Why Do We Wear the Mask?


Written by: Everyman


It’s time to explain the meaning behind the Guy Fawkes mask again—from the limited viewpoint of a rather common citizen. While it seems there is always a war waging somewhere on this planet, we live in a particularly turbulent time. Whether or not fanatical patriots wish to admit it, we live in a world filled with injustice and greed, often at the hands of those we’re supposed to trust the most. The corruption leaks down in the form of desperation causing brother to turn against brother. Citizens of nations everywhere are beginning to awaken from their sleep, and see the world for what it truly is. As a result, the Guy Fawkes mask has received a new form of recognition due to its direct link to the Anonymous Movement.

anonymous #opgreece-no army can stop an idea

For many who are unfamiliar with Anonymous, it’s easy to assume that this is a “group”, that it has a community, and a leader who coordinates underground meetings. This is not the case. There are no leaders. There is no application to fill out, membership fee, nor gang-style initiation process. The Anonymous Movement has become a means for anyone and everyone to take a stand against whatever issue they feel passionate about, be it global warming, or corporate corruption. There are those who call themselves Anonymous located on every continent, fighting for a multitude of causes. There is no set idea of what Anonymous stands for, unless perhaps justice and truth.


Because the Anonymous Movement is not understood, as well as being misrepresented in the mainstream media, many assume it’s an actual organization. It’s common to hear these people scoff at ordinary citizens for portraying themselves in the Guy Fawkes mask—as though they’re flashing a gang sign in a pompous attempt to portray themselves as a gangster, or perhaps these people feel as though you need to earn the right to wear the mask. This is a misunderstanding of what the mask has come to represent.


The Guy Fawkes mask itself is now a symbol. For those who are actively fighting corruption around the world, it’s a symbol of their anonymity. For the average citizen who takes no part in activism, it’s a symbol of awareness. While Guy Fawkes was an actual historical figure, and the tradition of wearing a mask duringGuy Fawkes Night is long standing, the current Guy Fawkes mask was created by British comic artist, David Lloyd, and was used in the movie V for Vendetta. It wasn’t just the mask’s charming smile that caught people’s attention, but the message the movie portrayed. While the movie may be considered merely another mindless, mainstream production to some, to others it’s an artistic form of inspiration—a statement we can relate to in our current times. With the rise ofAnonymous, many people around the globe have begun to feel a glimmer of hope that we are on the verge of change, and the Guy Fawkes mask represents that hope. We bring to mind once more the image of a sea of grinning faces—all citizens standing together as one—and deep down we wish we could change the world as well.


We need to put an end to the assumption that the Guy Fawkes mask is something you have to earn the right to wear. We all either have, or will, experience injustice in our lives. We all have a voice, and an opinion. We need to stand together as one—one face, one voice, and let the corrupt institutions of the world know that our eyes are open. So on that note, to all of those who work 40+ hours a week and barely make ends meet, to the college students who cannot find work and pay their loans, to the women who endure sexual discrimination on a daily basis in order to keep their jobs, to those who’ve faced the brutality of law because of the color of their skin, to the mothers who cried for the children of Gaza—wear the mask proudly. It doesn’t matter if your face and name are known. It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve protested at your capitol, or hacked a major database. What matters is that you are awake.




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    • Congratulations on your well planned subculture demographic product marketing. Total propaganda and BS. You just wanna sell more of them on Amazon. Study Joseph Goebbels much? The mask is going to go down just like the swastika did. Do you know the history of THAT symbol? Before the Nazis? Want the idea to DIE? Keep wearing the masks. All its going to take is 1 gun, 1 mask, and 1 school then simply having that mask is going to be reasonable search and seizure.

          • a portion of each mask sold goes to Warner Bros (a subsidiary of Time Warner) … Ohhhhh the irony … Anonymous touts itself against corporate greed and corruption (one of the many causes) yet they buy their uniforms from the “enemy” … SMH

      • Yoyoma,

        What on earth are you talking about? How are you tying the swastika to the mask? You should elaborate because if you don’t, well it’s just red herring. Next, do you see a link to purchase one here?

        As for your last sentence, all that has happened countless times over WITHOUT the mask.

        • Swastika has been used as a decorative element in various cultures since at least the Neolithic; known most widely as an important symbol long used in Indian religions, denoting “auspiciousness” (Successful, prosperous.

          • Thats the guys point. That it was used as a positivity symbol. The nazis used it for that reason too. But their actions turned it into a symbol for hate.

        • There is no structure it’s free and open to protest against any passion you wish no one person governs it. Great let the terrorist and the weirdos hide behind your mask. When I stand up tor a cause I don’t hide who I am, I am proud of my cause whether you agree or not I don’t hide. Hitter was originally good, you open to abuse your living in a dream world and allowing the people you wish to fight use the mask. That’s what it’s stands for

          • I respect your freedom to give your comment and I always start mine with a request, look up one of my favorite comedians George Carlin on YouTube and find you are old and you have no rights for he sums up things better than I can for I can be long winded. First I’ll state I’m more afraid of every aspect of our government of all the branches and agencies( and is not just our country but I will just refer to ours because its rampid worldwide). They wear different types of masks as they systematically decimate our country and our people and in collusion with other countries the world and its people by taking a page right out of Hitler’s book/agenda along with 1984 and Animal Farm and they have it down to a science and it takes on so many forms to keep the masses in ignorance,apathetic and like a herd of cattle controlled from birth to death with their willing consent sickens me to my very soul and all I can call it is downright evil for our so-called elected officials don’t work for us they are but puppets of a higher order who dictate laws and policies for their benefit and agenda and the continuation of a corporate run government which is called a car prophecy / plutocracy which replaced our republic which we once were and our currency/souventry as a nation ended when they were able to get the Federal Reserve established which they own.. like I said I can go on a rant but I implore you to do your own research from what’s in your food to how crooked each political family is to hell basically everything that effects your life and maybe you’ll understand why we want to stay anonymous the way this country is on a fast track to becoming. For I am grateful to be a part of this organization and the good that they have done for a positive change in this world.

