Texas Bilderberg member Rick Perry flies small drone over women’s rights protestors


Written by: SushinobiAnonKenobi

Calling all Anons nation and world-wide,

We have a topic that requires immediate attention regarding women’s rights. If we are not heard now, by the end of next week on September 1st, an unconstitutional bill WILL go into effect.

As of last Summer, 07.18.2013, Texas governor and Bilderberg group member RICK PERRY put a bill into motion outlawing abortion and classifying it as 1st degree murder. The HB2 package of abortion restrictions also includes obscure physician provisions; wider hallways, janitor closets, and a shower room installation for physicians-only inside each clinic. This requires millions of dollars of construction to retrofit clinics throughout the state, which is not financially or structurally feasible for many of them. The bill aims to rid Texas of all but 6 abortion clinics (there were 46 in 2011).


To some, this may seem like it isn’t that big of a deal. On the contrary, if this bill were to pass it would initiate the disintegration of women’s rights. There are MANY women who have legitimate reasons for having an abortion– the most common is lack of resources and funding. Some say this choice is cowardice or childish, but in fact it would be the most RESPONSIBLE thing to do with such a case. In other cases women are raped and traumatized by stepfathers, biological fathers, and strangers, which result in an unwanted pregnancy. It’s only obvious why these women would choose abortion rather than being forced into female enslavement by their predators. This goes BEYOND avoiding parenthood– this is another GOVERNMENTAL ATTEMPT to control the population. This is a governmental attempt to enslave women and treat them like factory-farmed incubators. Rick Perry aims to force women into parenthood, stripping away their ability to choose what to do with their bodies and their LIVES.

This obviously is a touchy subject to most women, and the arguments come down to “Keep your legs closed” or “You should have used protection.” I reinstate: WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN WHO ARE RAPED, OR CLEARLY AREN’T READY TO HAVE A CHILD? We are from an organization called StopPatriarchy and Revcom.us in the streets of Texas trying to raise awareness for these women and to stop this bill in its tracks right now. We pleadingly urge all of you to view the mission statement on the homepage of StopPatriarchy.org and add your name or contribute to donations to help not only the fate of women in Texas, but for the destiny free of governmental enslavement of all America. Our website has tons of video footage and live streams about the issue at hand.

Anonymous, we need to wake the world to the fact that this bill isn’t about the babies– it’s ALWAYS been about keeping patriarchal control within our government over the entirety of the USA. Rick Perry is abusing his power to push the HB2 package through, harassing protesters with advanced technology and police brutality, while spending millions of our tax paying dollars on his mansion and lavish lifestyle. StopPatriarchy held up traffic outside of Rick Perry’s mansion to prove just how dedicated they were to raise awareness about this serious attempt to control women in the 21st century. Rick Perry flew a drone out straight above the protesting women to gain intel on them before sending the police. Shortly after the pigs showed up and demanded the women get out of the road, in non-compliance our protesters sat right down where they stood. The police proceeded to handcuff all of these protestors, and left them on the burning hot cement, all the while mocking the women and in many cases physically harming them. When they were ready to detain these women they hauled the women out in awkward positions as if they were animals, having at least 4 officers per woman, one officer per arm and leg, spreading women’s legs open in the process. Many women were dropped purposely to suffer bruising and ligament damages from this police brutality. After finally being detained and brought to the station, the women were forced to take off their clothes and wear a ragged sheet as a tank top and sit on a concrete slab for hours without underwear. Others were sexually harassed by the police who asked demeaning questions like “What color are you panties?” or “You look good, how much do you weigh?”


We call out to help from you, Anonymous, to stand with us this upcoming week for the Week of Defiance. It is our last hope, our last week to show Rick Perry and the corrupted police of America that we have strength in numbers which we can utilize against them for the greater good of humanity. Women and men alike have an INHERENT RIGHT to choose what happens to their bodies and should never be forced into any form of slavery by a tyrannical government. Please help raise awareness about stopping this bill. Time is running very short and if this passes it’s only a matter of time before other states attempt this as well. It’s bad enough that we already lost one of our states to martial law declared by “them”. We don’t need a collapse of the Women’s Rights Movement as well. If we stop this bill, our victory will symbolize a beacon of hope to the oppressed groups of America in these dire times on the brink of civil war. Even one battle won by “us” versus “them” is an unprecedented victory for us all.


Update & Author Clarification:
On 8/29, Judge Yeakel ruled against further clinic closures in Texas. This ruling is already being appealed by the Attorney General to the Fifth Circuit Court in New Orleans. Read the official response by Stop Patriarchy and the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride here. ( http://stoppatriarchy.tumblr.com/post/96123753381/judge-rules-against-further-abortion-clinic-closures-in )
The views of the author expressed in the 8/25 article, “Texas Bilderberg member Rick Perry flies small drone over women’s rights protestors,” are their own, and do not necessarily represent the views of Stop Patriarchy or Revcom.us.



