Russian Court Bans Scientology


Moscow – A ruling court has banned the Church of Scientology, stating that it isn’t a church or recognized religion. The Russian Ministry of Justice, ruled that it was a registered trade mark owned by the United States Religious Technology Center.

A Russian Ministry of Justice spokesman said. “the representatives of the Church of Scientology have created many legal conflicts themselves by restricting the religious freedom through the use of trade marks.

Scientology representatives slammed the decision and stated that they would appeal in the Russian Supreme Court. “When decisions like this are handed down, actually everyone loses, and this decision affects not only the Church of Scientology of Moscow. This decision is a sign of disease in the justice system,” Scientology’s Moscow branch said in a released statement.


To legally operate, the Russian Ministry of Justice requires religious organizations to be registered. However, in August, it was discovered that the Moscow Scientology premises had hidden cameras and microphones, prompting a call for a criminal probe by Moscow investigators.

In 2011, the Scientology organization made the expensive move to a location that is just a mile away from Red Square, basing their Russian headquarters in Moscow. As a result, this news has likely come as a great blow to the eight million members of the Scientology organization.

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  1. It’s a sign of a justice system that protects Muslims being pillaged by Rothschilds slaves all around the world … and has a spine to not allow the creation of more simpleton institutions of societal pillaging under the guise of religion … Scientology really should review their purpose : especially their marine operations … for the behaviours aboard vessel are nothing short of cruel : look it up for yourself … Scientology’s real colors are showing : just another American corporation pillaging simpletons … nothing new : Russia (nor the rest of the world) will put up with the garbage ANY LONGER!

  2. There must be Roman empire books in the Vatican library, i believe, because they have to keep track of the changes and states before and after, so then someone created Christianism to spread an ideology throughout the world from the sighting of something unbelievable, someone getting the worst lesson ever in humanity, to be an example… why didn’t they choose a stigmata…

    Have you tried to gues and to map all the books of the Vatican library through intuition… follow intuition and what they are protecting, because the source of conspiracies is in Vatican, the mail messenger of the elite kingdoms, what a sighting…

    And the elite only have protection from governments labour because without it, it wouldn’t make sense…
    So, who created all those kingdom countries and USA country?? who existed right before kingdomship, because that idea came from the Roman empire, to conquer territory…

  3. The elite feeds and support themselves from the protection they can get from governments… or take the governments back to the people where money and religions don’t exist or take them down… one shot… that’s all… inception + art of war cocktail magic potion style abstraction perspective

  4. Brilliant, but the US is where they’re strongest, so let’s do the same there. I think France & Germany have already revoked their tax free status.


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