SETI: Broadcasting Messages To Aliens


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Researchers at the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (Seti) Institute in California are planning to start beaming messages about Earth to hundreds of star systems with potentially inhabitable planets.

“There could be many civilizations out there but if they are all listening and no one is broadcasting then nothing will happen,” astrophysicist and SETI’s chief executive, David Black, told the Sunday Times.

Their aim is to transmit regular messages through radio telescopes. They are trying to send messages that would provide sufficient information about the human race. One idea is to send the entire Wikipedia database.[1]

But who’s to say what information is important and should be broadcasted?  David Black said “One question is…if we go ahead, what message should we send? Should it be the work of a few scientists or should we involve the whole world, perhaps through the internet?”

If this program is approved, the messages broadcasted will be able to travel up to 20 light-years away from earth.

But the project has received its fair share of criticisms, including famous cosmologist, Stephen Hawking. Hawking has warned that Earth’s own history provides ample evidence that an encounter with more advanced ETs could go badly for humans.[2]  There are many who agree that drawing attention to our planet may end up like the devastation that transpired on Native Americans when Columbus landed in America. Urging governments to prepare for the worst, Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary paleobiologist at Cambridge, believes that aliens might be as violent or greedy as humans- or even worse.

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In 2011, NASA’s Planetary Science Division released a report titled: ‘Would Contact with Extraterrestrials Benefit or Harm Humanity? A Scenario Analysis,’ . The report summarized 3 possible outcomes if Earth was discovered by aliens: Beneficial, Harmful, and Neutral.

Like straight out of a sci-fi movie with alien invasions, the ‘Harmful’ scenario could be that if aliens do come to our planet, humans are at risk of contracting new diseases, or face they may be enslaved and tortured.





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  1. I don’t think aliens will harm human race , gov always say aliens is bad . This all lie and let human race fear with aliens race . I don’t believe any single all media told at me everyday about aliens race . Peace 🙂 Just think positive about aliens race ok

    • I know right… If they get our message and will try to reach us, they won’t have the technology if they are all greedy and do not work together.
      Look at humanity for ex. We are greedy af and where does this lead us? To fall of our civilization. NASA funded study results say that we have like 50 years maybe if we don’t change the system.
      When you have peaceful society that works together and understands world and ethics only then you can have extended time for civilization to develop it self and its technology.
      We have high tech now and its increasing rapidly, but sadly we are facing a collapse.
      If we implemented things like Resource Based Economy here on Earth, just imagine how far we could get. We could have this planet for home for at least thousand more years.
      Peace and luv 🙂

      • Agreed man, we are our own worst enemy, its time we take back our planet. i don’t plan on becoming extinct like the dinosaurs did, the only way for us to survive is to work together. We take away the world governments, we take away the problems.

  2. Is it just me, or have we been seeing a sudden surge in alien articles around anonhq? Seriously. I think this site gets a little derailed from the Anonymous movement at times…

    • It’s nothing but UFO’s, aliens, disclosure and alien planets pasted all over mainstream media right now too. I think we’re being conditioned for something.

  3. Lmfao they come to this planet more advanced than us they’ll save the planet then for their way of thanking them will be enslavement lol or they’ll just blow the planet up

  4. 20+ years for the message to reach it’s intended target, 20+ years for a response – presuming there is life capable of interpreting our message at the other end. Don’t get too excited, we’d be lucky to hear anything in our life time.

  5. My bet 4 Outcome should Humans find Alien Arrval to earth

    1) Peaceful (Mass Effect’s Asari)
    2) Destory us Human (Mass Effect’s Reapers)
    3) ALiens Eat us Humans for Food (Twilight Zone 1960’s To Serve Man Kanamits)
    4) Enslaved us Human (V TV Series’s Visitors)


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