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  1. I couldn’t read or watch the video as an advert (that won’t stop playing and tried to install on my computer if clicked anywhere) was distracting and made concentrating impossible. May I suggest you remove it!

  2. If you get a raped, I understand it being emotionally traumatic as well as physically traumatic. But you’re literally killing a human being who could do amazing things. The human being that said women give birth to, have rights as well. You’re killing a pure life form. If you can’t fork out the resources then look for adoption. Give her/him at least a chance at life. I’m sorry if you have been raped and are now pregnant from it. But with all due respect, leave your child out of your past.

    • Yeah, so they should be forced to carry a baby for 9 months and then go through a painful birth process for a rape pregnancy? I understand being against partial-birth abortions and whatnot, but if you have it taken care of within the first couple weeks it really hasn’t had time to grow into a baby yet. You could argue my point saying it’s still killing a ‘chance at life’, but the same goes for masturbating and good luck getting anyone to enact a law against that. The truth is it is the parents decision and not the governments, and that’s how it should stay.

      • For rape you can use the day after pill, (which works up to 72 hours after) and yes Clinics should be up to the same code as hospitals and other out patient facility’s .

    • I was the product of rape, and because of what I represented to my mother, my life was a living hell. It’s no picnick for most adoptees either.
      This is entirely the mothers decision to make. she’s the one facing the consequenses

    • Going off of your theory, A woman who is raped should just have an unwanted baby ? If we follow science, before the baby is formed it is just CELLS. If you want to be SELECTIVE on WHICH cells are being ” killed.” Then lets take a look at ” life ” in general shall we ? Just how many LIFE FORMS have you killed in YOUR lifetime? How many bugs have you killed, how many micro-organisms have you killed, or how many animals have you eaten , how many plants have you eaten ? ALL of these are LIFE FORMS, yet this seems to be the only one that is talked about as if it’s ” Murder” You’re missing the point of this article, This is about HUMAN RIGHTS , and the right to a woman being able to decide what happens to HER own body. If they passed a bill like this , this would only the BEGINNING for them to find more ways to control the women in our country. Women are NOT incubators, they have FREE WILL , and DESERVE a right to have a CHOICE in what happens to their bodies and their lives. THAT ASIDE, Rick perry is a scum-bag who partakes in today’s Pedophilia rings , it’s only OBVIOUS why he wants to take away the OPTION of Abortion, Because they NEED children to suffice their sick, Tyrannical , occult like rituals.

  3. All the good reasons given to kill the baby inside the womb are equally applicable to the baby outside the womb. If abortion is ok then why not allow baby killing?? I just don’t ‘get’ how anyone thinks that women have the right to murder an unborn child!

    I do get the motive that Anonymous is stating – but I don’t care!

  4. Murder?

    While i stand firmly on the side of the science that the first splitting of the embryo cannot be “called life” (or even up to the forming of the first organs, brain, heart etc) i allow for the belief than upon insemination life/soul is born. What is being done here is aggressively acting against those that do not hold to your(religious) beliefs with no effort put into validating them or even holding reasonable and ongoing discussions till an agreeable outcome can be found by both/all sides. And some of those sides will come from different belief systems depending on ‘where’ the soul resides i.e. blood, heart, brain or not even physically in any one part of the body etc etc…

    Any reasonable person should be able to see how the understanding of all views should be discussed, understood and debated well before any one side forces all others to their view point by force whether by introducing laws or physically or any other way subjugating people against their will.

    seems to me to be right up Anons alley, and thats b4 considering the police brutality side of the story

  5. There are few subjects more delicate to discuss in the human realm than that of abortion. Emotions are abound on all sides. But lest we forget the dim and archaic attitudes of the past, one of the main reasons abortion was made legal in many countries was on the grounds of health and well being. One fact was true then and will forever be true. No matter what the law tries to subjugate women into doing abortions will still take place, in back allies, dark corners and dubious makeshift clinics. Countless women lost their lives through underground methods and of course along with them went the unborn. Surely it is better to have a professional clinic perform the procedure than go back to those horror like days? Keep it legal, where sound advice can be given and the best medical care.

  6. Interesting how some people believe in helping someone else’s kids who are here through no fault of their own (illegal immigrants, for those of you who are obtuse), but are perfectly fine with killing their own children who are here through no fault of their own.

  7. Err… This is about patriarchy now then? What shite are you chatting?

    This is about frothing religious fundies who think abortion is murder. It’s really that simple. =/


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