USA developing mind reading


The USA Government is now financing the fMRI, a functional magnetic resonance imaging technology which can be used to infer information about our memories. Watch the Full News here:


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  1. Hey Anonymous, I 100% support you in your march against the greedy government.
    Please share this video around and please watch it.

    As you may realize, the last 40 seconds or so, show satanists worshipping the Devil which then appears to them in the sky.

    This is real and also shows heaps more on the subject. I have much more proof they exist.

    Please contact me if you wish to receive more.

    Thanks, Adam.
    61+ 0431 168 063 (Sydney, Australia)

    the guy who runs NO LIE MRI.
    They want me to go on a TV show where I get asked 3 questions and they see if im lying.
    Im doing this so i can prove that the calgary police is covering up child porn for Jesse Brydges .
    Jesse Brydges’s dad is a CALGARY POLICE OFFICER!!!!!
    Thats why they are covering it up.

  3. And we already know all of this. Why the plug to a shitty web show? Who’s on vacation? Freedom and liberty do not take vacations. Perhaps the link thru Facebook is now obsolete.

  4. This is just sick and twisted,”Step right up – and get your free giny-pig testing done.” WoW – just stay anonymous, and comand such snakes to be gone.

  5. You guys totally have the right motives and I am happy that there are people trying to fight our corrupt government and I truly want this battle won and we can truly give power to the people as our constitution was originally intended and not these greedy assailed (sorry for the language but I couldn’t think of a different word to use) I want to thank all of you for standing up for us

  6. Obama talks about China but he’s spieing on Europe???

    All governments are crimminal because of the power of some evil people.

    We have to get rid of those evil people and work on a honest and free world for all.

  7. Anonymous knows what it means to rabble rouse join us for we are the right who aren’t wrong the truth behind the lies we are legion we are an idea… Expect us… Expect all of us

  8. The government must be destroyed. No prisoners, no mercy, just destruction. Then let Anarchy reign supreme and let all people govern themselves as they see fit. No government is the best government. No human has any authority to command another or rule over another human. TAKE DOWN THE GOVERNMENT!! NO MORE STALLING ANONYMOUS!!!

  9. The goverment has done something againts HUMANIY. This has to be stopped or humanity will no longer be what it is meant to be.

    We are Anonymous
    We are leigon
    We do not forgive
    We do not forget
    Expect us.

  10. why is this chick smiling i hope she gets shot in the face. lol. also they will never be able to do this wtf is this they just showed a device we dont need to worry LOL and why would they make it public? to scare us.

  11. Are you sleeping not only U.S. even countries like India had already developed it.its already been done mind reading via radar .Educate yourself in sites like ffchs, and numerous sites there are list of tons of ppl victimized by this tech.for reference download darpa scientist dr.robert duncan “the matrix deciphered” from google to clarify doubts.

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  14. whats a common IRC to contact some other Anons out there i got AndChat for android with abunch of other hackin shit if anybodies in to computing as well answer my comment would be awsome. 🙂


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