How Gizmodo Tried To Discredit & Ridicule Anonymous


In an article by Sam Biddle of Gizmodo, quite a fair bit of effort has been made to run Anonymous’ name through the mud. Unfortunately, he does have a point.

Centered around a 40-year-old woman by the name of Jennifer Emick, the article seems to attempt over and over again to demean and depict anons as childish individuals, or worse. To those unfamiliar with the woman, she was one of Anonymous’ earliest ‘observers’ when it had originated, lambasting the strange cult that is Scientology. She had written often about Scientology and had “personal experience with Scientology in the family,” which drew her attention. Eventually, she gained the confidence of many in the community and served as a ‘PR manager’ of sorts.

Emick claims to have been unhappy with Anonymous’ direction, with the movement away from the trite and frankly pedantic focus on one small cult. She was unhappy that Anonymous began to take a stand against capitalism and anti-privacy advocates, and support organizations like WikiLeaks (though she also claims to dislike the childish focus of some anons, it should be noted that she chose to generalize all of Anonymous with a few bad apples). Unlike most decent people who would have just left the organization due to her own difference of opinion, she chose to profit from her links to the group by selling them out – one would suspect that this was the intent from the beginning and that she had never truly intended to be more than a mercenary. She formed her own business, formerly known as ‘Backtrace Security’, and had worked closely with the FBI and other “undisclosed enemies of Anons.” Her actions contributed to the imprisonment of Sabu, who himself disclosed the names of other Anons, such as Jeremy Hammond who faces ten years in jail, and even helped the FBI launch attacks on targets that they had determined to be threats.

The response from some anons (though as ever, this is generalized to include all of Anonymous) was swift and terrifying indeed. Every personal detail about her, from her residential address to her phone numbers, were spread everywhere. She received texts daily, death threats and worse. A parody account of her son was created to post profanity on her Twitter feed. Threats were made against her children and even their school. Though terrifying, it was toothless and achieved no good outcome.

Her role was distasteful, dishonorable and based on greed, but the actions of a few anons to act in this way against her has given the mainstream media plenty of ammunition to turn the public against Anonymous, pretending that the few anons somehow represent the collective who in reality come from every walk of life, represent every race, religion and creed. Yes, by definition, that means some anons are childish, literally because they are young children who do not know how horrible it is to threaten another person’s life. Anyone can be an anon, and though the general collective works for the good of the general populace, not every individual anon can be held accountable for what he/she deems good.

In this case, the response went too far and the attempt to draw her kids into the mix was wrong; what did her children have to do with anything? The irony is that this publicity was exactly what she would want, or else she and her company would have quickly faded from public memory. Indeed, the actions of a few anons truly were used to further her own agenda, allowing writers to paint her as some heroic soccer mom who was fighting a seedy group of hardline radicals, when the reality was entirely the opposite. This is why she has not changed her phone number. To those who are still angered by her betrayal, it would be best to not give the mainstream excuses to attack Anonymous; focus on informing the world about the crimes being done, digging up the information kept away from the people. The people in general, whether they regard themselves as anons or not, the neighbors, friends and even family of offenders, will then decide on the treatment individuals by virtue of what they have done.

Inform, try not to condemn.


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  1. do not punish a child for the sins of the parent until you can prove them guilty of them, and as the child would have to commit the same crime in the same circumstance it is unproveable, so I say again, do not punish a child because of their parents, educate that we may be free of ignorance hatred and lies, I don’t like to be deceived, she has tried to deceive, me anonymous never has, her children have my sympathy and my wishes of education peace and freedom, but the rat suffers it’s own fate

  2. Where I live, we aren’t the most educated, maybe tech savvy, but for what its worth. We back you guys 110% had to add that extra 10%. Big Mat out of Redwood City, CA.

  3. Anon is childish and very naive at most times. I try to like what you do but you make it very difficult.

    • well it appears to me anonymous has done more for the internet war propaganda on terror then our own goverments who are taking away rights and freedoms to do so.

  4. If they believe so much in their “cause” why do so many of them hide behind masks and the internet. Sorry but I try hard to take their side but they make it so easy to take the side of those against them who do not hide. And constantly breaking the law in the name of freedom makes them just as bad as the assholes they fighting against. By the way my 5yr old wants to join where does he sign up?

    • 1. They wear masks because the very people who’s lies are being exposed are the same people who make and enforce our laws….

      2. You don’t sign up to anon, you identify your own skillset and just start doing.

    • The fact that you don’t understand the concepts behind the mask shows you have no understanding of the “cause” at all. One day you may awaken, but at the very least your son at 5 will grow with completely different views of the world than what you did. Like it or not.

    • You make uneducated statements without knowing the meaning of the mask and what it represents. You are only one of many who criticize our efforts, yet you do little to nothing to make a difference. Before your criticize those who make a stand and take action, whether you approve or not, educate yourself so you have a better understanding of our cause. Those who break the greatest laws are your friends, the government.

    • I would recommend watching a movie called ” V for Vendetta”. It might help give you a better understanding behind the mask.. I found the movie to definitely be thought-provoking at least in my opinion.

  5. Am I the only that thinks it’s ironic that you are required to write your name when posting on Anonymous own website?

  6. Am I the only that thinks it’s ironic that you are required to write your name when posting on Anonymous own website?

    • Well considering your name is Anonymous no I would not find that ironic. Considering my name is Harley Quinn. <3

  7. anonymous has more views than that of the person who wrote this article. do not blame the idea for the words and actions of individuals. i am sure that most of us are on this site because we want a truly free world, i doubt that hurting people is in our agenda, that would be oppressive. the only thing that is childish is to not question authority, or a group for the action of a few.

  8. I think the anon that did that went a little 2 far to combate a retaliation like that her children was not needed to be targeted maybe her a little bit to discredit her. But others do as they see fit I guess I personally see it a bit to far

  9. Im just thinking maybe i should become one of the anonymous im 12 yet think what the anonymous is doing to the world is right i still dont rightly know much about the anonymous but im very intrested in learning

  10. You are making a lot of claims without substantial evidence. Three links in an article as accusatory as this is not enough to pass your narrative against Emick.


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