Undercover Researcher Infiltrates The Deep Web. This Is What She Finds.


The Deep Web is not The Dark Web. The Dark Web is the encrypted network that exists between Tor servers and their clients. The Deep Web is simply the content of databases and other web services that cannot be indexed by conventional search engines. You can only access 0.03% of the Internet via search engines; the rest is what makes up The Deep Web used mostly by pedophiles.

Cracked’s source, “Pam”, spent months undercover in an online community of child molesters, learning their lingo and studying their ways as part of an undergrad research project. She shares some of her horrifying experiences of visiting the dark side of the Internet…

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#5. The Dark Web Has A Whole Pedophile “Community”

Child pornographers have their own Wikipedia, which is accessible through Tor, named “Hard Candy”. There is also a discussion forum called 3DBoys, which is full of erotic art; however, there isn’t any actual porn on 3DBoys. There is also a site called 7axxn, essentially the Mos Eisley Cantina for child pornographers. Since its membership was heavily restricted, the only way to get into 7axxn was to get an invitation from a current member and gaining their trust would require breaking the law. This whole “incriminate yourself to get inside” attitude was common among pedophiles of The Deep Web. Pam got lucky though; someone invited her on the third day and she was in. The further in she got, the more terrifying the implications of her research became.


#4. There Are “Child Lovers” And Then There Are “Child Molesters”

7axxn is a community of over 90,000 registered users, filled with gigabyte after gigabyte of child pornography. Most users are just there for the porn, but hundreds of them also contribute to a lively set of discussion forums. There are even polls, breaking down the popularity of things such as “Hurtcore”, which is the charming shorthand term for pornography featuring the violent physical abuse of children. Within the “community” there are people who are sexually assaulting victims who were incapable of giving consent (real rape), and those who are having ‘mutual’ sexual relationships with children (real sex).


#3. It’s A Family Business

Pam found a moderator on 7axxn with the moniker sarahthecunt, who claims to have been molested by her dad as a young girl and enjoyed it so much that she grew up taking pride in her identity as a pedophile. She has three children that she and her husband are “bringing up pedo” (her husband is a member, too). This is another way of saying they rape their children and convince them that they’re enjoying it. She posts videos she and husband make; according to her, the kids are willing participants (obviously they can’t be). Here, in sarahthecunt’s own words, are the rules they set for their children:


#2. Child Molesters Have A Handbook

How does she manage to stay hidden from the eyes of the law for so long? Because people like her have a handbook that includes bits on argumentative justifications for pedophilia. Among other things, it advises buyers of child porn to do their business in Bitcoin and teaches readers “… how to have sex with children, and hide it from a significant other”. The handbook also keys newbie pedophiles in on helpful hints such as using the shorthand acronym CP, instead of actually typing “child pornography”. Another term the community uses to avoid suspicion is “young friends”, which refers to the children they’ve either abused or wanted to abuse. The community further protects itself by carrying out all their communication anonymously on Tor and keeping vigilant moderators.


#1. They Are Very Good At Staying Anonymous

One day, Pam discovered a thread about the best way to drug children (one quote: “[Drug name removed] does wonders. Very mild and relaxes muscles too … Btw [removed] only make them tired and lethargic. Not a good choice for a light sleeper unless mixed with etoh (alcohol). Be careful.”). Disgustingly, those posts were right alongside those insisting that kids just love sex.


Pam looked for any court admissible evidence, location data, ID information… but she found nothing. People in The Deep Web are very open about what they want to do to children, but also very careful about not mentioning where they are located. And the credit goes to Tor – that’s why it is next to impossible to stop the spread of child porn across the hidden reaches of the Internet.

This Article (Undercover Researcher Infiltrates The Deep Web. This Is What She Finds.) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and AnonHQ.com.


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  1. Anon what can we do as parents to save the children of this planet from monsters such as the ones described. I see us making an AI smart enough to decrypt their codes and find out where these disgusting people exist and take them all out via drones. Our policing and governing system just isn’t capable of combating this issue as its bigger then any one of us can even imagine. I truly hope every human being on this planet wakes up from there sleep and takes action against the monsters that have been running this planet. Was this what the internet was created for? If so let’s change that and give back the future to the children. They are everything we have.

