Special Wooden Phone: A Phone to Pass on to your Kids or Wastage of Money


That round thing in the picture above, that is a “smart phone”; a genuine, working cell phone with a high resolution screen and a camera. Simply envisioning how to take approach to it without a headset and conceiving internet browsing on it is giving us cerebral pain, yet its certainly a decent approach to handheld devises in a world led by rectangular gadgets. This round peculiarity is known as the Runcible, and San Francisco design firm, Monohm, demonstrated it after pocket watches and compasses: things it says we people have been conveying with us for a really long time.


Image Source: Google Image – Aubrey Anderson, co-founder and CEO of Monohm — the company behind Runcible says this form factor has a long history, magic stones in your hand, compasses, women’s compacts—things that put your head back out in the world and your mind in conversation. It’s been designed to transcend the evolution of technology, last a lifetime and be passed down.

This most likely is not something that could compare with the iPhone, Nexus or Galaxy gadgets, yet it does not sound like Monohm is hoping to offer millions in any case. As per its website, it sees itself as a creator of legacy gadgets and innovation. After all, Runcible was built with replaceable parts, apparently so your children can overhaul it long after you are gone. The gadget has a LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth receptors, yet it will not keep you updated with your most recent emails. It does not beep or alert you of anything, and it is not even intended to run applications, regardless of the possibility that it’s stacked with an altered adaptation of Firefox OS – utilized as an IoT controller.


Image Source: Google Image – Aubrey Anderson further says that it is designed to help you create a more civilized relationship with your digital life. The world class connectivity we all came to expect in the smartphone era is there on Runcible when you need it, but for the rest of the time, you can keep your head up, your attention on the real world and real people around you, and maintain your sense of wonder about life.

You can see the Runcible in person at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, or you can wait until its official release in late 2015. Likewise, you can sign up to pre order at this time, despite the fact it does not have a determined retail price as of yet. The organization says it will cost as much as a premium opened cell phone. You read that right, it is not accompanying a contract agreement, unless you are in Japan where it will be released and contracted through KDDI.


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