Soviet Union’s Take On The United States: The Target Is Your Brain [Full Documentary]


The Target Is Your Brain is a Russian-made anti-American documentary. Produced in 1984 by Felix Sobolev and Victor Olender, the documentary is about a plot against reason and the target…. is your brain. It sheds light on the different methods of ideological warfare. It is about the use of illusions, advertisement and bizarre CIA experiments…. All for the simple purpose of mind control,  an to influence voters. The Target Is Your Brain promotes the rational over the irrational nature of American culture. Perhaps that’s the reason why it is still pertinent today. Watch the video below:

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  1. Your news are real. i am glad to have acsses to this content. my hardver is wvery slow and old, i dont have enough money to buy better or upgrade this one (IBM t40) bud dont think i am poor speak 2 foregin launguages -eng, deutch.. i like every posible fair play and want to disable those manipulators stealing our rght to live free.. this is not onley a coment but a litlebit obout me… great respect i have for your work and despite me not knowing anything obout PC or comp, i think obout my self as a part of a colective. and spreading Anonymous ideology daly by speaking with people in a real conversations eye to eye,, for a longer time I ma a victime of those local manipulators and having real need for help… great respect and good luck!


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