Jay Rockefeller Says: “Internet Should Have Never Existed” [VIDEO]


2009) Jay Rockefeller is the piece of sh*t that initially introduced cracking down on internet freedom. The guise is “terrorist activity” and “homeland security”. Always “follow the money” as high as you can to find the responsible party.

Jay Rockefeller is one of the “elite .01% oligarch globalists”. He has the power and reach beyond our imagination, and his name needs to be plastered on signs in relation to many things, but the connection with the desire to have complete internet control is critical to be on those signs right now, as this is how ‘we the people’ communicate and inform each other.

Taking away the lines of communication away from the people is common practice by the .01% elite during times of oppression and big change….why do you think the slaves were not allowed to learn how to read? Because, it was a system to keep the masses that they wanted to hold down controlled. Sound familiar?

Consider the similarities….this video has content that may make you feel uncomfortable about our history. Step back and look at it from an unbiased point of view …


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  1. @Jay Rockefeller you’ve got a hell of a surprise coming before you think the 1% will outsmart the rest of us. and I hear you silver spooners taste like chicken, so let’s find out,mkay?

  2. Heinous B.S.’ers trying to create fear in the hopes of controlling everyone. If they attempt to stop the internet now they’ll have rioters aplenty in their F__kin boardrooms and kitchens for certain.

    Given that America is such a violent country (generally), and given that many Americans are very touchy about freedoms, (perceived or real), I’m truly surprised that there aren’t more political and corporate assassinations.. … Not that I recommend that, I don’t. I’m just surprised is all.

  3. He wishes there is no internet, so people could be still blind like in the 50’s. Now we talk to each other, we post videos of abuse and we the people, we get to see all this abuse and educate ourself. We are NOT blind anymore, and its thanks to the internet!

  4. It’s men like this that have always been the center of power vile despicable selfish self centred egotistical fools that should never have been given money privilege or power, things like this will never end as long as those with power only know how to use it to abuse others or worse control them, critical times ahead it’s time to make some tough choices.

  5. Why haven’t all the Public Services Systems been put on an ‘Intra-Net’, there’s no need for them to be on the www, so it’s an excuse.


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