Food Security With Honeybees


Written by: Anonymous Watcher

Varroa destructor mites are not something the average person has heard of, but their importance to the balance of the ecology is great. So great in fact, that they have become serious concern to the security of the food and agricultural industries.

According to Alvarez-Ventura, a Masters graduate in environmental studies; sound farming and beekeeping practice is the key to long-term security for our food production. During a study focusing on honeybees, Alvarez-Ventura zeroed in on the Varroa destructor mite. The mite is responsible for the viral outbreaks spreading within the honeybee colonies, thus disrupting the beehive and pollination systems of dependent crops. The affected honeybee “disappears” once contaminated by this mite, creating a colony collapse disorder.

As a result of the bees disappearing, vital crops dependent on pollination will suffer. Carrots, apples, broccoli and onions are some of the said crops. With expanding populations and a reduced amount of access to these fundamental foods, it is vital to avoid any colony collapse disorder on a grand scale.




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