Sweden Enlightens: Sex Education Films For The Lust Of Migrants



The animated films on sex education deal with issues such as female gender, desire, pregnancy, abortion, female circumcision and sexually transmitted diseases.

For immigrant women from conservative Muslim countries, the project is well received.

Magdalena Abrahamson, Head of the RFSU Project, a Sex Education Association:

“We want to make it absolutely not condescending or humiliating, we want it to strengthen them, that they have those rights in Sweden. ”

The feedback on the films was positive.

Women from conservative Muslim countries would not have found the videos offensive or shameful. The films are kept simple with simple presentations and the accompanying commentary of a woman.

Another 3.7 million Swedish kroner will be provided by the government for the reconnaissance project. The money will be used to translate the films into other languages ​​and to better train translators in sexual terminology.

Film from the series of explanations on the subject of “pleasure and feeling”:

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