      • Your example makes no sense. It could take 1 gun 1 orange and 1 school and soon, just because you’re eating an orange you’ll be searched and arrested. Or a trench coat. Or an umbrella. Or anything. SIMPLY ANYTHING combined with a sick mind and a gun can become a reason to be arrested. So, by your logic we should just all go out in the field, completely NAKED and DIE just because we are AFRAID SOME idiot is going to use our symbol against us. The point of Anon is that we are NOT tied down to anything. Mask is NOT required. That mask will morph into ANYTHING that will meet the need. You obviously are missing the point of Anon.

        • I understand why you disagree with yoyoma but you need to acknowledge that he/she has a point. All it will take is one insane moron to tarnish your symbol. Perhaps it would be a good idea to diversify the mask … incorporate miscellaneous masks instead of branding yourselves with only one. That way you would be less likely to be tied to some random evil act.
          I have just discovered your …… (group?) …. but I am trying to learn more. So far I am intrigued.

          • I’d somewhat say that the Guy Fawk mask isn’t the only thing people use when they ether are out with other Anon “members” as I’ve seen myself that people use what ever kinda thing they have to cover them self, the Point with the mask is just so we can all stay Anonymous, To the world and to the power of those that wishes to know.
            Ofcorse there are way’s that people can be recognized by looking at camera pictures looking for people wearing the same cloths, or being followed home etc, but the essential point is that the Mask is just a simply a means to stay anonymous along side with being a Mask that people do associate with Anonymous.
            (Sorry if there is some grammar errors, but my English isn’t exactly at 100%)

          • The way I see it masks or no mask if The Powers That Be or some other group or individual wanted to discredit this altruistic organization and to the best of my knowledge from the articles they already have tried infiltration and I’m sure they are trying to monitor as many members activities as they can or find out who they are and could false flag us at any time if they so choose and not detected in time so villigance

      • Dear yoyoma, it’s a pity you abuse the name of a great artist to express your closed-mind visions…

        And about your gun-nut argument: it is not because some freak abuses the mask, it is going to lose it’s strength. And being persecuted by the government because their schizophrenic system creates gun-nut crazies, might even be a positive thing; it shows that they truly do not care about the people.

      • Go look in the mirror the next time you have a thought or to get ready for your day, and wonder of the mask you wear.
        I bet you only stand for that one, but not for others.
        When you shower,let the truth drain into your brain.

      • This is a very ignorant comment. Yes, there too are ignorant citizens who flaunt the mask, claim to be anonymous, and commit crimes under the representation that they are rebelling against the corporate machine. These people are hooligans with no class, who are an embarrassment to the idea of anonymous and the mask. These bad seeds are unavoidable. Just like the racist police who shoot unarmed people of color. I’m sure the media will focus on these degenerates as a form of propaganda to demonize the mask. As long as there is fearless, good-hearted, bright men and women with good intentions willing to take a stand and defend the mask and what it represents… well then… it will remain a symbol of positive rebellion, instilled to stand against the corporate machine, which is killing the goodness in humanity. Make sense?

      • You couldn’t have misunderstood this article any more if you tried. The mask is mass used because it is mass produced. You can’t blame Anonymous for something already widely used. Nor is it marketing when it’s already widely available.

        What the mask is, is a symbol. It’s a rally, and an ideal. No matter how many wear it, their cause is the same. You need not know their name, see their face. They stand behind the guise of Guy Fawkes because of his legacy, his refusal to accept injustice.

        Don’t mistake an ideal for a marketing campaign. You need not agree or like it, but there are those who see the world in a unique way from behind it

        • Understand all, the government absolutely pays folks to get everyone all worked up over nothing. Don’t fall for it. Besides, you can’t argue with an idiot. They’ll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience! Relax, just keep doing all you do, and relax.

      • Good point. But what if no one believes what the media then will tell us. What if even the kids are awake, maybe looking to a screen, thinking, knowing that this shooting must be a set up, and then whispering: “Bullocks!”
        Everyone who saw the movie or read (and enjoyed) the novel will know that the symbol isn’t burned, cause it’s a good symbol with a peaceful core (when everyone becomes everyone all have equal rights = no envy, no reason for war). That is what seperates the mask from the Hakenkreuz, the idealistic source is the just the opposite. There is no bad connotation, like there was with the swastika. What by the way makes the Hitler-Regime even more likely to hate (the fact that they destroyed the meaning of a symbol for life, happieness and warmth, which the sun surely is in every culture, every place and every time). – @yoyoma: What’s with the hating anyway? Where propaganda is has to be counter-propaganda. Basic Hegel-knowledge. – cheers

      • Yoyoma, if that does happen, that would be only one person out of millions. That is like saying that everyone who covers their faces is a criminal. We know someone who always goes out with her face covered…and guess what! She have never committed a crime. And before you ask…YES, she will (and does) walk right into a police station like that. Also, YES, she will (and does) walk into her bank like that. In fact, when she walks into her bank, she would not get away with anything even if she tried. Everyone knows her, and as soon as she walks in, they say “Hi” and address her…by name. Another thing is “all its going to take is 1 gun, 1 mask, and 1 school then simply having that mask is going to be reasonable search and seizure.” I don’t think so. As it is, we still have a Constitution. Since the mask is a political identity, my feeling is that it would be like saying “being in possession of a white robe is reasonable search and seizure.” The simple fact is, being a member, as despicable and disgusting as it is, of the KKK, is, in and of itself, NOT illegal. Look at all the criminal acts the Klan has done. Since wearing Klanwear is, in itself, not illegal, it is NOT reasonable search and seizure. It’s like saying “let’s stop and frisk every Muslim we find.”

