Russian Researchers Discover Secret Nazi Military Base ‘Treasure Hunter’ in the Arctic [Photos]

Treasure Hunter

The mystery surrounding The Third Reich and Nazi Germany is still a subject of debate between many observers. Some believe that Nazi Germany, under the control of Adolf Hitler, possessed supernatural powers, and largely employed pseudo-science during the 1933-1945 period.

However, some also hold that the above belief is just a mere speculation without any proven fact. Over the years, researchers have searched extensively for answers to some of the more mysterious activities associated with Nazi Germany.

Treasure Hunter

Nazi Germany invaded Russia (formerly the USSR) during the Second World War on June 22, 1941. At the time, the German army progressed deep into Russian territory, gaining ground close to the capital Moscow, before the Russians could counter-attack, eventually driving the Nazis back.

During the Nazi occupation in Russia, in 1942, the Nazis built a secret military base around the Arctic, code-named “Schatzgraber” or “Treasure Hunter,” which was reportedly very instrumental in the war against Russia. The base was primarily used as a tactical weather station for planning the strategic movements of Nazi troops, warships and submarines. The base also housed eminent Nazi scientists, whom conducted many experiments to help progress a German win of the war. It was widely speculated at the time that the Nazis used the base to contact aliens or extraterrestrial beings. The controversial Ahnenerbe was even linked to the base. The Ahnenerbe was an institute in Nazi Germany. Responsible for researching archaeological and cultural history of the Aryan race, it is rumored to have had heavy occult influences. Founded on July 1, 1935, by Heinrich Himmler, Herman Wirth and Richard Walther Darré, the Ahnenerbe later conducted experiments and launched expeditions in attempts to prove that mythological Nordic populations had once ruled the world.

Treasure Hunter

However, the Nazis abandoned the base in 1944 – a time when the Russian army began its offensive, pushing the Germans out of the country. According to a war-time story, supplies had dwindled to dangerously low levels, and the Nazi officers stationed at the base outpost were forced to kill and eat polar bear, which ultimately, was infected with trichinosis. This caused those stationed at the base to fall severely ill and eventually they required rescue by a German U-boat. Despite Russian authors telling the story of “Treasure Hunter,” some observers consider it a myth, doubting its existence.

Treasure Hunter

But Russian researchers have now announced that “Treasure Hunter” has been discovered, saying the base is on the island of Alexandra Land in the Arctic Circle, located 620 miles from the North Pole.

A senior researcher at the Russian Arctic National Park, Evgeny Ermolov said in a statement announcing the discovery: “Before it was only known from written sources, but now we also have real proof.”

Treasure Hunter

Although the researchers made no mention of evidence of alien contact, they did find a number of wartime relics and artifacts. Many of the objects discovered had been marked and dated, thus confirming their authenticity. Included among the artifacts are objects bearing Swastikas and Nazi insignia.

Treasure Hunter

Also, ruins of bunkers, rusted bullets, munitions, military equipment, everyday items, personal effects, fragments of meteorological devices and other relics dating from this period of the war were discovered by the researchers. Many of the objects are in good condition, due to the extremely cold temperatures in the area.

Treasure Hunter

In total, over 500 objects have been found at “Treasure Hunter.” Yulia Petrova, the Press secretary of the Russian Arctic National Park, confirmed the discovery in a statement: “About 500 items of historical value have been collected on the grounds of the former Treasure Hunter German station that operated on the Alexandra Land island of Franz Josef Land from September 1943 until July 1944.”

Treasure Hunter

According to Russian authorities, the artifacts discovered will be returned to Russia for further study, archiving and eventually placed on public display for all doubters to see for themselves that “Treasure Hunter” once did exist.

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