Self-sufficient Island with Renewable Energy, Broadband and Post Office For Sale in Scotland [Photos]

Fancy owning your own island for under 3 million? One that is self-sufficient, with clean energy and is beautiful and untouched? Look no further than Tanera Mor.

Tanera Mor

These days, it is common to hear some rich people scrambling for small islands where they mostly enjoy their holidays. During such holidays, it becomes a pure display of luxury and pleasure. Some even lure underage girls and prostitutes to their islands to satisfy their horrible sexual desires.

But this particular island is different and is not meant for such vices. It was founded with the fundamental aim of preserving the Earth; bring some level of integrity to our fast depleting planet. It isn’t a place for seeking sexual pleasure. It is a place for advancing and preserving that of which would benefit the human race.

Tanera Mor

The island is called Tanera Mor. It is the largest of the Summer Isle, an idyllic archipelago a mile and a half off the northwest coast of Scotland, near Ullapool. The island is 1.6 miles long and 1.2 miles wide. It has spectacular views with beautiful beaches.

Tanera Mor

According to the Independent, over the last 15 years, more than 164,000 native trees have been planted on the island by its current owners. The tree planting project is said to have been successful because there are no deer or rabbits in the area. Although sheep reside on the island, their movements are highly restricted. The tree planting was done to give protection to the land and shelter windswept paths. It was also meant to decorate and beautify the island. This makes the island very conducive for living.

Tanera Mor

There are 10 structures on the island. The structures are traditional stone and include the main building – the Old School House – and an additional nine cottages. The structures have been renovated and refurbished.

Tanera Mor

Currently, the island is being put up for sale for an amount of $2.3 million. However, it has been divided into three lots, making it easier for potential buyers who can’t afford the three put together. For $850,000 you can have the entire north end, with three houses, a cafe and the post office. $523,000 gets a lucky buyer the central area, complete with two houses and the island’s largest beach. The third option comes in at $937,000 and includes four houses and the small islands of Eilean Mor, Eilean Beag and an unnamed tidal island.

Tanera Mor

In 1970, the island’s private postal service was inaugurated for mail delivery to and from the mainland. The island is allowed to issue private Summer Isles postage stamps, meaning you can have access to your own postage stamps. Each property on the island, from the cottages to the café, has a British Telecom landline, and broadband is available in two of the properties due to a British Telecom exchange on the mainland.

Tanera Mor

Apart from these benefits, the island sustains itself with generators and wind turbines for 24-hour electricity. It also has a freshwater treatment system that makes it easy for would-be residents to have access to water.

Tanera Mor

The island isn’t the only part of Scotland generating its own energy. Scotland is keen on increasing its renewable energy sources. In August 2016, it was reported that the country’s wind turbines generated enough electricity to power the whole of Scotland for the first time. The country is set to become home to the first commercial-scale, kite-driven 500-kilowatt system power stations.

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