Russia Completely Bans GMOs in Food Production


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The Russian Government has decided to completely ban the use of any and all genetically modified ingredients in food production.

Victory! Following news of Scotland and Germany opting to ban genetically modified foods, news has surfaced of the Russian Government completely banning the use of genetically modified ingredients in any and all food production.

During an international conference on biotechnology, Deputy PM Arkady Dvorkovich stated:

“As far as genetically-modified organisms are concerned, we have made decision not to use any GMO in food productions.”

Basically, Russia flew past the issue of GMO labeling and shut down the use of any and all genetically modified foods that would have otherwise entered the food supply through packaged foods (and the cultivation of GMO crops).

For anti-GMO proponents, this is huge, exciting news.

To put the bold move into perspective, imagine what effect this would have in the United States. Completely banning GM crops and their inclusion in processed foods would mean a total transformation of the food manufacturing industry. But, of course, Russia and the United States are anything but parallel on this issue; 90%+ of the staple crops like corn and soy grown in the United States are genetically modified. Much work needs to be done before America is ready to embrace a GMO food revolution like Russia.

As Reuters reports: 

“According to official statistics the share of GMO in the Russian food industry has declined from 12 percent to just 0.01 percent over the past 10 years, and currently there are just 57 registered food products containing GMO in the country. The law ordering obligatory state registration of GMO products that might contact with the environment will come into force in mid-2017.”

President Vladamir intends to keep genetically modified foods out of Russia while staying in compliance with the World Trade Organization’s (WTO) commandments. As Natural Society shares, in a past meeting addressing the members of the Board of the Russian Federation Council he stated:

“We need to properly construct our work so that it is not contrary to our obligations under the WTO. But even with this in mind, we nevertheless have legitimate methods and instruments to protect our own market, and above all citizens.”

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  1. This is not a victory. Russia is a shithole with a lot of people in it. GMO crops allow the mass growth of crops that can be used to feed people in said shithole.
    GMO crops are the future not a thing to be tossed aside in favour of less effective methods

    • The WORST shithole of all shitholes is still America with it`s overweight, racist, “homophobic” and ignorant people and the most corrupt government in the world. I feel sorry for the few good people who live there.
      Keep letting the government enslave you and don`t forget to pay the richest corporations all with your weeny slaves wage 😉

      You`re being enslaved and poisoned (all the stuff in your disgusting junk food and even the water you drink)
      I feel sorry for you.

      There are a million more reasons why America is the worst place to live, but i don`t feel like typing for the next 10 hours.
      You know I`m right and if not, you`re just the brainwashed slave they want you to be 😉

    • Some people just don’t have a clue what gmos are all about, wheather Russia is a shit hole or not is totaly irrelevant,Their a hole lot damned smarter than America and modt countries around the world, Firstly gmos probability of having irreversible negative consequences at a global level are unaceptable by idiots alteria motives behind the gmo plot.
      The Russians are smart enough not be become victims of a pathetic conspiracy to hold the workd at Ransom through yhe food chain, once gmos are afopted by the worlds populations they are doomed to enslavment ad the seeds can not be re-used and have to be purchased again and again for ever.
      How dumb can America be, even idiots can see through such a malicious plot,
      Well done russia and hope the rest of the world follows your example.

    • Yes bumper crops only onr time round,come next planting you need new seed ad gmos wont yield jackshit if saved seeds are reused, so just think for yourself what the intention behind gmos is really all about, im sure you are capable of figuring it out for yourself the real intention behind the gmo conspiracy, and if you can’t figure it out just ask me and i will tell you, i have not blurted out the reason behind gmos cos i don’t want to insult your inteligence and would be happier if you concluded on your own what gmos are really all about.


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