    • I have the same feeling with you, but if you just set some drones to kill them you are becoming equal to them… you have no right. On the other hand you can locate them and set them behind bars and let the inside society judge them… and believe me the result is much better as a given example so the rest of pedophiles!

      • have no RIGHT? are you fricking SERIOUS? ALL pedos should be SHOT period. It is in NO WAY being “equal” to them at all by ANY means. THEY are taking CHILDREN’S LIVES. THEY forfeited their life by doing so. JUSTICE is what it would be. not giving them a cushy damned cell where taxpayers must keep them healthy and fed and entertained.

        • Sorry i have to disagree with you.
          They shouldnt be shot. They should be put in prison. Prison is a much more aggressive in its approach. They themselves with constantly tear these people down day in day out until they cant do it anymore.

          I would NOT waste a single bullet for a quick death. Make long and painful. Thats the way to stop this. People will learn to be put off by a slow death. Otherwise they think they will have the fun they want to be put to rest quickly and painless. FUCK THAT. Make them see what they dkne wrong before EVER killing someone. Torture. Best way to get someone to talk and commit to something they did.

          • I agree put them in prison there was a news report not long ago about 3 guys who got a nonce in prison who went about boasting about what he did. The 3 guys went into his cell and disembowelled the guy now thats what u call justice

        • I’m usually very liberal except when it comes to someone that hurts children. I dont care if they say it a mental illness or whatever it’s unacceptable and should be punished with the harshest punishments avaliable. I say make examples out of them once convicted. I cannot have sympathy for a human that would break the trust of a child for thier own sick desires. I hope all the bad things in life happen to them and only them.

      • Your attitude stinks destroy the dark web yeah lets destroy something that is the only way to stay anonymous and when used for good is good sheesh what a comment. if the govt could take dwn silk road then they could take dwn this site but obviously us ppl who enjoy drugs and don’t hurt anyone else are so much more dangerous than pedophiles or is it there is high upp govt officials that are apart of this website once again the govt fails its ppl

      • you cant just turn off the web, it doesn’t work like that, the web files are heavily encrypted and because the deep web takes up most of the internet, you cant stop the deep web. Tor is not just the only heavy encryption based browser they use. people who go privet can create strong code to protect themselves. overlaying all this security + using a non traceable money transfer system (or Bitcoin) means its impossible for the government to ban such thing.

      • @jlinln – You do realize you can find illegal shit on the “regular” web, right? So lets get rid of the internet period, ie; no email, no FB, no YT, no Twitter, etc, etc. You really need to think this through before getting ALL emotional about something you cannot control or better yet have no intelligent or good solutions to a serious problem (cp).

        • Seriously ur so deluded everyone knows that the justice system is seriously flawed and that’s being generous at best most of it’s highest paid judges are offenders themselves so these abominations get minimum punishments and protection inside they should be tortured castrated and death penalty is the only cure I suspect ur a paid troll or a sicko rock spider ur self I worked in the sex industry my scariest sickest clients were judges QC s and high paid elitists so if u think the govt isn’t protecting its own ur the idiot but every dog eventually gets its day and these dogs are running out of time

    • Its because our “policing system” is to worried about overdue bills and pot heads to worry about TRUE crime. People like this don’t even deserve a shallow grave after they get shot. We need a strong group of hackers and decent people to infiltrate this and go “Boondock Saints” Vigilante on this human garbage.

    • I’m glad someone asked the question. We can, as moms n dads, family, friends…begin a healing process by taking them out…we’re looking into the Child Protective Services throughout the country/world, and we find very disturbing facts of child trafficking within these “government agencies”…well, not really government agencies because they are imposing as government agencies, they’re really corporations…all of it, including Washington D.C. So, let’s roll up our sleeves n clean this out, then the healing comes…:)

    • I want to find those pedophiles, wash their minds of the filth by brutal force! Anyone with any information regarding any chesters, please contact me via Facebook, just look up my name Andre Makina, tell me where they’re at and we’ll take care of them. Me and my crew don’t fuck around, potential muslim terrorists and snuff film makers also fall into this catagory, anyone with information please contact me and I’ll take out the trash no questions asked

