The REAL Reason Nearly EVERYONE Is In Syria




The Syrian crisis as we know it began over a few protests, with mere hundreds of demonstrators in attendance. How has it exploded into a migrant “crisis” with dying children…. a mainstream media information war waged against Russia… a proxy war involving Russia, the US, NATO and even China now…  which is now evolving into a hot war “against” ISIS, one “accident” away from a full-blown shooting war between the uncooperative “partners”?

The US has long had its gaze on Syria, years before the civil war and the 2011 “revolution”; Wikileaks has a cable from US ambassador Williams Roebuck, who was then stationed in Syria,  discussing a plan to remove Assad from power.

The full cable can be found here. It’s worth a read.

Jullian Assange during an  RT interview:

“…That plan was to use a number of different factors to create paranoia within the Syrian government; to push it to overreact, to make it fear there’s a coup…so in theory it says ‘We have a problem with Islamic extremists crossing over the border with Iraq, and we’re taking actions against them to take this information and make the Syrian government look weak, the fact that it is dealing with Islamic extremists at all…’”

“…foster tensions between Shiites and Sunnis. In particular, to take rumors that are known to be false…or exaggerations and promote them – that Iran is trying to convert poor Sunnis, and to work with Saudi and Egypt to foster that perception in order to make it harder for Iran to have influence, and also harder for the government to have influence in the population.”

Other leaked cables reveal that the US had CIA operatives on the ground instigating the relatively small demonstrations that started it all…even starting up a propaganda satellite TV channel which broadcasts anti-government programming across the country. Called Barada TV, it is based in London, but financed by Washington.  Saudi Arabia , Turkey and Qatar had also been working on arming and financing the rebels since 2012.

Destroying the myth that Obama was anything BUT a Bush clone (and the notion that US presidents make the decisions), financial backing for Syrian opposition groups began under former US President George W. Bush, but continued under Obama.

So WHY is all this happening? The mainstream media has been keen to push the narrative that it’s because of sectarian differences, Sunni VS Shiite- which mirrors how US politicians were trying to mislead the Syrian People originally, as seen in the above cables. This narrative gets bust when one considers the fact that the vast majority of Assad’s soldiers are in fact Sunni.

You want to know the truth? You can’t han- OK OK, here it is:

This is the first time Russia and the US has been bombing the SAME country since WW2, and the reasons are largely the same when one looks beneath the rhetoric: influencing areas of strategic importance, and resources- as is the real reason for nearly every conflict. Syria just happens to be in a very strategic position.

You see, this coalition between the US, NATO, Qatar and Saudi Arabia arises just as the Iran-Iraq-Syria gas pipeline was being discussed; the pipeline would have eventually reached Europe, and allowed Europe to diversify its reserves away from Russia- reducing Russia’s influence on Europe and allowing the US to fill the void. Another pipeline to Europe ALSO depending on Syria’s cooperation was the Qatar-Turkey pipeline.Note the purple line which traces the proposed Qatar-Turkey natural gas pipeline and note that all of the countries highlighted in red are part of a new coalition hastily put together after Turkey finally (in exchange for NATO’s acquiescence on Erdogan’s politically-motivated war with the PKK) agreed to allow the US to fly combat missions against ISIS targets from Incirlik. Now note which country along the purple line is not highlighted in red. That’s because Bashar al-Assad didn’t support the pipeline and now we’re seeing what happens when you’re a Mid-East strongman and you decide not to support something the US and Saudi Arabia want to get done.

Assad refused to allow the Turkish-Qatar pipeline through his borders,  ‘to protect the interests of [his] Russian ally, which is Europe’s top supplier of natural gas.’” Turkey and Saudi Arabia get pissed, and fund “rebels” (ISIS). Putin has finally remembered this friendship, as well as his country’s monopoly on the European market, and sends jets to bomb the “rebels”…  and so the rest, as they say, is history.

( To be fair, this is probably only the short-term reason; as should be apparent by now, the long-term reason to be in Syria is to weaken the US’s chief rivals in the region (Iran, Syria itself and of course Russia) by any means necessary, though that would leave out the motivations of the smaller players (Europe, Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia) who stand to benefit a great deal from supplying and receiving gas.)


