridiculous you sound and that you should feel like a fool for posting something as offensive as this. You’ve definitely overstepped boundaries, especially from having a lack of knowledge, dedication, and heart for the country that you live in.

  73. Wow, you Americans are all a bunch of pigs anyaway i hope russia invades an buttfucks yo ass, everything your country has done in history is fuck with other nations, you are the creators of terrorism you are to blame you fucking tools

  74. All of our soldiers are heroes if you don’t like our men and women over there get out of our country because you have no respect for it you don’t have anything good to say don’t say it just don’t publish this bull crap he is a hero in my book and so is every soldier past and present

    • I don’t believe the author of the article is unsupportive of our troups. I believe they are unsupportive of a pointless and deadly war that killed thousands of American troups and thousand of innocent civilians. Chris Kyle is no hero. He himself has said he has no remorse for killing innocent people in Iraq. Kyle has been caught in multiple lies and the worst so far is that he told America that 100 percent of the profits from his book would go to wounded veterans. Out of the 6million plus dollars his family made only 2 percent ever went to those veterans. That is a proven fact. Try reading and researching beyond what they show you on Fox News. It is sad that word hero is attached to his name. This was no hero but a cold blooded killer with a nack for making up stories.

  75. He lied and he killed; he lied about how many he killed. He was certainly no more of a hero than any other person. Glad the truth is surfacing about his “legacy.”

  76. This whole piece is garbage. “Not to spit on his grave but… I’m gonna do it anyway.” How arrogant. He should have at least been honest enough to own up to his true goal: bemoan US foreign policy, insult US service members and try to make himself relevant by riding the coattails of a great movie about a great story that made a lot of money. Throw in a “#911Truth” or “#CashinIn” and the ludicrous idiot-circle is complete.

    The author essentially tries to make the case that Kyle can’t possibly be a hero because the war in iraq was all Bush’s fault and we shouldn’t have been there in the first place.


    Isn’t anyone else tired of this overplayed whine?

    I guess his logic leads us to the conclusion that there are no heroes. .. anywhere… ever. With presumably at least two sides to every conflict, you’re always going to have one side who thinks the other has no just reason to be there. I guess it’s clear which side this douchebag is on. (But that’s okay. The US didn’t go it alone. The rest of the civilized world had the same intelligence we did and they all gave either an enthusiastic helping hand or a passive “please, go ahead” to remove Evil from power.) If this guy wants to smugly defend evil from the comfort of his couch while sipping ironically flavored tea and mulling over which phrases will make him seem smarter, well, that’s on him. But nagging that protecting other service members (and civilians abused by Evil, btw) in a war zone isn’t heroic because the war zone shouldn’t have been a war zone in the first place is utter crap.

    Not to mention the fact he basically implies Kyle was just there to willy-nilly kill whoever he wanted to… which is asinine… and that Kyle was just a liar anyway…? What a dick. Not spitting on his grave, indeed.

    And while we are at it, let’s just throw in the old misogynistic quip “she asked for it…” (rape, assault, etc) “…because she shouldn’t have been there in the first place.” Hopefully put in that context his whine sounds equally empty and ridiculously pompous to everyone who wasted their time reading his opportunistic drivel.

    But, yeah, way to get hits on your lame blog. I don’t even need to read anything else to see how much of a waste of time it would be.

  77. You all fucking disgust me. but the day will come when you will beg us “non heros” to save you. If your not in the military or never been deployed stfu cuz you don’t even know what your talking about.

  78. Who the hell are you to pass judgement? Until you have been there done that, you are a spectator to an event you clearly know nothing about!!

  79. u don’t really make chris kyle less…but you make yourself seem less. according to you, you wrote this just to uninspire people without any altruistic motivation. the last thing you are is a hero. Thank goodness for first ammendment rights which allow people like the Klu Klux Klan and people like you to to speak and expose themselves as losers and the garbage of American society.