        • Anoymous hello ive been posting everywhere to get your attention I really need your help. You guys are doing amazing things in this world.. all im asking is for a min of your time please ill do anything for a couple min of your time.. pleaze email me or hack my phone just give me a min to explain my situation.

      • You are sick. Yhat mask means we are equal. we are all the common people. For the leadera we are social security numbers, so if we have one face we are just one people. In they point of view, it’s terrible, they have afraid. It’s just a sinbol of freedom. DON’T USE GUNS, USE A MASK!!!!

      • You’re funny. You are clearly one of those people more interesting in trolling than making a difference. I think Anonymous is trying to make a positive difference. Are their efforts misguided at times? Sure; they’re human, so sure; all of us are misguided at times, no matter how good our intentions are. Is the symbol use a little misguided? Maybe, but, they’re taking a negative symbol and attempting to turn it into a positive one people can unite behind. On rare occasions, then ends do – in fact – justify the means… especially when the means are as benign as Anonymous’ are. Troll on, if you feel you must, but I would suggest the use of an SSRI to help treat your misanthropy. If it works for me, I can only imagine the miracles it will work for you. Cheers.

      • Not before the elitists and corrupt politicians do. Who cares what it used to mean? I care what it means RIGHT NOW. Do you know the history of the corrupt leaders in the world? Obviously NOT if your against this mask. This mask isn’t going anywhere get used to it.

      • These are people trying to put down the true criminals bro. Elitists, corrupt politicians, that’s what you are going to see go away, long before this mask does.

      • You do realize what you said, and who you said it to, correct? You’re on Anonymous’s website. Saying the mask will wall like the swastika? Get this, the US government made the internet, and can’t trace Anonymous, something tells me it won’t go down for a very long time.

        On top of that, show some support to them, Anonymous isn’t the enemy. Since Anonymous has been a thing, they’ve been very helpful.

      • agreed…. we are seeing people now wearing this mask in protests while burning down tax payer funded properties.. ie Ferguson and amongst other black lives bullshit marches… love the idea that you seek out corruption and put it on the table. but.. dont know if the mask is a good way of getting folks on board.. how about a head band.. lol

      • You sound really upset. If you are concerned about the possession of a mask ever being grounds for “reasonable” search and seizure then you need a mask. ….or several.

      • History is written by the Victor, who will always portray the enemy as evil. Are you sure the winners of war weren’t evil. who decided the swastika was now a representation of evil.

      • They never said “go buy a mask” or “don’t feed corporate greed and make your own” they were addressing a completely different issue. If you want to know the answer to your question, try submitting that one.

    • Go look in the mirror the next time you have the right to complain about a thought. Thats to all who feel safe behind a screen, and cant grasp the idea of anonymous.

    • Anonymous is an Idea… a Good Idea! Idea of What? All of Goodness and Change for Good if not Better or Perhaps Best…

    • Man you really need to open your eyes mind and ears and close mouth and learn that’s the most ignorant crap I’ve heard yef it keeps you safe from the world government and controling powers to speak your mind and help with so hope of not being imprisoned for helping change the lies and injustice of today’s slave owners learn before you trash what you do not understand

  1. Change is coming sooner than they think, people are more pissed off than they think, the problem is they just don’t seem to think!

  2. Those who chose to wear the mask do so knowing that as time goes on their number are getting larger. People are becoming awake & aware of the way we all get treated in life. As singles we have no voice. As a collective we have a massive voice which cannot be silenced

    • In another article I read, the Guy Fawkes mask was the only one available worldwide. I’m sure that wasn’t the main reason, but def a contributing feature.

      • The mask was originally apart of a meme called Epic Fail Guy. It was because of how badly Guy Fawkes failed at blowing up parliament. When anons actually took to the streets against Scientology people needed to wear masks for their protection. Green man horse face guy fawkes was among them. Guy Fawkes was worn as a stab against Scientology implying that they were epic fail. It has since stuck and transformed into something more.

    • watch the movie “V for Vendetta” Guy Fawkes is fighting for freedom against the government who is arresting people without reasons. Really watch it, you find the same realation in our situation now.


    • The only people who should (and do) fear the mask are the ones whose greed and crimes have enraged the masses. Their stranglehold on the poor is threatened when people unite.

    • Anonymity will always be scary; if you can’t see who’s behind it, then the ones not being a part of it, will be scared. Look at the crimiclowns; anonymity will always trigger fear.

      But that’s not necessarily a bad thing; it’s good to confront the sleeping masses with their own fears. And it gives the opportunity to take off the masks, if goals are being achieved, taking away the fear and showing the true face of the masses…

    • Its meant to scare if you have a dirty secret.
      I dress in a sheet and enjoy waving my confederate flag at motorsports kind of seceret.
      Dont understand why the kiddie fiddlers havent been outed. They dont deserve warning, out any adult trying to meet or even get a photo of a minor. Out them, they are the worst evil, get them all too scared to look at their sickening websites.

