Recycling Batteries To Make Solar Cells


Written by: Chaotic Indian


What if you could just recycle your regular old AA batteries so that you could use them for your flashlight or TV remote again? Maybe, in the near future. Researchers at MIT have a proposal to recycle the lead from regular lead-acid batteries and use them in the manufacturing of solar cells.

The mystery lies around Perovskite solar cells – they are manufactured in a less conventional method using cheaper and more common resources than regular cells. The main component of Perovskite is – you guessed it – lead. Lead is a key component in many batteries, from simple AA batteries to those found in cars. It is fast becoming a component of the past, as all major cell manufacturers look for more efficient options. But with nearly 200 million old or unusable lead-batteries in the USA alone,disposing of them was a pain, until a team of researchers at MIT proposed a new use for the material – taking the lead from old lead-acid batteries and recycling it for use in the manufacture of perovskite cells. A single car battery can provide enough lead to power 30 houses. “It is important that we consider the life cycles of the materials in large-scale energy systems,” says MIT professor Paula T. Hammond. “And here we believe the sheer simplicity of the approach bodes well for its commercial implementation.”

When we look at large scale operations, we can see that recycling lead-acid batteries would be both economical and environment friendly. Until now, disposing of lead was considered hazardous as there were chances of the material contaminating water. But thanks to this new idea, all the lead can be used for the purpose of making perovskite. Thus, we can now look forward to a future with cleaner and efficient energy.   recycle batteries Above – Perovskite, the main material used in making perovskite solar cells. __________________________________________ Sources:

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