Short Film of an Anon about a Homeless War Veteran Arrested at Veteran’s Day Parade


A fellow Anon posted on our Facebook Wall his short video he directed himself. We support his work and want to make it reach the masses. Anons, we have to help each other, Anons for Anons, so watch it and share it:


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  1. this is , only, wow i can´t speack , thease show us , dont join the army , beacose you are going to loose everithig

  2. This just pisses me the hell off when I see mistreatment of our Veterans like this!!! God please help them and watch over them, and bless the ones that step in for our homeless Veterans!!

  3. Does anyone besides me think it is odd for children to point fake guns and play weapons with a veteran on a public street during a parade while he has an open container? He should not have been arrested, he should have held himself to a different standard. Perhaps something other than public drunkenness. Or perhaps the people around him could have volunteered themselves to handle the situation better. We do not need governing, we do not need a power that will do what we are not willing to do. We need not to turn upon our fellow citizens. We are one. We are legion.

  4. When your family member dies in war you get a medal back after the war.

    When he does survive the war you get him back broken and after some time homeless.

    America realy knows how to treat people.

    America is a barbaric country.

    I hope the people will rise up and get independed at last.

    Because now they are voting for the same criminals the founding fathers warned them about and are using the bank system they warned about. This will be the end of the U.S.A. and maybee (when you honestly look at it) it’s allready gone.

  5. This is what these men fought for…? To come home to a country that has despicable pieces of garbage in our Capital whom lie to us from the houses our forefathers built… only to spit in the faces of those whom they’d disgraced.. None of those fuckbags in Washington are my representatives. Every one of them are traitors who deserve no mercy, and should be hung for their crimes committed on humanity.

  6. I run a non profit organization in Miami that we provide food,clothes, shoes, and love for the “homeless” only we call them homies. I feel that just because you don’t live in a home that doesn’t make you “homeless” they say hone its where the heart is. Therefore homeless is heartless. We feed 250-350 homies every third Sunday of the month. Please take 5 min abs look us up #food4thoughts also search food4thoughts Miami we have a video entitled “who we are”” it describes just that. s  

  7. I have met more as a veteran than I ever care to name and yet this is the reality of how humanity and the U.S. view our veterans, we allow them to go hungry and live on the streets while we bail out multi-billion dollar corporations. May the hell that these United States comes to see as the empire called America falls like all those before it, be far greater than the evils and atrocities committed to this day by this sacrilegious government of corruption.

  8. Unless you have been with a veteran that has seen action you never know what they go through.
    Why are those kids allowed to do that?
    Most Veterans that have seen a lot of action in country drink or drink heavy mostly to forget.
    Does the Va help them No. They do not want to be bothered.
    The VA needs to build facilites for homeless to go to . Have them work doing gardens repairs and give them some self worth. These veterans need help not to be looked down on.
    The man saying so much did he go in the service. I bet it is fair to say NO.
    One thing I have noticed a service person would not have turned their back.

  9. This man served in the military. Who knows how long and it does not matter. He is on the street. A Senator, Congress person can server only one term and live the rest of their life in luxury. Health, including eye and dental, a great monthly salary and other perks because he severed as a government servant. He did not carry a gun. He did not sleep on the ground. He did not get shot at nor did he watch a friend die or see a bullet his his body and his world spin into a world he could never even dream of. Yet those on the “Hill” as they call it have never been put in harms way and look how well they are treated.

    What is wrong with that picture?

  10. Please share part two to the video above that I have directed on homeless veteran David McKee. I think this has a message as well, and you have made David McKee viral. I would like to help him, and others like him. I couldn’t do this without you!


    Part two to the film I directed on homeless veteran and ex child star David McKee.

  11. This makes me so sick in my heart. I have grown up with a military back ground…and I see what outr country does to the vets. Where are the parents of these kids. I grew up not even being able to play with toy guns. It is a tool used for hunting and self protection, not a toy.

  12. yep the government makes money by sending in people to kill and disgaurd them on the streets….if every homeless veteran got up they could take over the government and remove Obama and his corporate cronies

  13. i feel bad for this perso he was war hero but then cop treat him like crimenal shh cops you really showing true colors.

  14. Not that I really support the army or military troops, cause they teach soldiers to take orders without question. But even after the soldiers have done so, done what the government wanted them to do, acted for them, fought for the country and for many of them; sacrificed limbs and their life for the country.