As a side-note, the 2008 U.S. Army-funded RAND report, “Unfolding the Future of the Long War” describes the strategy that we see being deployed in Syria right now:

“Divide and Rule focuses on exploiting fault lines between the various Salafi-jihadist groups to turn them against each other and dissipate their energy on internal conflicts. This strategy relies heavily on covert action, information operations (IO), unconventional warfare, and support to indigenous security forces. … the United States and its local allies could use the nationalist jihadists [in Syria, AKA the “moderate” rebels] to launch proxy IO campaigns to discredit the transnational jihadists in the eyes of the local populace… U.S. leaders could also choose to capitalize on the ‘Sustained Shia-Sunni Conflict’ trajectory by taking the side of the conservative Sunni regimes against Shiite empowerment movements in the Muslim world…. possibly supporting authoritative Sunni governments against a continuingly hostile Iran.”

In essence, when applied to Syria, the strategy advocates supporting various Sunni jihadist groups in Syria so that they weaken the Syrian government. In order to keep the groups from themselves overrunning the area, simply have the “foreign” groups fight the “local” ones. All the while, support Sunni governments against Iran. We see this playing out right now as ISIS battles the “moderates” as well as Assad. We see that happening as Turkey and Saudi Arabia join the West against Iran and Syria.

This divide and conquer strategy is well-known, used most successfully by the British Empire in establishing its rule over MUCH larger nations around the world. By supplying arms (often in exchange for resources, labor and REAL goods) to multiple small factions to fight and weaken each other, the British were the only ones powerful enough left to exert their own rules on the local populace.

The entry of Russia into the conflict throws a wrench into that plan, in that it is hell-bent  on destroying ISIS. Taking out one faction in the area would allow the few remaining “moderates”, and more specifically the Assad government to strengthen- preventing other nations from exerting their “colonial” ambitions on Syria.

Sources: Mint Press NewsVOX,  RT, Wikileaks

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  1. The story has many flaws, one is that yo forgot to add the whole Russia-US conflict is just a game to loot destroyed nations while not looking like a prick like England and France did to some African nations (Haiti vs DR for example) nd not a real “war”. We know that ISIS is not a real Syrian movement, but the original demonstrations were not fake either, they were in response to the Arab spring and there is no outside motivation needed to know that the government is corruot af. Our best bet is that the FSA finishes off both Assad’s regime and ISIS, but who knows. Even if the protesters lose, ISIS would still want to consume Assad’s regime and stuff.

  2. the amount of bullshit in this article is too damn high!
    and this bullshit website too its all about conspiracies and about news that isn’t even true i’ll suggest that the anonhq hopefully wil get their fact straigt…. and where do thet even get their information from to me this is like 75% made-up

  3. take off your sunnies and see the truth. it’s just the 21st century way of expanding israeli border. this time usa is using russia and daesh to sell bombs and look like the baddies. Sadly, Syria a beautiful land with beautiful people is suffering enormously yet again.

    • Amazing how anything that is said is turned to Israel…it amazes me even more how the whole world is afraid of one of the smallest countries in the world. I wonder why is that?

      • Because they have the backing of America and they possess the world’s largest illegal nuclear arsenal AND because despite their declaration of “democracy” , deep down they have deeply seated theocratic systems (which makes them as dangerous and insane as anyone else in that shitty part of the world).

        Oh, sorry, were you going to suggest that it’s based on irrational antisemitism?

        Haha.Nice try, faggot.

        • Well said ??????, People now like to ignore and disregard the truth and hope it’s not true it’s great to see that ppl aren’t oblivious to what is really happening in the world, like I said well said Pelé

        • I’m an average American that is trying to seek out various different news sources to try and get different points of view.

          What Pele says here honestly makes me wonder with confusion. Granted, I grew up mostly with westernized news sources, hence trying to diversify my understanding, but perhaps I am missing something here. I do not see the Israelis being a threat at all.

          Why do I think this?

          They are not the ones beheading, suicide-bombing and living like terrorists crazy people. I don’t see them doing anything as heinous as what many in that region…well, do.

          So it always confuses me when “blame all of the jews!” topic gets brought up.
          Am I brainwashed? Is there some non-fiction books you can point me to?
          Because, all I see, actions-wise, are the radical Arabs behaving like neanderthals, not the Israelis.

          Just my two cents

          • Max Igan suggests that governments are racketeering. He mentions governments are in the business of creating an enemy (boogie man) fr the purpose of supporting the Military Idustrious Complex. You can read/listen/view more about him on thecrowhouse dot com. I hope that helps.

      • LOL are u like serious!!?
        The fact that you think that Israel is wht scares the world makes blind as hell, ah sorry hell isn’t blind nor you cuz you see through MEDIA.
        pffff tiring world + tiring ppl t3ayo ya za7.