    • to stay with the fucking children as he grows and to stay around him and support him that you need to fucking do, implicate in his relation know his friends, his activities incourage him in what he likes to do

    • You can’t stop evil in the world. But you can be aware of behavior of those they are around. I don’t know if even then, because just like it isn’t the child’s fault, it isn’t the non-aware parents either. And if you’re suspect of everyone and everything that will damage your child too.
      The method my grandfather used back in the early 70s, would be a huge flashing sign now. First it was telling my parent’s they shouldn’t dress me like a boy, I should be forced to wear dresses.
      Then it was “how come you never sit on granddad’s lap, don’t you love me?” To “your butts to bony it hurts my legs, turn sideways. Wait, that still hurts, try facing me”…
      If that happens, it’s a monster. Never go back!
      But, today? I don’t know any answer. Pray a lot. Educate your children in an age appropriate manner. Pray some more.

    • I feel so sick and helpless! I thought I this would be about some horror movie. I had no clue. One followd the other. I looked the dark/deep web up on YouTube and it”s 2.35m and I can’t sleep. They were talking about this “Redroom” and about “Dasie’s Distruction” After the first sentence, “A lil 5 year old girl was brutally raped and killed infront of an Internet audience, I had to turn everything off. I think this will hunt me for a while. WHY?!!! WHY?!!! How can you hurt innocent children? Shouldn’t they feel protected and safe amongst us? Honestly, I would want to kill them all myself, and I might not be better as those, but I might stop them from hurting another child. Why can’t we all come together and find these sick, disgusting pigs and put an end to this? I have kids myself and I feel like I want to keep them away, locked up from the outside world and don’t let them out. Animal crushing? I never in my mind thought these things excist. What is wrong with this world??!!! We really need to take action. I am not lying. I would join anybody who can find these perverts. If we know now about this and don’t do something against it…how can we sleep at nights, knowing that there are innocent kids who are going through hell right now. I feel so helpless.

  2. Good article but the first paragraph makes no sense. According to it, 99.97% of the ENTIRE Internet is the Deep web and mostly used by pedos. Really??? And search engines really only cover 0.03% of the entire Net? Check these facts out and edit this unless it is true. That alone would be incredible.

    • Just check the same search with google and then with ecosia… it’s really not de same result! many site use the robot.txt like a filter!

    • These are not 100% true, but an estimated statistics of the quantity of the Deep and Dark Web. You can use different search engines in tor to search the websites mentioned in the article. Although, not advisable.

      • How is it not true? 0.03% of the internet is available through things like Google. The other 99.97% is only accessable through other methodes. Not everything is accessable with Tor though, Tor can open the Deep Web and Dark Web for you, but there is even more then that, like Mariana’s Web, something no one knows what’s there.

        • Yeah but I think the point he’s getting at is that given the fact we can only access 0.03% of the internet because the rest is deep web, that 99.97% can’t be “mostly” used by pedophiles realistically!

          • I’m pretty sure the Web is used by systems to create temporary web data pages. The vast majority of the internets data is transient and temporary based on the content, forms, shipping pages, ticket holds, etc in the 0.03% that we can see. This giant virtual basement filing cabinet / trashcan / shredder is the perfect place for illicit activities.

    • Um pretty sure the most ridiculous thing about the first paragraph is the fact that it names the sites/forums of not 1 not 2 but 3 ways to which people who may have not known an avenue to which they could exploit or become supporters of these vile inhumane groups well now they do,and yet they remove the names of the drug that is used to sedate these poor children and not the names of the sites?? 🙁 why not think before you post? I definately believe that this is an issue that people NEED to hear about to raise awareness but who doesnt have facebook and how many people are linked to the anon page, this article could have potentially just set someone on a path of commiting such acts, i just pray that anon are doing everything they can to shut down the sites and bring to some sort of justice anyone who is involved. Im a 28yr old guy working as a builder in australia and i read this on the way to work and reading this made me so angry and upset i had to pull my car over for the thought of this and how it can be happening all around the world bought tears to my eyes, these people dont deserve eyes to look with nor hands to touch with nor tongues to lure with and should have all of these removed with a rusty blunt hacksaw. I have a lot of tools and free time if need be.

