Storage Breakthrough – This Superman Crystal Can Store Massive Amounts of Data


Imagine a room that contains all of your family’s information  – from the hand print on the wall to the recent family picture that is safely backed up in a memory card. Thanks to a group of researchers, people will soon be able to maintain a record of mankind’s complete history.

Recently, the University of Southampton and its Optoelectronics Research Centre has created an innovative product known as the Superman storage or memory crystal; reminding us of a gadget made popular in the 80’s blockbuster film Superman II. Researchers at the University have developed a procedure that allows them to use lasers to engrave 5D information onto glass. The researchers claim that the memory crystal has a massive 360 terabyte storage.

In addition, the gem is rather challenging to damage: It can remain stable under temperatures as high as a thousand degrees Celsius, and virtually has an infinite lifespan when preserved at room-temperature. In essence, the micro-developed crystal can keep information for more than thirteen billion years.

It is thrilling to think that we have created the technology to preserve documents and information and store it in space for future generations. This technology can secure the last evidence of our civilization; all we’ve learnt will not be forgotten,” said Professor Peter Kazansky of the Optoelectronics Research Centre.

As stated by the experts who developed the design of the crystal, the memory crystal would be ideal for corporations with gigantic records to take care of. By using the crystal, museums, galleries, libraries, and other respective government agencies will be able to save their important information and documents, as stated by the institution.

Recently, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Magna Carta, Newton’s Opticks, and a copy of the early Christianity Bible, were each scanned for this unique innovation. The science behind the crystal stems from an experiment conducted three years ago, where a quartz chip efficiently documented a 300 kb electronic duplicate of a document in five dimensions. The 5-D measurements incorporate height, length, width, the way the subject is orientated, and location.

Because of this new system, historians can record great papers by employing a laser beam that creates exceedingly brief and rigorous pulses of light. Once scanned, the document is created in a variety of levels of microscopic designed spots that are divided by a length as brief as a millionth of a meter.

A man holding a circular crystal with Bible written on it and below that is where the whole Bible was engraved onto the disk.
A man holding a circular crystal with Bible was written on it and below that is where the whole Bible was engraved on the disk.

The spots in the crystal can alter the way light moves throughout the crystal, altering the emission of light in the same way sun rays are transformed when passing through a sunglasses lens. However, study on the glass is not finished.

Our following objective is to improve the rate of crafting and come up with a magnifier-free read-out drive. We are now developing the science equivalent to what is utilized for scanning traditional disk’s,” stated Rokas Drevinskas from the University of Southampton.

The team expects that they will have the ability to produce the crystal for the mass industry within the next couple of years.

Source: Yahoo News

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  1. The first prototype of possibly the most innovative device mankind has yet created has had the most widely fought over scifi novel in history writen on it…
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