        • Israel doesn’t scare the world. It’s akin to a parasite sucking it’s host’s blood and as it grows and is now becoming recognized for what it is as it hides behind screams of “anti-sematism!”

    • Israel is and has been land of Israelis long time before ARAB people came claming it. As for the modern word Palestine, there is no culture nor language associated with Palestines. It is Arabic culture and Arabic language. Trans-Jordan was no man’s land when Arabs came to clame it. Syria wasnt always Arabic,only after the Othomans.
      This article may not be perfectly written, but more important point is It talks about standart propaganda that has been used by US and British succesfully with other countries.

      • that doesn’t mean that Israelis should start killing innocent Palestinian ppl and reclaim the land by genocide. and what about aboriginals? they should be given the right to rule australia since they had long before came to australia and lived in it for thousands of years untill the white (BRITISH) came and took over.

  4. it’s just expanding zion borders, once again. A beautiful land with beautiful people, continuing to suffer at the hands of usa using Russia and daesh to aid its cause.

  5. I think there is really something weird going on in this war in Syria. But there is even a bigger fear, that this kind of financial politic scheme might end up in something much worser than with the terror reign of the taliban in pakistan. Maybe ISIS is only a nightmare against what really might come out in the end.I really hope, that Western politicians at least once learn to check the details really carefully before meddling up and causing even more chaos than is already existing.

  6. so why is zion leader netenyahu being bashed all over the place ?

    ppl hating on the israel govt now…wsup with that…

    if rothschild just wants to enslave all…guess he gives 2 shyts what fate netenyahu…obama…the queen the pope…all get slammed and the internal fighting carefully engineered…weakens all for domination…my question is this…

    why do we say we are rivals in the first place…its because we havent all learned yet how to stop bullying behavuor and it simomy boiks down to who gets to decide what ? b…majority rules or the few rule….take out the federal reserve money system,,,,burn it al and wed ne just like the animals in the woods…eating together a meal they worked together to prepare….no money necessary..i dont see a wolf askjng for a dollar or a sheep or a cow or a horse…u see my point….we must fix the voting system of all humans or fight to doninare brothers and sisters and those not of certain blodlines or ibtellect yet…dafuq…its not brain sciene…or rocket surgery…sitvatva table with a c3po ad listen to each others interests…then dovetail the issues soball are satisfied…oil seriously ? ,,make fricken solar pods on zip line looking copper loop tubes..shyt mices for free leqvibg us morw time to build more cool shyt…jeez

  7. I think this analysis is not complete. One of the major reasons Assad refused the pipeline was to back Iran’s interests more than Russia’s ones. Indeed, the whole point of the Qatar-Turkey pipeline is to get rid of the obligation for tankers leaving Qatar/Saudi/Emirates to pass through the very narrow Ormuz strait, military controlled by Iran. Once we don’t need Iran to be enough nice to let our tankers go, we’ll be able to insult and attack them without them having any means to retaliate. This project was discussed since decades with Assad senior, who always refused it.

  8. This is a bullshit article and does not paint the whole picture. The Syrian conflict in part, is connected to the gas pipeline to Europe, but had everything to do with the yinon plan. (From Neil to Euphrates) why was Libya toppled and became the distabalized terror Hub it is ? Was was Egypt toppled and replaced with the puppet sisi ? They’ will come a time when Israel will attack Egypt from the west to extend its territory, and now that task has become easier that Libya is under NATO (Israel) control. The south (Sudan, etheupia) already under Zionist control. Syria, for golan heights had to be distabalized and Assad overthrown…and there is of course the oil 🙂

  9. This war is a “farce” it is being used by “World Governments” to stripp the people of more of their individual freedoms under the “false Sense of Security” they will get in return for giving up Yet more of their rights..This is an “Awakening” of the Human Race.

  10. This is interesting but as you say, incomplete. To complete this picture we need to study the geopolitical positions for a little longer. Agenda 21, and back through to Stalin and before. Everyone here is playing the long game. Lets look at the problems we have. No.1 Over population. No.2 Foreseeable food shortages 3. Basic shortages based on basic population needs including energy, consumerism, pollution. and of course, the big one history teaches us: the fall of empires, regime change… the transfer of power from one group to another.

