Strangers From Across The World Celebrate Special Kid’s Birthday


Odin Camus, a Canadian boy born with Asperger’s syndrome, thought he would have to celebrate his 13th birthday on March 20th alone, but his mother had other plans. When none of Odin’s classmates confirmed their invitation for his birthday party, Melissa Camus made a plea on Facebook for people in Ontario to send their birthday wishes on Odin’s new cell phone, and also to drop by in person at a local bowling alley in the evening and wish him well in person.


In her Facebook message, Melissa explained that Odin has some difficulty making friends because of his Asperger’s, which is an autistic disorder that is characterized by impaired social interaction. She admitted that her son has been bullied by his peers in the past and has struggled to fit into school life.

What followed was simply incredible. From celebrities and major league baseball players to the NBA’s Toronto Raptors and the NHL’s Toronto Mapleleafs, hundreds of thousands of people sent wishes Odin’s way. The 13-year-old got thousands upon thousands of tweets and messages from all over the world wishing him a happy birthday. The hashtags #Odin and #OdinBirthday soon started trending around Canada on Twitter. When Odin arrived at the bowling alley, hundreds of residents showered him with gifts.

“I think it’s amazing how so many people actually care because not a lot of people where I used to live cared about my birthday. Thank you to the people who recognize me…it’s above and beyond what I could have dreamed,” Odin told CTV Toronto.

His mother told the Toronto Sun, “Honestly, Odin and I have been pretty much crying all day. People are here because everyone knows a kid who struggles to fit in. You don’t have to be bummed out — no matter how down you feel, there’s always someone there. Always.”

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