      • To Justo,
        ? Right on! Those sick deviant mofo’s definitely need to be outed and shut the fuck down all of their hideous sick twisted perverted underground meetups and online sites.
        Of course, as in most sub-culture predatorial type groups, those clandestine activities are only known and accessed amongst other depraved like minded, filthy, vile, evil, pedo raping miscreant types- so finding these illicit evil meetup places and online sites, then hacking into their (beyond disturbing) downloaded photo and video accounts sites-forward that shit to ICE, blast them and shut em down!

  3. ´qual e´a historia da mascara,quem foi guy??gostaria de ter uma,mas nao posso por numeros de cartoes,sempre tenho alguem colado no meu face;nao posso ser anonyma,sempre arrumo confusao,e nao entendo nada de computador..

  4. Great article. I shared this to the public. While some info must remain hidden, we have to educate the masses in order to wake them up. People fear what they do not understand. Educate and grow

    • I believe you are right with that. Some things are not meant for others to see, but to tell the story of what Anonymous stands for is a great way for people to see we are the voice of the people, because we are the people. I wish more people would unblind their eyes to the corruption more. It makes for people throwing up their hands and saying I did not see it coming, when it was there for you to see.

    • WikiLeaks has proven that hiding information is not the best thing to do. I understand it from the point of view of persecution, but hiding information from the masses is essentially why WikiLeaks is such a big success…

    • You can get a mask just about anywhere. Amazon, eBay, Party City, myanonstore.com, blackblok.com, etc. Depending on if you care about quality, detail, and material, they can range from just a couple dollars, to more than $50.

      • I picked up my Guy Fawkes mask at a local Army Regalia type shop, that also sells camouflage, weapons, other masks, army gear, guns and ammo, hunting gear, camping gear n such. When I went to purchase it, the man at the till said “Good Choice” and gave me a wink. I think he knew where my head was at =)

  5. One Face, one VOICE.
    They say our votes are our voices, we say, we have voices and votes aren’t one. Why must we vote to be silenced, this movement, the IDEA shows the real voices from me, from those brutally beaten for standing against injustice, from the discriminated. Let lose the BEAST, Together we stand, divided we shall fall.
    OUR Voices Be HEARD…

  6. Agree with Anonymous as an idea.
    Can’t agree with the mask from a viewpoint of the conditions the workers work in to produce them.Conditions that are supported with every purchase.

    • If you go and actually look at where the order form for the mask is, you will see that it clearly states that some profits will go to Warner brothers! If you feel that strongly download n print!

  7. Nice article would be nice to mention the rich anarchist history of pre film,
    V for vendetta comic and it’s author Alan Moore……..

  8. many of them don’t understand the real meaning and purpose of waering the fawkes mask.. and after my friends read this article they understand it now.. all about anonymous.. !!!

  9. Native American tribal Chiefs I know & met believe the Earth, Gaia, belongs to us all. A Global community was inevitable & they saw it coming in visions before Columbus. Respect them. I am an activist & composer/performer & know that we all have a role in many areas of the good fight. My message is this: Entheogenic plants are not drugs, & should not be illegal. They are known to assist in personal-spiritual growth, are a part of Shamanic ritual to psychotherapy. Ayahuasca, used for 2500 years in the Amazon in Shamanic culture, also Psilocybin (mushrooms – Mexico, world-wide), Peyote cacti (mescaline) Native Am. Toltec & marijuana (world-wide). None are addictive, as psychedelics (mind-manifesting) are when used in proper context, known to help lead one to reconsider poor life-styles as alcoholism & are threats to dominator culture as people refuse to go to war, or except unethical values. Why were these items made illegal even for research as of 1966 just a few years after most these were rediscovered by western science? For our own safety sake? I think not when we allow jumping off bridges w/bungee cords & parachutes, sailing, surfing, driving, drinking & smoking, rights protected “for thrill” or choice alone, & not wholly safe! Theses plants give direct experience to people that widely claim to have “life changing experiences”. Like many medicines, not all people need or should take them but they have a purpose & place so do not take my word, look at the research of Terence McKenna & others. Thank-you

    • To Shamano,
      >>”Entheogenic plants are not drugs, & should not be illegal. They are known to assist in personal-spiritual growth, are a part of Shamanic ritual to psychotherapy…
      *Especially mescaline ???

  10. Total propaganda and BS. You just wanna sell more of them on Amazon. Study Joseph Goebbels much? The mask is going to go down just like the swastika did. Do you know the history of THAT symbol? Before the Nazis? Want the idea to DIE? Keep wearing the masks. All its going to take is 1 gun, 1 mask, and 1 school then simply having that mask is going to be reasonable search and seizure.

    • ya, stop talking you uneducated simpleton(yoyoma),the masks are sold by a completely different entity, profits go to the makers of the movie V for vendetta, its not the mask that makes anonymous, for those who know Anonymous you’ll know their original symbol was the man in a suit with no face. the mask became popular because it makes us one voice instead of millions, and because of what it represents (the fact that we are all citizens of the world and that there is no such thing as race, ethnicity, gender choice, or sexual orientation. We are all people plain and simple and until we can unite and get rid of the poisoned individuals that are rotting our society from the inside, we will need “the mask”. Labels are man made and therefore can be discarded, but only with the awakeining of our collective conciousness can we attempt to do so. educate yourselves people, its our only hope…

  11. listen you sceptics, you can bloody well MAKE YOUR OWN MASK …start with a piece of cardboard like a pizza base packaging and look it up on Utube and follow what the guy does (I cant remember his name, just search for it). nobody has to profit from these masks. everyone should make their own, I wouldnt buy one on principle.

