Silicon Valley Pros Hack Into Burning Man’s Ticketing System, Jumping Ahead of 80K Others Waiting ‘In Line’


There was a period of time in the not-so-distant past where concerts and celebrations, like Coachella and Ultra, did not sell out within an hour of tickets being made available to the general population. In the time we live in today, that is not generally the situation anymore. There have been numerous protests about the ticketing frameworks used by these big festivals, leading to rumors and questioning the ticketing software, with the doubt that the complex algorithms utilized are rigged to support some more than others. To aggravate matters, word has it that 200 Silicon Valley programmers had their way and hacked themselves to the front of the line for this year’s ‘Burning Man’ ticket sale that occurred on February 18th.

On February 20th, officials from Burning Man acknowledged the hack. They additionally expressed that they will be, “giving it their best shot,” in efforts to capture the lawbreakers through their framework history, and negate the fake purchases made. The way the Burning Man ticket purchasing methodology works is that the individual is piped into a virtual ‘line’ depending on when you reached the ticket buying website. There are still defects with this kind of framework, keeping in mind there are now extra filters and updates set up to prevent this sort of action. With this said, no further announcement has been made by vendors to veer or stray from this current arrangement/selling model.

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