Summarized: 9 Speeches During The UN GA That Reveal How World Leaders Really Think






You’ve seen the headlines of the dozens of mainstream media (MSM) outlets lambasting Russia for attacking ISIS; the narrative now is that Russia is not attacking ISIS but the “moderates”… even going to extent of claiming that Russia is HELPING ISIS now

I’m not here to prove how the claimed attacks on “moderates” and civilians are a fiction that is only backed by Skype calls to unknown “activists” “in” Syria and not hard evidence such as perhaps the testimony of Doctor’s Without Borders about the US’s recent attack on one of their hospitals despite knowing that there were no terrorists there (this happened ironically AFTER all the “Russia is evil, destabilizing the region” accusations went up) though; that is a story for another article.

Instead, let me touch on a topic that was largely suppressed while the baseless yet mindlessly-infuriated media firestorm unfolded against Russia even before Russian jets struck:

A collection of speeches made by world leaders at the UN General Assembly have largely been ignored, because these speeches tell you more about how they really think than the MSM would want you to know.


Barak Hussein Obama, President of the US, speaks

Obama’s speech started the ball rolling (look at that like/dislike ratio), and he did so by criticizing countries like Russia, China and Syria. He stated that  “strong men” “impose their will on weaker nations”; clearly irony is lost on the man, because he continues by saying that his country has the “strongest military in the world.” He also specifically had to reject the idea that there was a “conspiracy of U.S.-controlled NGOs”… I mean those US-funded organisations DON’T promote US-interests…

But there’s clearly an incentive for institutions that are funde- SHUT UP YOU CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

After that he finished off with a few topics easy that almost everyone can agree with so that everyone will think he’s a nice guy.

Vladimir Putin, President of Russia speaks

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” Putin asked the damning question in relation to what the US had orchestrated in Syria. He noted that the ranks of ISIS included Iraqi soldiers and officers who had been decommissioned after the 2003 invasion. He noted that the ranks of ISIS included former “moderate” opposition fighters who were explicitly funded, trained and supplied by the US.

He also spoke of how Ukraine had been ousted by a military coup planned by external playe- I TOLD YOU TO SHUT UP, CONSPIRACY THEORIST.

Addressing criticisms of his use of the veto to prop up so-called evil-doers, he stated that the US was simply annoyed that it was not able to do whatever it wanted with impunity.


Xi JinPing, President of China, speaks

The mainstream media barely covered Xi JinPing’s words; Obama provides enough soundbites for them most times, why bother with anyone else.

What they did glean from his speech though was the fact that China was committing 8000 men and 1 billion dollars to UN peacekeeping missions. Ironically, the MSM likes to spin this aid to the woefully understaffed and underfunded UN initiative as it being “geopolitically assertive“… Basically if China saved Care Bears and Pink Ponies from poachers, the MSM would say that ” China asserted its military strength by aggressively suppressing animal connoisseurs”.

Xi’s remarks calling for world leaders to “build partnerships in which countries treat each other as equals” and “create a security architecture featuring fairness, justice, joint contributions and shared benefits” was barely covered anywhere. Nobody likes to hear China’s call for world cooperation and peace it seems; doesn’t fit the evil China narrative.


Hassan Rouhani, President of Iran, speaks

Rouhani called for greater cooperation in the region, and criticized the West’s “imperialist mindset” and how the narrative “exporting democracy” to weaker countries had failed.


He also seemed to imply that certain powers had been responsible for the rise of ISIS, stating that  “today’s extremism is the offspring of yesterday’s colonialism” and that “certain intelligence agencies have put blades in the hands of madmen.” Hmm, which intelligence agencies had a track-record of funding al Qaeda past and present even “accidentally” supplying tanks and Humvees… hmmmmmmmmmmm…


Saudi Arabia’s “delegate” speaks

On the one hand the delegate’s speech seemed to call for an end of ISIS; however, it was primarily focused around ridding the region of Assad… by force if necessary. as always, this sort of speech reveals the true intentions of the country… that ISIS is but a passing concern compared to Assad in the mind of Saudi Arabia’s monarchy.

The Saudi King’s high opinion of the UN, and the other world leaders, was highlighted by his absence.


Recap Tayyip Erdogan, President  of Turkey speaks

Erdogan’s speech began by railing against the UN for not doing more to put an end to the Syrian Crisis (notwithstanding the fact that ISIS often crossed Turkey’s own border to fight in Syria). He then broke ranks with one of its fellow US allies Israel by calling on the UN to act on the al-Aqsa mosque issue, and asserted that Palestine had to be given statehood before the region’s problems would come to an end.

A sign of how far the issue of Palestine has come, and how scorned the US and Israel have become in the eyes of the world, the Palestinian flag was also risen at the UN for the first time- objections, hand-wringing and threats by the two war mongers be damned.

Though Palestine gains no more than a symbolic representation of statehood, as it was conferred no international statehood rights or its own land, it is good to see that the world gives a damn about the brutality that the Israelis have shown them.

Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel speaks

As the world begins to view Israel with increasing scorn, it seems that Netanyahu has begun viewing the world with increasing scorn. Unable to take the moral high-ground, seeing as the bodies of Palestinian women and children have risen above it, Netanyahu began accusing the world of remaining silent while it faced “enemies” from every direction on its own. Even the US was not excluded from his rant, for it had betrayed Israel by not bombing the f*** out of Iran (but pwease keep sending us aid and arms to bwutalise those evil terrorist women and children in Palestine).

He then proceeded to glare at everyone present for 44 seconds without saying anything, glancing down once in awhile when it became too awkward even for him. He was either very angry or simply forgot what he wanted to say. What a drama queen- someone could always fill that silence with the sounds of Palestinian children gasping their last.

This version will have to do till someone comes up with that though.

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany speaks

Merkel criticized the structure of the security council, and called for reforms that would result in the inclusion of more permanent member nations in the council- major powers like Germany and… well, besides India, I can’t think of any other powerful country that doesn’t have a permanent seat…

Anyway, for the US, Russia, China, the UK and France to be the only countries with veto powers, there is too great a bias towards their decisions.

Besides, Germany could at least edge out France…

Alex Tsipras, Prime Minister of Greece speaks

Greece has its own problems to deal with, and Tsipras took the podium to speak out about how his country is being pressured into taking ECB loans that are impossible for Greece to repay. The EU is forcing Greece to stay within the group, to play their game or face financial ruin.

Greece has also bore the brunt of the Syrian migrant “crisis”, and the GreekPeople had shown solidarity and sympathy for them. Tsipras spoke out against his fellow EU leaders who were using World War 2 tactics to handle the innocent civilians, and the xenophobic right-wing that has risen to the fore in their nations.

Sources: Pontiac Tribune, Slate

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