  80. I’d just like to say that anyone can take and quote someone in a way to make them sound evil or good. ” For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” -John 3:16 of the bible. It makes it seem like God is a good guy. ““Take your son, your only son—yes, Isaac, whom you love so much—and go to the land of Moriah. Go and sacrifice him as a burnt offering on one of the mountains, which I will show you.” -Genesis 22:3 of the bible. Now I made God seem like a dick. But if you read the rest you’ll find out it was a test, still makes God seem like a dick, and I just took a part of it to make my point seem valid. So before everyone blindly follows a blog which is used to help get personal opinions across you should probably look into this stuff more. As for people talking about PTSD and how they have it but didn’t lash out let me tell you something. You are not in jail, you did not kill someone, you did not hurt some. The beginning of each of those is the word YOU. Everyones brain’s function differently and process differently so don’t act like because YOU didn’t lash out it means it is not a cause for lashing out. If you want to use it that way then I will use down syndrome the opposite way. Yes there has been cases of people with down syndrome killing people. Does that mean all people with down syndrome with kill someone? No, because it’s a situational and mental reaction that caused the few to kill. Another example of how everyone processes things differently is stockholm syndrome. That need no explanation. So what I’m really getting at is, since you were not apart of this experience personally you have no clue what is or is not a lie. And using court cases is a poor way to show someone as a liar. Even heard of dirty judges? Or someone innocent going to jail? How about cases where girls lied about being raped and the male accused goes to jail only for the girl to come forward later? Welcome to Earth. Where everyone likes to act like other people’s business is their own.

  81. you people are all missing the whole point of what the article is trying to say, Chris Kyle was a great honorable brave man, and he was defintly a HERO to his commarades,friends,and family. But the whole war was a lie, IRAQ was no threat to America what so ever we went over there to gain control of valuable resorces and Chris Kyle was nothong more than a puppet being lied to for the elite personal gain. so was chris kyle a hero to me and most average joes here in america. NOOOOOO because i was never in danger in the first place. All i can say is bless those families who lost loved ones on both sides out there killing eachother for no real resons other then to bring more power to the elite. This needs to stop we need to UNITE …ONE LOVE everybody

  82. “My eyes have seen things yours have not. My heart has burn in ways yours cannot. My soul has bled in ways yours will not. The have nots, cannots, and will nots are the sheep of this country. They sleep without fear because I am the wolf that keeps other wolves at bay.”

    • I would say the sheep are the ones that murder the defenseless KNOWING that what they are doing is wrong and justifying it by dehumanising their victims. And all to fill the pockets of the human filth elite. Fuck your patriotic brainwashing.

  83. Every day in this country men and women willing lay down their lives for the sake of this country. These same men and women give you your freedom of speech, your right to religion, even your right to make sure you don’t self-incriminate yourself. It takes a bold person to sit there and say that they don’t want any of it. These people lay down everything for people who say they don’t want it and in most cases don’t deserve it. If you don’t want your freedom, leave. That red, white and blue is and will always be the symbol of your freedom. Don’t trample on it for the sake of a “good blog.”

    • I served in with Chris and the best part about the military is the sex. We would get naked and play grab ass all day. There is a reason for, “Never leave a man’s behind”. It’s not gay sex if you are serving. Like prison sex. and don’t get me started on all that young, tight brown boy bum over there. Chris was a shooter in more ways than one. HELLO!

    • Oh please get over yourself. The last war we fought for a true cause was WW2. I can’t believe how many people are so blind. War = Money. You wanna bad mouth American citizens for speaking out against a pointless war but praise a government who carelessly sends thousand of American soldiers to there death for what? World dominance? Control of Oil? Billion dollar war contracts? Privatized armies that get paid more than soldiers who actually voulenteered cause they believed in the false information the government fed them. I have complete respect for our troops but because I speak out against a pointless war means I’m unpatriotic is just bullshit.

  84. We have 150 bases in 150 countries (or more), and we are not wanted in any of them, we are the terrorists, we have more chickenshits….sorry “Heroes” invading more countries than Nazi Germany/England at the height of their power combined, I left the military for that one reason, attacking those with less firepower does not make us heroes, I’m from North Dakota and see less and less of these magical “freedoms” that we talk about, served for 6 years, never again. and for the pussy keyboard warriors that will no doubt say “blah blah or get out of my country”, nope I wont you inbred cunt.

