Shocking Or Intriguing? NASA Challenges Physics, To Build Faster-Than-Light Spaceship ‘Warp Drive’


NASA scientist Harold White has stunned the world with his announcement that he and his team has begun work on the development of a faster-than-light Warp Drive spaceship that can move faster than the speed of light defying Albert Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity. Warp Drive, which is all set to challenge the light speed barrier, could result in speeds that could take a spacecraft to Alpha Centauri in a only two weeks even though the system is 4.3 light-years away! The idea sounds fascinating but disobeys the laws of physics.

In his 1994 paper titled The Warp Drive: Hyper-Fast Travel Within General Relativity physicist Miguel Alcubierre had suggested a mechanism by which space-time could be “warped” both in front of and behind a spacecraft. The idea immediately caught White’s attention.

“Remember, nothing locally exceeds the speed of light, but space can expand and contract at any speed. However, space-time is really stiff, so to create the expansion and contraction effect in a useful manner in order for us to reach interstellar destinations in reasonable time periods would require a lot of energy,” White told io9.


The Theory of Special Relativity does not allow objects to move faster than the speed of light within space-time. To increase the speed of moving objects to match the speed of light, it would need infinite amount of energy. White in a way suggested horrific amounts of energy —equal to the mass-energy of planet Jupiter (which is 1.9 × 1027 kilograms or 317 Earth masses). As a result, the idea was brushed aside as being far too impractical.

White later collaborated with Mark Rademaker, an artist, to create a new, more realistic design of what such a ship might actually look like. The updated model is more compact and chunkier and includes a sleek ship nestled at the center of two massive rings of negative energy which will create the warp bubble.


At the 100 Year Starship Conference in Atlanta, he said that the Warp Drive could be powered by a mass that’s even less than that of the Voyager 1 spacecraft. The reduction in mass from a Jupiter-sized planet to an object that weighs a mere 1,600 pounds completely reset White’s sense of plausibility — and NASA’s.


Warp Drive for FTL travel is at the level of speculation since NASA also considers that FTL travel is impossible. FTL results in time travel and time travel is considered far more impossible than light travel. Dr White too admits his research is still small-scale and is light years away from any type of engine that could be constructed into a spaceship like the USS Enterprise.

Till NASA and Harold White David Pares create a real-world version of the Warp Drive, check out Davis Pares’ model replicating the effect by manipulating electrical fields in his own garage!



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  1. “Dr White too admits his research is still small-scale and is light years away from any type of engine that could be constructed into a spaceship like the USS Enterprise.”

    A light year is a measurement of distance… not time.

  2. Is this guy actually a credible NASA scientist, or some hack who happened to work at NASA for awhile and thinks he’s gonna become famous for making claims that he can’t back up. The last thing the world needs is another John Hutchison. “Hey look at me, I totally invented anti-gravity, but I’m not sure how to do it again in a controlled environment when people are actually watching. And yeah some of my videos have been proven fakes where you can even see the string holding up the object, but I swear the one where you can’t see a string is totally real!” Fucking dickweed.
    Point being; I want proof this guy isn’t full of shit.

    • There is no such thing as a year, a “year” is basically an event. The completion of one trip around our sun, which changes from “year” to “year” in its “time”. In reality there is no time, there are just numbers that we have created to measure things in an attempt to understand our universe. There are an infinite amount of moments in time that are immeasurable. There are no numbers, just another form of measurement that is also infinite. If I travel from “A” to “B” half way, and then half way again, and again, and again I will never reach “B”. Fractals, however, do exist, and yes, they are also infinite. The point is, that geometry rules the universe, and when we figure that out maybe its simplicity will humble us who know how to define a “year.” Dave Pares may very well be on the right track. He is using fractals of course to manage his energy. Your cell phone has an antenna made of fractals, its a perfect way to pick up a multitude of frequencies. Think beyond our imagination, and there lies reality.

      If you look at the forest beyond the cliff you see trees of median size. Yet at the cliff, where it’s risky to venture, you see young trees, dead trees and even disfigured trees. But there is that one, the one that grew larger than them all, that didn’t fail. It was scoffed at by all the other trees, that felt confident in their firm foundations. It wasn’t until blown over in a wind storm that they looked to the tree on the cliff, with it’s roots in the bedrock still standing strong, they knew they were not as tall and as strong as he stood.