    All the problems in the world at present except for a few breakaways, are aligned. It is no coincidence as this is your One World Order. It has been so for a very long time. The shadow government is not aliens it is just men in power and the idea started a very long time ago.. Rome, then the rise of the Vatican, and so forth. What you are seeing here is just the same ideas just modernized. Capitalism for instance is not a self sustainable notion. Eventually you create large enough class of poor people that there is no one to purchase your goods. If you base innovation on capitalism, eventually you will stall. War creates demand for innovation and in fact, most of our best inventions were created for or during war or the threat there of. The destruction and rewriting of history is a crucial point in controlling your population. There are very few original ideas left in the world. We have a long run of fallen civilizations and the fact we are scrabbling around looking for “proof” is in it self proof that destroying history works well allowing leaders to use the same tactics over and over. Humanity for all its current advancement has really not advanced at all. So the war in the middle east. For starters it has always been in conflict. The seat of humanity so to speak has been at war for as long as there are records. Borders are constantly changing. Now the world governments are in play and again it’s the long game. Nothing is wasted here. Yes there are natural resources, yes there are geopolitical lines and balances of power in the region. But what else is going on… now we have the post powerful tools in history for propaganda so this is used to allow the one world order to remove citizen rights or as Ben Frankin put it, Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. But the populace has no idea and surrender their liberties from rights to gather, to protest, free speech, the right to read free information, to refuse direction (from vaccinations to employment) and a very long list there. The current system is also designed to create a world of virtual slavery were only a few people are truly free and those are used to help control the rest. Who sits at the top of the pyramid is anyone’s guess. Now what is Russia’s game ? I suspect they are still playing a role in the global agenda but what role is confusing. They seem to have their own agenda, along with Iceland and a few other nations moving onwards. We always need “a bad guy” role and Russia plays this one well. Was the surprise of Russia’s new PAK50 or their 1500km cruise missile genuine ? Possibly, but probably not. Will Turkey fall into Russia’s lap.. probably. Turkey became too powerful and the power players are not happy with their ever increasing place in the world. the fact the USA has around 60 nuclear warheads there is disturbing. Saudi is another issue growing in the region. Israel sitting between them all is always worried and if there was no big picture – Israel would not exist in the face of its neighbors. So why does the USA and the NATO back so many regional players who seem to be on different sides ? Again it is the long game. I hesitate at ideas of WW3, End times, extinction level events.. I do not think the players what civilization to fall per se, they simply want to reduce the population and take total control to achieve their utilitarian totalitarian one world order where it can correct the mistakes. Ultimately the irony here is that we will be a communistic global state and we will have world peace. And I have to agree with the players. If humanity was even remotely capable of solving it’s problems on it’s own, we would not be here debating them. We have had thousands of years and longer to solve this issue. The Library of Alexander was built around this goal.. alas here we are. So personally I am sitting back to see if this really is how I see it, or just total chaos and short term thinking in synchronicity of chance appearing like a One world Order playing chess. Anyway, that is my analysis. I skipped a lot of facts because the more I include the more fuel I give to trolls and my opinion turns into a debate about individual facts. Long game !!!

  11. you forgot to mention that Murdoch and Rothschild have a company genie energy with a mine on the Golan heights, trucking oil into Israel daily and not one truck is being bombed. Also it is my belief that America having deposed all the major leaders in the middle east except Syria and iran.. continue to exploit resources and have hired mercenaries in Syria, you know the ones who yell allah akhbar as they kill Christians, minority groups and assads troops. The ones ASSAD PROTECTS. look no further than America and Israel to find out why half the population of Syria has been murdered and displaced. Have you noticed the human rights abuser Saudi arabia takes no refugees??? but is aided by America. cheney wrote a document around 1998 stating that America had to take the worlds resources by fair or foul means, they chose foul.. starting with Iraq. They are the stealers of middle east resources. and is it all about making Israel the middle eastern power.

  12. For real? Just look at the map. Both pipelines could bypass syria via irak and turkey. Plus – why would russians want to have an iran – eu pipeline when they have tons of oil to sell. Just to help drop the price which is shattering their financial ballance? Amd if i remember correctly ISIS expanded in northen Irak , making it if something ipossible to draw a pipeline via notprth irak as well

  13. USA does not need to get involved with this BS. These pipe routes were laid out in the 1960s. Hahaha. Just check national geographic.

  14. not that …… the reason is to create big Israel it start from dejla raver to forat raver and what in between it will be the big Israel look to their flag and go read about history you will discover that what happening in the world now is planned for many century before and the plan is executed step by step around the table and in the dark will be continue……………..


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