  3. I’ve read several stories recently of people getting caught doing big “drug deals”, where these people have been very secretive and careful online (using Tor as a starting point). Yet they were still caught.
    And then we have the true filthy criminals like “sarahthecunt” enjoying total freedom to visit heinous crimes on her own children for, apparently, years. But then I guess there’s money to be made by chasing drug dealers, and no money in stopping pedophilia.

      • Unless you use Trails its very possible to see. Also many people have there ‘files’ downloadable on the deep web as a user myself I will never download from the deep web. But it is there and it is traceable. Stay safe, Stay Anon

    • Or drugs are a tangible, physical object being passed from one person to another, while child porn is a digital, nonphysical thing that can be encrypted and hidden so much easier. But, I agree…no money in it, because child molesters don’t last long in prison.

    • I agree, but I see it from another perspective. For the last 100 odd years us drugs users have been disenfranchised of our rights & lopped in with these sorts of people! If the resources presently being plowed into the drugs war were redirectd towards these sorts of genuinely harmful criminals, regardless of how deep the deep web is, we might start making inroads. Just like drugs lords, even paedophiles make mistakes!

      • good points.But also…drugs are powerful killers too.And NO, im not talkin about weed.I`m a smoker too 😉 but that doesnt mean that I dont hate big shits happening around the globe.Is just nothing i can personally do.Just live with it.But…such articles about such f***** animals are bullets in my mind…wished i couldve done more…

      • Liberal Guerilla. Look at the central American drug cartels, the mafia in the USA and Europe. The drug trade in Afghanistan and then think about how that is just a tip of the iceberg. Drug trade supports crime and terrorism and the implications are huge including death of soldiers, policemen, health workers, and any civilian. As a drug user, you are personally choosing to disobey the law and empower the so called drug Lord you oppose. No you are not a child abuser, but you are a criminal.

        • You are very wrong, man. Criminal? Are you comparing a weed user with pedophiles? OMG, have you 0 sensitivity? Maybe because of people like you, that can’t stand people having fun and enjoying nature in a controlled way, it can’t be said that we are making something illegal. And for that, you can not say to me criminal. Years ago, in most of states of USA being gay was illegal, were they criminals? I don’t think so. When a law is unfair the ones who disobey it are not criminals, are doing something illegal that is different. Because what difference do you see in smoking a joint and drinking one beer or smoking a cigarrete? You won’t do it. Time ago, in this website there was an article explaining why weed was forbidden years ago by USA and then other countries followed as sheeps(stupid sheeps). And in general, it was because of tabacco and clothes companies. Marihuanna joints could substitute tobacco and the rest of Marihuana plant could be used as hemp which was cheaper than cotton or silk. Philip Morris, his clothes friends and others decided that it was a bad drug, not because of healt, beacuse of the benefits they would loose. So they decided that weed should not be legal, just because they wanted to continue making max money they could. They are criminals! Using law for them.
          And now, thanks to that, people who wants to simple enjoy one joint has to buy it to a drug dealer who can buy bad things with it, I agree with that. But maybe if we legalized it and make a legal market that creates benefits, that can be used after for education purposes, drug dealers will have no job and no money to buy and do all that criminal things you hate. Don’t treat me like a criminal when the law is the 1st criminal. Instead of accepting all what your government says, try to think and create your own reasons, not steal from others. Only that way you will understand the difference between fair(real justice) and Courts(State Justice=Point of view’s justice).

        • You haven’t followed your conclusions through to the end. You haven’t ventured far enough down the rabbit hole. The law isn’t always whats right. What is criminal is governments (specifically the US) imposing fabricated morality upon the worlds citizens, gaining support by fabricating lies and propaganda for 100 years and then punishing people for exercising their right to do what they want with their own body/mind.

          What’s criminal is pushing the entire trade into the underground market, creating the criminals and violence you speak of. Then spending billions upon trilions “enforcing” this policy which has had no effect on the amount of drug users at all, criminalises both sensible occasional users and addicts who need medial help instead of punishment, yet “conveniently” manages to ensure the private prisons are always full, mostly of black people who, as recently as 30 years ago, were still second class citizens.