    The government still just toss them aside like trash. It’s disgusting…

  15. the goverment itself is corrupted, many people busy keep their eye close…come on guy all you people need to open your eye now the goverment is lying to you…. example of malaysia it make some make up story to cover goverment ass to make people shut the eye from looking the truth……WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!!

  16. It just goes to show that if you are a normal citizen or if you put your life at risk to fight and defend your country, then the government doesn’t give two shits. They just use you and discard you as a piece of trash, whilst they sit in their billion dollar/pound/euro (any currency) mansion or building(s) moaning that they have to pay taxes. It really pissed me off when Google found a loop-hole in Ireland so they don’t have to pay tax on the money that they earn, come on they earn god knows how many billions and they find any way to avoid paying taxes. Greed. Just pure greed.

    • I agree, brother/sister, isn’t it weird that instead of doing something nice, charity or whatever, Google does that? You don’t have to watch documentaries from China to find corruption, greed and selfish people. Sadly, it is the world we live in. That’s what I like about Anonymous, there is no such thing as corruption, because there is no leader. Noone is better, noone is weaker, because we are one, we are Legion, we do not forgive and we do not forget.

  17. you guys are my brothers and this is sad to see that the government dosent give a shit about the people who fought and died for then

  18. Poleticians hide themselves away,
    They only started the war.
    Why should they go out to fight,
    They leave that role to the poor.

    Lyrics from Black Sabbaths song “War Pigs”

    Who deserves to be treated like that? Not the war veterans, that’s for sure. They only did what they were told!

  19. This kind of shit pisses me off to no end. More often than not I have seen police outright lie, twist events to absolve their guilt, look the other way, protect the wrong-doer instead of the victim, abuse their power, trample constitutional rights. I’ve personally witnessed a 40-ish yr old admit to police that the 13 yr old’s accusations were 100% true, to which they respond by pressing charges against the teen’s mother. But ask any police officer to explain or justify their aggressive behavior and, ignoring any lies, typical gist of their response is “it’s because of the evil they see people commit every day and how they risk their lives protect our safety, blah, blah, yadda, yadda.” {to which I call BullShit! and am immediately arrested for “resisting”} Therefore, according to their superior and/or IA, their “guilty until proven innocent abuse” is considered “normal, justified, and within the limits of the law (suggesting the po-po CAN be held accountable). Their lack of basic compassion is appalling. Their aggressive, abusive, Illegal treatment of anybody should create similar penalties as would be imposed on us.

    Most likely the law enforcement in that area know exactly who that veteran is and maybe part of his story. No wonder this guy takes to drinking. He deserves to be comfortably numb at the very least.

    I am so sick of how our government and police constantly get away with whatever illegal acts they feel like committing.They should have arrested the damn parents of those kids for providing the fake weapons (at a veteran’s day parade??? WTF??) and allowing them to pretend to commit a felony by shooting and stabbing that man. To the dipshit who stuck his face in the camera informing the veteran his “behavior is not appropriate around children,” oh…but what you’re teaching them is so appropriate huh? STFU, take your kids to another corner since you and your kids are standing on his home. You should be thanking that man. Maybe teach your kids to respect a veteran, thank him for all his service, salute him. Buy him a meal or five.

    Also, maybe if the banks weren’t so greedy and had a little heart, they would find a way to rent all those still-vacant-seven-years-later repossessed homes as low-income housing to ANY type of veteran or maybe to those of us living in our cars and low income. I’d be willing to maintain a property in exchange for low rent. The repossessed homes I see all over are long-term vacant, vandalized, neglected, overgrown, losing their overinflated value, and definitely not generating revenue. Maybe (haha) the bank bailout would have been avoided. At the very least the banks would have a substantial charitable gift tax write off for many years to come.

    Thanks for listening to my rant 🙂

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  22. I am a disabled vet that has serviced connected injuried made worse by congenital defects in my spine. I am not able to work and receive some SSDI and it helps. I get a very small income from the VA butnot enoughto do much. I have a family and have been homeless. Ive never eve been contacted back by them after filling out their paperwork and that was over a year ago. They dont give a fuck. Never have; never will. Look at how the VA took care of the Vietnam vets. Most of the public dont give a shit either (unless you might be a member of the family. No guarantee though!) They just hear the news and comment how sad it is. I gave years of my life to the service of this country and had been told they would do certain things for me in exchange. All lies!! Thanks for letting me vent…

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  24. What a shame. these veterans fight for america and this is what they get?? really shamefull. its possible the veterans sacrifice is for nothing.


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