  85. Conservatives: ‘merica! If you don’t like it then you can git out.
    Liberals: killing is bad. Peace is good. Why can’t we all just get along?
    Me: why am I surrounded by idiots who can’t spell, think for themselves or make it through one online debate without resorting to their preeteen level comebacks? Just die already, all of you. You’re all a bunch of fucking morons. Almost none of you have the mental or verbal capacity to express your dumbass ‘opinions’ with even a semblance of elegance or sophistication. You all think you have your own opinions and that yours is the right one, but all of you have the same opinions as everyone else in your political group. You don’t think for yourselves no matter who you are. You might as well copy and paste the comments above yours word for fucking word, because it’s all been said before. You can’t even articulate a full fucking sentence. Half of you can’t even use the different iterations of ‘your’ correctly in a sentence, and yet we’re supposed to give a shit about what you have to say?
    If there were any justice in the world you’d all be dead. Fuck you all.

  86. You fail to mention a time where he dropped an enemy solider carrying an rpg, and a kid came by and picked up the weapon. The kid was considering shooting at Americans. Kyle had his sights on the kid and prayed for him to drop it. The kid fortunately did, and Kyle didn’t shoot.

    You also forget to mention when Kyle broke “sniper protocol” and used his superior training to lead Marines on close-combat assaults. He voluntarily put himself in a higher-risk situation to help his fellow soldiers.

    You can’t blame Kyle for foreign policy. He served 4 tours and saved many soldiers’ lives. He was a soldier and he excelled at it. He is a hero in every sense of the word.

  87. This movie is a cinematic portrayal of Chris. He had some faults along with the movie. It is a fact that he risked his life for his country and fellow soldiers which is something most liberals won’t do. They try to justify their cowardliness by saying every military conflict is unjust. We are lucky to have people like Chris to fight our battles. If you watch interviews with any successful sniper throughout history they all had the same mindset as Chris. That is what made them good at it. There are a lot of people who can become marksman but only a few have the ability and willpower to sacrifice part of their humanity to be a sniper. He sacrificed so much so you could sacrifice little. Be great full and pray for more like him.

  88. I feel as if you left out all of the important stuff, like the good things he said about his life in war. It wasn’t the killing he loved, it was the adrenaline and thrill of war that he enjoyed. The only reason he said that killing people didn’t bother him anymore is because when you go to boot camp, they brain wash you so it can’t bother you. Also, it isn’t Chris Kyle’s fault that we went to war in the first place. He killed these Iraqi’s because of what was started by other people. I’d like to see you go out there and do the same stuff he did and call yourself a bad person and that it didn’t effect you.

  89. Kris Kyle was a hero. i dont care what others think. he saved soldiers lives, he did what he had to do. thanks kris; your a hero at heart.

  90. If it has not yet been stated, Politicians have been controlling the modes in-which the military act not those in service. Now, there are many military commanders that have been and are shackled by different regulations. More specifically the ROE. Yet what some people totally overlook, for whatever reason, is this. Anyone, anywhere in time, that is apart of any military unit, does the job or jobs they are trained to do.It does not matter what one labels the situation or area of conflict. There is no facet of war that is pretty.It is ugly, depressing, and very very violent.None leave without being a casualty. The best moment is when those engaged can return home. Everyone has the right to say Hero. An there are many, from all over the world. From this blossoms the ability to express our freedom of speech. Let’s not ignore that keeping those rights is a never ending struggle. Be safe, stay well and remain Anonymous,muahahahaha!!

  91. I presume the difference here beyond anything else is that US soldier try to only kill people who try to kill them, this animal was defenseless in this position. The only thing that would have made it the same, would have been if this fucking idiot would have armedwrestled the lion and won, then yeah, as far as I am concern he would have been a hero, but I’m afraid he would have lost 9 out of 10.

  92. Wrong Wrong Wrong. Many of the people he killed were imported to fight Americans on iraqi soil which was merely a battleground for a global war just as Afghanistan and now syria has become. If we had not been in iraq then where would the battlefield have been? Spain, England, NYC perhaps? Was America wrong in choosing Iraq for the battleground? Perhaps.. but there is no doubt that it was an ideal battlefield for the type of military America is. Much better then Vietnam. Thing that is ridiculous is that ISIS, al quida, or whatever they are called now adays dont even get that they are being lured to fight in battlegrounds much more conducive to US forces.