        • This view presupposes that laws against drugs are necessary. The fact is that the criminality associated with drugs exists simply because drugs are illegal.remove the laws, remove the black market, remove the crime. Simply doing something that has been declared illegal by people who have no right does not make you a criminal. Stupid and reckless maybe, but not criminal.

      • You are all assuming that all drugs are the same, Cannabis has been shown to have negligible negative effects, which in more advanced medical grade (not poorly grown strains) have been counter acted, hard synthetically made drugs should be illegal, if you smoke the original tobacco plant it barely had a stimulant effect, if you smoke a Marlboro it has hundreds of chemicals in it to make it grow faster, less loss due to bugs, bigger stalks, preservatives, anti caking agents, etc. Drugs such as acid, shrooms, meth, heroine, cocaine etc, Should be illegal, but prison isn’t the answer, it rarely is. Rehab and long term lifestyle changes are the answer, instead of a war on drugs we should have a war on poverty. There is a better answer than life in prison and huge fines. As to the death threats and physical abuse threats here, what is that going to accomplish except your own selfish closure? humans really shouldn’t have the right to kill another human for any reason. If we, after millions upon millions of years of evolution to reach homo sapiens, and thousands of years of culture and civilization we still believe in and exercise an eye for an eye, how advanced are we really? how are we any better than any other animal on earth that has ever existed. Wake up people, take the rag off of your eyes and look for more than whats been put in front of your face your entire lives

  4. Pathetic, dangerous and harmful article. Scorn on anyone with any bit part in seeing this published. You might a well entitle it “how to access child porn and help propagate hideous sexual abuse of children and infants: a guide for those that just can’t figure out how to access it”.

    I hope you all burn in hell for this. You may as well have done the job yourselves. Be proud of yourself you grubs. And tell yourself how careful and good you were deleting the name of a drug! The drug is the least harmful thing in this. And by the way, nice job shabbying up the dark/deep web part. It is not evil of and in itself. Quite the opposite. But paedophilia and those who teach the world how to promote it is. Imagine if your own child ended up on one of those sites you promotes. You are the scum of the earth barely above paedophilia itself.

    • seth you chat some crap just because its wrong does not mean it does not go on and opening peoples eyes to it is alot better than brushing it to the side and hoping it will go away

    • Wow seth. You seem offended by the article, not the rampant child molestation. Makes me wonder about you a little bit. So you think we should just not talk about it? Sweep it under the rug? Would you be more comfortable with that? The first step to dealing with a problem is recognizing it. Unless, of course, you don’t think it’s a problem.

    • I thought this when reading this article. Sod what everyone else thinks, I agree, they’re quite happy to block out out the name of drugs but the name of the actual sites. Shocking.

    • What? Bet you didn’t even know about this until you read it here. Ignorance is what hurts people. Scratching the surface is what made you upset because of your ignorance. Oh by the way I am not insulting you but for the love of all use a dictionary for the word ignorance.

  5. this should be one of anonymous’ main goals. to shut down this disgusting abuse circus and forward as many of the IDs to their respective country’s task forces as possible. pedophiles have no place on this earth, they should be outed, and then removed from society as quickly as possible.

    • I know , I use deep web search engines more than clear web and barely even see anything to do with child molesters these people obviously never even go on the deep web ?

      • What they are saying is that there are certain community’s within the Deep Web, and those are full of pedofiles. Not that the entire Deep Web is pedofile related stuff. And you guys cannot say that the Deep Web is something completely safe and childfriendly can you…

      • So in saying “barely” you are implying that you do see some stuff? When I’m searching the Web for say, a kitchen appliance, I barely see anything related to legal pornography. Guess how much of the clear Web is dedicated to legal pornography.

  6. if anonymous can hack into almost anything….and if they are the good guys…then why dont they provide the identities and or locations, or any information they can gather on all these people in the deep web??

      • Naming and shaming high-profile people, especially people in power probably will do some good, but naming and providing locations of people who are just ‘users’ is not the way to go, people take the law in to their own hands, only a judge should be a ‘judge’, there is obviously always only a very small group of people who know exactly what went on between two individuals, and anyone who takes the law into ones hands should be given severe punishment, they are no better than a P-Doe, probably a P-do themselves

  7. People try to make out that the “deepweb” is filled with Pedo’s yet i roam the dark web most of my time on the computer , i actually look on there more than Clear Web just because of the fact that i would rather not get spied on .

