Snowden seeks asylum in Brazil, Obama wants him to face trial


Intelligence contractor, Edward Snowden (or I should say: a Hero) is seeking asylum in Brazil. For the U.S. Snowden is a cyber criminal who leaked sensitive information. But the reality is Snowden saved our freedom, and opposed surveillance.

His temporary asylum is Russia is going to end in August, 2015. While Snowden says that he has applied for asylum in Brazil, the foreign minister of Brazil has said that he has received no formal asylum request. Snowden told Brazil’s Globo Tv:
“I would love to go and live in Brazil.”
He also made it clear in an interview that he will not give classified documents in exchange of a safe home. He said that asylum is given for humanitarian purposes. But, he also said that he has more documents to release, related to the U.S. spying on many countries including Britain and Brazil. Last year when he revealed some documents that made it clear that the U.S. is spying on Brazil, President Dilma Rousseff cancelled his visit to Washington, United States.

Edward wants to return home and live his life. But Obama and authorities have made it clear that there is no restriction on Snowden returning to the U.S. but he will have to face trials for the information that he has leaked.

NOTE:- Anonymous took birth so that we can make this world a better place. The U.S. is one of the best countries in the world. Anonymous is one of those IDEAS that will support a person for his good and go against him for his bad. Obama did some good deeds (Began Drawdown of War in Afghanistan,  Turned Around U.S. Auto Industry, etc) but at the same time he along with CIA and FBI started spying not only other governments but also normal public which is clear violation of piracy. We have changed the meaning of “protest”.

Author: Alpha X


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  1. I had ideas to start a twitter all out PR campaign to get him back here, or at least try. I feel he did what he did for the American people and the least we can do is try to help him get back here. But people “liked” my posts but no one wants to really put in effort they just want to bitch. I voted for Obama he has done a lot of good things, I’ve stuck up for him many times, but I feel betrayed. Millennials helped put him back in the white house and he turned around and betrayed us. All I want to do is somehow help Snowden get back but I don’t know how, I have ideas, but no money and contacts. Can you guys help him?

  2. He is not the founder of Wikileaks, i stand behind his actions, his purpose, and his goals, but Julian Assange is the founder of Wikileaks, AnonHQ should know this.

  3. Edward Snowden IS A HERO.
    If it were not for Him, we Would Not have the information we have today.
    And Thank You Anonymous.
    For making Mr. Snowden’s info public;
    And For Bringing Us All Together
    and Showing Us We Should Not Hate or Fear Each Other,
    But JOIN Each other.
    As We Are More Powerful Together Than Any Government We elected.

    • I find it funny as hell what the secretary of state said on the news when Snowden told the public the information. The secretary said that he gas given terrorist groups information on our security and endangered our homeland defense. Bull shit I say. How can a terrorist group hurt us just from knowing about NSA. All terrorist do is try to kill people with guns and homemade bombs. Seriously our government has turned into a power hungry cycle that needs to be overthrown

  4. I believe Mr.Snowden is a hero the same as Patrick Henry,Paul Revere,and all the signers of our Constitution.They were willing to die for Freedom of speech and to live outside of TYRANNY .We are under a Tryanical Government and Edward Snowden spilled the beans on the criminal thugs running (ruining) our precious USA !Thank you Mr.Snowden!

  5. Thats what happens when you don’t trust wiki leaks and deal with an idiot who can’t use GPG/PGP, why isn’t that reporter on the run? Did he turn Snowden in for his own good?

  6. Snowden DID THE RIGHT THING……FOR ALL OF US!!!! AND he jeopardized his own life and freedom to do it!!! ALL governments are corrupt. They are ALL public staff YET they are for-sale-politicians!!!! They are composed only of rich business owners and lawyers!! They DO NOT represent us at all!!!!

  7. Thank you Snowden. You are a hero to the american people. Obama is the one who should face legal repercussions, but as president he will not. I wish there was some way for the citizens of the US to grant you asylum from our government. However, I doubt the US government would honor it if there were. Thank you for risking your life for us, and for revealing the rotten core of our government. Anonymous, and many more, stand with you. Thank You Edward Snowden, I hope for asylum and prosperity for you.

  8. Interesting how reporting the crimes and misdeeds of the government seems more illegal than the actual crimes being commited by the government!

    Something clearly isn’t right here…

  9. Evil spends billions each month to track our finances and communications while itself hides in secrecy destroying anyone that causing transparency.
    Obama lied to us when he ran his first campaign declaring more transparency in government. Corruption & secrecy beget each other.

  10. The fact that he has revealed this information during the current administration makes everyone want to crucify Obama..It’s evident these practices were taking place prior with previous administrations like Bush, who by the way did our country more harm than good. I’m not an Obama supporter but at the same time it’s unfair to blame him for something that was going on long before he took his oath of office. Stop blaming Obama and blame our government as a whole, current and past.

  11. Isn’t this stupid? If something can be destroyed by the truth, it deserves to be destroyed by the truth. Give up Obama, we all know who the real criminal is.

    • South America in general is notorious for surrendering their foreigners upon demand.
      However Ecuador and others seem to be changing.

  12. Edward Snowden is a hero and the government wants to put him on trial! For what?! Saving us from our own government! Something isn’t right there.


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