Scientology Stiffs The Pizza Guy on a $2,000 Bill


Scientology is back in the news after a very quiet year. Five plus years after Anonymous took on Scientology with Operation Chanology, the dwindling membership and continued negative press have left the cult-like organization a shadow of its former self. This time, the “church” exposed themselves for who they really are, yet again, by failing to tip Papa John’s Pizza delivery drivers after ordering over $2,000 worth of pizzas for an event in Hollywood.

The order, which came to $2094.89 for 100 pepperoni, 60 cheese and 20 veggie pizzas, took four trips to complete. The bill was paid with a credit card and much to the surprise of the delivery drivers, contained no tip. Thanks to the staff over at TMZ who bashed Scientology over the incident, the church ponied up $300 which it sent to the restaurant. A TMZ spokesman stated “Scientology strongly encourages members to give a percentage of their income to the org, yet the pizza guys got 0%.”


Image Source: TMZ

Scientology came out with a statement expressing their “shock and embarrassment” over the incident. Satirical Scientology website OTVIIIisGrrr8! Didn’t waste any time in explaining humorously that the failure to tip the delivery guys was the fault of the Office of Special Affairs who are a constant embarrassment to the organization. “After delivering a well-deserved ecclesiastical beating to the miscreants,Captain Miscavige shipped them off to Scientology Reeducation Camp #117 in Moldova. Upon their release in 2025 the Church can promise that this will never happen again.” It is great to see the anti-Scientology community taking the opportunity to poke fun at the COB David Miscavige and his merry band of cultists.

On a more serious note, 2015 is showing to be a challenging year for the church. It faces an uphill legal battle with 26 current lawsuits over fraud involving Narcanon, Scientology’s narcotic recovery center. Thanks to the internet, the truth about Scientology and its front organizations are continually exposed, keeping David Miscavige and his cult up against the ropes. Former Scientology PR guy Mike Rinder has become an outspoken opponent to the church and their brainwashing activities. He predicts that 2015 is the year that Scientology will face its biggest challenges with lawsuits and investigations into their internal practices not only in the United Stated but around the world.


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    • One that completely lacks any and all imagination. Also cheap.

      To be honest I’m shocked anyone is eating anything as nice as a cheese pizza there. Usually it’s one of the top execs getting good stuff and everyone else being lucky to get regular bowls of rice and beans.


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