    I have seen maybe 2-3 Pedo Posts on (Censored) search boards about child molesting . Yes i agree they are sick cunts and this should not happen at all but the thing is that it does and there will always be sick people like that but there is barely out in the open for you to see because people doing that stuff know that it is highly illegal in most countries and obviously know what will happen if they go to prison.

    @Vemius I know exactly where you are coming from people stating these “facts” need to re-evaluate their shit because its 100% wrong and i know for a fact it is , I’m sorry but if you are going to look for Pedo forums on the deep web you are going to find them obviously.

    its like saying 90% of people on the darkweb are racist , if i look for a racist forum then i know for a fact im going to find some racist forums.

    Seriously get a grip and stop coming out with this bullshit because it is getting old quickly if only all these clearweb sheep actually used any of the hidden search engines on tor they would actually see that people aren’t talking about molesting children its more like (Censored) Not going to say that 😀 .

    Anyways was fun correcting you 🙂

  8. you know deepweb is not mostly about pedophiles those post are like 20 percent cause pedophiles seems to like posting more shit than other people out there.

  9. There are more and more articles about the deep web, which show the public how dangerous the net is. The next step is the control or shutdown with Support of the public. Governments hate the deep net. And to Child pornographers, why are there no much stronger laws? People would support it too.

    • uh huh, so you’d rather Big Money and Big Government have eyes and acces to everything you do and ever look up on the internet? at all times being seen for God knows what reason

  10. It isn’t helpful with paedophile rape apologists like Mary P. Koss an executive of the (CDC) a widely-quoted feminist writer asserts that male children cannot be raped, because their male.

    Before you say that can’t possibly be. For light readers read this.
    Mary P Koss, Feminist Rape Apologist April 21, 2013 By Jim Doyle

    In reality it gets worse than that. If you can stomach reading her official reports to the CDC and the FBI get far worse.

    To a Canadian court she gave ‘expert witness’ advice in court that a 12-year-old who was molested by his female teacher boy should not be considered a rape victim. Therefore he should liable for child support after that teacher became pregnant.

    For clarity’s sake here is the short version. She asserts males of any age cannot be rape victims therefore paedophiles cannot be charged for rape if the child is male.

    This is prominent in a trial of a woman who raped her 2 year old son with a dildo until he needed emergency intestinal surgery. She is using Mary P Koss’s assertions to legally protect herself from being tried for child rape on the basis that the child is male.

    And secondly if a male child of any age is molested by a female who has a baby the childs upkeep is the responsibility of the rape victim.

    I don’t expect you to believe me, I expect you to go find out this for yourself and find it to be true. This is the real face feminism and what they are really all about.

