SHOCKING: NYPD Wishes ‘Slow Death’ On Citizens Who Film Officers During Wrongdoing


As if the actions of police departments across the United States weren’t already out of control, they have now stepped it up to a new level. As you know, the police are now acting as a quasi Supreme Court of the United States and can now even pass the death sentence without consulting a jury.

Recently, due to the police’s total disregard for human rights, citizens have found a perfect way to expose these brutalities by the police by most often filming them secretly when they are engaged in these illegalities. This discreet filming of the police has uncovered important revelations about how the police kill, harass and abuse innocent citizens for no apparent, legitimate reason.

In one such secret filming in New York, Michael Barber, a member of the ‘Police Watch’ group — a local vigilante organization — filmed two plainclothes police officers grabbing and harassing a young girl in public. Witnesses can be heard in the video shouting at the officers to leave the teenage girl alone.

After the pressure from the crowd built up, the officers were seen in the video rushing back to their unmarked vehicles and fleeing the scene, yelling obscenities at the young girl as they took off.

Barber later uploaded the video onto social media sites and it sparked outrage against these unscrupulous officers. Many have called for their dismissal from the police department for shaming the girl in public for no valid reason.

“I was surprised that things didn’t get worse. I believe he was wrong from the very beginning and that’s why he didn’t call it in,” Barber said, regarding the video he recorded.

Instead of reflecting on the incident and making sure that a similar incident will not occur in the future, the official Facebook page of the 30th Precinct New York Police Department (NYPD), whose officers were involved in the shameful act against the girl, posted a disgusting and unacceptable comment regarding the video saying, “Fuck these savages, they should all die a nice slow death!”

The term ‘savages’ was in reference to Barber and anybody else who films the police in an act of wrongdoing. After that comment was posted, the public expressed strong negative feelings against it and the police department quickly pulled the comment thereafter. However, they will never be able to pull down the original one that people have taken several screenshots of. We have a screenshot of the posted comment for your viewing below.


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Human rights groups have said that if this is how police truly feel about Americans who want them held accountable for their actions, then it could explain why so many police have been opening fire on innocent citizens, leading to their untimely death.

Some observers have also recommended that citizens should henceforth film the police at every opportunity so that they can be held accountable, as the police are apparently not prepared to change their behavior when engaging with citizens.

For the 30th Precinct, no official statement has been released concerning the harassment of the girl or the subsequent despicable comment about the incident on Facebook.

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We can only hope that whomever put out that comment will be identified and made to face consequences. Otherwise, things are only going to get worse. Citizens now know that the police will kill them and they will do everything possible to at least guarantee their own personal security.

We condemn the actions of the officers against the girl and also strongly condemn the Facebook comment made thereafter. Authorities in every city must wake up to avoid a disaster in, quite possibly, the very near future.



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  1. They Feeling is quiet mutual with the dirty rotten pigs that believe they are better than us human beings & feel that badge has the right to disobey the laws That they expect us to follow ! #DISOBEY

  2. Their Facebook page has been deleted. So something is happpening. Not sure if it will be more than that or if they will let it fade away just like all the other wrongdoings the authorities have made throughout time.

  3. Does anyone know why the girls were talked to? To the gentleman who took the video or for that matter anyone reading this go for a ride along someday. You will be shocked at how most people treat the police. Watching the video everyone assumed the girl had done no wrong and all the cop had done was wrong. And u know what they say about assumed. Last question what happened to the passenger in Rodney Kings car that fateful night? Get the full story first.


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