  93. Seems like he just enjoyed killing people any chance he got. Natural disaster? I’m gonna pick me off some looters!! Even if that was a lie – which, hopefully it was – what a fucked up story to be proud of.
    Is this really the type of person you want to hold up as a hero?

    And the outrage that someone would dare to even question the hero narrative shows how little the truth is valued over self-serving fiction and outright fabrication.

  94. Chris Kyle was an American hero. Muslims, you’re wrong with how you worship and what you support, repent to the Lord. I pray for you that you decide to save your soul and become Christian or Jewish. Muhammad is a false prophet, Jesus is the way to Heaven.

  95. War is funded on both sides by the same higher powers, and is a huge money making racket. Arguing over who is a hero and who is not is pointless. There’s no good and bad, no light and dark, just profit. You have been played and deceived.

  96. I 100% agree.. To glorify a killer is wrong.. he killed for a government with an agenda. Nothing heroic about that.. Now if your brain washed like most military people are,you would take a different point of view. Poor bastards. Peace is the Answer not Aggression.

  97. hmm ok…. firstly …. the film in my eyes wasn’t about bragging about the kills he had. it was a story about the struggles of ptsd. in my opinion.

    there was mentions of kill ratio but it wasn’t the moral of the story

    is he a Hero? id say yes, you fight for your country your a hero in my eyes. regardless of how many bullets are fired.

  98. Every other country knows that Americans are the most stupidest people on this planet.

    All their scientists and Brains are the imports from other countries such as Germany,Russia,Spain and etc..

    Government easily brainwashing this little uneducated sheeps with delusional shit called democracy and patriotism.
    Army is filled with rednecks who are brainwashed by the shit called freedom.
    what freedom are your leaders talkign about?
    America is dependent on someone? is America shackled by someone?
    America is more than free that holds a very strong influence in all over the world.
    But as i said typical American is too stupid to dig a little and understand what is going on. Since his birth he is being brainwashed.
    time to wake up.

    • There’s dumbass people all over the world and if you can’t see that then you’re one of them.I am American,I am not brainwashed and don’t believe anything the government,news or any other propaganda machine says.People in general are plain fucking stupid,that’s a fact.This whole thread of replies is moronic at best and the only reason I’m leaving a reply is because I’m sick and tired of jackasses like you Tomas calling an entire society of people uneducated delusional sheep.You are part of the problem asshole.

  99. i can’t justify about chris kyle’s action against saddam hussain but if america didn’t invaded iraq then the Saudi Arabia would still be in control of Iraq and Al Qaeda would have spread terror terror around the world .

  100. Jake A wrote this comment above and like to say spot on sir alot of people opinion would be different if they spend time on the ground in either hell hole or asked and listened to the ones who have. When I enlisted in the U.S Army, I was a small town backwoods boy who had no real knowledge of the outside world. To this day I still remember clearly watching 9/11 on the TV and I was only 8 years old. I was a little boy sitting in a room filled with weeping mothers and their children staring at the incredible scene. Ten years later I enlisted right after high school. There is a deep tradition to serve in the armed forces in my family. My great grandfather served in WW1, my grandpa is WW2, my dad married early and never enlisted, and then I felt compelled to serve also.
    I deployed to Afghanistan as an Airborne Infantryman in 2012. While deployed i began to educate myself in the truth of what had really been going on in the world. At one point I had serious doubts of why I was there. I could only justify it in my head when women, children, and village elders would come to our tiny base in the Tangi Valley requesting our assistance. We would supply them, give them pens and paper to teach their kids to write. We would provide 24 hour overwatch to their school adjacent to us which the taliban in the area wanted to destroy. I personally requested family and friends to send me candy and pens for the children. When we were on the patrol and not getting shot at or blown up I would be handing out whatever I could give to the poor kids. I and my company were protecting them from this hellish gang called the “taliban”. The same group who would bust into the villager’s homes to steal the women and children for sex slaves, demand money or resources or hang the man of the house on a tree.
    The subject is Chris Kyle is full of holes and uncertainties. You are speaking about a man who has killed hundreds. Those people more than likely deserved each one of their demises. Reading “American Sniper” is reading the mind of this soldier who has seen a numerous amount of death and pain. Instead of condemning him to hell how about you wish and pray for peace in his soul. He had his problems just like all of us have.
    I have no regrets for anything I did overseas. It was hell on earth over there. This demonization of U.S. soldiers need to stop, especially if you are the ones who preach peace and equality. Share your love for all or love none.
    It seems those who have the strongest opinions about the war on Iraq and Afghanistan have never stepped foot there or seen it with their own eyes. If you really want to know what had happened, ask a veteran, a lot of them, and you will get your answer.