  11. Rape ===== Forced to give sex/without consent
    Taxation = Forced to give possessions/without consent

    This is all the same ball game, the system we live under eventually and strongly tends to label people who mostly do genuinely good things or genuinely good people who make mistakes under the banner of truly evil, this is no lie, i think it’s called self-fulfilling prophecy, look it up, if you label someone a criminal, or even just give them a label, unless (rarely) they are very strong-willed and focused on other things they will eventually become that label they are given, the stronger the label the more likely that label will become the making of them, so if one happens to be having a bad time, out of work, short of family members or friends, especially in remote areas. So it’s no wonder a small-time (even one-time) offender can be moved into the same arena as a P-Doe when given a label for a minor offence such as sex with a 15 y.o. when the 15 y.o. isn’t even asking for a prosecution. It might be her parents pressing for the charges, this time the 15 y.o. isn’t being listened to AT ALL, probably being pressured into giving evidence (which she could be stressing not to), pressured in to saying “yes” to an answer by an officers questions. Psychologically one doesn’t like giving negative answers. After all this which is the greater abuse, the wanted sexual encounter, or the long-winded tax paid-for unwanted psychological experience by an officer who probably has zero life-experience of the real world of true goodwill. This isn’t simply one abuse by an officer to prevent other abuses, this is over-zealous, wrongly trained officers applying (quite possibly purposely) ill-thought out jurisdiction. When one gets the long arm of the law for a minor-border line offence, it’s no wonder that one ends up satisfying that desire in the back of the mind to commit another minor wrong to settle the score, it’s human nature, many cases have been swayed in favour of the defense over human nature, we are all humans after all, so the court (even the police or members of the public) really should be very careful to even bring a case forward to convict a common human being under the label of true evil committing crime. Given the fact this world is being fucked up even more day by day, it’s not surprising that judges have been convicted of these abuses, I wonder just how many police or social service workers are members of the same club, it obviously must be a pretty high number given the fact that the trend in minor offences are on the rapid increase and now the social services/police are passing the buck to one another claiming they cannot cope, and it’s the others responsibility etc etc. All the stupid taxpayers put up and seam to support the system, there’s little outcry, more prisons simply mean the system is NOT working and NEVER WAS. When a prisoner comes out of prison there is even less to focus on and even more to tempt, one’s world is destroyed, that’s not a good thing, especially if no one was actually harmed in the first place! Under age sex should simply be calculated, age (e.g. 15 and 6 months) subtracted from the age of consent (16) to give the years) or weeks served (e.g. 6 months). The prison term is doubled if there’s evidence of physical abuse, or if the prosecution was brought forward by the unwilling partner and doubled again if a victim is under an obvious threshold age of 14. Also in-line with current policies, term times may be halved by the prison service if probation believe there’s minimal risk of re-offending, and halved again to go on an electronic tag for one time offenders etc. All crimes are equal, they should be treated that way, there should be no separate labels/registers, every convicts name should go on a register for a time to be determined by court, and re-adjusted by probation as time goes on. What makes a mockery of the world and judicial system, from the screenshots i’ve just seen from above their websites are probably better organised systems than those that the seemingly law abiding live under. We truly live in a world of idiots!

  12. Pedos deserve a slow painful death, the deep net is not safe period, and little boys can be raped…. I can’t believe ppl are offended by this post. U guys pedos? Ijs

  13. Pedos deserve a slow painful death, the deep net is not safe period, and little boys can be raped…. I can’t believe ppl are offended by this post. U guys pedos? Ijs

  14. Pedophiles are some of the most vile people on the planet. But do not attack Tor over this. You cannot stop people from doing evil shit to each other. They have been doing it since dawn of man. Freedom has some downsides also. The only thing you can really do is punish the guilty when caught. 2 quotes here that address this very well.

    “The greatest tyrannies are always perpetrated in the name of the noblest causes.” Thomas Paine

    “I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery” – Thomas Jefferson

    “Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant.”
    James Madison

    “Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!” -Patrick Henry

    • Well said, Madison. The real world is not a perfect place and neither is the online world altho some people would want us to believe it should be. Yes, pedophiles do exist. I was molested in elementary school. I was like a hawk watching over my own kids. I swore if any sick bastard hurt them, I’d strip off their skin, roll them in rock salt and no one would ever find their body until they tore down the kudzu to build a shopping mall. I believe pedos deserve the death penalty. But, what I believe and what happens doesn’t matter. Evil will always exist alongside good. It’s a fact of life. There are no unicorns. All we can do is watch over our kids and be cautious of everyone that comes into contact with them. Luckily my kids never went thru what I did. Pedos are scum.

  15. what i dont understand fbi cia nsa they all say they control the web and the internet but yet they dont or can not take down this page ?

    • Many of your leaders are the SOURCE of the problem :). They don’t want their lovely “Bohemian Grove” to be infiltrated. The sickest part is that COPS with BADGES and GUNS stand there and protect them the entire time instead of walking up and blasting some fools.Sad sad.

      • The Bohemian Grove is a society of the world’s elite not the US elite…..Its not YOUR leaders it’s OUR world leaders…..These meetings happen all over the world not just in the US…….Evil is everywhere in the world we just have to organize the light in the darkness

  16. Please take down these websites like you did with other sites, for the good of all. This is just too horrible. Pedophiles shouldn’t have their own sites to talk about how they hurt and want to hurt our children.

    • What does a website existing for them matter? They’re going to talk about it; over coffee, over email, in the park. Isn’t it better if they’re “out in the open” where their conversations can be followed? Maybe one of them gives themselves away and can be found. I do not condone what they do, but the fact is, none of us are going to stop their compulsion. We can just hope they trip themselves up.