  12. Anonymous is like the what the Black Panthers were for black people, Freedom Fighters! except Anonymous is for all people’s Freedom! You do not have to be a computer hacker.its a Revolution of righteousness defending All HUMANS RIGHTS!
    One Love

  13. This is amazing. I love anonymous. I am still in high school, but the second I get out I’m going to participate in their activism. I think its about time for a change.

  14. The mask is to me all you mentioned, and more. Age, is a number. Ethnicity, a skin tone or accent. And injustice is not bound by these…even the rich and famous cannot always escape this. One world, one voice, one face, all as equals screaming for justice. While in our own ways looking a way to find it. We’re not hiding. We’re unifying.

  15. The guy fawkes mask is just a meme. The meme was originally epic fail guy wearing the mask all the time. The mask has nothing to do with anonymous, just a popular movie about protest. Everyone can wear it, if you want to pay license fees to Warner Bros.

    Anonymous only wants you to be anonymous. For your own protection. We do not have any leaders or representatives. Everyone is anonymous. Anyone claiming someone is not anonymous is a fake and will be fucked up in the end.

  16. Hi guys. I’m from Iran. I need a number of these masks for our group here. how can I have them. please help me guys. we Iranian guys need a revolution. We are anonymous as well. I’d be grateful if you could help me. TNX

    • Anonymous organization worship the Devil, so i think God will not bless them. They can take any form they want or tell any lie they want, they can’t do absolutely no harm for the true believers.
      Allah is going to expose you soon, if God will. The chaos you provoke all over the world is just going to turn against you. This message is for both the visible and invisible world. And you should fight anonymous and Satan if you want a better world, not support them or let them fool you.

      • If you’re reading this then god most likely gave you two eyes like the rest of us and the ability to see, read and comprehend, so I’m going to rely on that ability, since according to you true believers can not be fooled, and to help you understand your mistakes, anonymous stand for freedom of speech, the right for a descent life, we do not accept tyranny, oppression or corruption, so before you say anonymous worship the devil and have no proof of it, check our deeds, what we did for humanity and what we did for the lord.

        As of your next statement “so I think god will not bless them”, I’ve never heard a “true believer” say that before, seems to me like you’re making yourself a match for his highness telling him whois evil and whois not, telling his highness who should be blessed and who shouldn’t, if we did something to harm you or any of your associates let us know and whoever in charge will take responsibility and fix it for you, whoever found guilty will be given the chance for a “true trial” unlike the trial you just gave us above, beside cursing.

        As of your next statement “they can take any form they want or tell any lie they want”, I agree with the fact that we can take any form but it will be the same fight for the same cause, revealing the truth to everyone, so if the truth itself is hard on you nobody will blame you for what you just said except his highness of course, and if you think we lied about something then illuminate us.

        As for your next statement “they can’t do absolutely no harm to the true believers”, I would say that you have a misconception or a confusion about the meaning of that statement so make sure you read your whole bible before making such assumption, but you think we are the devil or working for the devil or worship the devil so how can I comment on the words of his highness, nonetheless, we do not plan on hurting anyone except those who will defy our rights, our lives, our dignity and our fate, beside you couldn’t be more hurt then what you’re right now, you seem to be severely brainwashed by the media and god knows what else …

        As of your next statement “Allah will expose you soon, if God will”, exposure? thinking … no comments, but we will be victorious, so if you have something rather inconvenient, then expect us, we will expose you, with the will and the help of the almighty God, after all “Righteousness is in good character, and wrongdoing is that which wavers in your soul, and which you dislike people finding out about.”

        As of your next statement “The chaos you provoke all over the world is just going to turn against you.” we are not provoking chaos, rather revealing the truth, if “chaos” occur as a result then it’s called transition or reform, truth leads to reform, lies lead to chaos, “one truth versus many lies”, and one cannot tell many truths, reform is the reason the human race was created for, or one of them at least, and if you’re incapable of seeing the real chaos that corrupt governments and corporations are leading us to, then you have bigger problems.

        As of your next statement “This message is for both the visible and invisible world.” My best guess is that you mean this message is for “everyone”, I’m “visible” to myself and to the eyes of my God.

        As of your next statement “And you should fight anonymous and Satan if you want a better world,” if you want to fight Satan then be a better person for a better world.

        As of your next statement “not support them or let them fool you.” Anonymous stand for whats right and by revealing the truth to the citizen of this world, you don’t support us as much as supporting yourself and the ones you care about, revealing the truth and exposing the lies is a sacred cause, Anonymous is an idea and no one can corrupt it, either you accept it and fight for it or against it, but you’re still free, not a fool.

        In the end I have sentenced you to an exclusive reading of your bible Mr.”true believer” for some unquestionable truth :
        “And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth,” they say, “We are but reformers.” (11) Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters, but they perceive [it] not.” [2,12]
        “And say, “Truth has come, and falsehood has departed. Indeed is falsehood, [by nature], ever bound to depart.”” [17,81]

        You better hope God will be more merciful on you then me. as for your approval, we don’t need it, go back to sleep.

        I will just say it to cheer up 🙂
        We are anonymous.
        We do not forgive
        We do not forget.
        Expect us Satan.

  17. Ok Anons i want to say this… I thought the mask was to help you not get arrested???? don’t you guys have a big risk of being arrested for going out in public? I respect you all but how is it that idea has come up? I feel like it is sort of a dumb thing to do. Sorry but I just had to ask you all. Have a good night! 😀

  18. Beautiful article. The more we inform ourselves and see through the lies and corruption the faster we will shake the worldwide corruption that oppresses us. Mask or no mask, together we are unstoppable.