  3. #AstronautCorps



  4. What a load of crap! The guy is delusional, misinformed, and I’ve lost trust in Anonymous for publishing this pseudoscience.

    Come on guys. Science.

  5. An infinite power source is already known, but the goverment doesn’t want such thing as never ending power. A power source producing more power then it actually needs. Limitless power is real..

      • Source would be torus I believe, fundamental pattern of the universe – the flow. I’ve heard there were scientist creating machines that worked on that.
        John Worrell Keely was one of them. He made a machine that worked on water, but not consuming it. It had to do sth with vibrations.
        It’s no wonder these kind of technologies are supressed. Energy industries are really powerful and the don’t want to fall.

        • My mind is basically wired to make things as efficient as possible. Ever since I was a child, I’ve always asked myself, if there isn’t such thing as an infinite amount of energy, then how was our universe created if our own universe was created after an infinite amount of universes before this one? That’s why I want to dedicate my life to developing the perfect 1:1 energy efficiency source.

    • ‘Oh, ye seekers after perpetual motion, how many vain chimeras have you pursued? Go and take your place with the alchemists!’ – Leonardo Davinci

    • even so… “infinite” in this sense refers to the *energy* as a *force* – an immeasurable impossible “amount” of energy — not the ability to generate a finite voltage in perpetuity…

    • Tesla was belived to have created an infinate power source but the family belives it was stolen with most of his inventions after he died.

    • yes you are correct, there was a person who made an engine which kept producing power until the end of time, or until the engine was broken. that guy disapeared mistiriuously

  6. This article and the related story are nothing more than massive click bait. 2 things to point out…

    1. We are no where close to understanding how to bend space for warp drives.

    2. This is even more important, WE DONT HAVE THE POWER SOURCE TO DO SO. Something like this would take more energy than humanity currently produces in over a year.

    • Actually, White is looking at using the Casimir Effect to obtain the needed exotic energy to make the bubble and that is what is needed to separate the ship from normal space time. It seems that the next level of testing will have to be off-planet since there is too much interference here on Earth. But his research is real, the idea is real, it’s not delusional.

      Here’s the Wiki link: I don’t understand the math listed there, and various objections and issues are listed there too.

    • Also don’t forget that we can’t steer. It really doesn’t matter if we can go ftl or light speed because no computer or human could calculate obstacles like planets and asteroids we smack into withing and few seconds. I don’t understand why people think speed is the answer to explore the universe. Even light speed is slow on that scale scale.

      We need to use that energy to open warp gates instead.

  7. ^^^^^ is a light year not the distance light can travel relative to one earth year??? this is how it makes sense to me. wich is properly really unreliable as im guessing diffrent wavelengths of light will travel at diffrent speeds dependant of particle type which area it is traveling through assuming that space in voids is a comleate vacume and nearer galaxys remence of there stars and orbitary mass will exist.

  8. Assume this works, Since you are travelling FTL there is no way to have sensors like radar to evade space debris because you’d be travelling faster than the radar signal.

    What happens when this ship is travelling FTL and hits a rock out in space?

    Seems like that would cause quite a large explosion.

  9. The key points here were the linier movement. If undirected forces gave 300 mph to a flying device, it gives an indication of the low wattage required to break the surface tensions, friction. This gives us the realization that g forces can be negated via the same system, vertical takeoff! Hats off Dave

  10. Enjoyed some of these comments…some well informed 🙂 Just wanted to add… To those wondering about navigation etc… I believe that when we have arrived at a point in science and tech to achieve FTL travel… We will have already cracked using subatomic particals such as bosons or neutrinos for communication and what could be considered a type of radar… As I’m sure all of you know..these travel faster than light… In fact…some appear omnipotent…or move at a immeasurably high speed.

  11. Okay now If I am going to build one I’ll need a trillion dollars, 1000 acres of land and 900days, a galaxy named after me and I will own the first 10 habitable planets. As bonus I will throw in agelock technology which will help human live for atleast 400-500 earth years.

  12. Neil Degrass Tyson has already said this is not possible. As one of the smartest people to ever exist, if he says it’s not possible, then it’s NOT POSSIBLE!


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