  17. Dear Anonymous,

    “7axxn is a community of over 90,000 registered users, filled with gigabyte after gigabyte of child pornography.” I call for every Anonymous hacker to take 7axxn the fuck DOWN, and to pursue and expose every child molester to the world, and set the wolves upon them. I beg of every person with money to donate to any cause to choose one of the below causes and dedicate yourself there until child sex slaves are no longer present in the world. I demand that every celebrity come together on this cause and bring the attention of the world to the fact that there are right now people molesting children, and until this atrocity is banished from the world, we have no right to call ourselves a civilization, no right to tell anyone else how to run their countries or their lives, while we live in a world where child porn is a reality.

    Dear Anonymous, please begin.

  18. fucking disgusting. parents abusing sons and playng inna a fucking way. this is soo wrong in so many ways that make me puke. Fuck this plastic society

  19. There´s several ways to find this sick bastards. There´s several groups who can help, also.
    We just need to change focus from wasting time testing on security gaps like it is really important. We need to start using our own Deep web to show how they will end up being chopped in pieces in front of a camera for molesting childs..

  20. You can only access 0.03% of the Internet via search engines; the rest is what makes up The Deep Web used mostly by pedophiles.-WHERE DID YOU GET THIS REEEEEEDICKULOUS FIGURE? SO 99.97% IS FULL OF PEDOPHILE TYPE SHIT AND IT DWARFS THE WORLD, FUCKING WORLD WIDE, WEB? …YOU MUST BE A POLITICIAN.

  21. Lingchi while hung by their toes is the most justified punishment ALL Pedophiles should suffer…..!!!!!!! Long and painful suffering is what they do to their victims so they should suffer the same fate!!

  22. You kidding me or what? There will always be these nasty bastards, and where as they can’t be taken down think again, these pedo mother Fulkers can be brought down, silk road was much more sophisticated and much more protected but it went down along with all owners, I’m sure they are under the radar of law enforcement agencies but some times we need to let it happen, just so that we get constant intelligence and record of new pedoes or nasty people. Law of intelligence agencies is to let the flow of information continue, not raid and end it.

    I thinks hackers can help a lot in these rings busting actions which they did also in past plenty of times.
    Dark Web is not so dark anymore, we humans are more darker than any Web or nastiness.

  23. These people are stupid. The FBI and CIA catches up to these people faster with stuff like the Internet. The fact they are on the Internet is like shooting little pedophiles in a fish barrel.

  24. Hi one has been working in my sons disabled school. It makes me so angry that I’m helpless to protect my own son or anyone else for that matter it’ make my blood boil to the point of combustion as a society that’s on its arse these fuckers are untouchable I would be very grateful if someone could help me find these parasites in my local area of Wigan, England, and I would be elated if someone can send me info or even teach me on how to search and distory these slack minded pricks as I’ feel this is a matter for the public to sort as most of the people that are in power are most likely the ring leaders and if I could just show the world for what is going on behind closed doors from people in power to the low life’s that live and breath the same air as we do and shame and condem these sick fuckin basterds I for one want to be on the front line and tackle these dick heads face to face sorry for the rant but this is more than personal so if I could just save one child I no that the chain is weakening I will never stop!!!

  25. I think all that is a lie and is done by governments to criminalize the deep web and internet is the only way they get censor without the rejection of people who use sensitive issues like this

  26. All u ppl that say the pedo’s should be put in jail are fuckin delusional. Pedo’s get minimal time maybe 2-3 years max! Kill all those sick mother fuckers!!!

  27. Over 600000 children went missing last year in the U.S. The surface web is only 0.3% of the internet, the rest is mostly pedo sites. making assumptions here, maybe this is where all the children go. Its sad to think about it, all these poor children being kidnapped and abused by these sick fucks. They dont deserve a quick death or prison, they deserve eternal torture. Again, think of how much children go missing and then how much pedos there are on the deep web.

  28. Pedophiles… Don’t kill them. Let’s put them in a prison and test new medicine/drugs on their bodies. We could send them to work where no one else dares. Maybe that idea will stop them from taking the lives and happiness from our children. We can not fully protect our kids from them but we can try to make those sick people be afraid to try harming them.


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