  19. actually your wrong thats not the originality of the mask. The mask started when a Gunpowder Plot of 1605 was commemorated from early on by burning effigies of unpopular figures. Towards the end of the 18th century, reports appeared of children begging for money with grotesquely masked effigies of Guy Fawkes,[1] and 5 November gradually became known as Guy Fawkes Night, although many now prefer the term “Bonfire Night”.[2] The 1864 Chambers Book of Days stated that:[3]

    “The universal mode of observance through all part of England, is the dressing up of a scarecrow figure, in such cast-habiliments as can be procured (the head-piece, generally a paper-cap, painted and knotted with paper strips in imitation of ribbons), parading it in a chair through the streets, and at nightfall burning it with great solemnity in a huge bonfire…”

    In 1847 The Lancet published “Notes of A Case of Death From Fright,” in which the death of a two-year-old was attributed to the fright caused by seeing a boy wearing a red Guy Fawkes mask.[4]

    1969 advertisement for the British comic Whizzer and Chips, showing free Guy Fawkes mask
    In the 20th century in Britain, large numbers of cheap cardboard or paper Guy Fawkes masks were sold to children each autumn, or given out free with comics.[5][6] But by the 1980s, their popularity was fading as Guy Fawkes Night became increasingly supplanted by Halloween.[7]

    In 1958 the wearing of Guy Fawkes Masks on Bonfire Night was mentioned during a debate on the Criminal Law (Onus of Proof) Amendment Bill, in the Parliament of Western Australia, as an example of a lawful excuse for the possession of a face mask at night.[8] The then Minister for Police, JJ Brady, stated:

    “at one time It was traditional to wear masks on Guy Fawkes night. so, if tonight anyone Is found wearing a Guy Fawkes mask I, as Minister for Police, will see that he is duly excused.”[8]

    The comic book series V for Vendetta, which started in 1982, “centers on a vigilante’s efforts to destroy an authoritarian government in a dystopian future United Kingdom.” Its main character wears a Guy Fawkes mask, and in the climax of the 2006 film adaptation, thousands of protesters adopt the same costume as they march on Parliament.[9]

    When developing the story, illustrator David Lloyd made a handwritten note: “Why don’t we portray him as a resurrected Guy Fawkes, complete with one of those papier-mâché masks, in a cape and a conical hat? He’d look really bizarre and it would give Guy Fawkes the image he’s deserved all these years. We shouldn’t burn the chap every Nov. 5th but celebrate his attempt to blow up Parliament!” Writer Alan Moore commented that, due to Lloyd’s idea, “All of the various fragments in my head suddenly fell into place, united behind the single image of a Guy Fawkes mask.”[10] He also noted “how interesting it was that we should have taken up the image right at the point where it was apparently being purged from the annals of English iconography.

  20. Isn’t it funny that he talks about the swastika losing power but before the nazis took it over it was actually a religious icon so how did it lose strength? It can still be seen today on many statues.

    It’s funny that they think we are a group, a club, or even a clique but what most people don’t get from that movie and even the anonymous movement is that the guy fawkes mask isn’t a symbol of a group but rather an idea. The man Guy Fawkes fought the government because he believed it was unfair and corrupt which is what most people believe today and V knew the truth of those words all too well. He asked the people to stand beside him, not JOIN him, if they believed the same.

    The mask isn’t a symbol, it’s a representation of an widely held and widely spread idea. It’s a means of one person being able to identify another who thinks the same. We could wear bananas over our faces instead of the mask and it still wouldn’t be a symbol.

    It’s obvious that those who comment negatively here are still under the government mindset, but Anonymous has never lied about government activity. We have exposed the truth about REAL government activity. Anonymous didn’t kill 3,000 citizens on 9/11 and hide behind a lie. Anonymous never sent Ebola overseas and killed thousands of people. So how exactly is Anonymous the enemy?

    Because we spoke the truth? Because we broke through the red tape? Because we refuse to conform?

    Anonymous has worked to oust pedophiles and report them to the police with substantial evidence. They have worked to shut down ISIS Facebook and Twitter accounts. They have published information about the government and it’s movements to protect the citizens, not the establishment.

    So you can demonize us. You can slander and sanction us, but since we are not a group, since we do not have leaders and every person affiliated, whether they are a hacktavist or simply an activist, is are all equal, then there is nothing you can do to stop the idea and the growth of our numbers.

    All your slander shows is your ignorance. Maybe one day you’ll wake up and realize who the bad guys really are. I just hope it’s before you end up in a fusion center or worse, simply vanishing at the hands of men in bullet proof vests, masks, and a cloud of tear gas.

  21. What has interested me most is not why wear the mask but why Guy Fawkes. As a Brit Im probably biased, but surely he stands for everything Anonymous isn’t.

    • Keep in mind this is just a guess, but I think the choice in mask doesn’t connect directly to Guy Fawkes, but to the character portrayed in V for Vendetta who also wears a Guy Fawkes mask.

    • I see all that is around me and I cannot help but to let people know what kind of a world we are living in atm. Though people may dislike/disbelieve me and my comments.I need for a better now and proudly stand tall for what I believe.Against all who defile the rights for all human beings and more.. 🙂

  22. I support everything you guys stand for. I have always been that person who stops at no means for what I believe in. I do not let someone scare me into silencing my opinions. This world has become so corrupt that it needs people like you to to question the actions of our so called leaders. I enjoy everytime you blast the truth and call out the people you do. Your statements are very a curate and thoroughly researched. You go off facts and not rumors. Each and every one of you give me hope that this world still has a fighting chance. Not everyone has been overcome by greed and the social media. Keep doing what your doing! I would proudly wear the mask and stand with you. Thanks

    • People that back off the defense of a cause in the face of objection are people not fully convinced of its correctness. Firm understanding of facts holds that no objection weakens truth. thumbs up for your passion.

