This Solar-Powered Fuel-Free Stove Cooks Meals in Minutes – Anytime, Anywhere


With an aim to eliminate fuels from cooking, Cincinnati-based Patrick Sherwin first launched GoSun Stove. After a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in 2013, the  ‘gadget’ launched, can cook a meal in just 10 minutes using sunlight, reaching temperatures of over 550°F.  In June 2016, Sherwin is ready to ship GoSun Grill, the only solar-powered fuel-free cooker that can bake, boil, steam, fry and grill a meal day or night – in just 20 minutes.


If the first version of the stove – the GoSun Sport – was a small, portable, 7-pound solar cookstove that could cook enough food for up to four people; the 20-pound GoSun Grill has five times the GoSun Sport’s capacity and can serve up to eight people at a time. While the GoSun Grill is available for pre-order at $549, the GoSun Sport and the GoSun Sport Pro Pack cost $279 and $359 respectively.

The core to the technology of the GoSun Stove is the solar evacuated glass tube that acts as the stove’s cooking chamber. The design of the fold-out anodized aluminum captures the sun’s energy and then transfers it to the evacuated glass tube to amplify it. Because the evacuated glass tube heats to such a high temperature, food can be kept warm for hours. As the GoSun Stove retains more than 80% of the sunlight that’s reflected onto the tube, energy is captured in the tube without any thermal loss. The GoSun Grill contains a sun-charged lithium battery that kicks on when there is rain or shine, allowing users to cook anywhere, anytime.


Matt Gillespie, an industrial and social designer working at GoSun Stove, told MailOnline:

“It’s profoundly efficient and a game-changer for fuel-free cooking. When clouds interrupt, the food keeps on cooking with the heat stored inside the vacuum tube. For this same reason the GoSun is extremely versatile, cooking hot meals in the harshest of environments. Even against freezing temperatures and blowing winds, the GoSun’s cooking time is hardly effected. We love to see people’s reactions when we’re roasting garlic, or steaming veggies on a mostly overcast day.”


Sherwin says the GoSun Grill is really only a grill in name. He told Yahoo!:

“It does better at baking. You can stew or steam. You can do some stir-frying. The only thing you can’t do is sear — you can’t get it hot enough so that it blackens. You can, however, bake a frittata, steam corn on the cob, or even roast two whole chickens. The grill performs well even on a cloudy day, and with an optional thermal battery add-on, at night, too.”

The GoSun is a healthier alternative to cooking with charcoal, and much more environmentally friendly than gas. Further, cooking with solar power replaces the cost of cooking fuels, some of which are fossil-fuel based, pollute the environment, drive climate change and are health hazards. The GoSun Website reads:

“Today around 3 billion people cook with dirty fuel sources; such as wood, dung or charcoal. As a result, smoke inhalation related illness ranks with malaria and AIDs as one of the great greatest problems facing the world. In addition, fuel wood scarcity drives families around the world to spend many hours collecting and transporting heavy loads of fuel wood, often to the detriment of already endangered ecosystems. If fire wood is purchased it often makes a sizeable portion of the family’s income.

“Through our experiences, we’ve learned that cooking with the sun can save lives, protect the environment, and empower communities on a global level. After an opportunity from the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves to extensively test its technology in the highlands of Guatemala, GoSun is on the verge of starting a social enterprise for developing markets with the potential to change lives, communities and ecosystems.”

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  1. You realy think a ofen, and it is just a ofen, even when the marketing is selling it as a grill…can be buyed for that prize from people who cook with dung?
    Campers would not carry this to big, to heavy, poor people can not afford this, and whoever buys it, will use it once in a while, when not just once before it lands somewhere in a basement corner.
    Beside that this is neither something new, in the 80´s there was something similar…just no supadupa lithium battery, and the name was, was it is, a reflector camping cooker…
    Sorry but this product helps no one, except the person who made a advertising deal with them…as suggestion maybe next time, a tupperware party in IRC?
    So you get some equipment for your NEO-fake-hippy cooker

  2. Great product, but why you would suggest using it to cook animals is beyond me, that’s just repugnant and immoral.

    Leave or the animal corpse and the evolution, torture and killing of non-human persons and it’s otherwise a great product.

    End animal violence, go vegan.

    • Whow to leave such a replay is beyond me, why would you implore people to eat the animals food when you know it’s in decline. That’s just inhuman..

      End animal food shortage, eat more animals!

      • What does being vegan have to do with this? It’s a cooker, what an individual cooks in it has nothing to do with the design, function, or usefulness of it. Pull your head out!

      • Well, not being vegan or vegetarian I still have to say that is one of the most stupid claims I’ve heard in the past couple of years. I KNOW, it’s just trolling. But the “joke” of “vegans eating away animals’ food” is so terribly bad and incorrect, I feel I just have to reply, so 1:0 for the troll.

        You do realise that producing a pound of meat consumes more than ten pounds of vegetables?
        Or if you prefer fish it’s even worse: we eat almost exclusively carnivorous fish. So for every step down our fish’s food chain we need to multiply the used resources roughly by ten (in other fish/crill/etc.) until we reach herbivorous animals, where we have to multiply by ten in plants again, although we usually don’t eat that seaweed, plankton etc. ourselves. Except if your fish is from aquafarming. Then it has not only been fed other fish, but also ground-grown vegetables.

        In Britain alone, seven hundred million animals get bred for food, each year. If a cow weights five hundred kilograms, feeding a single cow until it has grown up requires about five tons of vegetables.

        So, in the end I agree with HUrrDUrr – stop food shortage, don’t breed insane amounts of animals!


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