  101. Well,white people I’m black.I don’t care for your labeling of your terrorist & baby killers white boys and their sidekick coloreds as”hero’s… Chris kyletta,is the same as one of your evil&nasty cops.I am a cop hater&have to pity for them when they get their sorry,lying asses gunned down as they did in Dallas or anywhere else.

  102. My comment will be short and to the point. Your statement that there were no WMD’s in Iraq is an absolute lie. I helped secure a sight in northern Iraq where there were literally thousands of artillery
    rounds in storage. The lie told by a couple of senators and or congressmen was simply to divert attention
    from the fact that the rounds were surplus from the United States the UK and other NATO countries.
    They were given to Sadom during the 80’s to help win the war between Iraq and Iran.
    It would bring me a great amount of joy If you would stop with the lies and liberal bullshit. The facts are
    indisputable.. You see I was there 3 times and lost controll of my hands and legs as a result of injuries from a mortor attack. The thing is if I could I would go back and help in the fight against ISIS which was allowed to be due to short sited decisions made for political reasons rather that military since.

  103. Put on a uniform and stand a watch. No? Then shut the fuck up. He was there under orders to do a job he was good at, and saved many lives while there. I made it about halfway through your so called article. You are entitled to your opinion no matter how completely stupid it is.

  104. Chris Kyle saved alot of Marines and army soldiers. I’d call that a hero. To some of you punks that say soldiers and Marines are cowards and you’re not scared to say it to their faces. You are the cowards because I’ve had plenty of you little sissies talk smack in my face but when I stand up and get in your face you apologize for being a turd. Cowards, yes you are. You are a bad ass online but in person you’re nothing but a scared little oxygen thief. You morally bankrupt cowards are envious because you are not alpha males and do not know what it’s like to be an alpha. So the next time you see me out and about call me a coward and I’ll send you to the dentist with your teeth in your hand.

  105. Why do we’d as americans,have a need to propagate the worship of a colonial empire? The men and women who put their life on the line are heroes. However,the reason we are there is wrong.

  106. Who are the dumb misinformed a**holes that made this website. One American solider or life saved by Chris Kyle = hero. Dude, there are none of us that are perfect, but this website you put up is disgusting and ridiculous. You self serving bastards are able to write this crap because of men like Chris Kyle that go out there to ensure your freedom. I would love for you to go over there and write something like this about the Taliban or any other terrorist group from your computer smack in the middle of them. As a matter of fact consider that a challenge you scared people behind a computer screen. You snowflakes are so soft, so then why not think of his wife and children before you write this crap. I can tell you what you can wipe with this, but I think you can use your imagination—you did with this piece you wrote and to all those idiots that chimed in with you. Do your homework young ones before you jump on somebody’s bandwagon. I guess it is easier to rely on fake news and stories.

  107. Oh I see we are moderated before we can post to this ridiculous website. How convenient for these jerks to publish this crap on the internet and moderate a response.

  108. Sociopathic asshole; he seemed to enjoy killing as many people as he could, whether they were a legitimate target or not. There’s certainly nothing to rejoice in his death, however Darwinism seemed to be at play on the day he was killed. Who takes a mentally ill ex-marine(who’d been convicted of violence in the past)to a gun range and then proceed to give him a loaded weapon.

  109. Cat: Why don’t you enlighten all of us on how an illegal war fought against a people who were never any threat to us have possibly helped protect our freedom. The insurgents that Chris Kyle killed were fighting against an illegal war waged against their country. The invasion of Iraq only exacerbated the rise of terrorism, rather than fighting to end it.

  110. Of this forum mini readers, of this forum, will know that seals Sea Air land have all completed the so-called hell week. This is four and a half hours of intense exercise. Chris Kyle has completed those. That does not mean that he has stopped being a b******* artist. That he definitely is and his wife is making off to the bank with millions of dollars.


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