    • I.understand where you coming from people are blinded by the fact that the government trying to control our lives really to them.they feel like if you not in.upper class with them you are nobody you don’t have right to speak but everyone has a right to speak there mind.

  23. But why choose a symbol that profits Warner Brother? A monopoly which is part of the very things which you claim to be against. Part of my power is where I spend these paper dollars, as is yours. Do your homework. Makes me wonder who is running your show.

  24. You wear masks because you don’t want to get your asses kicked for turning your backs on your roots. Now you stand for right-wing tea-bagging conspiracy nut revelations-loving obama-anti-christ CERN-is-releasing-demonic-entities-from-saturn-to-cause-the-rapture BULLSHIT. I lost all respect for your movement. I used to love what you stood for. But now you have turned into exactly what I initially supported you to fight against. You have become the enemy. Fuck you.

  25. No one is “running the show”.

    There are no membership requirements, no qualification tests and no dues.

    There is no Politburo and no Little Red Book.

    No one tells any of us what to think or how to behave.

    That’s kindof the point, eh wot?

  26. I am one whom has opinions and has never been heard over the mindless drone and prattle of society and I appreciate what Anonymous stands for. It stands for the every man, the all people of all races. It is a force for good that the biased media has painted a villainous face upon. “We are anonymous and we are many!”,this is the enlightened, this is the truth, and this is the force of great change in this world.

  27. While the idea of ordinary individuals waking up from their trance and banding together as one on a global scale without leaders or hierarchy is inspiring, I find it a little unsettling when I look over to the right side of the page and see links directing me to where I can purchase Anonymous merchandise and “cheap spy cameras”. Why would a leaderless, come as you are movement need to profit off of its own name? Surely someone, or multiple someone’s, are managing this revenue…right? It doesn’t sound so leaderless or unstructured anymore, does it? Isn’t this the same type of hypocrisy that these ideals oppose?

  28. Did SOMEONE regonize that Time Warner has the copyright of the Guy Fawkes mask?

    Buy buying a mask they are earning money!!
    We want to change, but are given them more money!

    THERE IS A FAIL!!! =(

  29. Guy Fawkes and those involved in the gun powder plot were Catholic radicals who wanted to assassinate the king and restore a Catholic head of state. Seems like an odd choice.

  30. We have a choice between two new world orders. One is oppressive and restrictive, the other isn’t, Which one will you choose????

  31. Guido “Guy”Fawkes, Thomas Catesby and Robert De Winter were hanged on the fifth of November, 1605 for trying to blow up the English Parliament with gunpowder because they were militant catholics and the King had just kicked all the Jesuits out of England.

    Every fifth of November since then, he has been hanged in effigy for having failed to blow up Parliament and this mask has been around and worn in public for more than four hundred years.

    Everyone knows this.

  32. There will always be the negative. Ignore them, they are Sheep, they have no reasoned value, grown from ignorance, poor education, illiteracy, or simply misjudged beliefs. I stand for and follow a group who look to the future in peace, common sense, understanding and power for change. I would happily do more if I knew what that was, but I’m proud to post and be part of their battle cry,

    We are anonymous. We do not forgive. We do not forget.

  33. View the mask from the other side for a moment – those of us that stand up against the injustices, the greed, the corruption, or whatever it is you wish to stand up against, we are doing it for the better of everyone, not out of personal greed or seeking acknowledgment. If I see my neighbor, my brother, my sister, my fellow human being, struggling, I choose to help them for the sake of helping, to see someone break free from hate, racism, sexism, homophobic or religious hate crimes, etc, that is the satisfaction I receive, I wish to remain “anonymous” because I don’t seek personal gain for helping the person standing beside me.

  34. I find this all to be terribly interesting. I’ve been hearing about you for quite some time and watching your actions to try to assure myself you represent what you say do and thus far, you have not disappointed. What is going on today is not new information, just information more readily available. I’m very much a history and political buff. Have you ever read “The Jungle”, written in the very early 1900’s, based on a true story of how American politicians were in the pocket of big business and the resulting anti-trust laws. Yet, nothing has changed other than the players. And where one player died another one took over. I try to tell people, by an large the president is a figure head, with no real power. The lawmakers who serve the wealthy are the real power and the rest of us are sheep in blind servitude. I have watched all the recent Republican debates. Not one of them is interested in serving the American people. Everyone of them are interested in POWER only. And frankly, the same can be said for the Democrats. As long as we fight among ourselves, like rats in cage, they win, we LOSE. As long as we pit men and women, blacks and whites, gay and straights, Muslims and Christians against each other, we LOSE. That’s what the powers that be want. Keep us busy hating each other while they count their money and bask in their power. I get a rather large thrill when I hear or read Anon brought one of these egomaniacs down and expose their vulnerability. The mask is an symbol, an ideal, a movement towards exposing the truth, and maybe, hopefully, a chance at restoring our own freedom to pursue our own dreams. There I’m done.

  35. 你的思想真的很棒:正义与希望。It’s really cool and appreciate your mind, justice, and hope.We’ll together to face this world and try to make life better.Thanks!我相信我们的生活会越来越好,come on.

  36. Hi! I found this article randomly, and I understand Annoynous’s cause.

    But I am curious if you are associated with any groups that wear red masks? I am being essential harassed by a hacker that wears one and believes I am a “fucking idiot”, must be “gay” and lying about being deaf even though I clearly hear all their conversations via my computer/phone/icloud.

