The next wave of migration will outmatch everything, warns the head of the UN World Food Program


David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Program, warned about the next big wave of refugees. Massive terrorists and supporters of ISIS who had fled Syria would also be mixed with the coming fugitive refugees.

On the sidelines of the donors’ conference in Syria, David Beasley, head of the UN World Food Program, talked in an interview about dangers stemming from the difficult food situation of war refugees in Syria and neighboring countries. But he also saw opportunities, if there were enough funds available to ensure the supply of people.

The best is when people can be looked after locally

The financial situation of the organization is currently very tense and would make it difficult to provide sufficient care for people in and around Syria. He warned all countries, in particular those eligible for escape, that it would be about a hundred times cheaper to shelter a Syrian refugee locally than in one of the Western European countries.

But if the supply situation in the detention centers could not be improved and peace would not soon reign, a new refugee caravan would inevitably set in motion. The most important thing, however, would be peace and the ability of people to be able to look after themselves in their own country.

Sahelzone as next hotspot?

In this context, Beasley also pointed to the next possible trouble spot Sahelzone. 500 million people live in this region, a very unstable region. The IS and other terrorist organizations have been active there for a long time.

Now, above all else, Europe must help to make the countries there more stable by doing everything possible to ensure that the supply of local people remains stable. The mistakes of the last years, that the countries would be destabilized more and more by the aggravation of the military conflicts, should not be repeated.

The most important thing is to enable people in their home country to live in stable and secure conditions. Otherwise the next escape wave would overshadow everything that came before it.

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