Revenge: Anonymous Attacks Swedish Government


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Many of us who use The Pirate Bay to download free movies, music, books, and all other electronic items were probably confused as to why the infamous website was not working two weeks ago. And after waiting a couple of more days, we then realize it was not a server crash, but a police raid in Sweden, which brought The Pirate Bay to its knees.

An online “hacktivist” organization that calls itself Anonymous has claimed responsibility for hacking into email accounts of the Swedish government in response to the abasement of the infamous and world renowned The Pirate Bay servers by Swedish two weeks ago.

Sweden was not the only victim in the attack, the Anonymous hacktivist cluster in addition claimed to have hacked into the government e-mail accounts of Israel, India, Brazil, Argentina, and Mexico, and opened their email addresses with passwords in plain-text.

In addition, due to the seasonal yule-tide exuberance, the hacktivists left a wonderful message for them that says: “Warning: Merry Christmas & a cheerful year to all!! Bye! ”

The hack was announced by  the Anonymous hacktivists on their official Twitter account. The tweet in addition shared a link of Pastebin where leaked data has been dropped with the list of the emails, which was up for grabs for anyone that clicked on the link. The tweet read:

“BREAKING: Emails from Swedish government were hacked in revenge for the attack on The Pirate Bay\” (pastebin link is removed and could no longer be found at the time of writing).

At the moment it is unclear how the group got access to the login credentials of several countries’ government officials and which server they belong to.


This was not the first time Anonymous had attacked Sweden this month, the Swedish internet giant Telia was attacked on December 12 following The Pirate Bay raid, reported by The Local.



At the time of attack, the online services by Telia were affected and user connection was disturbed as well, RT reported.


Also, a chief security researcher from Kaspersky Lab, David Jacoby, said the attack on Telia was a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack and was likely a response to the attack of The Pirate Bay in Stockholm by Swedish police.


The company also encountered cyber-attacks on both December 9 and 10 as well. However, The Pirate Bay has previously been shut down number of times and had its domain seized, prompting the BitTorrent site to change its top level domain many times.



“Anonymous Hacks Swedish Government in Revenge for ‘Pirate Bay’ Takedown.” The Hacker News. N.p., n.d. Web. 22 Dec. 2014.


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  1. thats awesome wish i could do some shit like this i took some courses and can do some cool stuff with a computer but nothing like this. anonymous is awesome! keep it up

  2. Pirate Bay hackers in jail in Denmark for hacking, they got three years in prison, they tried to save Pirate Bay’s servers, then the police came and took them.

    • Denmark sucks. I’m half Danish and don’t even feel to be Danish. Denmark should get their head out of USA’s ass and look at their own problems: racism and senseless discussions.

  3. this is great anons,
    But there are things like ISIS to be consider too
    you are the fighters for freedom and justice anons
    time to screw those ISIS bastards up for messing with world peace

  4. Are you saying here that you support pirating media illegally? It sounds like you did.

    It is possible to use TPB for legal reasons, but they’re far and few between…

    • Actually, TPB has been superseded by more specialized trackers for virtually anything you can pirate. Further, with every company streaming in high quality, torrents are no longer needed; People just drop the video for the streaming URL into websites which destroy the spidering and convert it into DDL.

      Aside from aggregation from other sources, TPB was heavily used for archives of political material.

      Seizure of the servers is an effort to shut down political dissent.

  5. Keep it up guys!
    Makes me wish I had sticked with programming/security back in days.

    While at it could you guys take down some of the websites that no reasonable person wants around (everyone complaining about them but they are still up and legal…) also please?

    The pages that strip every person’s individual privacy by listing their addresses, birth dates, income, ownership of house/car/other, and so on.

    It’s seriously rude intrusion into everyone’s privacy, very irresponsible way to handle private information, and it’s straight out stupid thing to provide anyone in the world with information about you that they have absolutely no business knowing! Sweden acts like we live on separate planet and nobody else, if not own people, would use any of that info for any criminal purposes. While in same time Swedish people travel a lot, study in other countries all over the world, live few years abroad, and so on.
    I’m sure other countries have that problem also, but maybe not as crazy open with pictures and all! like in Sweden!

    Please do something about those pages: (the worst one! they even give you full faq page of “FU!” in case you would want to remove any information from their page. And sure, they get their info from Swe authorities who aren’t hiding all that stuff either, but why make it even easier, and provide simple internet search for it all? Just sick stuff!)

    Nobody wants their info visible, but Swedish authorities say that unless someone beats you and you got real good evidence then they may _temporarily_ protect your info and take it off internet!

    What if someone screws up your life for years, but isn’t stupid enough to give you any decent evidence to get help?
    That thinking is too f****d up!

    If you see my point and why that stuff shouldn’t be around,
    and, if you happen to have time over to every now and then crash them or something,
    thank you in advance!

    Happy holidays!


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