    That being said, I am also curious what your members think of people ripping your ideals for truth and incorporating hacking for more sinister/black hat way.

  37. Buying this mask is giving money to large corporations that Anonymous are generally fighting against (at least that’s what I thought). The clothing the group wears to be recognised should be something more subtle like a coloured bandanna, mask, balaclava, hat, headband or other item of clothing imo, then you can be subtle or go all out, yeah the mask is cool but doesn’t make sense to me.

  38. I applaud Anonymous for being the change. I see a world in the future where we don’t have to resort to wearing a mask or hiding our identities to make positive changes and expose lies.

    We don’t wear the masks here, but we have to be much more careful because of it. Our changes are smaller and slower, but we try to do our part.

  39. Anonymous shows the truth in what everyone overlooks, a Lost Society if you will say…the way the Unclear look upon it believe that everything is perfect whilst the everyday hard working diligent people are within the chaos searching for the way out..and that’s where Anonymous comes in, giving them a hand and guiding them through the nonchalant melancholy. Even though the mask is from a movie, who really cares? It’s the best symbol of unity out there in this world. Sure…we could just put it up as another gang or something like they said…but we don’t…it’s how we feel on the inside that really matters at the end of the day. And I have also seen others comment about looking in the mirror. It’s true we all wear masks everyday…to go to work, to show emotions, but in all reality..the one we never show.. Is the mask of truth…its locked away under the darkness that surrounds us in media or thoughts that cause the chaos and curroption we put ourselves into..mostly by accident..but all in all…we need to actually wake up and show that mask..to become who we weren’t ment to be…not to conform to another’s wishes..

  40. The movie V for Vendetta was based on the masterfully created graphic novel of the same name.Writer Alan Moore was the brain behind it.

  41. But I am not the same, I dont want to be the same. I want to be me. Is this what your fighting for? To be a cog in a machine? You already are a cog, would you switch machines and call it justice? Freedom? I doubt I would agree with much of anything that anon believes in or fights for. I believe they lean toward the left- socialism – it(socialism) has never worked and never will. It has bankrupted countries that try it(of course they blame everybody else but in the end , they lost) – But I do like asking questions. You also are encouraged to question , yes? So why not question socialism? Question – why has it never really worked? Question: why is Greece bankrupt? Question: why does the gov take %80+ of a persons hard earned money in France? THINK – QUESTION- Capitalism is the enemy? why? Have you found the difference between Capitalism and Corpretism and how they are not the same? No? then find out! How has history shown these ideas ? These ideas did not start when you were born, they have been around for a long time. What are the success stories , what are the failure. Guy Fawkes was a fighter for the establishment(Catholic Church/Empire)- he tried to blow up the ‘freedom’ fighters, the minority-Anglican church- yet you hail him as a hero? Yet you supposedly fight against the establishment? This would be evidence to me that you are more interested in hollywood propaganda then the truth. TRUTH seek it out. Not from the leaders of any movement! But on your own. Now come , disregard what I have said and set me a flame!

  42. The message is clear. The direction that Greed and Power is taking us doesn’t benefit humanity. People are so arrogant that they have lost their own humanity and who we really are inconjunction with this planet. One bad move can either wipe us out or send us back to bows and arrows.its our world not theirs. We elect people to run the ship not own it. We’re not sheep yet everything is designed to either keep us that way or make money. How many truths have the people we elect keep from us “for our own good” yet affect us all . Lastly America in the mid 20th century was the epitome of good living in the world which is why the rest of the western world and others followed. Now it’s the modern day Sodom and Gomorrah and we know how that ended

  43. GUY FAWKES- AKA a sufferer of the STOCKHOLM SYNDROME..
    His PROTESTANT father (you know a reformer whom helped sack the catholic and islamic nazis from Europe creating the enlightenment period and the industrial revolution..)
    died when he was 10, then in comes a catholic STEPFATHER who set his step on up to fail- we are all under ROMES influence.. stop! you are not romans or caucasians if you have BLUE EYES !
    we are EUROPEAN.. why are we worshipping an AFRICAN /ASIAN religion of crap an dbullshit?
    The jews caused all this 5000 yrs ago- that’s your clue. the caliphate = catholic islamists and jewish religions – JEW EDEN is sweden !!! the goal of the caliphate to conquer and control us BARBARIANS !

    how is a terrorist a symbol for freedom?

    Catholic = NAZI !

    Protestant = an enlightened community that believes facts not fiction and will not worship a false deity!
    – The only way to cure Earth is to destroy MECCA ROME and Jerusalem.. BOOM baby cillit bang and the dirt is gone !

    What has religion ever given us- we are NOT CHRISTIANS- but support the plight of christ +


  44. Why we all get so hung up over pedantics such as this mask ?
    Why we use hatred and violence to prove a point when that’s exactly what the 1% want (they want turmoil and confusion ).
    The mask represents something hope for some but if we are to create change all we got to do is to wake the fuck up ‘stop being the drones we are pushed into being ‘.there’s more of us than them remember mask or no mask

  45. Outsiders perspective here… It’s hard to take something seriously without knowing a source or individuals motivation behind the message… I understand the point of anonymity and symbolism that goes with this mask thing but I do not understand the creepy overtones / almost comical in a way.

    Why even bother with a mask and overly distorted voice like your in some witness protection program? Couldn’t you just deliver a simple message (clear) to the (point) ~ and if you want an attention grabber ~ maybe have a basket full of kittens or something in the background.

    Just saying it would be good for someone to clearly state there intentions and reasoning for disseminating information and exactly where that information is coming from at the source. Conspiracy is a hard sell when no one takes ownership.

    Just one perspective anyway.
    > j


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